Belgariad Characters

This list of characters was originally composed by Amy I. Sheldon. All modifications to it were performed by me, Matt Korth

Main Characters

(Those characters foretold in the in the various prophetic writings of Light, and their most notable opponents.)

Ambar of Kotu
See Silk. Ambar is a slightly shady Drasnian spice dealer. One of Silk's favorite alternate identities.
Asharak of Rak Goska
See Chamdar.
Lord Barak, Earl of Trellheim, Clan Chief of the Chereks. "It's an empty title anyway…I let my younger brother act in my stead." Cousin to Anheg, king of Cherek. Married to Merel. In the Mrin Codex, he is the Dreadful Bear. "…a man so huge that Garion's mind simply refused to accept the possibility he was real…His hair was in braids, and he had a vast bristling red beard." "Barak looked at him, his eyes icy blue…"
Aldur's first disciple. In the prophecies, he is the Eternal Man. "The old storyteller's white hair was cropped quite close, as was his beard. His face was strong, with a kind of angularity to it, and his features provided no clue to his background…His eyes were a deep and merry blue, forever young and forever full of mischief." A.k.a. Old Wolf, Garath.
The heir to the Rivan throne. Raised on Faldor's farm in Sendaria. In the Mrin Codex, the Child of Light. "…a nice enough boy, certainly, with rather plain, sandy hair that kept tumbling down across his forehead…" A.k.a. Garion, The Chosen One.
See Zedar.
See Kordoch.
Daughter of Ran Borune XXIII. A dryad. "…a tiny girl with flaming hair…a tumbled mass with long, elaborate curs cascading down over her neck and shoulders…a deep, burnished red that seemed shomehow to glow from within. Her skin was a golden color that seemed…to have an almost greenish cast." In the Mrin Codex, she is the Queen of the World. A.k.a. Lady Sharell.
Servant of Torak and one of the chief priests of the Grolims. The figure in black that watched Belgarion through his childhood. Murdered Belgarion's parents and was in turn killed by Belgarion. A.k.a. Asharak.
Cthrag Yaska
The Angarak name for the Orb of Aldur.
The Grolim High Priest and one of Torak's two disciples. He got to find out exactly what happens when a sorcerer tries to unmake something. "…his hair and beard were a yellowed white and were very long. His face was deeply lined, and his eyes glittered in their sockets."
The smith at Faldor's farm. In the Mrin Codex, he is the Man With Two Lives. "Durnik was an ordinary-looking man with plain brown hair and a plain face, ruddy from the heat of his forge. He was neither tall nor short, nor was he thin or stout. He was sober and quiet…he was enormously strong."
Used by Zedar to steal the Orb. A mysterious child of unknown origin. "A little boy with pale blonde hair…His eyes were blue, large and trusting."
Erat, Duchess of
One of Polgara's titles. See Polgara.
See Belgarion.
Adopted son of Cho-Hag and heir to the Algarian throne. He is also a Sha-Dar, one who can talk to horses with his thoughts alone. In the Mrin Codex, he is the Horse Lord. "A lean warrior, very nearly as tall as Barak and with the shaved head and flowing scalp lock of the Algars…"
See Silk.
Dagashi assassin and spy. "A medium sized man with black hair and beard and a cast to one eye." First appeared as a hired hand on Faldor's farm, calling himself Brill, and watching Pol and Garion.
Asturian Arend. Son of the Baron of Wildantor. The best bowman in Asturia. He is three years older than Belgarion. In the Mrin Codex, he is the Bowman. "His reddish gold hair fell smoothly down his back…" "He was impulsive, extravagant in his declarations, and probably, Garion reluctantly concluded, not overly bright." A.k.a. the Bowman.
Baron of Vo Mandor. Mimbrate Arend. "…a man of slightly more than medium height. His hair was black and curly, his eyes were deep blue, and he had a resonant voice…" In the Mrin Codex, he is the Knight Protector. A.k.a. the Bastard of Vo Mandor (due to a slight irregularity in the timing of his parents' marriage).
Orb of Aldur
"…a globe shaped stone no larger than the heart of a child." See Cthrag Yaska.
See Polgara.
Sorceress and daughter of Belgarath and Poledra. In the Prophecies of the Dark, she is the Queen of the Angaraks and the Bride of Torak. Oddly enough, we are never told her prophetic identity in the various Prophecies of the Light. "She was taller than the other women on Faldor's farm…her hair was long and very dark-almost black-all but one lock just above her left brow which was white as new snow." "…Polgara's eyes…depending on her mood, they ranged in color from gray to a deep, deep blue and they saw through everything." A.k.a. the Duchess of Erat, Pol.
Prophecy of Light
The dry voice that talked to and through Belgarion. It (and the Dark Prophecy) came into existence at the beginning of time, and The Belgariad is the story of their age-old battle.
Radek of Boktor
See Silk. A respectable and upright Drasnian merchant, and yet another of Silk's carefully crafted alternate identities.
Ulgo diviner. In the Murgo prophecies, the Blind Man (which also appears to be his identity in the Mrin Codex, although we are never specifically told that in the text of The Belgariad). "Like all Ulgos, he was short, but his arms and shoulders were so massively developed that he seemed almost deformed. His colorless hair was tangled and unkempt…his large black eyes burned with fanaticism."
Lady Sharell. The pseudonym Ce'Nedra adopted when she ran away from home.
Drasnian spy, juggler and acrobat (not to mention thief and assassin) and a Prince of the royal house of Drasnia. "He was a small man, scarcely taller than Garion himself [Garion wasn't quite 15 years old when this description was made], and his face was dominated by a long pointed nose. His eyes were small and squinted, and his straight, black hair was raggedly cut." "…"fortunately I'm only the nephew of the King of Drasnia and far down the line of succession."" In the Mrin Codex, he is the Guide. He also turns up in the Dark Prophecies as the Nimble Thief and the Rat. A.k.a. Ambar of Kotu, Prince Kheldar, Radek of Boktor.
Marag. In the Mrin Codex, the Mother of the Race That Died. "Her hair was a lustrous black…she had wide cheekbones, bull lips, and huge, violet eyes framed with sooty black lashes."
a.k.a. "Old Wolf" and "Mister Wolf". See Belgarath.
Second disciple of Aldur. Turned traitor and became a servant of Torak. "…the white-haired man before her was not indeed [Belgarath], but rather someone who looked so much like him that they could easily pass for brothers." A.k.a. The Apostate, Belzedar.

Supporting Cast

Algar. Belgarion's cousin. "Adara's the youngest daughter of your mother's sister." Ends up marrying Hettar. "…a tall girl…She had long, dark brown hair, and the eyes she had fixed on Garion were gray, calm, and very serious."
The name Silk came up with for the demon that Belgarath called up in his fight with the magician of the Weasel Clan.
Colonel Albor. Tolnedran Horbite. Commander of the Eighty- Third, the ceremonial brigade stationed in the Tolnedran Imperial compound.
Eldest of the seven gods. Did not select any people to be his own. He has, however, accepted seven disciples (Beldin, Belgarath, Belkira, Belmakor, Belsambar, Beltira, Belzedar). "…an old man who looked somewhat like Mister Wolf but obviously was someone else." See Belar, Chaldan, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak and UL.
Knight charged with guarding the gate to Vo Mimbre. Belgarath restored Andorig's faith in magic in dramatic fashion by growing an apple tree from a twig.
King of Cherek. Married to Islena. Cousin of Barak. "A large black-bearded man…"
Faldor's only daughter. Married to Eilbrig.
Mimbrate Arend. Younger sister of Oltorain. Marries Lelldorin.
The smith that Durnik apprenticed under. His name is mentioned, but he never actually makes an appearance.
Bear god of the Alorns. Youngest of the seven gods. See Aldur, Chaldan, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak and UL.
A disciple of Aldur. A dwarf.
A disciple of Aldur. He and Beltira are twins.
A disciple of Aldur. He and Belkira are twins.
Asturian Arend. Count Reldegan's nephew. Supports the Mimbrate Arends.
Mimbrate Arend knight. Son of Andorig. Ce'Nedra talked with him before the battle for Thull Mardu.
Arend. Prospector in camp on the Marag border.
Nadrak. Impressed into the Mallorean army.
Tolnedran courtesan. Old friend of Silk's.
Borune family
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families, and current holders of the Imperial crown.
Count Brador. Tolnedran. Ambassador to Sendarian court.
Rivan. Brand's eldest son. Inconsistency Alert! In The Malloreon, the name of Brand's eldest son is given as "Verdan".
the Rivan warder. Widower with four sons (Bralon is the oldest and Olban the youngest; we aren't told the names of the two middle sons until the Malloreon). All Rivan warders have taken the name of Brand since the first.
Former farmhand on Faldor's farm. We never actually see him; Brill was hired because Breldo married and left the farm.
Captain (later Colonel) in Sendarian army. Holds a baronetcy. The Earl of Erat is his great uncle. Lost an arm at the Battle of Thull Mardu. "…a tall, sober-looking man with penetrating gray eyes."
Bull god of the Arends. See Aldur, Belar, Issa, Mara, Nedra, Torak and UL.
King of Algaria. Married to Silar. A childhood illness has left his legs too weak for him to walk without assistance. Childless, but has adopted Hettar as his heir.
Farmhand on Faldor's farm.
Cthrek Goru
Torak's great black sword.
Rivan armorer. Made Ce'Nedra's armor.
Drasnia merchant and spy. Garion and company stayed with him at the Great Fair.
Sir Derigen. Mimbrate Arend. Tricked into war with Sir Oltorain by the Murgos. Mandorallen ended the battle by removing both Derigan and Oltorain from the fight.
Arendish serf. Hunger lead him and his friend Lammer to join Ce'Nedra's army. He died at the Battle of Thull Mardu.
Daughter of the owner of the Lion Inn in Camaar, a port city in Sendaria. She briefly acted as Polgara's maid.
One of Garion's three childhood friends. Sendarian. Small, thin, and constantly talking. Dies at the battle at Thull Mardu.
Count Dravor. Tolnedran. Drug addict under the control of his Nyissan steward Y'diss.
Drasnian representative in Sthiss Tor in Nyissa.
Drosta lek Thun
King of the Nadraks. "…a thin man…his eyes were bulging and his face was deeply scarred with old pockmarks."
Husband of Faldor's daughter Anhelda.
Hired by Grinneg to pick up Garion and company at the mouth of the River of the Wood. Greldik took the commission off his hands.
Archpriest of Algaria and a member of the Bear-cult.
Nyissan. Former favorite boytoy of Queen Salmissra. Objected to being demoted and was permanently retired by one of Salmissra's snakes.
Sendarian, owner of the farm Belgarion grew up on.
Sendarian princess. One of the youngest children of Fulrach and Layla.
King of Sendaria. Married to Layla. "…a dumpy-looking man with a short brown beard."
Sendarian princess. One of the youngest children of Fulrach and Layla.
Drasnian. Fur dealer in Boktor. Yarblek told him that the salmon run was late this year.
King of the Thulls. "…a thick-bodied man with lank, mud- colored hair."
Gorim of Ulgo
Ulgo chief priest and leader. All who hold this position use the title/name Gorim. "The Gorim of Ulgo appeared to be very old. He had long silvery hair and beard, and his robe was snowy white…Garion noticed that his eyes, unlike those of the other Ulgos he had seen, were a deep, almost violet blue."
Nadrak merchant who introduced the Earl of Jarvik to Asharak.
Nadrak fur trapper. His skull is currently decorating some Morind magician's quest staff.
Cherek seaman and ship's captain. "Captain Greldik…one of the finest seamen in all of Cherek."
Cherek ambassador in Tol Honeth. Barak's cousin.
Cherek. High Priest of Belar. A Bear-cultist. Crippled at the Battle of Thull Mardu. "…an imposing-looking man nearly seven feet tall."
An Eldrak, a monster related to trolls and algroths. This particular Eldrak had run into Belgarath in the past, and did not have fond memories of the meeting. "It was about eight feet tall and covered with shaggy black fur…the Eldrak had virtually no nose, and its lower jaw jutted, showing two massive, protruding tusks. Its eyes were sunk in deep sockets beneath a heavy ridge of bone across its brow…"
Barak's oldest daughter.
Tolnedran. Garion witnessed the results of a political discussion between Haldor and Radan on the streets of Tol Honeth.
Mimbrate Arend. Third cousin to Mandorallen. Barak taught him manners.
Knight who confirmed Mandorallen's identity at the gates of Vo Mimbre.
Honeth family
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families. The Honeths founded the Tolnedran Empire and have been responsible for three Imperial dynasties. They currently are the richest and most powerful family outside of the Borunes (who've had the advantage of six hundred years of ruling the country to accumulate wealth).
Horbite family
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families. The Horbites founded the Tolnedran Empire.
Demon of the Weasel clan. See Agrinja.
Queen of Cherek, married to Anheg. Childless, and, according to Silk, "dabbles a bit in magic and thinks of herself as a sorceress". "…a tall raven-haired beauty in an elaborately cross- tied black velvet gown."
Snake god of the Nyissans. See Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Mara, Nedra, Torak and UL.
Nyissan assassin. "His shaved head was stubbled, and he had a long scar running from his forehead to his chin directly through the puckered vacancy of an empty eye-socket."
Earl of Jarvik. Exiled Cherek traitor. Wife was a kinswoman of Anheg. He dealt with Asharak and paid for it with his life.
Chief of Drasnian intelligence. This is the only name we are given in The Belgariad.
Tolnedran. Ce'Nedra's tutor.
Rivan. Apprentice glassblower. Made the crystal wren that Garion gave to Polgara.
Grand Duke Kador of Tol Vordue. Most likely successor to Ran Borune at the time the Belgariad opens, however his ambitions came to a sudden close. Supported by Chamdar.
Kal Zakath
This is listed for those who have read The Malloreon. 'Zakath is never actually called "Kal Zakath" until the first book of The Malloreon. See 'Zakath.
Kalvor of Tor Horb
Tolnedran merchant. Gave the Belgarion and company information on the South Caravan Route.
Count Kharel. Senior member of the Drasnia intelligence service. He told the assembled western kings the strength of the Angarak army.
Drasnian spy in a prospector's camp on the Marag border. Silk went to school with him.
Heir to Drasnian throne. He's born midway through The Belgariad, but he doesn't get a name until The Malloreon.
The King of Arendia. A Mimbrate Arend. All kings of Arendia have taken the name Korodullin. A head injury at the Battle of Thull Mardu cost him much of his hearing. "…a sickly looking young man in a gold-embroidered purple robe…"
Tolnedran soldier in the employ of Elgon. He assisted in giving Lembor "a bad case of dead."
Cherek boat builder who is building a boat for Barak.
Sendar bandit on the northern border of Maragor. Mistook a bag of gravel for gold.
Arendish serf. He and his friend Detton joined the Army of Light.
Sendarian Queen. Married to King Fulrach. Mother of eight (or maybe nine) children. "…a plump little woman with a beaming face."
Tolnedran whose death introduces Garion to the realities of Tolnedran politics.
A snake. Advisor to Queen Salmissra.
Cherek girl that Garion went sledding with.
God of the Marags. His people were all (or mostly all) slaughtered by the Tolnedrans. See Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Issa, Nedra, Torak and UL.
Blind Cherek witch and seer. Polgara healed her eyes after Martje gave one too many prophecies.
Queen of Arendia. An Asturian Arend. All queens of Arendia have taken the name Mayaserana. "…his pale beautiful queen."
Sendarian prince. The youngest of Layla and Fulrach's children (at least, he was the youngest at the time of the meeting between Belgarion and Torak. Who knows how many have arrived since?)
Count Melgon. Tolnedran ambassador to Nyissa.
Barak's wife. She and Barak have two daughters. "…a woman with long flaxen braids…"
Tolnedran merchant in Sendarian town of Darine. It was in his office that Garion and Silk ran into Asharak.
Lord Morin. Tolnedran. One of Emperor Ran Borune's chamberlains.
Drasnian merchant. Allowed Garion, Silk and Belgarath to travel in his party to Gar og Nadrak.
Murgo. Taur Urgas' personal representative to the Court at Vo Mimbre. Behind a plot to kill King Korodullin of Arendia. Killed by Hettar.
Tolnedran god. See Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Issa, Mara, Torak, and UL.
Married to the Baron of Vo Ebor. Beloved of Mandorallen.
Sendarian. Count Nilden, Chief Butler to the Royal Household of Sendaria.
Ce'Nedra's fat white warhorse.
Monk of Mar Terrin. Garion cured his madness.
Rivan. Youngest son of Brand. Died at the Battle of Thull Mardu.
Sir Oltorain. Mimbrate Arend. Older brother of Ariana. Tricked into war with Sir Derigen by the Murgos. His leg was broken when attempted to joust with Mandorallen. Lelldorin stayed with him while recovering from wounds he received from an Algroth.
Belgarath's wife. Spent her formative years as a wolf. Supposed to have died in giving birth to Polgara and Beldaran, but she still manages to get involved in the action. "…a tawny-haired woman with golden eyes…"
a fenling.
Queen of Drasnia. Second wife of Rhodar, who is quite a bit older than her. Their only child is born at about the halfway point of The Belgariad. "…a tiny blonde with a beautiful smile."
Former chief bodyguard for Lembor.
Tolnedran. Poisoned by Haldor.
Ran Borune XXIII
Emperor of Tolnedra. The third Borune dynasty has been in place for more than six hundred years. "…a small elderly man, quite bald…The Emperor had a little, beaklike nose and bright, inquisitive eyes."
Ranite family
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families.
Count Reldegen. Lelldorin's uncle.
Tolnedran. Prospector in camp on the Marag border.
King of Drasnia. Queen Porenn is his second wife. There are no heirs from his first marriage. Described in several places as "grossly fat."
A Sendarian Arend. One of Garion's three childhood friends. A year or so older than Garion. Ends up marrying Zubrette. See Doroon and Zubrette.
Chief Eunuch of Queen Salmissra.
Queen of the Nyissans. The name goes with the position. There have been Salmissras leading the Nyissans for thousands of years. The current holder of the title, having been converted to an immortal (at least, so far as we know) snake, will be continuing as queen into the foreseeable future.
Earl of Seline. Senarian nobleman. Knows the secret Drasnian sign language. Advisor to Fulrach.
Algarian queen. Married to Cho-Hag. Childless. "Queen Silar was a silent woman, and her calm face seldom betrayed her emotions…quiet, dark-haired queen knew exactly what was going on."
Nadrak. Prospector in a mining camp on the Marag border. Killed by Kordoch.
Nadrak. Vella's former owner.
Taur Urgas
King of the Murgos. "He was a tall man with heavy, sloping shoulders and an angular, merciless face." Killed by Cho-Hag at the Battle of Thull Mardu.
Barak's youngest daughter.
Nadrak fur trapper. He bought Vella.
Dragon god of the Angaraks. The Child of Dark. See Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Issa, Mara, Nedra, and UL.
Asturian Arend. Son of Count Reldegan. Involved in a conspiracy to kill King Korodullin of Arendia. Ended up in Ce'Nedra's army and died at the Battle of Thull Mardu.
Rivan. Glassblower and yet another old acquaintance of Silk. Joran is one of his apprentices.
Cherek. Anheg's chief huntsman. Helped dispose of Grodeg.
a fenling.
Father of the seven gods. See Aldur, Belar, Chaldan, Issa, Mara, Nedra, and Torak.
Barak's son.
Murgo king. Taur Urgas' third son by his second wife.
Mallorean Grolim. Archpriest of Torak for the district of Camat.
Tolnedran ambassador to the Rivan Court. A Honethite.
General Varana, the Duke of Anadile. Tolnedran. Took a summer vacation and visited the Tolnedran legionnaires who went off with Ce'Nedra. "…a stocky man with graying, curly hair and a stiff left knee that gave him a noticeable limp."
Nadrak. Impressed into the Mallorean army.
Countess Vasrana. Mimbrate Arend. She thought Garion would make a fine husband.
Nadrak. She danced her price up to three goldmarks.
Vo Ebor, Baron of
Instructed Mandorallen in the knightly arts. Nerina, his young wife, and Mandorallen fell in love, but both love and respect the Baron too much to ever consumate their relationship. Gravely injured at the Battle of Thull Mardu, although he was still alive at the end of The Belgariad.
Vo Serin, Baron of
Mimbrate Arend. He, Reldegen and Mayaserana came up with a plan to begin to heal the breach between the Mimbrates and Asturians.
Vo Toral, Baron of
Arend nobleman who sold his some of his serfs into slavery to the Nyissans. Garion attempted to save one who was escaping, and failed.
Drasnian. The Witch of the Fens.
Vordue family
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families. Their candidate for Emperor was the Grand Duke Kador.
Weasel Clan
Morindim clan. Their magician challenged Belgarath.
Queen of the Dryads.
Dryad. Ce'Nedra's cousin. Was Queen Xantha's personal representative at the wedding of Belgarion and Ce'Nedra.
Nadrak merchant. "A rangy Nadrak…He had coarse, black hair and a thin, scraggly beard. His eyes had the peculiar angularity to them that was a characteristic of all Angaraks…"
Nyissan. Steward of Count Dravor. Had Garion and his companions captured.
The emperor of Mallorea. We don't find out why he has an apostrophe in front of his name until The Malloreon. "…a man of medium height with glossy black hair and a pale, olive-tinged complexion. His features were regular, even handsome, but his eyes were haunted by a profound melancholy. He appeard to be about thirty-five years old…"
Emperor Ran Borune's court wizard.
One of Garion's three childhood friends. A "golden-haired charmer." See Doroon and Rundorig.

There are several characters who are never given names, but whose appearances were notable enough that they should be mentioned:

The Arend peasant boy with the flute
Early in The Belgariad, Garion hears him playing. He dies at Thull Mardu.
The garrulous old gold hunter
Garion, Belgarath and Silk run into him in Gar og Nadrak on their way to the final confrontation with Torak. He had met Belgarath and Polgara thirty years before.
The colt that Belgarion brought back to life
The colt is given a name in The Malloreon (the name is a marvel of originality - Horse), but in The Belgariad he is only referred to as "the colt."

Historic Characters

Algar Fleet-foot
Second son of Cherek. Founder and first king of Algaria.
Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, twin sister of Polgara. Married Riva Iron-grip.
A disciple of Aldur. Killed himself long before The Belgariad begins.
A disciple of Aldur. Killed himself long before The Belgariad begins.
Warder of the Rivan Citadel. Took guardianship of the kingdom of Riva on the Isle of the the Winds after the royal family was slaughtered by the Nyissans. Defeated Torak at the Battle of Vo Mimbre. All warders that came after also took the name Brand.
Cherek Bear-shoulders
King of the Alorns. Helped steal the Orb back from Torak along with his three sons.
Dras Bull-neck
Oldest son of Cherek. Founder and first king of the Drasnia.
Early Cherek king. Built a still-used meeting hall in the sprawling Cherek palace.
First king of Sendaria. Elected after six years of balloting (years 3827-3833). Farmed rutabagas and cabbages prior to his elevation to the nobility.
The sole survivor of the Rivan royal family after the Nyissan attack. Major inconsistency alert! In Belgarath the Sorcerer, his name is said to be Geran.
Belgarion's father. A stonecutter. He and his wife Ildera were murdered by Chamdar.
Gorek the Wise
Rivan king killed by the Nyissans. Only his grandson escaped to continue the royal line.
A man of the Godless Ones. He besought UL to become the protector of his people, and kept at it long enough that UL finally broke down and said yes. The Godless Ones became the Ulgos, and their leader has been named Gorim ever since.
Belgarion's mother. She was a Algar, the second daughter of a Clan-Chief.
Crown prince of the Mimbrates. Married Mayaserana of the Asturians after the Battle of Vo Mimbre in order to end the bloodshed between Mimbre and Asturia (a plan that only had limited success).
Daughter of the Asturian duke. Married Korodullin after the Battle of Vo Mimbre.
Ambassor of Tolnedra after the Battle of Vo Mimbre. Involved in the negotiations that set up the treaty whereby each Tolnedran Imperial Princess was required to present herself at Riva on her sixteenth birthday.
Ran Borune IV
Tolnedran emperor at the time of the Battle of Vo Mimbre. Since the Battle of Vo Mimbre occured long after the building of the Great North Road (See Ran Borune V), we can assume he's from the third Borune dynasty.
Ran Borune V
Tolnedran emperor of the second Borune dynasty. Began construction of the Great North Road.
Ran Horb II
Tolnedran emperor who created Sendaria, approx. year 3825.
Riva Iron-grip
Youngest son of Cherek. First guardian of the Orb. Founder and first king of Riva on the Isle of the Winds. Married Beldaran. Made the sword that holds the Orb.
Beloved of Issa, the first queen of the Nyissans. All Nyissan queens have been named Nyissa since. This includes the Salmissra that conspired with Torak to wipe out the descendents of Riva Iron- grip.

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