Walking the Spiral

Blink eyed the pattern on the floor, licking her suddenly dry lips. "I can do this, but I don't know what will happen. If we're going to do it, I need Photon to make it 3-d again." Blink looked at the others, her eyes unreadable behind the mirrorshades. "Porting is always unusual for me, and this is that ten- fold. It will be strange, at the least."

"Keep your head." Stonewall said, pushing off the wall to stand ready.

Warp watched from the corne, where he could see thw whole room. "Ready when you are."

Hologram levered a shell into the chamber of her Glock. "I am ready as well."

"Okay, then…" Photon concentrated briefly, and the 'expanded' version of the patterns on the floor swirled into being again. "Whenever you're ready, Blink."

Blink didn't respond. She was transfixed. Moving among the lights Photon conjured, she reached out with her powers. Space rippled at her command, shivered as if her touch frightened it. The pattern warped into eye wrenching shapes, faster and faster as the room grew indistinct. Stonewall felt a sickening lurch in the pit of her stomach. Bile surged, fighting her most valiant efforts. Barely managing to turn, she vomited onto the plush carpet, emptying apparently everything she'd eaten in the last couple of days.

Crude as it was, Stonewall's sickeness seemed to signal an end to whatever had happened. The team looked around slowly. Nothing much had changed. The lights were out, but besides that the room itself was unchanged.

Stonewall wiped her mouth, looking disgusted. "We're still here…"

Warp looked around. "Yeah, what gives?"

"What the hell?" Photon muttered.

"Perhaps the destination is much the same as where we came from?" Hologram offered, but seemed rather doubtful. She lifted her Glock to a ready position, however. Best to take no chances.

It was very quiet. Blink realized it first, then slowly it dawned on the others. It was too quiet. Not in the sense of the cliche, but literally. No traffic noise, no sirens, nothing. Just a dead quiet except for their voices.

Stonewall, pushed off the wall, heading to the door in the hallway, opening it to look out. The door didn't open. She pressed the console, then punched it. Nothing…

Warp looked around nervously, slight buzz of him powering up sounding loud in the room. "Freaky…" His portals, the local space. It all felt… funny. There was no other way to describe it, just funny.

"Somethings's wrong…" Stonewall muttered.

"Yeah, something feels freaky about local space…" Warp concentrates a little, trying to form a simple looking portal. The glowing form rippled and shifted, then closed leaving Warp with a slight headache.

Meanwhile, Stonewall tries to force the door. The door gave, folded like so much cheap aluminum foil. A rank wet ordor began to waft in. Stonewall took a step back, eyes widening. The hall was gone. She was looking onto, onto a jungle?

Warp curses, rubbing his temples. "We got problems…"

Stonewall takes a step back. "People, we ain't in Kansas…" At least far as she knew Kansas wasn't covered with thick stagnant pools and covered by huge fleshy vines and broad leafed "trees" that strained and grasped at the greyish hued sky like rotted bones festooned with scraps of rotting meat. The air that drifted in was hot and moist, smelling of decay and other organic smells alien to the urban sensibilities of most of them team. Stonewall gagged, swearing seh could see the foilage… moving. It seemed to tremble and pulse, to breath like some huge living thing, like the ground itself was alive underneath and all this just tumerous growth covering its sick flesh.

"That's okay, you're no Dorothy," Photon remarked. "That looks so… healthy," she added, peering out through the hole Stonewall had torn.

Stonewall cursed, glad she'd already emptied her stomach… She looked back to the group. "Guys? I think we just entered the Twilight Zone…"

Stonewall muttered. "We ain't gonna get anything done standing here. What's the call boss, keep on, or turn back?"

"I don't know where we are." Blink says. "I know how we got here, and I can get us home. This is really strange though. It's almost as if I've seen this place in nightmares." She shivers slightly. "Kimagure is out there somewhere, or at least this is the way she came." The taps the comloink at the side of her head. "Holly? April? You there?" The links were dead, Holly silent.

Hologram glanced around the strange area, feeling ill at the weird profusion of colors and smells, the moist, unhealthy look of the vegetation. Whgerever they were, she senses it would not be a place healthy for human life. Not healthy, perhaps even hostile. She felt eyes on her, cold alien gazes holding a singular malovolence. Perhaps it was her imagination. This could be nothing more particularly odd rainforest, but she simplly couldn't shake the primal fear tinvling on the back of her neck. In some way Hologram could not name this place simply was not right. In the distance, she saw the closet thing to a sign of civilization and it was no more heartening. A tower, pale white, jutting into the sludge yellow sky. It was smooth and rounded, ridgles and groves lending it an organic air, like a huge tusk.

Hologram pointed to the tower, and said "There, that is where we must go."

Stonewall looked, then muttered a curse when Hologram walked off, quickly following.

Warp looked to Photon nervously. "Well, boss?"

Photon looked amused. "Boss?" she chuckled. "Yes, we're going." She followed the others into the unhealthy miasma surrounding their arrival point.

Getting down looked like it might be a problem. They were still several stories up. A cross section of the building dropped into the middle of a swamp, the edges cut cleanly, as if with a laser.

"There has got to be a better way," Photon muttered.

Stonewall looked down to the ground. "Shit… Wonder if we left a big hole… Anyone bothered to see if we can still call home?"

"No go. We're cut off," Blink said.

Stonewall nodded. "We'd better get going. The sooner we find Kimagure, the sooner we get home to normal… We as close as greenjeans' island gets to it…" She leapt down, trusting her toughness and leg muscles to take the impact.

Warp nodded. "Yeah, let's do it…" He tried using a portal to get down, hping this place wasn't screwing too badly with his powers. The portal wavered and flickered for long then usual but seemed to stabilize.

Warp took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing…" He stepped through and emerged waist deep in the fetid warm bog, The water slurped and sucked at him, so thick and slimy it was practically solid. A warm humid stench filled the air, like the reek rolling off a garbage pile in the summer.

"Ugh, oh god!" Warp gagged, looking around for some way out of the swamp. "Watch that first step guys! And someone get me the hell out of here!"

"As much as I hate this…." Blink followed Warp into the bog, wishing desperately she was taller like Stonewall. "Ewwwww" she said as the water climbed up her body.

Stonewall dropped like her name sake, hitting the muck with deep, not so much a splash, but more a splort. The thick muck barely rippled as she vanished under it, apparently hitting a deep section. It swallowed the tall woman completely.

Photon ermerged from Warp's portal last, daintly stepping to the clinging mire, nose wrinkled as she pondered just why she was doing this again. And perhaps teasting Paragon's much vaunted invulnerability next time they met.

Stonewall bobbed to the surface, caked from head to toe in filth. Resebling some mud caked AmaMex native, her eyes shone feircely as she looked from face to face, silently daring anyone to smile, laugh or even snicker, even one little bit…

Warp half dragged, half swam toward the "shore," if slightly more solid mud could be called that. "Ugh… So let's hit that tower and get home…" Clumps of thick and gnarled mushrooms and fungi clustered all around him, giving off a sickly sweet stench. He could pick out a path of sorts among the mushrooms, leading deeper into the swamplands. It meandered in the general direction of the tower.

Stonewall growled. "Yeah. I get first dibs on the bath. For a week." That might be enough, Stonewall growled, trudging over toward where Warp stood. Under the surface soemthing brushed her leg. Stonewall shivered, hurrying a little now.

"You can have the bath," Photon muttered as she moved toward the 'shore'. "So long as I can have the Pacific Ocean, that is."

Hologram watched the others silently. This was enemy territory, and the noise they were making was unseemly. She sighed. She missed her old cell. It would be nice to work with trained professionals again. "We should get to the Tower as quickly as possible." Picking her way among toward firm ground, Hologram though she saw soemthnig moving among the thick weeds, about 10 meters away, something vaguely manshaped.

Hologram signalled to the others that there was someone coming, hoping that someone in the group understood military hand signs. Then she focussed and faded from sight. Slipping off to one side, she readied her Glock, and found a place to watch and wait for the intruder to get closer.

Warp saw Hologram waving, and figured she found something. He moved slowly around the side of where she was, trhing to get a good angle to see and attack any foe. He tried to wave to the others to pass the signal.

The lurking figures didn't move. Perhaps they were unaware they'd been spotted. Low, hunched in th thick foilage they did practically blend into their surrounded. In truth, they didn't even look human.

Warp apused, watching the firgures, looking back to the group to try to attract their attention.

Stonewall finally noticed teh pair wandering off, and looked to Photon. "I think we've got something…"

Hologram began moving quietly forward, hidden ebneath the field of invisibility she was projecting. Years of training in silent mtion came into play as she tried to approach the figure while making no sounds whatsoever.

Photon nodded. "Looks that way," she murmured. She squinted in the direction of the vague figures hiding in the brush, trying to bring her extended senses to bear on them.

No heat patterns, no UV signatures…something smelled about this, well smelled more than this place did overall.

Hologram crept closer, silenttly as she could, though the marshy ground made that hard going. She didn't think she'd been seen…they didn't move…

Warp continued to cirsle the other way, moving slower than Hologram in an attempt to keep as quiet as posible.

Stonewall looked to Photon. "You want us to hold back til Holo and Warp get in position?"

Photon nodded silently.

Hologram pressed closer still, beginning to realize that they might not be facing a true foe, but rather some inanimate dummy. She still moves with care, but picks up her pace a bit, anxious to see what manner of thing was ahead. The ground sucked and splashed at her feet, soft, fetid undergrowth threatening to give way. The figures grew clearer. Dark, mottled black and brown with thick mishappen limbs. Her doubts grew stronger…

Finally, beginning to realize that her fottsteps had elicited no response, the sound of sucking mud had not caused so much as a twistch from these simulacrams, she approached with more confidence, heading towards the mottled figurines to get a better look.

Crossing the mud and water, Hologram pushed aside the thick jungle growth. Cool and slimy, it made her flesh crawl just to touch it, but what she saw put that out her mind fast enough. The "people" were actually growths. Twisted, leprus grey and brown things standing a little taller than the mutant. Up close it was hard to see how the resembled men, but from a distance their twisted texture might resembled men crouched.

Hologram looked back to the others, and shifting back into view, signalled an all clear.

Warp came around the other side, relaxing when he saw the growths. "Damn… Well, better than them being real, i guess…" He turned back to the others. "False alarm, guys!"

Stonewall curses, wipine herself off a little more. "I hate this place…"

"Let's get to that tower and get the hell out of here," Photon said, looking with distaste at the muck all around them.

Stonewall nodded. "Yeah, let's get this drek done and get home…" She sqaured her shoulders and started to march to the distant tower.

Warp nodded. "The sooner the better."

Hologram faded from view again, and began making her way quickly and quietly towards the tower once more, relishing her role as scout. It would be hard to maintain invisibility for an extended period… in this heat and utter humidity in particular.

Photon set out toward the tower, or higher ground, whichever came first. She was developing a distinct distaste for the muck she was standing in. High ground was toward the Man like mushrooms. At least that area looked marginally more solid.

There were two basic paths. A direct one, that lead out into the dank muddy mire or they could take the dry route, perhaps more roundabout. It also lead in the deep rainforest like foilage.

Hologram paused to let the others catch up. When they had arrived, she shimmered once more into being, and asked "Which route do you prefer, wet and short or long and dry?"

"Hmm," Photon mused. "I can't speak for you guys, but I'd rather get on the dry land… but if there's a reason it'd be more tactically sound to go through the muck, now's the time to speak up."

Stonewall cursed. "Boss? I'd prefer to just run right up the middle, I don't like the look of that forest…"

"Either way is fine with me." Hologram said.

Stonewall nodded. "I'm already filthy, and at least that way we can see what's coming. Lookin at this place, I don't trust the trees not to try something."

"All right, we go up the middle, then." Photon turned and began sloshing through the swamp.

Hologram nodded, and shimmered back out of existence. She began moving forward with careful strides, letting her legs move through the water gracefully, cutting the surface, rather than sloshing about.

Stonewall followed, passing Photon. "Let me, I'll blaze a trail through the thicker stuff."

Blink moved up by Photon. "This just gets better by the minute. I can't find anything with my vision, and we seem to be cut off from everything. How could it get any worse? Or maybe I shouldn't ask." She grinned wryly.

"I wouldn't," Photon replied with a wry grin.

The sulpherous muck just got thicker, and smellier. Stonewall was reminded of that one sewer entry op in Old New York. Up ahead, there was a long narrow iland among the muck, offering some sanctuary from the clinging mud. To Photon's IR vision, it looked a touch warmer than the surrounding air and liquid mud.

"Hey, boss, looks like high ground…" Stonewall said, making her way to the rise.

"Wait," Photon replied. "It's warm."

"So's the whold damn swamp…" Stonewall replied, turning to face Photon whle continuing to back up towards the island.

"It's warmer than the swamp," Photon clarified. "Approach with caution, folks. We don't know jack shit about this area, and I like it less and less as we go."

"Yah yah…" Stonewall turned, eyeing the island. Thens something slithered down her boot. "Fuck this…" She muttered, stomping to the island.

Warp walked up nest to his sister. "Man, I didn't expect this when I woke up this morning…"

Stonewall stopped. "So what's that mean? It's been in the sun more?"

Hologram bypassed the island, preferring the wayer to the unknown danger of the strange mound. The heat and humidity was not making it easy to maintain her invisibility, not that it was normally ssomething she could do for a long time.

Stonewall didn't get the answer to her question. She suddenly found herslf jerked the slimy muck, hber legs jerked out from her under. Mud choked off her indignamt curse as she was dragged under, things wrapping around her arms and legs.

She thrashed and cursed, tearing at the things, tring to dig and and pull against whatever it was. She felt limbs, hands, tearing at her clothing and flesh. Leather and denim shreded easy enough, but her rock hard skin…well that was something diffrent. Though being felt up by some muddy freak did piss her off!

Stonewall growled, reaching under the mud and grabbing hold of arms, ripping at them. "Buncha fuckin perv mutants." She muttered. Hauling with her considerable strength, she sent her attacker flying.

Something burst out of the muck, a brownish streak, arcing over the swamp and smacking into the risen mound with a wet splatter. Stonewall hauled herself out of the steaming goo, so coated with filth it was hard to tell where thre swamp left off and she began.

Warp cursed, staring to rush forward as best he could. A form burst from the muck before him. Tall and lean, all sickly green skin pulled taunt over straited muscle, a face that was litte more a cluster of bug eyes seething with yellowish light around a sucking lipless orifce that drooled mucues. Humanoid in the vaguest since of the word, the thing shambled rather than walked, rqeaching for Warp with cruel barbed hands. The thing's stench alone nearly knocked him out, he didn't want to feel what its touch was like. Gibbering some wordless obscentity, it took another step, the mud sucking it its clawed feet.

He half-fell half-retreated backwards, pulling his gun and firing at the beast. "Holy shit!" His hasty terrified shot goes wide. The great mound shudders as its struck, more gel like than solid it seems.

Seeing her team under attack, Hologram dropped her invisibility, and drew her weapon. Sighting down the barrel at the green monstrosity, she guaged her potential shot. If it seemed she could shoot the thing without hitting Warp, she would fire. Her angle was off, a missed shot would likely strike Warp.

Blink raised her pistol and fired at the figure in front of Warp, trying to distract it. Maybe then Warp could send it through one of those 'holes' of his. Her shot tore through the creature's chest, blowing a gaping hole out its back in a spray of muck and gore. Howling, it dove forward, claws reaching for the horrified Warp only to land face down in the mire, where it lay twitching and bleeding.

Stonewall muttered a string of curses under her breath, trudging back to the others. "Next time, 'the fucking thing is alive' might be a little easier to understand…"

Another day, another nightmare, Photon thought. What fun. This lady is beginning to piss me off.

Warp dragged himself to his feet, rotating with his gun at the ready in case something else attacked, keeping his eye on the one laying in the muck.

Hologram held off on her shot. Others had a better angle. She scanned the area around them for signs of anything else attracted by the noise of combat, then headed back to help the others.

The show did not seem to be over, as the "mound" rose, great oily clots of dirt and filth raining from its sides as it sucked it ways up out of the mire. Glimpses of slick, sickly purple flesh peeked through the grime, darker veins shot through the pulsating meat as it flounder about with a ponderous, but vast strength.

The creature Stonewall had flung into the thing howled in terror, trying to squirm away, but was too slow. The thing landed on it with heavy and very final sounding splash.

"What is this shit?" Blink yelled out. She tried to move around to get a better shot at the thing, maybe a head shot. She looked for a possible spot to 'port to, if need be.

Stonewall cursed again. "Boss lady, your call… Fight or run…"

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm leaving," Photon announced. She headed for the relatively dry ground, hoping to get some better footing should it come down to pursuit.

Warp shot at the mound, not seeing anything to aim for he simply shot at the center.

Hologram began squeezing off shots at the lumbering bulk of the "island". The barrage of shots all struck, how could the miss? But to what effect was hard to say. The…thing rose more, revealing a bulk that did not seem possible, like some monstrous earthworm or fleshy purple maggot. The "head" cast about as if looking for something then locked onto the scrambling Photon.

"Shit…" Stonewall muttered, running to intercept the leader and take the hit if it came to that.

Warp made a portal to dry land, heading through while keeping an eye on the creature.

The great bulky thing lumbered toward Photon and Stonewall, moving a little slower now that Photon had slowed as well.

Stonewall fought towards Photon, dragging herself through the muck. "Look out, boss Lady!"

So what would happen if I… Photon stopped abruptly. The creature stopped, a great quivering mountain of flesh, confused it seemed. Then it focused on the next source of motion. Stonewall.

"Get to ground, I'll hold it off til you do!" Stonewall yelled.

"I'll have a portal ready, Stoney. Right behind you, just jump back when you need!" Warp yelled, forming a portal to Stonewall's rear.

Hologram watched the lumbering creature. She couldn't see any eyes, and had the feeling it probably had some sort of motion sense that enabled it to track it's prey. Still, it would be worth a try to attempt to distract it for the others. She focussed on fashioning an illusion of Stonewall, only larger and closer to the lumbering beast, and heading off away from the group. If it depended on sight, it might take the bait and follow her illusion… The illusion did not seem to baffle the creature, but Stonewall's hesistation did.

Stonewall cracked her knuckles. "Bring it on…" She glanced over to see where Photon was, intending to jump as soon as the others were safe.

Blink yelled,"Stay put!" and began to flicker, popping in and out of existence, flickering about in random tight pattenr.

Photon resumed her movement, but this time was careful to move much more slowly. There's no guarantee that this will work, but if it confuses the bastard… Photon vanished from sight.

Indeed the creature did seem confused, torn between various tropeic reactions. So, it just seemed to give up and lay there, content that now no one was acutally harming it.

"I recommend we flee this are." Hologram put in, probably unnecessarily.

Photon faded slowly back into view. Putting a finger to her lips, she motioned toward the closest patch of what passed for land in this godawful swamp, and headed for it.

Stonewall began to slowly back up as well, making her way to higher ground.

The team made to dry land and away from the great worm. Now the drek was dryer, but cut through the dense, festering jungle. Stonewalls was coated with mud, that was slowl stating to dry… things crawled in it, things that were trying find nests in her hair… all of it.

Stonewall sighed. "Sorry bout the mess bosslady, but I'm not much for jungle drek, I'm a city girl. Next time, 'it's alive' might be a bit easier for me to grok."

Suddenly a human voice called out from deeper in the jungle. A woman's voice, loud and annoyed, but hopeful. "HELLO!" she called out, "HEY is anyone else UP there! Can anyone FUCKING hear me! sDAMN thisis SUCH a FUCKING SHIT HOLE."

Photon sighed heavily. "Okay, then… is this an attempt to get us to a place where we can be easily ambushed, or is this genuine?"

Stonewall arched an eyebrow. "Sounds like we got company boss. Want me to check on it?" She grinned at the stream of obscenities. "Sounds like my kinda gal."

Hologram immediately faded from sight, and stepped over by a tree, her gun in her hand. When she realized it was a human voice, and that it seemed unthreatening, she lowered her weapon, and turned to the others, fading back into view. "Would you like me to check this out?"

Blink looked questoningly over to Photon… Reply or not? she mouthed.

The decison became secondary, as an ear splitting scream came down from the skies. Inhuman, it still conveyed an unearthly fury!

Stonewall started. "SHIT!" She looked up for the source of the scream.

Warp dived for some cover, then looked around.

Hologram raised her gun as she faded from sight. She scanned the sky above, looking for signs of whatever had made the horrible noise.

Blink looked upwards, ready to port. "What the fuck was that?" she yelled.

The all concealing jungle canopy hide the source of the sound. As it faded, the silence was filled with a sense of dread and anticipation…

Holgram lowered her weapon, and glanced over at the others. Then she returned her attention to the newly dangerous sky.

Stonewall looked around. "Bosslady… I don't like the idea of leaving anyone out here too long… What say we pick up our screaming lady and get the smegging hell to that tower."

Warp took a few slow breaths. "Yeah, sis… This is getting to be a little too much…"

"Okay, we move now," Photon muttered. "Stick together–I don't want anyone wandering off and getting lost in this muck. We'll make our way toward the tower, and if we can find whatever's been making all this noise along the way, so much the better."

She was sure she heard voices ahead and God damn it she was gonna find them. Fox started through the muck again cursing the God forsaken jungle as she went. When she heard a noise she pulled her gun and started scanning the area looking for the source. "HEY CAN YOU HEAR ME? DO YOU NEED HELP?" she called hoping that the only sign of human life isn't evil or dead.

Hologram answered the unspoken order and shifted back into sight so that the others could see her once more. She moved in closer to them, her weapon at ready.

Stonewall looked to Photon, then shrugged. "YO, OVER HERE!"

The figure that came crashing out of the foliage was human, at least looked so at first glance. Caked with mud and dressed in the tatters of jeans and a short shirt, the woman was more exposed than cover, but didn't seem to be what was pissing her off. Maybe that was life in general. Under the muck, it looked like she had dark hair and tanned skin, caucasian though, maybe with a hint of asiatic somewhere in her bloodless. Strong build and nice lines… just like a good bike, Stonewall noted.

Stonewalll grinned. "Damn, girl, you look as bad as I feel…"

Fox looked at her and smirked, "You look human," she said, "You sound human… You're what I've been looking for. Where the FUCK are we?" she asked running a hand through her hair. She kept her gun lowered, but her eye on the new comer so she could sent off a shot if needed.

Stonewall smirked. "Beats the fuck outta me, babe. We got teleported here, after a Dr. Kimagure… Far as I can tell, it's a swampy hellhole."

"Damned if we know," Photon remarked. She wasn't going to give any information away that she didn't have to until she was more sure of the other woman. There was something familar about this woman. Dirty and ragged as she was, it was hard to really notice fine detials, but there was something that Photon couldn't put her finger on that rang bells.

Fox smiled, "I figured that much… I don't supose any of you have a cigarette?" she asked scanning the group. She slung her gun up on her shoulder. "I was fighting some scum and the next thing I knew I was here at Club Med… at first I thought it might be hell, but the natives are too friendly," she said sarcastically. "The name is Fox," she said.

"Stonewall," replied the big blonde.

"I'm Warp," said the man, smiling in a friendly manner.

"Of course it's not hell," Photon remarked. "Hell smells better. This is hell's outhouse." Fox recognized her. One of the Genesis Knights, media darlings.

Stonewall laughed. "Good one bosslady."

The remaining figures was a tall, stately blonde. SOmehow she managed to stand untouched by the filth and muck about her, what little that did stain her uniform somehow seemed insignificant, just a touch of the real that made her intense beauty all the more striking. She stood a little shorter than Blink, built long and lean, not voluptous but well formed, with high proud breasts that filled out the top of her jumpsuit with a pert defiance. Her cleavage gleamed with beads of sweat, rounning down into the deep valley, running like bead of dew along vine tattoo coiling up, around her throat and up her cheek. Circe. Top tier assassin, Fox knew of her. A professional, and well respected in the business.

Hologram watched the newcomer without comment. If the others deemed her worthy to travel with them, then she would as well.

Another scream rang out, the same inhuman cry, but closer this time. And more than one…

Stonewall cursed. "Let's get the fuck out of here. I'm almost out of clothes and I don't want them starting on my hide!"

Warp nodded. "Damn straight."

"This may be the first time I've agreed completely with you in about, oh, twenty years," Photon remarked. "Hologram, Stonewall, you two take the point. Let's get moving."

Fox nodded, "Leaving sounds like a good plan to me…" she said. "I'm low on ammo and outta damn cigarettes and feel about as ragged as I look." She ran a hand through her hair, feeling dirty and muck-covered.

They started out, heading further into the steamy jungle. Occasional glimpses of the distant tower let them know they were on the right path. It was going to be a long walk, though. Stonewall and Fox felt the call of nature start to become pressing.

As she walked, Hologram eyed the new arrival. She seemed skilled and dangerous, which was good. Hologram reloaded her weapon. Better safe than sorry.

Stonewall tried to keep it down. She didn't want to squat anywhere in this hellhole–she valued her ass. "I'm gonna need to use the facilities…" she said, looking at the group, not wanting to lose them after just finding them.

Fox looked to her, "Well I would love some company…" she grinned like a smart ass. "You know how we need to go in groups…"

Stonewall grinned. "I'll whack while you piss, and we can trade off."

"Works for me…" Fox said. "You ready?" she asked walking off a bit, "I'm gonna burst soon…"

Stonewall grinned. "Copy that, gogirl…" She followed Fox into what passed for bushes.

The two headed off. For a while all was silence, then some… cries rose. Not fear, definitely more like… excitement?

"FFFFUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!" Fox cried out. Stonewall screamed as well.

Photon looked at the others. "I guess there're calls of nature, and then there're calls of nature," she remarked almost blandly.

Stonewall and Fox made their way back to the group.

Stonewall stretched, smiling a bit. "Hey, there's some great plants back there? Think we can grab some samples for Ivy?"

Fox looked at them, "Where to now?" she asked blandly, as if nothing happened.

Blink looked at the two, trying not to laugh. Hell, it's what she would have done, had the opportunity risen. "We should make the tower ASAP, Fox- girl. First place we've seen to get out of this fuckin' jungle."

"Great… then what are we waiting for?" she asked with a smile. "Lead the way." She scanned the area, looking for possible dangers.