The monarch—some would say dictator—of Brazilia has been in control of the nation since late in the Third Global Conflict. She formed the area after the original countries in the area collapsed. Brazilia was formed originally to preserve the threatened rain forest but grew into a thriving state. Ivy's rule has been rife with problems, but overall, the living conditions in the area are among the highest outside of Europe and Nippon. Ivy is revered there as almost a deity, her word and whim law. The greatest threat to the nation was the attempted takeover by a mentalist called Psiphon, aided by an army of genetically enhanced super soldiers, renegades from the Global Conflict. Psiphon hoped to absorb Ivy's power over the Green (the "mind" of all plant life on the Earth and perhaps beyond). The attempt failed, but Psiphon's attacks left much of Brazilia's capital, New Eden, in ruins, and Ivy's son Andrew nearly brain-dead, his mind wiped by Psiphon in act of spite.