Putting the last few touches on the portrait, Circe sat back and sighed. It had been a long time since she'd drawn, even thought about it. Slipping instantly into critic mode she noted the tiny errors here and there. It had been harder to capture Ellce's face than the intricate patterns of the butterfly surprsingly. Well not really, simple patterns are easy, emotion was diffcult to capture in anything as lifeless as pencil and ink.

Trying her best not to move, the replicant none the less fairly vibrated with excitment. "How did you draw the butterfly without it being here? Can I look now?" she asked, looking over at where Circe sat with her eyes.

"Almost, Ellce. I remembered the butterfly. They are constant, consistent. the face is much harder to capture. Just a few more minutes, I promise."

"okee… did you use your artistic license? Holly told me about those" Ellce asked, resuming her pose.