Rescue Summary: Von Schmiessen

Name: Richard Von Schmiessen

Mission Summary:

The team answered a distress call from a private yacht registered to a (first name escapes me) Hart. After responding to the distress call it was apparent that a group led by Mr. Hart's son attempted to either kidnap Hart, his guests who are respected scientists in the field of bioengineering and associated technologies, or the cargo the ship was carrying. It also appears that a third party successfully kidnapped Mr. Hart's scientist guests.

Our forces battled against the intruders and successfully fought them off with some minor injuries to team members. The operation was then turned over to Metro.

Comments on Mission Nature:

I suspect that Mr. Hart was not revealing the full nature of the confrontation between him and his son. I suspect that their were other motives for Alex Hart's actions other than the ones given in their statement to us or Metro.

Comments on the Performance of Team Members:

Performance of team members was adequate considering the circumstances. A clear chain of command and member responsibilities need to be established. Further discussion with Photon on this matter should be initiated.

Other Notes:

Rock and Cy appear to be unwilling and difficult members of the team. It is my recommendation that they be removed from the team and placed back into isolation or containment until their sentence has been completed.