The Fourth Age

Garion, Silk, and Belgarath quietly descend the stairs to the crypt below the remains of Torak's tower. Their eavesdropping discovers that (in turn) Polgara, Zedar, Ce'Nedra, Errand, and Durnik are all present, in addition to the still-slumbering God of Angarak. Zedar reveals that he just "found" Errand–he has no idea where. (EEG 309-312)
Zedar makes the mistake of telling Polgara that she should just give in to Torak; struggling will make no difference, after all… it didn't for Zedar. Durnik takes almost immediate action, attacking the sorcerer. Zedar kills Durnik, and is immediately attacked by Belgarath, who bursts in through the door, followed by Garion and Silk. Garion, at this point, is incapable of action; he's already caught up in the beginnings of the EVENT. Polgara is likewise incapacitated, though by grief, and Belgarath is so pissed off that he can't think of anything except choking the living shit out of Zedar. He settles for leaving Zedar entombed–alive–in the bedrock under Cthol Mishrak. (EEG 312-316)
Torak awakens. Belgarath attempts to take action, but the God grabs the front of his shirt and sends him flying across the room with a blast of pure Will. Torak then attempts to sway Polgara to his side. She is stopped when Garion begins flinging memories of Durnik at her. In frustration, Torak draws Cthrek Goru and tries to split Polgara and Belgarath, which is where the Sword of the Rivan King intercedes. (EEG 320-323)
Garion and Torak both expand, bursting through the tomb's ceiling. They fight until Garion finally hits on Torak's weakness: Torak needs someone to love him. Garion throws the fact that just about nobody does right in the God's face; Torak charges at Garion, but only ends up impaling himself on the Sword of the Rivan King. After Torak's death, all light everywhere goes out (temporarily, of course). The Fourth Age ends. (EEG 323-326; SK xv)
"Hear me, maimed and despised God. You are nothing. Your people fear you, but they do not love you. You tried to deceive me into loving you; you tried to force Aunt Pol to love you; but I refuse you even as she did. You're a God, but you are nothing. In all the universe there is not one person–not one thing–that loves you. You are alone and empty, and even if you kill me, I will still win. Unloved and despised, you will howl out your miserable life until the end of days." –Garion's final words to Torak
Torak dies. (EEG 326-327)

The Fifth Age
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