Rescue Summary: Blink

Name: Blink

Mission Summary:

Received distress call from yacht, responded. Situation appeared normal, but we were attacked by an assassin 'bot, then a gelatinous being, known now as Wyrm. I blinked away, then moved to the control room, where I encountered BrainChylde , a.k.a. Alex Hart. He froze me somehow, and was about to allow a creature he called 'Leech' to touch me, and I blinked away in desperation. Appeared on plane covered in wounds of unknown origin. After medical approval, went back to control room to check on situation, was already being handled by computer, which had HEAVY ICE for a standard ship system. Followed crew to Mr. Hart, spoke with him briefly, then returned to plane where I was taken ill.

Comments on mission nature:

Odd. Almost as if someone were waiting for help to arrive.

Comments on the performance of the team members:

Von Schmiessen & Photon and myself were adequate against bot. I must assume that the two were able to prevail against Wyrm.

Other notes:

2 questions: one, what is the 'Revolution'? as Alex Hart put it. Two, is Mr Hart aware of my presence? My cybernetics are what his company was last trying to duplicate.

Alex seemed rather confident in his ability to win. I am unsure what his disappearance means.