Rescue Summary: Cy

Name: Cy

Mission Summary:

Responded to a distress call. Few words on that. Taking a team into the field without any type of preparation. No clear channels of authority. Quite frankly I was surprised no one died. I'm sure everyone else is going to cover the actual stuff in more detail. AS far as I'm concerned we went to rescue some folks and it was accomplished.

Comments on Mission Nature:


Comments on the Performance of the team members:

Our so called leader doesn't seem to know his head from his asshole so to speak. I mean in the space of a few minutes the whole plan was changed about 3 times till no one knew who was where. Circe was professional and Photon seems to know what she's doing. Warp was his usual fucked up self. Blink seems to have her stuff wired tight. As for team work … forget it. Everyone worked as they are used to so you had about 4 to 5 different teams out there.

Other Notes:

Who else knows how to fly? If the damn computer is gonna keep cutting out on us like that it might be nice to know. Just in case we're a few miles from a mountain face or something…