Sheba's Ex

Thumper sniffed the air, eyes closed. She could "smell" Sheba, her passage, the mingling of fear and curiosity suring through her as she passed deeper into hte Forbidden. Not a smell in truth, but an aura but the simple language of the Tribe had no words for such things and Thumper herself found itr simpler to call it a scent. It was unique to Sheba and followed her…so it was scent. She sniffed again, drawing a bit more of the humid air of hte place then hopped on, head low. Thumber was shorted than her companions covered with white fur adorned in twisting spiral sigils painted in ash and berry juice. Clad in only a crude loin cloth, she revealed a supple build made for speed more than power, long legged with powerful thighs and long broad feet, a sign of her heritiage along with the high ears and stubby tail.

Behind her Leo trudged along, swatting aside what he couldn't avoid. Dwarfing the rabbit woman, he was majestic in a beastial way, fine golden fur over taunt muscle and rippling sinews, his head was framed by rich mane several shades darker than fur surrouding a short muzzled savagly handsome face. Walking slightly slumped on digitgade legs, Leo stalked behind Thumper, lips curled back in a small and seemingly pertual snarl. He did not like this place. Not at all. The Laws had forbidden the Tribe here, the Lady of Green had forbibben it. So, certain as the sun would rise, Sheba had fled here. Always breaking the Laws, looking where none should…that was Sheba. It was whyt the ELders had given her to him…a strong one for a willful female.

"Hehe, good thought that wasss…ssssee how it turn out sssso well?" a voice hissed from the trees. Snarl rumbling deep in his chest, Leo glared up into the jungle canopy. Just visible was a slender figure, green as they surrounding leaves, its long slender form was twined about the limbs, a snake but with arms and a developed torso. The face with long and tapered, eyes set back and twinking with reptillian amusement. Kaa. How he hated the belly crawler but he was liek Sheba, like Thumper, gifted by the Gods. He could pluck thoughts from others. It was thought that many gifted should come into the place of the Gods. They were already well liked by them so they should not anger them as much. "Yesssss yesss…. such a good plan it wassss. a tribute to your sssstrength." Again that breathy laugh.

"Quiet!" Leo roared, raising his spear, set to cast it through the snake. Goro grabbed his arm with his trunk, staying his hand. "Need Kaa, not let him push you to be foolish…killing a gifted here would be bring spirits down on us." Turning his dark eyes on Kaa he added,"even it is deserved." Goro was smaller than Leo but broader, leather gray skin nearly hairless. He had massive limhs and a huge head, tusks jutted a good 2 feet from either side of his thick trunk. Leo rumbled lowly but dropped his arm. Goro released him, flapping his ears to ward off a small swarm of biting flies. Leo lowered his spear, reluntantly. But there would be a reckoning.

Thumper twitcher her ear, looking back at the silly males. It was too much spear thrusting that got them here in the first place. Leo had tried Sheba and Clover in one night. Silly males. While he lay exhausted she had fled. It was bound to have happened anyway but for him to make it so easy. She had the wisdom to keep it to herself though. "This way she's moving more…this way come…." she beckoned them findig herself strangely eager to see more of this God place.

Nodding in satisfaction, Leo turned to follow Thumper. Soon, soon sweet Sheba would be his again and he would no be so foolish. He could almost smell her musk, feel her fur under him. He would make, take her and tame her. Not even the gods would stand in his way. Throwing back his head he roared, the sound sending birds flocking from the trees, animals scurrying, a challenge to any that would claim what was his……