Rescue Summary: Photon

Name: Photon

Mission Summary:

Responded to distress call from the Ariel's Hart–date and time noted in Holly's logs. On approaching the ship, nothing seemed to be wrong; however, we boarded the vessel to investigate. One woman was sunbathing on deck, and claimed that the signal had been a mistake. She also dropped some veiled threats that we should leave–right now. We didn't, and the woman was revealed as a camouflage security droid who proceeded to attack the team. At the same time, two metas later identified as Leech and Wyrm also attacked. The droid was rendered nonfunctional, and Wyrm was knocked unconscious. Leech vanished, evidently headed for the bridge to assist a third meta, Brainchylde, identified by Mr. Hart as his son, Alex. Leech and Brainchylde apparently escaped before Metro arrived.

The team received mostly minor injuries.

The passengers of the Ariel's Hart were apparently unharmed. Two of Mr. Hart's guests, however, were apparently kidnapped by two females who seem to be unconnected to the rest of what went on.

Comments on mission nature:

Something about the whole damn thing was wrong.

Comments on the performance of the team members: