"All right, all done you can open your eyes now." Dr Martins teased, putting away the medical gear. Warp's leg was wrapped in thin plastiflesh sheath, shocking pink against his pale skin and seamless meshed with his skin. "Give it a few days and follow the regimen I set and you shouldn't have any problem. Any undue pain or stiffness, come to me, don't be a tough guy all right?" she winked, turning to check the monitors again. Warp found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. Sheba hovered in the doorway, staring right at him never seeming to blink or look anywhere else….

"yes doc. thanks doc." Warp said as he looked over his bandaged leg. when he saw Sheba watching he asked "You want to talk?" Motioning that it was ok for Sheba to enter.

Martins looked up, seeing Sheba for the first time. "Hmm, don't see her without Circe most of the time." she noted then headed for the ISO Lab with a tray for Blink.

Sheba crept in, walking on the balls of her feet, totally silent. She stood over Warp's bed, nose twitching as she sniffed him. Prodding his bandage with one claw tip she asked,"what is?"

Warp twitched his leg, "Careful that's a bandage. It's covering my wound, helps it heal."

Nodding, Sheba crouched down, tail raised and swaying back and fourth slowly. "Not good you be hurt, Sheba feel sorry… you get hurt in fight?"

"Slot that as true. No reason for you to be sorry you didn't injure me."

"Make me feel sorry though… you must be good fighter, be strong male in tribe…not a lot of male in this God tribe?" she seemed curious.

"Why sorry? There's about the same number of males as females if you count Schmeissen…." Warp answered with a wry grin.

"Sad to see strong male sick…" she purred, running her hand up his leg slowly. "very strong male…"

"Um what are you doing?" Warp asked very nervously.

Sheba didn't answer leaning close and nuzzling Warp's cheek, making a low purring sound.

Warp sat there looking at Sheba wondering what was going to happen next. He felt her tongue flick out, warm and slightly rough, running his ear,"you nice male… very strong…want Sheba stay yes?" her hand roamed higher, her purring dropping note.

"Uh sure" the nervous Warp answered

She brushed his cheek with hers. Her whiskers tickled him a bit. "Want to stay…" The door to the ISO lab hissed open. Sheba's head snapped up. April froze a moment, looking at the pair bemused.

"You can stay." Warp answered softly. Warp turned when the door opened a blush coming across his face. "Doc ok if we,……I go back to my room?" he asked nervously.

Dr Martins raised an eyebrow. "I suppose." she turned toward her offices. Sheba tracked her until the door closed then turned her attention back to Warp. She nuzzled him again, licking his neck.

"Why you licking me?" Warp asked wondering if he was about to become a meal.

"You like?" she whispered,"like touch better?" Sheba's hand slipped up to Warp's groin, squeezing gently. She paused, blinked once, felt again. "Mrrw?" she looked down then looked quizzically back up, eyes wide.

"Just never did anything like this before… The licking feels good… OK if I touch you also?"

"Sheba know you not…but is big." she said, looking rather impressed as she clambered into the bed. "you touch, yes." Purring she starting tugging at Warp's clothing, not certain how to get it off. "Gods where to many skins…"

Warp helped her get his shirt opened and then started with feeling the texture of her fur on her face before working his way down.

Sheba seemed to grin, the expression perhaps a little disturbing with her fangs. She pressed closed, fur silky against his skin and fingers. Slowly running her claws down his chest, she purred at the shiver her touch invoked. As his fingers brushed her neck, she arched her back, purring loudly.

A cough from the door caught both their attention. Dr Martins stood in the door, holding a tray. "I thought you two were going to Warp's quarters?"

"Um I got distracted then decided this would be fine so we wouldn't wake up the people on either side of my room, 'ssuming it's ok with ya doc?" Warp asked with a blush on his face.

"Lets take is somewhere private all right? this is my lab." she said with a slight smile and stepped into the ISO lab.

Sheba stood and stretched slowly then motioned for him to follow. "we go now?"

"Yeah we go to my room." Warp said as he refastened his shirt and put his right arm around Sheba's shoulder and led her up to his room.

Holly spoke in the hall,"are you going to have sex?"

Sheba flinched, cuddling against Warp. "not like God voice, where is?" she looked around, ears pricked, apparently trying to pick up Holly's scent or some sign of her. "talk from nowhere like spirit, spirits make bad magic sometimes…"

"Holly's all around us and a friend not evil or at least I don't think of her as evil…." Warp answered as he rubbed Sheba's back trying to comfort her.

"I'm not a spirit. I don't think I even one, in the sense of a soul. Though some argue that sentience implies soul. But you most likely mean spirit in the sense of the anima which I cannot claim to be under most interpretations." Holly said.

The feline seemed to relax a bit, but her tail stayed up and twitching.

"Thank you, Warp. I don't think you're evil either. Perhaps overly impulsive with retarded emotional development and borderline hysterical personality disorder." Holly said.

"Holly once we get to my room we would like to have privacy until we call for you ok?" Now I'm asking instead of commanding for privacy. ooh boy, have I changed in the last couple of days…

"So that would make the answer to my query a yes then?" the computer noted, "Do you have a anthropomorphic fetish in particular or do you just not mind Sheba's inhuman features? From my observations, an attraction for the inhuman, namely exotics seems to be wide spread among Caucasian males of your age but typically manifests more in those a higher social standing."

"What spirit voice say about Sheba?" pausing, the cat woman, looked around again, evidently catching her name but not much else of that conversation. Much a like a typical cat.

"I'm not sure either some of those 25 cent words most be stuff you learn in college or high school…" Warp added with a frown. "Good night Holly."

"What is cent? what is coool edge… hi school?" she was really intrigued now.

"Those are places of learning that some people get to go to." Warp answered. "Others like me learn more on the streets and don't get to go to High School or college."

"I didn't say anything about you Sheba. Didn't mean to make you think so. As a suggestion, you might want to try a rear entry position, Warp. It would most likely be what she is used too. Unless you factor in her people gaining an upright posture as affecting the same changes it did in humanity but I doubt they have been in existence that long."

Rear position, Warp thought for a second before remembering some magazines and pictures he saw what seemed a long time ago…

Warp led Sheba up to his room and then took off his shirt and thru it onto a chair before laying on top of the covers.

Standing near the door, Sheba looked around the room, taking note of the furniture, where things were placed before her eyes settled on Warp. Clearing the space between the bed and door with a single leap she landed beside him, crouching over him on all fours. "All God's males have so big a mating stick? Biggest I see, almost big as Equus and Taurus."

"Who's Equus and Taurus?" Warp concentrated to try and get the names correct. Warp went over and secured the door before returning to the bed with Sheba.

When he turned, she looking back at him, through her legs. Evidently Holly had guessed right. "Other males in tribe."

"Are they your mate?" Warp asked. as he came up behind Sheba and hugged her his palms touching her chest gently.

"Mrrmmm…" she shivered,"no… just see them… " Canting her tail to the side, she looked back over her shoulder, eyes narrowed in display of feline affection. "you be mate…"

"You want me to be your mate?" Warp asked as he felt Sheba's tail and rear with one hand as he cupped her breasts with his other arm.

She writhed a bit, purring, arching up against his hands. Her nipples were stiffen, peeping up threw her fur,"yes… " she whispered, eyes closing.

Warp moved his hand from her rear end and lowered his pants and shorts and entered Sheba from behind.

Fade to black….