The Third Age

The Age of Prophecy

2000 (cont.)
Belgarath, at Aldur's instructions, divides Aloria into the kingdoms of Cherek, Drasnia, Algaria, and Riva. He accompanies Riva to the Isle of the Winds. (BtS 192-199)
Belar tells Riva about the sword he's supposed to have (Belar has to shout to break through Riva's dream about a certain blond-haired girl). Belgarath assists Riva in forging the Sword (and no, he does not take the form of a fox!). They also release the river that currently flows past the city of Riva. (BtS 200-206)
Belgarath cuts across Ulgoland en route to the Vale. He encounters an Eldrak, Grul by name, but merely disembowels Grul instead of killing him. (BtS 208-210)
Belgarath arrives at his tower in the Vale. It's empty; the only explanation is a note from Beldin saying, "Come to my tower." Beldin, Beltira, and Belkira introduce him to his daughters, Polgara and Beldaran. (After Belgarath touches her, a single lock of Polgara's hair turns white.) After a bit of evasiveness, Beldin tells Belgarath about Poledra's death. (BtS 211-213, PtS 20-21)
Belgarath is not in his right mind. His brothers smother every attempt he makes to gather his will during this period; they are determined that he won't go the way of Belmakor and Belsambar. (BtS 217-218, PtS 21)
Belgarath leaves the Vale. He ultimately winds up in Camaar, where he tries to drown his grief. Aldur strongly disapproves, and arranges to have Belgarath brought to his senses (by losing his cookies). (BtS 220-221, PtS 21-22)
Torak moves into his house at Ashaba, and begins composing the Ashabine Oracles. (BtS 250)
Belgarath leaves Camaar and journeys south. Visits to Vo Wacune and Vo Astur get him information on what's currently going on in the world. After leaving Vo Astur, he stops an unscrupulous baron from murdering his opponent's serfs, and continues on to Tolnedra when descriptions of a "foul sorcerer" begin to appear. At Tol Honeth, he discovers that the Second Honethite Dynasty probably won't be on the Imperial Throne for much longer–Ran Honeth the 20-somethingth is an absolute idiot. He continues south, passing through the Wood of the Dryads during mating season, and heads to Sthiss Tor after he escapes, where he talks with one of the more intelligent Salmissras. Her eunuchs are plotting to kill her, and she knows it; Belgarath suggests that she beat them to it. She informs Belgarath of Torak's whereabouts. Sometime in the autumn, Belgarath drifts into Maragor. The Marag women find him quite attractive… (BtS 223-246)
Polgara discovers the Tree. It indirectly awakens the beginnings of her powers; she can now hear the birds "speaking" to her. She begins to spend long stretches of time at the Tree, talking to the birds. (PtS 25-31)
Polgara makes her first overt act of sorcery–by creating about half a ton of seeds for the birds at the Tree. Beldin, Belkira and Beltira show up almost immediately, and give her some stern warnings regarding what she should not do, and why, until she's had some training. They begin her education (or so they think–Poledra actually handles it, and tells Polgara to smile and play along). To keep boredom from driving her insane, she has Belkira and Beltira teach her to cook (something at which she soon far outstrips her tutors). (PtS 31-37)
Beldin goes to Mar Amon, and gives Belgarath an ultimatum: come home to the Vale now, or I'll continue beating sense into you (with my fists). He informs Belgarath that Salmissra succeeded in assassinating her eunuchs before they could get to her. Torak has been in a state of prophetic ecstasy for about ten years; there's also a mad prophet at Boktor in Drasnia. Belgarath returns to the vale with Beldin. Beldaran is happy to see her father. Polgara is not. And since she's picked up most of Beldin's comprehensive vocabulary of curses, she uses them in some fairly elaborate insults. Beldaran and Polgara move in with their father. (BtS 246-254, PtS 37-40)
"I'm entitled to be childish. I'm only thirteen. We'll have a lot more fun when I grow up." –Polgara, on her childish behavior (BtS 254)
Belgarath makes the amulets for himself (with the figure of a wolf), Polgara (an owl), and Beldaran (the tree in the Vale, with a crown in its branches). (BtS 256-257, PtS 41-43)
"I hate you," Father said.
"No you don't, Belgarath," Beldin said, his grin growing even broader. "You're just saying that to make me feel better." (PtS 44)
Aldur tells Belgarath to send one of his daughters to be Riva's wife. Thanks to Riva's descriptions of the girl he'd been dreaming about, Belgarath knows that the proper choice is Beldaran. (BtS 259, PtS 45-46)
Belgarath, Beldaran, and Polgara leave for the Isle of the Winds in early spring, accompanied by Riva's cousin Anrak and by Beldin. Riva meets them in Camaar, and he and Beldaran immediately fall deeply in love (it's one of those Necessary things, you know). Polgara finally cleans herself up. They depart for the Isle of the Winds. (BtS 261-268, PtS 47-53)
Belgarath spends most of his time on the Isle trying to intimidate the young men who spend most of their time staring at Polgara. Polgara, however, knows exactly what she's doing and has no intention of indulging any of her would-be suitors. She befriends an "incipient baron" named Kamion. She also meets a Rivan dressmaker named Arell, who makes both Beldaran's and Polgara's dresses for the wedding. Beldaran and Riva are married not long after; Poledra's ghost is present. Polgara accepts a task from the Purpose–to be the protector of Riva's descendants. (BtS 268-273, PtS 53-75)
The first session of what would later become the Alorn Council is held during the days after Beldaran and Riva's wedding. (PtS 81-82)
Polgara begins her education. Belgarath handles most of the book-learning, including teaching Pol how to read, while Poledra teaches her some rather obscure techniques in sorcery, including how to recognize what race someone really is, how to put someone's mind to sleep, and other ways to tamper with the human mind. (PtS 84-93)
Algar and his cousin Anrak arrive in the Vale bearing the news that Beldaran is pregnant. (Polgara already knew–Poledra kept her informed.) Algar, Anrak, Belgarath, and Polgara head for the Isle of the Winds. Along the way, Algar talks about his idea to drive his cattle through a pass into Sendaria (which doesn't exist as a nation yet) and down to Muros. (BtS 286-289, PtS 93)
At Riva, Belgarath learns that there's another madman who's emerged in Darine. Algar's having what he says written down. Torak is still at Ashaba. (BtS 290-291)
Inspired by her sister's pregnancy, Polgara begins her medical education. She begins by learning midwifery from Arell (the person who made her dress for Beldaran's wedding). Arell introduces her to Argak, an herbalist, from whom she learns pharmacology; the blacksmith Salheim, who fixes all sorts of things–chairs, farm implements, human limbs, and so on; and Balten the barber, who moonlighted as both a surgeon and a graverobber (he had to dig up bodies to study anatomy). The four teach her a very practical, no-nonsense approach to medicine. Her spare time is spent with her sister, and persuading her would-be suitors from Beldaran's wedding that she doesn't want to play anymore. (The exception is Kamion, who is now betrothed, and thus no longer a suitor. The two of them do become lifelong friends, however.) (PtS 95-100)
Daran, Crown Prince of Riva, is born. Belgarath takes Riva and Polgara to introduce him to the Orb. The "sound" brings Torak howling to his feet (and he's at Ashaba in Mallorea!) (BtS 293-296, PtS 100)
Belgarath and Polgara journey to Darine to investigate the Darine Prophet. In the process, Polgara makes her first alternate form (an owl, of course). They find that there's been some problem with recording the Darine Codex, as the local Algar clan-chief is a bear-cultist. Fortunately, the Darine Prophet's daughter Luana knows how to get him to repeat what he's said before. Luana is cross-eyed; Polgara cures that in exchange for her making sure that the entire prophecy gets written down. (BtS 299-307, PtS 101-105)
Belgarath and Polgara continue north to Boktor to investigate the Mrin Prophet. Polgara learns the Drasnian secret language. While they're there, the Mrin Prophet describes some of the companions of the Child of Light–the Bear, the Guide, the Man with Two Lives, the Ancient and Beloved, the Horse-lord, the Blind Man, the Queen of the World, the Knight Protector, the Archer, the Huntress, the Mother of the Race That Died and the Woman Who Watches. Belgarath then tells Dras to set scribes to recording anything said by someone who mentions the Child of Light–or the Child of Dark, for that matter. They then return to the Vale. (BtS 308-315, PtS 107-110)
Beldin's in the Vale when they return. Zedar's at Ashaba with Torak, making a copy of the Ashabine Oracles, which is likely to be the only complete copy; Urvon is still afraid to emerge from Mal Yaska (courtesy of Beldin). The Dallish prophecies are being written down in the Mallorean Gospels. Ctuchik has taken up residence at Rak Cthol in Cthol Murgos, and some of his Grolims have had prophetic ecstasies as well. (BtS 317-319, PtS 111-112)
Belgarath pays a visit to Rak Cthol. He and Ctuchik have an absolutely splendid little chat. (BtS 323-327, PtS 112)
Bornik, the Darine Prophet, dies; Algar brings a copy of the completed Darine Codex to the Vale, along with the current version of the Mrin Codex. Belgarath and Polgara go to Riva for the meeting of the Alorn Council. (BtS 331-332, PtS 115-117)
The Mrin Prophet dies; Dras has the completed Mrin Codex delivered to the Vale. (BtS 334)
Belgarath heads to Tolnedra, stopping at Prolgu to speak with the Gorim along the way. He stops in Tol Borune, and arranges the wedding of the Dryad Princess Xoria to the grand duke's son. She agrees when Belgarath bribes her with a piece of chocolate. (Chocolate apparently does some strange things to Dryad physiology–Xoria's reaction is almost orgasmic.) The groom doesn't mind; his father likes the idea that the marriage will eventually lead to the First Borune Dynasty. The groom's mother, however, is a Honethite, and doesn't like the fact that the marriage's more immediate effect would be to establish the inviolability of the Wood of the Dryads. Belgarath ultimately has to get the High Priest of Nedra to perform the ceremony. (BtS 334-340, PtS 123)

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