Mara Kimgure

Dr. Mara Kimgure sighed, looking up from her console at the gentle drones of her passive alarms. Not like it was a terrible surprise but still she had so much work to do. Blink was a fascinating subject in her own right and all the preparations to make. She stood, adjusting her kimono. Sadly she didn't have time for a bit of make up. It was only the police but the doctor was nothing if not fastidious. Some would say vain but there was nothing wrong with looking your best.

Crossing the spacious sunken living room, she undid the Voc-lock admitting two of Metro's finest. One was older, overweight, red-faced and panting from climbing the stairs. The other was young, a fresh faced rookie with a tragic case of acne but cute Mara thought, looking him over with an appreciative smile. Both the officers were dressed in smart blue Protec vest with stun clubs and holsters Minamis. The beefy one had a smartlink cable running to his wrist. Crude.

"Is this about this parking tickets?" Mara asked, face deadpan, resting one on her hip.

Growing if anything redder, the big one snapped," Dr. Kimgure, under the Metroplex Uniform Justice Code we're here to take you into custody for illegal gene manipulation and tax evasion. You're little clinic closed lady."

Mara shook her head, "I don't think…" she grinned.

"God damn gene hacks…think you're different because you rich huh? I think you're resisting arrest…" his hand when to the stun club.

Mara's grin remained fixed then got wider. Her jaw snapped out like egg eating snake. The cop fell back, gurgling, body hitting the floor with a wet thump. Mara's jaw retracted and she demurely spat a chunk of esophagus to the side and dabbed at her mouth with a small silk handkerchief. The other Metro fumbled for his gun.

"There now…you won't be needing that, little boy…" her waist length hair snaked out and plucked the Minami from the wide eyed rookie. But it was Mara he was looking at. It was the…thing that had come sliding up behind her.

She turned, looked over her shoulder. "No need to be frightened…that just one of my little babies…"