She reread the report for the 3 times, eyes heavy. But sleep wasn't an option. Sleep brought dreams. Jennifer chuckled slightly, she never thought she'd even Rock but right now the idea of not requiring sleep sounded wonderful. Yawning she but lay the folders aside, again looking around, instinctively peering into the corners of the room. Logically she knew she was being paranoid but it didn't make her feel any better.

"You don't look so good." Holly said,"well not in a esthetic sense, but in a physical sense. You bodily reaction time is suffering and you seem to losing your attention span."

Jennifer sighed heavily. "I know, Hol. I know." She brought one hand up to rub at her eyes.

"I do apologize for frightening you. Its an emotion I don't have a full concept of." the computer's voice seemed to drop a notch or two in volume. "I'll try to avoid causing it in the future. It could adversely affect the unit's performance."

"True, it could, but it wasn't really your fault, Holly. You just spoke up at the wrong time, that's all."

"I think I am experience guilt over it. A perplexing sensation. There is not much I can do about the past situation yet there is a motivation to make some sort of amends. Is there anything I can do?"

"That fits the description of guilt, all right." She sighed. "No, Hol, there's nothing you can do."

Jennifer sighed again and stood up, shoving the folders away from her. "Might as well go to bed now, the nightmares won't be any better if I postpone them a few more hours, and I'll avoid the stiff neck I'll get when I fall asleep at the desk."

She began removing her clothing, tossing it article-by-article at the chair she'd just vacated. "Lights to about twenty percent, if you please, Holly–and don't turn them off."

"I know that from your file. Would you like me to play you a lullaby?" Holly asked.

"No" *yawn* "but thank you, anyway." Better actually get in bed before I collapse on the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed, then removed the last of her clothing and tossed it at the chair–missing completely. Ah, well… She lay back on the bed, too tired to even bother getting under the sheets. She was asleep a few moments later…

…and for only a few moments. Opening her eyes she felt, more so than heard something in her room. Something moving.

She stretched sleepily, still not fully awake. What's that? "Hol?" she asked, her voice sounding unnaturally loud. "Lights full, please…"

Lights did indeed come up, bright intense lights shining down from a vaulted ceiling. She wasn't in her room, wasn't in her bed… but in some sort of auditorium. Behind the lights Photon could just make out faces, no features but three faces looking down on her where she lay, naked, on a padded table.

What the Hell?!? She attempted to sit up, roll off the table, anything. How the Hell did someone get me off the island?

Her body felt sluggish, leaden making sitting up an exercise in sheer will. But she did manage it and sat breathless and sweating. Somewhere to the side, a door hissed open. She heard footsteps ringing off of bare metal.

Gods, I know I was tired, but it shouldn't have this effect… She turned her head toward the sound of the footsteps.

Silhouetted against the light, the figures loomed large, impossibly so. They came up to the edge of the table. A gloved hand landed on her shoulder, pushing he back down.

Jennifer began to feel the first stirrings of truly serious alarm–and not a small amount of fear. What is going on here? Fighting against the inexplicable sluggishness, she tried to shake the hand off and rise again.

More hand seized her, holding her down. "Its your destiny." A voice comes from…seemingly everywhere. "Accept it." The voice its so familiar.

Her reaction was an almost instantaneous snarl of, "Fuck you!" She redoubled her attempts to break free of the hands. This is getting serious…

"You are my creation. Mine to do with as I please," the voice seems to grow amused. Another walked up, holding a formless mass in his hands. As he grows closer, Photon can see it… its…that thing… the thing from the base…seething and squirming…wet tendrils reaching for her…

"Like Hell I…" she began. Her voice cut off when she saw it. "No…" The word was barely a whisper, then she began thrashing violently, trying to get away.

She couldn't break away, couldn't pull back as the thing was lowered toward her face, those cold dripping tendrils coming scant inches from her face. Photon was wanted to scream but her throat clenched tight, only allowing the barest squeak to escape… the light went out…darkness she was alone… in total darkness…

Screaming…it took her a moment to realize it was her's. Curled in a tiny, she lay at the foot her bed. Screaming…

She lay curled tightly for a time, her breathing heavy and harsh in her own ears. Eventually, she sat on the edge of the bed, bracing herself upright with both arms.

"Circe is coming. Please be calm, its going to be all right." Holly said, softly as she could She tried to control her tone to be soothing, using nursery school show host as an example.

Jennifer felt calmer, just a touch, sensing Circe's presence in her mind. Running her hands over her face, she caught her breath, heard the door open to admit Circe.

It helped just having another human being in the room. Hol was nice enough, but no substitute, really. A disembodied voice was not comforting at the moment… not after… she shuddered, remembering the voice from her dream. …mine to do with as I please…

"Jennifer? What happened? Are you all right?" Circe projected calm, trying to get Photon to a positive mental state, to help her calm down. "What can I do to help?"

"I'm… okay," Jen replied in a low voice, her hands still cradling her face. Slowly. Breathe slowly. In, out… only a dream, remember that… "Nightmare. With that… thing… from earlier tonight featuring prominently…"

"Should I summon the doctor?" Holly asked.

"Yes, Holly. Why don't you do that? Dr. Martins may want to run some tests." Turning to Photon, she said, "Must have been one hell of a nightmare. Scared you bad enough to make you scream like a banshee. Care to tell me more about it? It might help clear up any residual trauma you're having."

"Nightmare?" Holly asked.

"Holly? Just get Dr. Martins, ok?" Circe moved over and sat by Photon. "Jennifer? Holly said you disappeared. That you were no longer in the complex or on the grounds. Something strange is going on here."

"What?!?" Jennifer looked shaken. What the Hell…

She sighed. "I'd like to 'recreate' the dream, if you're willing. Together we can show the images, and maybe you can get some insight into what happened. I'll be with you the entire time. It's up to you, though."

"I think we'd better…"

"All right. Just sit here, or lay down and relax, and when Dr. Martins gets here, she can keep on eye on your physical condition while we do this. I've done this countless times. Circe told herself. I can bring the images to help someone, can't I? "Holly? Ask Dr. Martins to bring a medkit with her, ok? Thanks."

Martins arrived a few moment later, dressed in short white robe and toting a kit. "Holly briefed me on the way." she said moving to Photon's side and kneeling. After a moment of checking her vitals, Martins pursed her lips. "You haven't been taking any amphetamines or stimulants have you? You're readings are above even your high end FF response and holding on far too long… almost like HMS…" Taking out a small pill case, Martins gave one to Photon. "Here, put this under your tongue…just let it dissolve."

"Only stimulant I've had in the last couple of days was the caffeine in the fake coffee Dr. Morsham and I had, right before I 'dropped in' on Circe and my brother," she replied, taking the pill.

"Doctor, did Holly fill you in? Jennifer said she dreamed about a creature similar to the one Blink and Warp fought. However, Holly told me that she disappeared from her sensors, completely. What I propose is to 'recreate' the scene from her mind, so that everyone can see, everyone being you and me. I don't know if Holly will be4 able to pick up the projections or not. What I need from you is to monitor her during the procedure, to keep her from damaging herself physically."

Circe paused for a second. "Do you have any objections?"

"Does this have to be done immediately… Photon, you nee to let your body recover a bit…from whatever just happened. Holly did inform me…she also said Photon was just…gone for a short about of time."

"30.34 seconds." Holly put in.

"Completely gone, Hol? Not even my glow?"

"Completely. You're physical presence was either gone or completely blanked for my senors." Holly replied.

Jennifer sighed. "Doc, as soon as you think it's safe for me to do so, I want Mary to do… what she's proposed. I have to know what happened…"

"All right." she nodded. The pill was making her feel better, slowly soothing her racing heart. Her mind, however, was still going at light speed… Gone? Where? For that matter, how?

"Whenever you two are ready." Circe said. "Let me explain a bit, Jennifer. It will be an actual recreation, pulled from your thoughts. They'll only be images, but it will seem very real to you, as if you were there and watching it at the same time. Between Dr. Martins and I, we'll be able to keep you calm and unharmed. If I sense that any time you are in trouble, I'll make the images stop. Dr. Martins will take care of the physical side of things."

"Looks, I'm going to need more equipment than just this," she held up her small kit," and I would you'd like to get dressed Photon. How about we try this in the Medlab? There I'll be able to offer a lot more assistance."

"As long as there is relative quiet, it works for me." Circe replied. "I'd rather do it here, but the area really doesn't matter." I would like to do it while it's still fresh in your mind, Jennifer."

The doctor nodded, standing once she had gathered her instruments. "I'll be waiting." so saying she stepped into the hall. Briefly, an anxious looking Ellce was visible before the door shut leaving the women alone again. Photon began to feel a touch more rested, relaxed as the sedative kicked in at full effect. Sitting up, she reached for her hastily discarded clothing.

Jennifer drew her clothing on slowly. The sedative made her feel a little strange–slightly off-balance, but nothing she couldn't deal with. She had to admit, it helped. Eventually, she stood up and headed for the door.

Circe followed, putting a supportive arm around her waist. This close the empath could sense the slight confusion, the sluggishness of Jennifer's thoughts and feelings. It would better than the chaotic rush of a moment ago but not entirely normal. Ellce fell into step along side them but stayed quiet, chewing her lower lip.

Martins had dressed by the time they got to the lab, white lab coat, slacks and dark brown sweatshirt loose and comfortable. She felt she'd be up awhile. Helping Photon over to one of the diagnostic beds, she checked the reading. Clucking her tongue she said," the dosage was a little high but I wanted to get you down to normal. I'm going to set up a nutrient/Hydration drip." As she spoke she took out a small air hypo, pressed it to Jennifer's upper arm. "There…now…you should be feeling a little groggy for a bit then better." She inserted the IV. Jennifer felt nothing. "I'm setting up the monitors… Circe…I guess you can start when you're both ready…if you want to I can monitor you as well."

"A little high?" Jennifer mumbled. "Yeah… but if you wanted me relaxed, you've got it…" She closed her eyes… her head was slowly clearing. She was alert, but still calm. Opening her eyes again, she looked at Circe. "Well, I'm ready when you are…"

"Might not be a bad idea, Dr. Martins." She pulled up a stool to the side of the bed, looking down at Photon. She cleared her mind, and relaxed, waiting for Dr. Martins to hook up her equipment. When she was done, Circe looked into Jennifer's eyes. "Ok, Jennifer. Just relax, and try and remember how the dream began…"

As much as she was reluctant to, Jennifer closed her eyes. Circe felt the fear rising in her, cold and intense. She swallowed a bit, keeping her demeanor neutral. The empath didn't really want to experience those, that thing again either but this had to be done.

The first images were almost placid, Jennifer preparing for bed. So tired but haunted by memories. She was already afraid, afraid of shadows and shapes in the corner. Of that thing returning. She lay down and…

Circe was startled. This wasn't a dream, not as far as she could tell. Jennifer never actually slept. There was none of the sense of unreality that came from Dream imagery. She lay on cold metal slab, raw fear making her heart pound, her mind race even as her body was sluggish. Standing over were several men in lab coats. One held something long and slim in his hand, dull grey…was it the creature. Jennifer's perceptions were muddled so were Circe's.

"Circe… Photon." Martins broke in," Stop the link." Her voice was harsh, a snapped command. Circe came back to reality and found herself nearly blinded. Jennifer was glowing like a small star, filling the room with blinding white light. Just barely, she could be made out at the center of the nimbus of light squirming and thrashing.

"What the….I've got to try and calm her, Doctor. Whatever happened to her was real, and it may be happening again……"

The turmoil in Jennifer's mind mirrored the chaos in her body. Dr Martins was baffled. Her vital signs was running wild, high, low… at times… not there at all according to the sensors. "Holly, get Engrid down here, now…" she whispered intently, shielding her eyes from Photon's growing glow.

"Yes. This is exact physiological actions she displayed before vanishing from my senors." Holly said.

Ellce stood in the background, hands clasped, plainly worried and at a loss as to what to do. Martins managed to give her a reassuring smile.

Ingrid sat bolt upright as Holly called her, startling Lee awake. He gave her a groggy look muttering under his breath,"No rest for the weary…or more so the wicked." he grinned, toying with an earring as she climbed out of bed, clutching the sheets around herself. Morsham blushed both at what he said and his open lustful gaze. "Um, what is the situation Holly?" she asked, heading for the bathroom.

"Medical emergency involving Jennifer and Circe." the computer replied, wondering about Morsham's reaction. Organic had the most peculiar reactions at times. And why the reference to wicked. There sexual activities didn't begin to approach what was considered perverse in the standard sociocultural paradigm Morsham fell into. Certainly not the one Dr Lee came from. Perhaps it was the level crossing causing some confusion. She would ask later.

"Dear Lord…" Morsham muttered, forgoing anything fancy to pull on her pants and a lab coat. "I'm on my way…"

"Want me to come along love?" Lee sat up, frowning.

She shook her head. "I don't think it'll be necessary…stay here…and rest up." she smiled, shocked and please she dared to say it.

Bright light, shattered the darkness, a beacon of hope pulling her from… Blink woke up, the light spilling though observation window shining full in her eyes. What the hell was going on in there?

She got up, walking to the window, grabbing her glasses. Putting them on, she adjusted her sight to try and see through the light. Where's my gun when I need it? she thought.

The glow was dimming. She saw it came from that Photon girl. She was blazing like a spotlight, nearly blinding as it faded. What the hell?

Martins blinked the stars out of her eyes, keying in another change in Jennifer's dosage. Slowly the aura faded, dimming back to her pale glow. Finally exhaling Martins moved to her side. "Jennifer?"

Jennifer lay on her side, unmoving, barely even breathing. It was a very long moment before she moved, stretching almost painfully. "God… what the hell happened?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm going to find out." Martins' said grimly, stroking Jennifer's hair.

"Please do, and take your time…" Jennifer's voice was almost whimsical. "I assume I'll be spending some time down here, then?"

"Fortunately we have a vacancy." she replied softly turning the monitors. "You're stable. How do you feel?"

"Exhausted. Last time I felt like this was after my first couple of training sessions with the Knights."

"Well try to let you get some rest as soon as possible. I can't imagine how taxing this must be…" April replied with a slight smile.

Circe shook her head to clear it. "Dr. Martins? Holly? What happened? Jennifer, are you all right?" She reached out with her mind, trying to get some sense of what was going on….calming Photon as much as she was able.

Circe's mental touch was soothing, cool to her fevered mind. Unsure but no longer afraid, Jennifer let herself relax. Her friends were with her.

A moment later, Ingrid arrived, stepping in just buttoning up her coat. Ellce jumped as she brushed past walking up to Jennifer's bedside and Dr. Martins. "Has there been any change?" she asked brusquely running her fingers threw her hair. This was the first time, it struck them all at once, they had seen Ingrid with her hair down. It seemed to take a few years off her features.

"No changes no…Jennifer seems to have recovered at least physically," she nodded to Circe,"thanks for assisting…Mary?" she said the name tentatively unsure how the blonde would take her using it.

"Not a problem. Although the next time you're going to disappear, would you let me know first?" Circe smiled tiredly. "And Mary is fine here. Out in the field I have to be Circe. It's nice to be somewhere I don't have to be."

April smiled,"thank you Mary…"

"You're welcome, Dr. Martins." Circe sat back again, watching Jennifer for any signs of anything else.

Nodding to April, Dr Morsham took a seat. "Jennifer… I know you're likely tired… but if you could, I'd like to ask you some questions?"

"Ask away… I'll answer what I can."

Ingrid nodded,"Have you're powers always been stable? From your records this seems to be a unique occurrence but there was some time before hand…such as when they were first manifesting. Have you ever manifested… translocation abilities or additional energy emission powers?"

"My powers have never been this unstable. I used to have a hard time controlling them, but that's not the same thing. As for translocation…" She paused momentarily. "Possibly. I was on the streets for a while after my parents disappeared, and I'd sleep wherever I could find a reasonably safe spot. I fell asleep in one alley, then woke up five days later in a different place. I was halfway across the city from where I'd fallen asleep…"

"5 days… ", Ingrid's voice dropped to a near whisper. "Any dreams or other strange occurrences that seemed to bring that on?"

Very strange. Circe thought. To disappear and reappear after 5 days? In a completely different location? Strange indeed…

"No," Jennifer yawned, "but I didn't glow until after I woke up."

"Perhaps the catalyst for your powers then…" Ingrid nodded. "Jennifer… wold you be willing to undergo a hypnotic regression?"

"Later…" she murmured, unsuccessfully fighting sleep.

Blink stepped in, almost unnoticed now that focus is on Jennifer. She notes with some surprise that both April and Circe's faces are tanned slightly… Ellce steps up beside her. "You all right?"

"Fine, Ellce. The light woke me. What's going on?"

"Jennifer is sick…she got really bright for a little while." Ellce replied.

Nodding, Blink put her hand on April's shoulder. "Hey, the next time you and Circe go sunbathing, how about inviting me along?" she whispered.

April jumped a bit, then half turned. "I promise." she grinned, patting Blink's head. "And thanks for reminding me…with UV Photon was putting out I better set up a little anti rad treatment for Circe and I."

"Hey, what am I, a puppy?" she whispered to April. "Woof. Yeah, you'd hate to have that turn into a burn……"

"You were behind a few centimeters of shielded glass, my little puppy," April whispered, patting Blink on the head. "Now be a good doggie or no treat for you…"

Blink whimpers softly and slyly licks April's hand. "Yes ma'am." She says. She backs away from the others, going to her room and getting dressed. "Holly? Where did you say those cyberdecks were? If April is going to be busy for a while, I want to do some research myself."

"Should you be leaving the ISO lab?" Holly asked. "You might not be well."

April agreed with Holly. "I'm the doctor here…remember. I'll have a terminal set up."

"I promise to get the deck and come right back, April. A terminal won't cut it. Please?" She put on her lost-waif look. "Besides, you have lots to do, and you won't have time to do anything for me for a while."

April yawned, "Actually I think Jennifer has the right idea. After I treat us, we should all get some much deserved rest and start this over in the morning.

Nodding Ingrid placed a sheet over Jennifer's sleeping form. "Yes, that might be for the best… get a fresh start."

"And I'll be in to tuck you in a moment…" April whispered to Blink and sent her toward the ISO with a pat on the rear.

Warp woke up alone. Swallowing a little panic, he felt around for Sheba. Her warmth and smell still hung in air but the feline herself had slipped away. He sat up and, to his relief saw her, silhouetted in the window, peering out. Her tail swung lazily back and fourth.

Warp came up behind Sheba and hugged her, "What's out there that's got your attention?" He whispered as he stroked her fur.

Purring Sheba leaned back into Warp's arms, stretching. "Bad feeling… something not… right happening…" she whispered, fur soft and so warm against him. He felt her shiver slightly. "Hold Sheba…"

Warp held her tight and placed his chin on her shoulder to also look out into the night.

"You be good mate… strong… " She whispered, almost seeming more to think out loud. Purring she pressed back against him. "Want mate more?"

"How about we lay down and cuddle some more?" Warp asked. I do like the feel of fur against my skin.

"Mmm yes that good," Sheba purred walking back to the bed with Warp. She cast one more worried look over her shoulder, into the strangely lit night surrounding the God Place. There was something coming, her every instinct tingled with anticipation. But for now… she was safe. Cuddling against her mate, Sheba allowed herself to rest closing her eyes tightly taking in his scent and warmth….