Fear of the Gods

Circe's plan was a simple one. Just place the fear of the "Gods" into the creatures. Sheba would be a part, having been "claimed" as a servant by one. Some costuming, light and a few lines and it should be done. All in all the mood was on of high school play being set up. She was open to suggestions from the others on how best to pull it off.

Photon simply smirked, doing her best to look angelic while glowing brightly. She disapproved of the plan in general–it just didn't feel right taking advantage of their beliefs like that–but it was far, far better than allowing the situation to be pushed to the point of open conflict, where someone might be killed.

Stonewall grinned. "You look good. Wonder if they made me god of screwing though, after their last visit…" That prompted a few curious looks. She grinned. "Long story. Don't think about it."

"Too late," Photon replied.

Stonewall shrugged. "Sorry, boss lady."

"I have to confess I'd like to see a report on that," Dr. Morsham said.

Stonewall grinned. "I'll tell you all about it later. Maybe Holly got it on film for posterity."

"Some of it," the AI said.

"Really? Damn, gogirl, scan me a xerox of that…" Stonewall grinned.

"Certified. I'll download you a composition."

"Thanks, gogirl. Appreciate it." Stonewall sat back, looking around. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," Photon replied, with an absolutely straight face but a slightly amused tone in her voice. "So, when are Our Friends likely to show?" she continued in a more serious voice, gesturing toward the jungle.

Stonewall shrugged. "I'm no telepath… I guess Holly or someone else will be able to see 'em coming."

Morsham shrugged. "It's strictly up to them."

"I'll keep exterior scans running," Holly said.

Stonewall grinned. "So we set on the plan?"

"It does seem like the best course of action," Dr. Morsham commented.

"Yeah… Much as my ego might like being a goddess, I'm not much for claiming to be what I ain't… But if it avoids having to fight em…" Stonewall shrugged.

"I think Ivy would appreciate it."

A couple of days passed with no action. The team had time to relax and recover from their last mission and make some plans about how to deal with the animal men. Then the announcement came, they had breached the outermost perimeter.

Stonewall looked around. "So, go out to meet them?"

"I'll go out and scout, see what's up. I can get in and out of there fastest, and even if they catch me, they can't keep me long. Give me my regular gun and a trank. Assuming we're not going out to kill?" Blink pauses, looking at the rest of them.

Photon nodded. "Lethal force as a last resort only, yes."

Fox grinned. "Isn't it always a last resort?" she asked, with a bit of a smart-ass tone to her voice. "I mean, I missed the memo if it's the first thing we do now"

"After our experiences with the 'good' doctor, I don't want anyone being trigger-happy," Photon replied with a shrug. "Including myself."

"Blink, be sure to keep your comlink open," Holly cautioned. "It'll be my only means of monitoring you once you out at the perimeter."

"Anything for you, Holly-girl." Blink said. "Testing… Working all right? Good." She blew a kiss to April and headed out.

Blink slipped out into the hot, humid jungle. Holly gave her direction via the comm link, leading her deeper into the surrounding foliage. Pushing her way through the wild plants, soon she was out of sight of the base. It was as if it had ever existed and she was in some primeval land, untouched by civilization.

"You're within 200 meters, Blink. Be careful."

"Gotcha, go-girl. I'm gonna assume they can scent me… will be as cautious as possible. I'm marking this spot for reference to port to if need be. I'll keep ya posted." She paused, gathering the feel of the area in which she stood. She took a small knife and carved a B + A in a tree, for further visualization. That being done, she headed cautiously forward.

She proceeded a little further, making her way through the heavy plants and into a clearing. A makeshift camp stood here marked by the remains of a fire. Blink heard a low growl behind her.

Son of a bitch! I'm the best sneak thief in the biz… I did not expect to be seen so fast… Slowly, she glanced over her shoulder, relying on the wonderful hardware in her head to reveal anything hidden.

Then again, she was out of her element. She worked in the high-tech urban jungle, not the actual one. Behind were stood a striking figure. A man-lion, tall and muscular, covered with tawny yellow fur over a rippling iron build. Supple graceful power was betrayed by every motion as he stalked the edge of the camp. His face was leonine, surrounded by a dark, lush mane. "You… of the Gods?" he spoke in a growling voice.

Oh shit… Outwardly, she remained calm. "I am. Who are you?"

"Leo." he growled, staying near the edge of the camp. Holly fed the video and audio to the others so they could see where and what was happening to Blink. The lion man dropped to his knees and pressed his head to the ground. "Come for my mate."

"Shit…" she whispered. "Doc? Any ideas? I have one, but it might be risky. What if we tell him his mate has been chosen by the gods? You think we might avoid all of this?" She spoke louder to Leo. "Rise, Leo. Are there others with you?" Not the best stall… she thought, but any port in a storm…

Others emerged from the jungle a huge elephant man, a snake like woman and another cat woman but with features like a panther. All the hybrids were seamless meldings of human and beasts; all were strangely beautiful creatures.

The Lion man rose as the others emerged. "Bast, Baybar and Kaa come with me."

"Blink, I say go with the chosen angle and see what happens," April said over the link.

"Will do…" Shit… I am so out of my league here… She looked at each of them, nodding to each. She turned back to Leo. "Your mate has been chosen by the Gods, Leo. For what purpose do you come here?

"To get her back… she is mine…" he growled softly. The snake woman, Kaa, hissed quietly.

"Now what?" she said softly. "I could tell him it's no longer his choice to make…any suggestions?"

Holly said, "Seems the only logical choice to me… guys?" she asked the rest of the team, who were listening in.

Fox shook her head, "Does he have a lighter, claim to be a representative of the Gods and make fire in his hand…"

Stonewall shrugged. "She doesn't want to go. Baybar seemed to respect that she was the mate of a god. Unless someone wants to volunteer for a big hairy boyfriend in exchange…"

Fox looked to them, "I'm a chick, but I'd do it."

Stonewall grinned. "I mean volunteer to take a big hairy boyfriend."

Fox grinned. "Won't you get jealous if I do that?"

"I figure I got enough that I can let someone else have some."

Fox chuckled, "I hear that…" she said grinning, "So are we gonna go help her?"

"Up to the boss…" Stonewall said.

"Let's not tip our hand just yet," Photon replied. "Blink can get herself out of there if she has to, anyway."

Leo growled a bit, a low menacing sound of anger and seething resentment. Then the snake woman spoke. "Issss hissss right to challenge her new mate…" Her voice was silken and soft, but with an underlying intelligence.

"Shit, guys…" He wants to challenge for his mate. And, he doesn't sound happy." She stood with her hand over her gun, not sure she would have a chance to draw, but ready to port, if necessary. "Do we play this out, or go for 'godly arrogance'?

"Wants to challenge for his mate, eh?" Photon looked over at her brother, who had been silent for a while. "I think that'd be you he'd be wanting to challenge, then."

Warp nodded. "She wants to stay…"

"Okay, I want us close enough to be able to help her if things go badly," Photon continued.

Leo waited, but Blink could sense his growing impatience. The snake woman stood, but kept her eyes averted. "Which God hassss chosen Ssssheba?"

"OK, folks… do I respond to the query or not?" Blink asked.

Warp looked to his sister. "I think I better get there. Now. I'll pop in, hopefully it'll throw em off…"

Fox smiled, "Sure Blink, go ahead."

"All right, but you'd better be ready to bail my ass out…" Blink replied.

To the animal folk she spoke more loudly. "The god is called Warp. And what gives you the idea that you have the right to challenge the decision of a God?" She prepared to teleport away…. keeping the image of the little clearing in her mind.

"It is my Right!" Leo growled, coming to his feet and baring his fangs.

"From whom do you come by this right?" Blink asked. "Um, guys, he's getting pissed…." she says softly to Holly.

"Perhaps you should get out of there, Blink," Holly suggested.

"I'd agree," Photon added. "It's fairly obvious that he's not going to be intimidated… at least, not by you, it would seem."

"You're right, I am so outta here." She looked back at Leo. "If you say so, Leo. Perhaps you presume too much." And with those words, she disappeared. And reappeared in the little clearing, shivering as she always did after an extended port. Not an experience she wanted to repeat, but one more was needed to get back. She steeled herself, and ported one more time, back toward the headquarters.

Blink reappeared among her friends at the HQ. She looked a little pale and shaken from the extended teleportation. April walked over and put her arm around her shoulder, offering some support.

Blink hugged hr back. "Hey, doc. I hate extended ports…"

Stonewall looked to Photon. "What now? I don't think he's gonna give up."

"I think he's more your cup of tea, Stony," Blink said. "Brawler, tough guy… but I think you could take him." She winked at the bigger woman.

Stonewall grinned. "One way or another…"

Fox grinned some, "Stoney gets all the guys."

Blink laughed. "You can have the elephant guy, Foxy-girl."

"Elephant guy?" Fox asked, looking to her.

Blink paused. "Um, yeah. There was Leo, the snake girl, and the elephant guy." She thought for a moment. "I think he called her Kaa…."

Stoney smiled. "He was kind of sweet. And immensely hung."

Fox grinned some, "Well hung works for me."

Blink smiled at them. She wrapped her arm tighter around April. "Whatever floats your boat, ladies. It does not do it for me…" she laughed.

Fox smiled. "Oh, I play for both teams," she said, giggling.

Blink pulled down her mirrorshades and winked at Fox. "Now that presents possibilities…"

Stoney smiled. "There's only two?"

Fox grinned, "Well… okay the plant would make a third…"

"Plant? What plant?" Blink asked. "That also presents possibilities!!" She gave April an extra hug. "Just kidding, dear."

April gave her a sidelong look. "OK…well, back to the matter at hand… the primitives."

Circe spoke up. "It seems they need to feel the wrath of the Gods…"

Stonewall frowned. " I don't want to hurt them… After all, they were here first, and as far as they know, we kidnapped one of them."

"I could take one of them on a long 'port." Blink said. "If that didn't put the fear of the gods into them, nothing would." Blink shuddered herself at the thought.

Circe put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "That shouldn't be necessary. I'm thinking some special effects and use of powers might be enough to put a scare into them. A scare I can magnify."

Blink looked at the exotic woman. "Thanks. Really."

Circe smiled coolly. "De nada." She turned to the rest. "I say we let them wait. Anything we do right now can't compare to what their imaginations will conjure given time. Blink's vanishing act likely has them trembling." There was something so cold, so analytical about the way she dissected the working of fear. It was like she was discussing the weather. "For now, we wait."

Fox frowned some, "Waiting is so boring!"

"I'm sure you'll be able to think of something to do." Circe said, looking at Fox with a slightly snide, knowing smile. Fox felt as if the empath could look into her very soul and see what lay within. A creepy sensation to say the least.

Fox shivered a moment looking at her, "Maybe you have some ideas you'd like to show me?"

Circe just grinned, the vine tattoo on her face creasing and furling.

Fox flexed her metal arm. "I'm always up to lessons…"

Circe still just smiled, not intimidated, but the smile finally reached her eyes.

Blink gazed at Fox's arm with interest. She looked up at April. "Anything like mine?" she whispered.

"You're one of a kind," April whispered back.

Fox grinned. "See, you're beautiful when you smile."

"Thank you," Circe said softly and left it at that. "I, for one, am going to do some research for a bit. The rest of you might want to hone your Godlike acting abilities."

Fox grinned at her, "No prob, I do that all the time" she said with a chuckle.

Circe smiled. "Well… it's good to have a hobby."

Fox smirked, she was fun! "That's not a hobby… but I do have one…" she said licking her lips some. "Maybe I can show you one day."

Circe chuckled.

"What?" Fox asked feigning innocent. "I love pussy… cats and huge thick pole… vaulting," she said with a devilish grin.

"I felt you had a wide range of interests," Circe said drolly.

Fox nodded, "I haven't been able to focus myself on any one thing… well, besides revenge," she said flexing the metal arm once more. "But that is a thing that comes in it's own time."

"I prefer to pick my times," Circe said, with a cold smile.

"So would I, but I am here right now aren't I?" she asked. "Do not fear, it will be handled…"

Blink walked over to Fox and looked at her arm. "May I look at it?" she asked.

Fox shrugged some extending the arm, "If you want, I guess" she said. She moved the metal appendage. "I have it to replace the one that was chopped off. I could have had it made to appear more… aesthetically appealing, but this reminds me and it also functions…" she said moving some muscles as her staff popped out of it. She caught it with her 'good' arm and spun it as it extended.

"Cool," Blink said. She ran her fingers along the arm, scanning it, trying to figure out how it worked. "Mine was chewed off, actually. Daddy was much more concerned with aesthetics." She pulled her sleeve back. "Right down to the skin and everything." She looks at April and smiles. "But the doc loves me anyway…" April made a kissy face at her, and smiled.

Fox smiled some, "I lost it in a fight with the man who killed my sister. I wasn't ready… I was foolish and it cost me… but I have trained… I learned and he will not get away with his life next time. The courts failed me… I have no need for them any more."

Circe said quietly. "I'd watch such sentiment. They might not be looked on too kindly by the powers the be."

"Might not? They wouldn't be looked on kindly by the powers that be," Photon sighed. "Fox, you do realize that I'm the law enforcement representative for this group, right? Do me a favor–if you have those sorts of plans, don't discuss them around me. If I thought you'd meant what you said," here Photon paused significantly, then continued, "I'd have to report it."

"I forgot… the snitch… don't worry… I'm joking," she said, rolling her eyes a moment, then turning away.

Stonewall rolled her shoulders. "Anyway, we've got problems now."

"Now what?" Fox asked. "Are our furry friends moving?"

"Not that I know of, but they're gonna do something sooner or later…"

"So I say we go and kick some furry ass," Fox said.

"I mean what are we gonna do? my powers aren't real god like, I can only shoot those beams outta my eye… no real fireworks."

"I shoot real well, but the most I could do to hurt them is port them someplace… I never tried to port just part of something… I wonder what would happen." Blink pauses, then shudders. "I don't think I would wish that on anyone."

Fox grinned, "Might be neat to watch."

"You wouldn't say that if you had to port with me," Blink said. "It's not a pleasant experience."

"Better than dying," Fox offered.

"Remember, our goal is to drive them back home, not kill them. Killing is easy," Circe said coolly. "This require finesse."

"Then what would you suggest?" Fox asked.

"I believe I already outlined my plan."

"Yes we go and play gods… but unless you have some sort of pyrotechnics planned or a lead picked, we'll just be going in with a half an idea," Fox said. "You don't go in half-cocked; that's dangerous."

"That is what I'm using this time for, Fox. While they fume in their own fears."

Fox nodded looking a bit, "Yeah and all I can do is the popping the staff and the eye shot."

"You underestimate how impressive you can be. Imagine you're from a culture where fire is the cutting edge new technology."

"Circe," Blink began, "what if one of them were to suddenly disappear? Either Warp or I could grab one and move them somewhere else… after a port with me, one of them should be stunned enough to be disabled quickly." She paused. "I think your plan is good, but I think Leo is angry enough not to be scared by much of anything."

Circe considered that for a moment. "Well, you'd have the problem dealing with a frightened, perhaps frenzied animal creature whenever you re- materialized."

Fox nodded, "Unless you have a way to dope 'em out" she suggested, "Some kinda shot or somethin…"

Circe looked at her coolly. "Would you like to be the one to administer it?"

"Well are we going to blow dart it or do it on the grab and move?" Fox asked, grinning.

"It has potential, Circe. If I popped in and gave the shot, then grabbed and popped out… I've done snatch and grab before, just not with animate objects." Blink grinned wryly. "But, if we're gonna do this, let's figure out a way to get it done."

Fox simply smiled some, "Just have to guess the weight and find out what animal tranquilizer is needed…"

"The trick is going to be selecting one that's not poisonous to them. Physiology's a bitch," Photon mused.

"Quite true… we don't want to kill them, just scare them… maybe a tazer or something? Or would that just enrage them?"

"I don't know enough about animal physiology to say one way or the other. But they're part human too, right? Would a human trank work just as well?" Blink looked at April, then back to the others.

"I'd agree that we need at least a better-informed guess," Photon said. "Any suggestions, doc?"

"It would take a detailed analysis, blood tests and physiological work up. There is some fairly advanced genetic engineering in these creatures. I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess without lab work."

"Perhaps Sheba could help." Warp suggested.

"Back to square one if that won't help…" Fox said.

"She could, if you can talk her into allowing me to run some tests. She seems a bit… skittish."

Warp nodded. "I'll stay with her." He smiled at the feline woman.

"All right then. Warp, Sheba, lets go to the lab." April said. "I guess the rest of you keep watch for now…"

A few hours pass. With Warp's help, April was able to get a blood sample from Sheba, and synthesized a drug that could incapacitate the animal men without seriously harming them. She warned that the different breeds might have very different chemistries, so it's not one hundred percent.

Now, as for how to use it. Photon called the group together in the ready room to discuss a plan. The call interrupted Stonewalls "quickie" with Scarab in the maintenance closet, so the blonde shows up a little rumpled, just buttoning up her jeans.

"Yo, 'sup?" she said, sliding into her seat.

Blink smiled at Stoney. Then she sat next to April, taking the other woman's hand. "Maybe we should ask you?" Blink asked Stonewall. "Just funnin ya, Stoney. April came up with something to snooze the ani-men."

"Cryo. So what's the plan, go-girl?"

Fox just listened smiling at Stoney, "Without me even… the nerve," she said while smirking.

"Gee, Foxy. I didn't know you were interested. I'd have given you a call." She squeezes April's hand and gives her a wink.

Fox grinned. "Oh yeah… I'm always interested…"

April coughed into her hand. "Well, I've synthesized a drug that should induce unconsciousness in the subjects for about 1-2 hours with a standard dose. That'll vary according to body mass, exertion, et cetera, but that's a good estimate."

Fox nodded, "Is it a shot?" she asked.

"I was going to ask." Blink says. "What's the delivery system? If it's gas, Warp or I could port in there, drop it, and be out. If it's a shot, we need someone who can shoot a trank gun, probably Foxygirl, or maybe me again." She looked at April. "So, what's up, Doc?" she asked.

"Very funny." April replied with a grin. "It's injected. I've rigged up several rounds of ammo darts."

"Well, then, what's their present position? Have they moved any?" Photon asked.

"Still holding their last position." Holly announced.

"Lets get loaded up, and port in." Blink says. "I hit one side, Warp carries Foxy in, and we shoot, throw, whatever. I don't know that a thrown dart will do any good against the elephant guy, but we can try."

Fox nodded extending her arm, "Okay, I'm ready… just need the dart…" she said smiling with a wink, "…and Warp."

Either I've fallen in with some highly oversexed people, or I'm just not getting enough myself, Photon thought. Aloud, she said, "Then let's get the darts and go."

Warp got as much surveillance as he could on the area, he wanted to make sure his portal in came out right.

Blink had been there already, so wasn't worried about the arrival. It was always the trip that was scary. She took a deep breath, and squeezed April's hand. "Love ya, doc." she says softly. "See you when this is all done."

"You better." she smiled.

The creatures were still encamped. The lion man was pacing, stalking the perimeter in an agitated prowl, tail high and stiff. The elephant man seemed afraid of him, staying to the center of the camp, managing to look small despite his bulk, while the serpentine woman seemed… amused.

"Just be careful with the elephant, he's a pretty nice guy…" Stonewall said.

Foxy nodded, "I'll go after the lion, maybe once it's out we can talk to the elephant?"

"Guess that leaves snake-girl for me. Good thing I got the 'sight'…" Blink says with a grin. "You guys ready?"

Fox nodded. "I am."

Warp nodded. "Good to go."

"Let's do this, then." Blink said, and checked the load on her pistol.

Warp opened the portal, the rippling gap opening onto the clearing. The ani-men looked up…

Blink readied the gun, looking for the snake woman. She mentally turned on all sensors with her eye. She didn't want to miss. These ani-men could be dangerous.

Fox scanned quickly for the lion guy and took aim with her enhanced eye when she got him in sights. This shot counted for a whole lot.

The snake woman hissed sharply, darting into the foliage and almost seeming to vanish among them, cold blood body having only a very faint thermal pattern. Leo roared, lunging for the portal. Fox's shot caught him in the chest, but he scarcely seemed to notice the dart sticking in his chest as he closed in on them, claws at the ready.

"Shit!" Blink hissed… "Did I hit her or not?" She tried to track the snake with UV… infrared was going to be more than useless… unless… She checked the surrounding foliage. The cold should leave a blank spot, moving through the warm foliage… But the snake was probably about the same temperature as her surroundings. UV highlighted little in the dense cover, since it was just like ordinary light aside from wavelength.

Stonewall stepped out of the portal and in front of Warp. "Down boy," she said to Leo. She dug in, bracing for the impact.

The lion man leapt at her, raking his claws across her skin, managing to shred her t-shirt and lightly scratch her skin underneath. He was strong and pissed off, but no match for her metahuman strength. Stonewall grappled him into a crude hold, hoping the toxin would kick in before she had to hurt him.

Foxy swore looking to the approaching Leo. The doc said this would work, she just didn't remember doc saying how long it'd take. Backing up, she started to reload to fire upon him again. She wrestled another dart into the chamber, but she might risk hitting Stoney with it if she fired, since the other woman was wrestling around with Leo.

Stonewall smiled. "Play nice and I might rub your tummy…"

Leo snarled, incoherent with rage. Hot spittle flew into Stonewall's face. Leo could certainly use a mint.

Blink swore, then turned up the magnification on her eye, trying to find any trace of the snake woman's passing.

Fox muttered a curse, moving side long trying to get closer to them, she had to hit Leo, not Stoney. She had to get closer.

She heard Blink grunt and fall behind her. Fox spun around as the snake woman landed on Blink and crouched on her chest, fangs bared. She weaved a bit, ready to strike.

Fox swore, focused and took the shot at the snake woman. She couldn't let it hurt Blink, she'd just have to get another gun for the lion. The shot went wide as the snake creature struck, biting down on Blink's shoulder.

Blink paused for just a second, looking around. She teleported just a bit away, and fired at the snake woman again, just in case she missed the first time. She appeared and fired, launching the dart into the serpent woman's back with a soft thud. Blink then reached over to her shoulder, where the snake woman bit her. "Tell the doc we're gonna need some anti-venom, Holly." It didn't feel like her armor had been breached, but it hurt like a bitch.

"All ready done."

"Damn… strong teeth…" Blink said. "I don't think she got me… good armor!"

Fox swore and looked to Blink, if that's venomous she'd need help and quick. She swore checking to see if she had any shots left to pump into Leo at close range… "Blink you ok?"

The lion man slumped forward, finally succumbing to the toxin. The serpentine woman sighed slithering down to the earth a sleepy hiss.

"Yeah… the fangs crushed, but didn't penetrate the armor," Blink replied. "Thanks for asking, Foxy."

Stonewall slowly laid Leo down, moving over to Baybar. "Hello again, big guy." He was cowering back, looking fearfully between them.

Stonewall moved forward slowly. "Hey, it's me, remember? I'm not going to hurt you, Baybar… And don't worry about them, they're only sleeping."

"Sleeping?" he asked tentatively, looking, well down at her still even though he was sitting.

Stonewall nodded, smiling. "See, they're still breathing. We didn't want to hurt them, so we made them sleep."

"Leo made us come. We didn't think it was good idea," he said, shaking his head. "He very angry."

"I know. But Sheba wants to stay, she's Warp's mate now…" She took his hand. "We know Leo's angry, that's why we didn't want to hurt him. He only wants a mate."

"He have mate, he only want what his." Baybar stood, big cock brushing her belly, just below her half shirt, long and so hot.

Stonewall sighed softly, letting it rest there. "But she didn't want him, she wanted Warp… Is there any way to stop this without someone getting killed?"

"Don't know… might stop now…"

Stonewall nodded. "We don't mean you any harm… In fact I think a few of the girls here think Leo's cute…" She smiled. "I'm sure we can find some way for us to get along as friends."

Foxy smiled at Baybar some, "Don't worry Baybar," she said, "We're just protecting a friend"

"Yeah." Blink said. "We didn't hurt them. Not that they didn't try to return the favor…" she rubbed her shoulder. "The problem remains. How do we get them back, or to wherever they are supposed to be?"

"I thought you all had that figured out…" Fox said, "Why would we start this without a full plan?"

Blink just looked at her, eyes unreadable behind the mirrorshades. "Hey, it wasn't a heist, Foxy. I wasn't in charge of planning."

Circe spoke up. "This is where I play a part." She sounded terribly eager.

Stonewall looked over. "What's the plan, C-note?"

"I'm going to teach them to fear the Gods."

"I think they've learned not to mess with us, we don't need to give them psychological scars to boot."

"Maybe, but this one…" She nudged Leo. "He's a stubborn one. Thinks with his balls. He'll be afraid, rationalize in a few days and we'll have to do this again."

"Yeah… Unless we figure out another way… I'd wait to see if there's any other plans. Maybe talk to em…"

"This is my plan," Circe said coolly.

Stonewall sighed. "I know, and I'm not just dismissing it. I just want to know all the options… I've made enough jackass moves in my life, these guys deserve more, they don't know better."

Circe softened. "I understand. I'm not going to torture them or do anything untoward. Just leave an impression that will last, that's all."

Stonewall grinned. "Seeing you naked would do that…" She winked. "Let's get them back to base, and see what we need to do."

"No, we should handled it here. There's not need to baffle them further should they wake up. Besides, the abode of the Gods should remain a mystery until death. Don't you think?" she smiled.

"I do." Blink said. "I think we shouldn't give these folks any more idea about us than they already have."

"Right. Stonewall, I think this is for the best." Circe smiled, noticing how the other blonde had been playing with the now rather aroused elephant man. "Why don't you go and show him your powers, Goddess of Love," she winked.

Stonewall grinned. "Maybe lust… I've got the libido for it, but you've got the looks, C-note…" She winked. "If you hear screaming, don't come running…"

"I'll make a note of it." Circe smiled. Stonewall went off with Baybar, and the empath set to work on the snake woman and Leo.

Fox ran a hand through her hair, "Some fun huh?" she asked, looking around.

"I'm sure Stonewall will find something to amuse herself with." Circe said. "She makes her own fun."