Rescue Summary: Rock

Name: Rock (Gemini)

Comments on mission nature:

Unprepared, underequipped, and uninformed.

Comments on the performance of the team members:

Photon- seemed to handle herself very well

Warp- unfair to state, due to mind-control attempts by hostile

Blink- didn't witness any of her actions

Circe- taken out of the action due to injury and medication

Von Schmiessen- ran right past a colleague (Photon) in need of assistance during combat, seemed to run around everywhere while not accomplishing anything in particular

Cy- no combat situations to be able to observe

Holly- should have her personality files wiped and replaced… due to letting her "personal?" opinions cloud her performance

Other notes:

Group harmony is presently non-existent. Nobody knows the others' fields of expertise except on maybe a broad plane. And a more combat capable vehicle would be a nice idea to provide for the team's missions. BTW…did this mission seemed staged to you?