Rescue Summary: Holly

Name: 12-EA Alpha Class Neural Matrix (Holly)

Mission Summary:

Naval Search and Rescue in repsonce to a automated distress signal broadcast by vessel designated Ariel's Heart (Time, estimated locale in HYBERTEXt). After the team (if that is the proper word for this collection of being but for purposes of this report the word should serve) arrived there was an poorly excuted diversion by a modified combat Cyberdroid (designation type,specs and background in HYPERTEXT). Combat ensued in which two other assailants reveal themselves. These would later be designated Wyrm and Leech. (Background, records, footage and observed abilities in HYPERTEXT). Though disjointed and random, Photon and Von Schmiessen were capable aginst the robot. Photon did display a notable susceptibility to physical assualt and suffered moderate injury. During the assault, Warp was subjected to mental control by Alex Hart, a.k.a. BrainChylde and injured Circe before being subdued. Well bludgeoned unconsious is a more accurate term. Suggest restrain and subdual training for Cy, as well as aggression management techniques.

Blink accessed the ship's bridge and enounted Alex Hart. He seemed to have a leadership role in the operation. From his statements it can be assumed it was a hijacking/kiddnapping attempt gone awry. BrainChylde mentioned a Mutant Liberation Front but I've been unable to locate much material on this organization. BrainChylde and Leech escaped detention but a severely injured Wyrm is in custody. Photon located first the crew and then Carrington Hart and his aid, replicant Kimi. Kimi has no listed Pacifica registration. Metro police took charge of the now crime scene and the team returned to base.

Comments on mission nature:

A multilevel tactical/deductive enviorment with clearly more than observed occurring. The kidnapping of Mr Hart's "guests" (Scientists names, records and images in HYPERTEXT) indicates at least one other party involved. An intriguing situation. Regrettably I was denied direct observation of a portion due to a ordered diagnostic check brought on by Rock.

Comments on the performance of the team members:

Photon: Capable and directed. Photon displayed a good tactical sense and abilities.

Blink: Highly skilled in her feild and quick witted. Impulsive and independent as indicated by her psych profile

Circe: Professional.

Von Schmiessen: Capable but used to dealing with actual trained and coordinated personality not those such as Rock and Cy which hindered his leadership abilities.

Rock/Cy: Willful, arrogant and overconfident. Utterly confident in their own abilities, perhaps to an unwarranted degree, these two threaten group cohesion more than any other member. Suggest either removal from the project all together or remedial training in unit tactics, combat protocals and social interaction (Suggested manuals, articles and a kindergarten primer entitled "Fuzzy Bear learns to play nice" in HYPERTEXT)