The Fourth Age

After Korodullin pledges to rid his kingdom of Murgos, the Companions bribe the customs agents and cross into Tolnedra. Garion makes an unconscious use of sorcery to cure the mad monk. (Bv1 297-301)
The Companions witness Tolnedran politics in action (read: murder). Durnik spots Brill in the crowd; Silk follows him to see what he's up to (no good, but I think you already knew that). Later that night, the Companions are abducted by mercenaries ostensibly employed by one Count Dravor, but who are actually acting on orders from the heavily-drugged Dravor's advisor, a Nyissan named Y'diss–who intends to turn them over to Salmissra. They break out of Dravor's dungeon, setting fire to the kitchen as they leave. (Bv1 303-314)
The Companions arrive in Tol Honeth. To get into the palace to see Ran Borune XXIII, they talk to Barak's cousin Grinneg, the ambassador from Cherek, who uses his pull to get them to see the Emperor. The Emperor identifies most of them, at least by nationality (he even pegs Garion as a Rivan). Ran Borune doesn't believe that Belgarath and Polgara are Belgarath and Polgara, but after a pointed demonstration he does agree that they may have some things to tell him. (Bv1 317-326)
Ce'Nedra makes her first appearance. Basically, she's throwing a temper tantrum–her father has given orders that she is not to leave the palace grounds for any reason. Ce'Nedra has other plans, of course. After she leaves, Asharak arrives; he's apparently a sort of trade envoy for Taur Urgas (which is to say, Ctuchik). He and Belgarath… talk. (Bv1 326-330)
Bethra recognizes Silk on the streets of Tol Honeth. The two of them swap information for a… favor. (Bethra's a courtesan, among other things. She and Silk are "dear enemies".) They leave Tol Honeth at dawn the next morning. At noon, a Tolnedran noble's daughter, Lady Sharell (actually Ce'Nedra) and her tutor, heading south to visit relatives in Tol Borune, catch up with them. Garion, Belgarath, and Polgara recognize her. (Bv1 333-339)
Ce'Nedra fesses up. Jeebers (her tutor) finds out that his orders did not come from the Emperor, after all, but rather from a certain Imperial Princess. He leaves that night, heading for Tol Borune to try to save his own skin by reporting the Princess' whereabouts to her family. The Princess learns more about some of the people she's traveling with… (Bv1 341-345)
"Young lady, I think you'd be amazed at how little Polgara's concerned about who you are."
"Polgara? The Polgara? I thought you said that she was your sister."
"I lied. It's a vice I have."

     –Silk and Ce'Nedra (Bv1 345)
The Companions enter the Wood of the Dryads. Garion, apparently quite fragrant by this point, goes to take a bath in a nearby stream. A while later, Ce'Nedra also goes to take a bath (Garion really wishes she hadn't picked the same spot he did…). When he gets out of the water and attempts to return to the campsite, she informs him that he's supposed to stay there to protect her (oh, Polgara, you matchmaker you… :). He does get a sort of reward, though… in the form of a glimpse of Ce'Nedra nude from the waist up. He almost gets to kiss her, too, but Durnik just had to pick that time to come along. (Bv1 349-354)
The Attack of the Moss-Men From Nyissa! Even Mandorallen is scared by these wonderful constructs of vines, mud, and snakes. One of the snakes has a message from Salmissra, which basically says not to enter Nyissa (or else!). (Bv1 354-359)
The Dryads arrive… well, specifically, one X'bel, who wants to kill Garion (but not really seriously). X'bel is disappointed when Xera (Ce'Nedra's cousin) says that she can't. They're taken to see Queen Xantha, who informs Ce'Nedra that she will not give her sanctuary–Ce'Nedra, as Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, will be going to Riva on her 16th birthday. They learn from Xantha that Zedar passed through the Wood of the Dryads about a week ago–with a little boy, about six years old. (Bv1 360-366)
The Companions split: Belgarath and Silk pursue Zedar and the Orb, while the others go directly to Sthiss Tor by ship. Garion and the others are intercepted by Tolnedran legionnaires commanded by Kador, Grand Duke of Tol Vordue… who wants to kill Ce'Nedra (very seriously). Everyone's favorite Grolim Asharak intervenes just as Mandorallen is about to commit some constructive violence against the Duke's person. Asharak then makes the fatal mistake of slapping Polgara… for which Garion sets him on fire. Poetic justice, as it turns out, since Asharak is a.k.a. Chamdar, and was responsible for the deaths of Garion's parents and paternal grandparents. Polgara intimidates Kador's legionnaires into arresting him on charges of high treason (after what Garion did, it didn't take much intimidation). First case where Garion is referred to as Belgarion. (Bv1 366-375)
Turns out that the captain who meets them at the mouth of the River of the Woods (by arrangement, through Barak's cousin Grinneg, the ambassador) is none other than Greldik (who got the job by chopping down the mast of the ship whose captain Grinneg actually hired). Garion, by this point, is feeling just a tad guilty about what he did to Asharak (even if Asharak did deserve it). Polgara orders Garion's first shave. Ce'Nedra begins the process of teaching Garion to read. (Bv1 379-384)
Hettar's Sage Shaving Advice:
"Pay close attention when you're near your nose. A man looks very strange without a nose."
The Companions arrive at Sthiss Tor, the Nyissan capitol. After bullying a Drasnian dockworker, they proceed to the Drasnian trade enclave. They're also introduced to certain facets of Nyissan life–the general state of (un)dress of the women, slavery, and better living through pharmacology. They talk with Droblek, the Drasnian Port Authority, to get information. (Bv1 385-390
Garion rescues a slave who dove into the River of the Serpent by translocating him to the dock next to Greldik's ship. Unfortunately, the man is already dead–the river is infested with foot-long leeches with a paralytic poison, and the bites have stopped his heart. Polgara deals with the Grolim who comes to claim his former property, then rips into Garion for refusing training. Garion replies with some things which he doesn't really mean. (Bv1 392-395)
When Polgara departs to cure a Drasnian messenger of his fever (so that she can get Belgarath's message from him), Garion is kidnapped and taken to Salmissra's palace. He attempts to lie to Sadi, Salmissra's Chief Eunuch (effectively her Prime Minister), but owing to some drugs he'd been given, fails miserably. They give him more drugs, attempting to "put his mind to sleep"; Garion's decidedly odd mind (which is linked to the Purpose) is able to fend this off, at least in part. (Bv1 396-409)
The Murgo Ambassador (from Ctuchik, not Taur Urgas, of course) arrives at the palace and attempts to negotiate with Salmissra for Garion. Salmissra agrees, provided that Torak will (a) marry Salmissra, and (b) give her immortality. An observation by the Purpose tips Maas (one of Salmissra's serpents–she is, after all, the Serpent Queen) off to the fact that Garion's mind is not entirely asleep. Maas is killed attempting to remove Garion's amulet; at the same time, the ash from a massive volcanic eruption in southern Cthol Murgos reaches Sthiss Tor, touching off a panic in the city. (Bv1 409-411)
Polgara and Barak (as the Dreadful Bear) storm the palace to retrieve Garion. After helping Garion to burn away the various drugs he'd been given, Polgara turns to deal with Salmissra. Salmissra doesn't want to be dealt with, however, and calls on Issa. Issa responds to the summons, but, after determining that Salmissra is most definitely not in the right, returns to his slumber, asking only that Polgara spare Salmissra in memory of his beloved, the original Salmissra. Rather than kill Salmissra, Polgara changes her into a giant snake. (Bv1 409-418)
The Companions (still minus Silk and Belgarath) anchor out in the main current of the River of the Serpent, away from the chaos on the docks. Barak attempts to kill himself (he doesn't like being the Dreadful Bear), but is stopped when Polgara tells him what happened when he and Merel… ah, shall we say, "coupled"… back at Val Alorn. Belgarath and Silk finally rejoin the others later that day. (Belgarath has a broken arm–a tree fell on him.) Rather than follow the Orb from this point, they make a side trip to the Vale of Aldur–Aldur has summoned Belgarath and Polgara. (Bv1 419-429)
"Now you've dropped it," [Polgara] chided [Barak]. Pick it up immediately, and let's get on with this. It's very inconsiderate to take all day to kill yourself like this." Polgara, just after telling Barak about the (impending) birth of his son (Bv1 423)
From The Something Never To Say To A Girl Who Likes You Department:
"Tell me," Ce'Nedra said, toying with the sleeve of [Garion's] tunic, "was Queen Salmissra as beautiful as they say?"
"She was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life," Garion answered without thinking.
The princess caught her breath sharply. "I hate you," she cried from between clenched teeth. (Bv1 426)
The Companions reach the rapids of the River of the Serpent. Belgarath has Greldik give orders to the Alorn Kings: do not go to war with the Angaraks just yet. This puzzles Ce'Nedra, who isn't yet quite convinced that Belgarath is Belgarath, particularly since Tolnedrans don't believe in sorcery to any large extent. Barak decides to make peace with his wife. Garion and Ce'Nedra (particularly Ce'Nedra) begin dealing with their feelings for each other. (Bv1 441-452)
A lion attacks Mandorallen and Ce'Nedra, who are riding at the front of the column. Fortunately, Mandorallen is in full armor, and kills the lion barehanded (well, he had gauntlets on, but you get the point). This turns out to be a rather significant Event, since Ce'Nedra declares him to be her knight (which, of course, is in the Prophecy). Both Garion and Durnik believe that this little incident is aimed at Garion. Durnik talks to her about it, and we learn that Ce'Nedra is not as sanguine about being told whom she'll marry as she seems. (Bv1 452-457)
The Companions hide from a band of Murgos to avoid being forced out into Maragor. It seems that their leader is an old friend: Brill. The Murgos don't like obeying his orders, but they're doing it. Ce'Nedra and Garion overhear one of the Murgos mention that he's from Rak Hagga–a city 1000 leagues south of Rak Goska, and whose residents are never in this part of the world unless the Murgo King is on the verge of going to war with someone. (Bv1 457-461)
The Companions pass through a small "mining" town. As they are leaving, a man runs up and offers to buy Ce'Nedra and Polgara. As it happens, this was a cover. King Rhodar has agents absolutely everywhere, you know, and this one's name was Kheran. He passes the information that a dozen parties of Murgos have passed through that town in the last week, probably looking for the Companions. Brill arrives at the "town" shortly after, and is revealed to be a Dagashi assassin. To avoid the bands of Murgos, especially Brill's, the Companions venture out into Maragor. For protection, Belgarath and Polgara put them to sleep. (Bv1 462-469)
Garion wakes up, and has a long talk with the Purpose about what he's supposed to do–without the emotional part of his mind to get in the way. Meanwhile, Belgarath and Polgara discuss the fate of the Marags. They eventually arrive at Mar Amon, the former Marag capital. After wading through Mara's illusions (of the final days of Maragor), they arrive at the center of town, where the God Himself is wailing. They have a very close call with an angry God (Ce'Nedra is, after all, Tolnedran), but the Purpose takes control of Garion and stops Mara. Garion goes back to sleep shortly after. (Bv1 469-480)
The Companions emerge from Maragor about a week after entering it. They evade the gold-hunters, but encounter Brill (Kordoch, to give his proper name) again. Fortunately, he and his Murgos are about 100 yards away across a deep ravine. The Companions have their first encounter with the Dragon (she flies by overhead at night). (Bv1 469-490)
One of the pack mares happens to be pregnant and chooses a moment when the Companions are far above the treeline (and away from shelter) to go into labor. Garion suggests "the cave", and leads the others to it. The cave turns out to be where the Gods met while creating the world, so that they could plan out what they were doing. Mandorallen's "cowardice" (heh) is discussed. Finally, the mare gives birth to a colt–which is stillborn. Garion, unwilling to accept that, brings it back; the colt is now marked with a white patch on its shoulder, which has the same size and shape as the mark on Garion's palm. (Bv1 491-499)
Garion finally has the talk with Belgarath he should have had months ago… about what he can do, and what he had better not do, with his powers. They reach the Vale of Aldur four or five days later. (Bv1 500-506)
The Vale: The Companions reach the part of the Vale inhabited by the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers (Belmakor, Belsambar, and, of course, (Bel)zedar are no longer members, being either dead or cast out). Ce'Nedra visits the tree (she's a Dryad, what do you expect?); Garion and Belgarath visit Belgarath's tower, while Garion receives a little instruction. (Bv1 507-514)
Aldur arrives (it is His vale, after all). He blesses the group, then takes Belgarath and Polgara somewhere for a little instruction. While they're gone, Garion decides to experiment by moving a rock. He does move the rock. He also sinks himself up to his armpits in the soil of the Vale. Silk and Hettar dig him out later. (Bv1 515-522)

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