Awakening, Cy felt warm and cradled. Her body was languid, a serious of slow sensual stretches got her blood flowing again, readied her supple limbs. She could feel Rock's mind near dim, but somehow she didn't seem to worried about that at the moment. She was naked and in the dark. The air smelled of fragrant plants and some other more medicinal smells she couldn't identify.

"Welcome." A voice sounded in the darkness. It was strange echoing and rich.

Cy tried to move into a sitting position, reaching for the comfort of her brother's mind. Her mind tried to sort through her memories. Her mind felt muddled, hazy.

"Do not try to move too much, you are just coming out of hibernation… the effects will fade with time." Cy slid to a sitting position. She could feel Rock's mind, dim but there. Where was this place…

"I am Ivy. You're a ward here, and I have some question for you. First… what may I call you?"

"Where's my brother first," Cy asked. Woozy. Obsidian? Do they have us? Relax, get to Rock first. Then plan.

"He is recovering and will be fine. You are in a district of Brazilia… under arrest for your crimes but I am here to offer you both an alternative to imprisonment. Something I think you will both see as a benefit. Your… brother is not precisely your brother, though, Cy. He is constructed from your genetic material in an attempt to replicate the metahuman virus and its affects on your metabolism. It failed, but he has been granted other physical abilities to compensate. I know this must be somewhat shocking to you but I feel you have a right to know. Under Brazilian Law you are both free beings, subject to the rights and restrictions as any other."

Ivy stepped from the shadows. She was green, tall and lithe. Her body was sensuous and athletic, carried with an athletic grace. Her only clothing was leaves and vines concealing her barely. Long green tresses fell over shoulders, framing a face both regal and cool. Her eyes glowed boring into Cy's soul… unblinking and relentless. "You will serve as paranormal operatives… making up for your crimes… and legally fighting your enemies. Of which I believe we have a mutual one. I saw strong similarities in you and your brother's alterations. Signs of a certain groups handiwork… the same ones that crafted the genetic soldiers that Psiphon lead in his attack on my land… the Obsidian group."