Seemingly she had just fallen asleep and Holly was calling her. "Alert, Security alert. Suspsected perimeter breech. All personel please report to Comm One."

Jennifer groaned loudly as she came fully awake. Do they plan this? She rolled out of bed and pulled her costume on, hissing at the sting from her acid burn, then headed out of her room and down the hall toward the elevator.

Dr Morsham sat back and stretched. It was far too early for this. "Holly try to focus in on the source of the disturbance, can you backtrack to its source?" Brushing a stray hair out of her face, she looked over the holographic display hovering over the meeting table. It graphic represenation of the compound, it was marred by serveral blinking red lights.

"Working on it, Doctor, but it's odd, the sensor web seems to be lacking in this region. I can't call up a visual either."

Morsham was about to respond when the door hissed opened… Turning she saw Von Sschemisson enter, uniform neat and crisp even at this hour. Morsham cinched the belt on her robe a little tighter and tried to smooth her hair. It was tyed back into a hasty pony tail instead of her typical bun. Somehow she felt embarrased.

"Ah, good, the others should her here momentarily," she turned back to hte display. "we've got a possible intruded. Seems to be moving in a rather errativ pattern near the outer comppound but there doing a remarkalbe job evading our security…its uncanny."

"I estimate to within a 89% possibilty the source of the intruder was hte fourth quadrant." Holly said.

"Oh, Ivy's No Go Zone," Blink said as she stepped in. Sans her shades, the crimson glow her cybernetic was slightly disconcerting. She looked between Von Schemession and Morsham, tried a grin but it came across more a haggard smirk. She was pale, drawn perhaps somehow slimmer looking as if some of the air had been let out her.

Rock and Cy came in as a pair. They moved in silence, in strange synchronized flow that was almost beautuful in its grace. Both were wide awake, alert, feral Morsham and Von Schessiom couldn't shake the feeling of being in pen with two calm but wild animals. "Cy, Rock… good you here as I was informing Mr Shemssion theres been a security breach." She gestured to the display.

Warp comes thru the door looking like he's not all awake. His uniform is neat but his attention seems to be on something other then the people in the room. "Anyone got coffee or something and maybe some aspirin?"

"Not here I'm afriad." Dr Morsham said, glancing back at Warp. "Ellce will bring you something."

Photon entered a moment later. Unlike Von Schmiessen, it was obvious that she had just awakened. Her costume was slightly askew, and her hair was a tangled mess that looked as if it would need a month's worth of combing to straighten out. "Awright, I want a word with whoever's in charge of scheduling these perimeter breaches for this hour… what's up?"

Note to myself, wait for everyone so you don't have repeat yourself, Ingid thought ruefully. "There's been a breech, most likely an individual. They've taken no overtly hostile action but they are good."

"Hmm… what kinds of sensors do we have out there?" Photon asked.

"Standard level 3 Themograph and Lowlight visual, Motion detectors and sonic tripwires." Holly said. "The position is not 100% efficent and the intruder is finding the holes."

"So how did they get inside the perimeter and where have they gone so far?" Warp asked starting to look over any schematics Holly had projected for the others.

"Good question." Engrid said. There was something wrong. Warp could see looking at the recorded motions. They were random, missing obvious entrances to the building complex itself, hugging the outer perimeter.

"Maybe I can interface with Holly? She should be able to take advantage of my enhanced visions through her lenses." Let's see how that one goes over. She thought wryly. Wish I knew what was wrong with my stomach.

"I think we get the same data from her remotes and that would mean you'd have to go looking…if your voluteering." Engrid flashed Blink a rare smile.

"Sure, I'll go take a look. Just need a safe zone somewhere within 50 meters of the examination point."

"I was mainly joking, I wouldn't want to send you alone into an unknown," Engrid said.

"Someone said something about coffee?" Blink's stomach rebelled at the thought, but damned if she was going to face the morning without something

"I'll tell Ellce one more." Holly said.

"Make it two more, Hol. I didn't sleep well at all last night," Photon added.

The door opened to admit Circe. She was just zipping her jumpsuit, the vine tattoo the decorated her face spiralled down her neck and lower still drawing the eyes along curve all to quickly covered. Being fresh from the bed didn't dull her impact one iota, her eyes, her lips, the fetcching dissarray of her hair. "Holly breifed me on the way down… I can try a scan of the area."

Cy frowned, ice blue eyes flashing as she watched Circe glide by. Instinctively she pressed herself closer to her brother. Never put two Queens in the same pen, Engrid thought glancing between the two.

If Circe felt Cy's resentment she didn't let it crack the mask of professionlism.

"Doesn't look like it's looking for entrances to buildings but something else. Power suppplies or defenses outside of buildings? Maybe its' getting the lay of the land. Doing some outside recoinoiter before going in buildings." Warp aded as he watched the path the intruder took. "Holly how big is the intruder?"

"With in human norms, somewhat beloew average mass from the reading I get," Holly replied. "All sensitive areas are within the confines of the buildings."

"Ah but if you weren't aware of that how would you go about a search? Start checking to see what defenses were around the perimeter and then see which building was the heaviest defended. That's where the stuff the occupants want to guard is. The same generally holds true for inside buildings. One of crimes I committed I had to break in twice once for where the item should have been and the second for where it actually was. Ends up the high secure area was a fraud. The item was stored in a file cabinet in a low security file closet."

"Wait a minute," Photon spoke up, an idea occurring to her. "Holly, what other lifeforms would the intruder's profile fit?"

"A large simian could fit into this profile." Holly replied. "But there are none of that size noted as inhabiting the island."

"So Von Schemession, its really you call." Engrid says.

"We'll volunteer for the search party," Rock offered, knowing that his sister was anxious to go out there as well and find it.

"I suggest the following. Rock and Cy and Circe should patrol the perimeter, looking for signs of where the intruder might have gotten through. Photon, Blink, Warp and myself should investigate the areas that appear to be of interest to the intruder. Our goal is to create a 'net' around the intruder, gradually moving them towards an area where we can effectively deal with them."

"Any other suggestions?"

"Well, yes. I'm going to have to stay either indoors, or fairly close to the outdoor lights… if there are any." Photon grimaced. "I found out the hard way several years ago that it's rather painful if I'm in a dark enough area. At best, I'll be conscious for about five minutes, and I usually lose it within two."

"I can cover more ground by going into a dark area to open a portal to scan around outside," Warp mentions.

"Like I said, as long as I'm within 50 yards of a safe zone, I'm all right. I can see in the dark, as well. Of course, in an emergency, I'll go wherever I have to. I do want to ask Dr. Martins a question first, unless we're going right now. It can wait, in that case."

"Actually, " Cy spoke up, "I have a couple of suggestions and arent we all forgetting something?"

Cy looked around the room her lip twitching, "We are guests here. This isn't our island. Its Ivy's and she made it pretty damn clear that there are place we are not suppose to go. So before everyone shoots their wad as the saying goes. I suggest battering down our immediate defenses and contacting Ivy. Let her deal with it or ask our help. "

Cy shook her head in amusement, and shared a look with her brother, "Everyone so eager to run off into the unknown."

"I tend to agree, Cy. However, if there is an intruder, and we let it go and do whatever damage, how will Ivy feel about that? As for the unknown, I do that every time I 'port. Why should this be any different?" Blink turned to Photon. "We should contact Ivy, regardless. Your call, Mr. VonSchmeisson."

Warp kept watch on the display at the intruder moving around trying to picture mentally the search pattern it was using, "Holly could you leave a faint trail of movements so if it is moving in a specific pattern we might be able to determine such?"

"Not a problem" she replied, highlighting the blips trail.

Von Schmiesson turned to Rock and Cy. "I can appreciate your opinion regarding our obligations towards Ivy. But the fact of the matter is you agreed to be part of this project. If you didn't, then I suggest that you go back to your cells and spare us from your destructive criticism. If you can't handle being a part of this team then we don't need you on the team. I'm sure there are lots of other candidates for your position."

Is he trying to antagonize them? She brought up a valid point. God, I can see that we're going to have a lot of things to discuss later on… I'll have to remember to bring this up with Dr. Morsham, as well, Photon thought to herself.

As opposed to other conversations with Rock and Cy, Von Schmiessen had a very cool and level tone to his voice. "Based on the information we have received, the intruder appears to be probing non-standard entry points." He pointed to several locations that the intruder(s) seemed to be looking at. "Photon, I suggest you stay in a lighted area as much as possible. We might need your powers at full strength. If Rock and Cy still wish to be part of this team, I want them to patrol around the perimeter looking for signs of the intruder. I don't care if Ivy has forbade us to go into certain areas. If this intruder can threaten this facility, it has become our responsibility to prevent that. I want Warp to go along with Rock and Cy. A surprise attack through a portal could be the advantage that we need."

"So, this leaves Circe, Blink, Photon and myself to search for the intruder on the inside. Stay in contact via Holly and we will attempt to push the intruder or intruders towards an area where we can deal with them. Photon, what area would be best?"

"Something near a corner of the building would be best… I can scan a larger area that way. I might even be able to track the thing once I figure out its IR signature." Of course, if it manages to run off into the night, I'm screwed, but hey…

Rock walked right over to Von Schmeisson. "I don't know why the fuck you keep trying to single us out and pick a fight with us, you dipshit, but I'll take ya with one hand any time you're ready. If you think you can keep you're own ego in check, maybe you should listen to what Cy said. She wasn't giving any orders…and definitely not undermining your decisions. She was pointing something out that maybe not everyone had thought of. And if you would actually pay attention to what we say instead of what you think you hear, you would have heard that we were the only ones to openly volunteer to go out there to search for the intruder. Maybe you should seek some therapy when things calm down some."

"Excuse me? The only ones? Maybe if you remembered there was more to the world than you and your sister, you might have heard me volunteer right after you came into the room. Also, I agreed with your sister," Blink snapped. "However, we are supposed to be a goddamn team, and if you both don't pull your testosterone loaded heads out of your asses, I'll drop you in the most godforsaken place I know, and even Warp can't bring you back from there."

Cy nodded at Blink, "Rock ment no offence Blink. And I beg to differ, just because we are a goddamn team, doesn't mean that I can't protest orders. Doesn't mean I wont follow them. Besides, I was part of a paramilitary organization and at no time was putting my observations in considered disruptive or going against orders. That's why you have a team of diverse people so you can use their intelligence and experiences."

"Look, all of you, rein it in. Contacting Ivy is not an option. Whatever this is, it came from the 4th Quadrant but its here now and ther are no protocols for dealing with that. So we play it by ear." Morsham said shaking her head. "YOu two butt heads later."

"He better hope there's not a later," Rock mumbled under his breath as he walked back to stand next to Cy.

Cy touched her brother's arm soothingly, "WHy is contacting Ivy not an option Dr. Morsham?"

"Jesus," Morsham muttered, rubbed her temples then turned to Cy. "There's no way to contact Ivy. She comes and goes a she pleases. We could send a message to Brazila…but there's no telling when she would get it."

"Right now, Mr. VonSchmeisson, you're still in charge. What's the plan?" Blink asked, casting a glance back at Rock.

Ellce stepped in with a tray. She looked around at the tense faces in the room and shrank back a little. Circe smiled,"Thanks Ellce… I think you timed it just right… these people need a distraction."

Amen to that. Photon relaxed slightly as Ellce's entrance diverted the nearly combative trio. She gratefully accepted one of the mugs of coffee.

Warp at first opened a portal then closed it fast as the headache came back fierce as ever then he walked the distance over to Ellce to get his coffee. "Thanks Ellce" Before he returned over to the display waiting for when they were going to go out and look for the intruder.

Blink also walked over to Ellce. "Thanks." she winked at her. The coffee hitting her stomach was like fire, and she grimaced, but she was determined to hang on until this was done.

After a moment, the pain eased and was replaced by a soothed sensation. Blink relaxed, starting to feel a littler better. And hungry as hell. What the hell? Not five minutes ago, I couldn't eat a bite, and now I'm hungry. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was pregnant…

Cy pulled Rock into the back cornor, I can't help feeling we are being tested. But by whom? Though if the "intruder" came from the no go zone, and is acting on orders and not just instinct or curiosity then one must ask on whose orders is it acting. Her hand rubbed his back between his shoulder blades feeling the battle tension coursing through his body.

Rock calmed some with the link to Cy being established. My guess would be Ivy. Did you notice anything else strange? I was actually sleeping shortly before the klaxon went off.

"My previous suggestion stands. Rock and Cy will take the perimeter and the rest of us start the search from inside. Let's get started."

"Didn't you want me with Rock and Cy?" Warp asked Von Schmiessen.

Cy nodded glancing at the computer screen to cement her memory of the complex.

"And my psi-scan?" Circe said quietly and sipped her coffee.

"I think that you could be of use on the perimeter with Rock and Cy."

"Dr. Morsham, are we to be granted any heavier weaponry than last time?" Rock asked.

"Actually, no. We don't want to push this any further than need be. And stomping around out there with heavy artillery in the dark doesn't seem…wise." She replied.

Sure, send us out, hoping we'll use powers you don't completely understand, but be paranoid that we'd use weapons to harm the rest of you. Blink thought. "Let's get this show on the road, then. I'd like to figure out just what the hell is going on." Blink pulled her shades out and put them on.

"What sensory gear is there for anyone without enhanced senses?" Warp asked.

"The Link Rigs have sensory enhancments" Morsham reminded him.

"How does that affect my eyesight? Interference, enhancement, or neither?"

"They shouldn't interfere. You can set them to default to whichever input set is superior." Morsham suggested.

Von Schmiessen did a last check of the map of the complex. "Just to reiterate, we've got Rock, Cy, Warp, and Circe on the outside. Photon, Blink and myself are on the inside. Any more questions?"

Cy shook her head. And to her brother, I agree. So lets not try to kill the intruder. Hmmm. That might actually be more fun. A chilling grin crossed her face.