The Sixth Age

Toth is buried in the remains of the old Temple. Eriond changes the altar to white marble, and ensures that the flowers created by one or the other (possibly all) of the sorcerers present will not fade or wilt–ever. They seal off the Temple entrance as well. When they leave the Temple, they discover that the mask of Torak's face that was over the entrance has been replaced by one of Eriond's. (SK 311-316)
The Purpose returns to have a little chat with Garion. He's not quite the same; he's a part of the new awareness of the universe. He tells Garion that he'll definitely live to see the day when worship of Eriond is universal–which is what was intended from the beginning. And he congratulates Garion on his daughters–apparently he's going to have quite a few. (SK 316-321)
A number of people arrive at roughly the same time–showing the Purpose's passion for tying up loose ends. Unrak is chained–it seems that around noon or so, he turned into a bear (odd, that…); when unchained, Barak introduces him to Geran (after a fashion). Silk has great fun introducing the newcomers (Poledra, Sadi, Cyradis, and Zakath) to Garion's original companions who weren't permitted to make this trip (Barak, Hettar, Mandorallen, Lelldorin, and Relg). Oh–and, of course, there's the matter of introducing the new God of Angarak. And a backhanded marriage proposal to Liselle (who's probably going to get him later). (SK 321-327)
The Gods return. This means it's time for Poledra to leave; Belgarath, however, refuses to be separated from her again. Eriond decides to intervene at that point, and removes the condition to which Poledra had agreed when she accepted her task. This was what UL was trying to force him to do–to begin to learn when to prudently exercise his powers and authority over this world, and when to refrain. (SK 327-330)
On the trip back to Perivor, Ce'Nedra and Polgara are both seen vomiting over the leeward rail. In the morning. It takes Garion a bit to realize what that means. Anheg and Varana meet them at Perivor; this puts the kings of Cherek and Riva, and the emperors of Tolnedra and Mallorea in one place–and the result was a proposal for a worldwide peace treaty called the Accords of Dal Perivor. Zakath, Cyradis, Atesca, Brador and Eriond leave for Mal Zeth; Garion and the others board the Seabird for the trip back to the West. (SK 330-345)
The Seabird makes several stops. They first stop at Thull Mardu, to take Nathel home. Unrak was most insistent on that point. The second stop is Rak Urga, where Hettar actually behaves himself while they visit Urgit. Silk convinces his brother to attempt sending emissaries to Mal Zeth… and steals a march on Varana, commercially speaking, by signing an agreement with Urgit guaranteeing himself and Yarblek exclusive access to the Murgo market. The next stop is Sthiss Tor, where Sadi delivers a copy of the Accords to Salmissra–and regains his position as Chief Eunuch. (Issus appears to have gained a semiofficial position as the Queen's chief enforcer.) The Seabird's fourth stop is Tol Honeth, to drop off Varana (who still doesn't realize what Silk did to him). Their fifth stop is at Vo Mimbre, where Mandorallen educates a rash youth who insists (in short) that internal warfare is the only honorable condition for Arendia; the sixth and final is at Sendar. Garion, Geran, and Ce'Nedra accompany Hettar, Durnik, Polgara, Belgarath, Poledra, and Beldin back to Algaria. (SK 346-365)
The residents of the Vale settle back into more-or-less normal lives. Until Yarblek and Vella arrive, that is. Vella wants Yarblek to sell her–at once, and to Beldin. Vella ultimately goes for the price of an apple-sized, pink-tinged flawless diamond (which she figures ought to be about the right price). Beldin incinerates her papers; Vella then surrenders her daggers (symbolically saying that she no longer needs to defend herself) to Beldin. Beldin and Vella leave the Vale forever–not as humans, but as hawks. (SK 365-374)
Garion, Ce'Nedra, and Geran return to Riva. Late that autumn, after the Alorn Council has broken up, Garion receives a letter from Zakath. Atesca has been promoted to commander-in-chief of the armies of Mallorea (which angered the Angarak generals, but you can't please everybody). He is negotiating with Urgit, and is cutting the Dalasian Protectorates loose, believing that the Dals should be free to go their own way. An ancient old man, Pelath by name, has become Eriond's first disciple. Eriond announced himself quite loudly to the Mallorean Grolims at Mal Yaska–the altar is no longer blood-caked, the fires no longer burn in the inner sanctums of the Temples, and the discerning Grolim with good taste is wearing white this year. Zakath decided to spare his cousin Otrath, instead rewarding Otrath's wife by ordering him to set her up in a townhouse in Melcena and stay away from her. And speaking of wives, Cyradis is now Zakath's. Oh, and Zakath's cat was unfaithful again, so if Garion wants a kitten or two…
Beldaran, Garion and Ce'Nedra's first daughter, is born. (SK 390, PtS 634)
Polgara and Durnik's twins are born. (SK 398)
End of The Malloreon
Garion "persuades" Belgarath to write down his story. (BtS 1-12)
A copy of Belgarath's book is delivered to Riva. When Ce'Nedra realizes that it isn't complete (Belgarath deliberately left off Polgara's parts of the story), she decides that it's time to visit Polgara. (BtS 639-644)
Garion and Ce'Nedra visit the cottage; this time, Ce'Nedra dragoons Polgara into telling her part of the story. (Poledra is very persuasive where her daughter is concerned.) (PtS 1-11)
A copy of Polgara's book is delivered to Riva; Ce'Nedra reads it to Geran. (PtS 634-643)
"Point. Point and game."

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