First Cut

This story is about Sara Mclintock and the first time she changed into Diamond. It is set 12 years before the current game time. Sara is 15 at the time this story takes place.

Warning: The following story contains some disturbing scenes; please do not read if you are easily offended or are upset with violence towards women. Simply return to the Main Page.

September 5, 1988. 9:32 p.m. Upper Hamilton

Sara Mclintock glanced uneasily into the foggy night. Her best friend Linda Vellner finished tying her shoe and straightened to take back her book bag. She laughed at the look on Sara's face.

"God, Sara, you look like you expect us to be suddenly in Thriller or something."

"I'm not afraid," Sara denied immediately. "It's just I hate walking in fog when it's dark." She hugged her books closer to her chest.

Linda began walking babbling on about the project and the school year and about the dreamy quarterback. Her conversation faltered as they neared 'Spook Alley.' It was a name that the two add thought up during the day for that creepy place. Now it seemed somehow alive, as if it would suddenly reach for them should they pass to close. Maybe it was alive and unwary teenage girls was what it ate… Maybe…

Suddenly Sara felt hands on her shoulders and a rank, boozy smell almost overpowered her. She glanced sideways. A boy maybe a year or so older than her leered at her and took a swig of the bottle he was holding.

"Well, well, well, it's Linda and Sara. Want some?"

The boy–Sara couldn't pull his name, but she was sure that she had seen him at school–pushed the bottle into her face. At the same time his other arm pulled her closer and his hand grabbed at her breast.

"No," Sara said. "Let go of me. No, don't!" Her eyes widened in fear and she looked over to where Linda was standing.

Linda's eyes widened and she turned to flee. She was stopped by another guy who seemed to materialize out of the fog. Dropping her bag, she turned the other way only to find that way blocked. Linda turned in a tight circle, eyes sliding from one body to the next. They were laughing, calling to her in Spanish. One grabbed his crotch. Linda screamed and dived for an opening. They were on her instantly.

"Shut her up!"

"Ow, goddam fucking bitch!"

"Let me go!" Sara started to panic, remembering the stories her mother had told her, remembering reading the headlines. Sara started to struggle to get free.

She heard the bottle hit the ground as his strong arms wrapped around her, lifting her slightly from the ground.

"You're not going anywhere, Sara," he growled in her ear. "Do you think I haven't noticed you watching me, teasing me with those short skirts, moving your pencil long your collar bone in school, knowing I was watching? Wiggling that tight ass at me…" One hand darted down and gripped her painfully, pulling her tight against his body. Sara could feel him against her, feel something hard against her leg.

"Let go! Leave us alone!" Sara screamed. She began to struggle in earnest. She turned her head and bit blindly at the hand on her shoulder and swung one of her legs backward, praying she'd connect with his shin or knee. Her entire body began to shake, the terror hitting her in waves, her actions becoming more and more frantic.

Her teeth sank into the meat of his hand and suddenly she was free. She stumbled and then lurched forward, Linda's screams following her, her breath coming in short fearful bursts. Hope flared, she was getting away. She saw a house ahead, the light on, a silhouette in the doorway.

A hand grasped her skirt, pulling backwards hard. She struggled forward, her hands stretched out. The light went out. Sara could feel the skirt material ripping. She surged forward, fighting; the skirt ripped and again she stumbled. Before she could right herself, a leg swept hers and she saw the ground rushing up to her.

She hit the ground hard enough to leave her gasping for air. Hands grabbed her, flipping her over. A pockmarked face swam into her vision and then was gone. As if from a great distance, voices throbbed through her head.

"Leave her be, she is mine. That was the deal."

"Easy, Aron, we didn't want her running off."

"Sara, that was stupid. You are mine now."

She felt hands moving over her body, the damp fog on her bare legs. A sharp intense pain shot from her inner thigh where Aron grabbed flesh in his fingers and twisted, one hand holding her other leg in place. Instinctively, she jerked her leg away from the pain and Aron knelt between her legs. Full awarness flooded back to her as his powerful hands gripped the front of her shirt, ripping it open. His left hand gripped one of her breasts painfully as his mouth latched on to the other. His right hand fumbled at his pants.

Sara screamed and fought with everything she had. Her hands lashed out, nails raking across his face. He jerked back and she flailed blindly, trying to escape. His backhand strike was almost casual, but it rocked Sara's head back and her vision swam.

He reached out and grabbed her jaw. Sara whimpered as the pain shot straight to her head. His voice rasped against her ear.

"Listen to me, Sara. You see this?" He tilted her head so she could see his throbbing shaft. "I'm going to ram this so far up your cunt that no man will ever touch you again without you remembering me. I am going to fuck you until you always feel me. When I am done, you will beg me for this, you'll come to me on your hands and knees, spread you legs whenever I tell you. You are mine."

His bulk rested fully on her. Breathing hard, he reached inbetween them and guided his weapon to her.

Mommy! Oh God, Mommy! Help me! Why won't someone come and help me! Sara's mind screamed. Someone! Help me! Please!

When he had postioned himself for the first thrust, he reached up and grabbed Sara's hair. "I want to see your eyes."

NO! This isn't happening! Sara wailed in her own mind. From somewhere, another voice spoke, it was deep, masculine and calm.

Change, baby. Now's the time. It's easy, let me show…

Intense pain flared through Sara's body, her stomach clenched and her body spasmed. She arched trying to get away from the pain, from her helplessness. She was screaming, her throat raw with it.

And then she deflated, the pain distant. She opened her eyes. Aron's face hovered a foot from hers, his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide and dialated.

Oh God, he stopped. Thank God he stopped! Sara balled up her fist.

"You bastard!" Sara screamed hoarsely and punched him in the jaw as hard as she could, the way she remembered seeing it done on TV.

Her fist connected solidly. His head snapped back, and she surged to her feet pushing him as far away from her as she could. Aron lifted off the ground, flew a few feet and bounced off a wall.

Rage replaced the terror in Sara's mind as she scrambled to her feet. How dare they! Linda! Oh God, Linda! She saw a baseball bat lying forgotten nearby. Without thinking, she picked it up and ran towards where Linda was being attacked.

"Get away from her!" Sara's throat felt like it was on fire as she screamed, swinging the bat at one of Linda's attackers.

The boy in front of her started to turn as Sara brought the bat across his back. He let out a surprised groan and sagged to the ground. The second managed to get his arm up as the bat whirled at his head. With a sickening crack, the bat broke across his arm. The gang member screamed once and then sagged to the ground unconscious. The others ran, except for the one who was crouched between Linda's legs. He was looking at Sara with a stunned expression.

"Sweet Jesus, what the hell are you?"

He then backed quickly away, reading something in her face that placed pure fear in his eyes. Linda moaned when he moved, and curled into a protective ball.

"I'm going to rip your balls off and shove them down your throat, you fucking asshole!" Sara growled, stalking towards him. "You, and all your fucking friends!" She leaped at him, stopping short as he turned and ran.

She stood for a few moments, breathing deeply, then turned when she heard a whimper from behind her. She turned quickly and knelt, gathering Linda to her. "It'll be okay, Linda," Sara whispered. "I stopped them. They won't hurt us any more."

Tears started to stream down Sara's face. "They can't hurt us any more." Out of the corner of her eye she saw a glint of light. She turned her head and saw it was Linda's mirror. She reached out for it, and when she picked it up, she saw the image of a young woman, glittering in the darkness. Suddenly, the world started to spin and Sara succumbed to its embrace.

Sara awoke to screaming. A young man in dark clothing with dark hair was slowly moving away from a screaming Linda.

"Get away from her," Sara meant to scream, fumbling for the broken bat. It came out a croak. Her throat hurt. Her body hurt, her legs, her inner thigh. Her stomach twisted as fear slammed into her.

The man turned his gaze to her. His grey eyes were calm and soothed her, she could feel her fear fading. They said to her, You are safe now, be unafraid.

When he spoke, his voice was soft, unthreatening, "I am Brother Raymond from the Holy Lady Church. You are safe now, I won't let anyone harm you."

He turned his attention back to Linda. A soft hum started, slowly, faintly, came words. Linda's screams turned to whimpers and then slowly faded into sleep. Brother Raymond moved slowly forward, making sure that Sara could see his every move. He picked Linda up.

"Can you walk?"

"I don't know," Sara replied, wincing and holding back a cry. Slowly, painfully, she struggled to her feet, gripping the broken bat handle like a lifeline. She swayed, a wave of dizziness hitting her and she stumbled. Sara slumped against the wall and waited for the spinning to stop.

She straightened and took a few hesitant steps towards Brother Raymond, still clutching the broken bat. Her eyes suddenly widened in fear and she looked around, terrified their attackers might still be around.

"Be easy, there is no one here to harm you further." Brother Raymond frowned. "You won't be able to go far. You are more injured then I first thought?"

Two of the gang members lay within touching distance. The one on his face breathed in short rasps and the other lay on his side, clutching his broken arm. He moaned.

"Sara," Brother Raymond spoke softly as he stopped within touching distance, "I am going to trust you okay. I want to get both of you inside, but I can't carry both of you. The church is a full 4 blocks from here."

"I can make it," Sara said, her voice barely louder than a whisper. "You carry Linda. I can make it." Her fingers tightened around the splintered wood turning her knuckles white. "Have to get away from here," Sara muttered almost incoherently. "Before they get up. Before they come back."

Brother Raymond frowned and then nodded slowly.

Sara mechanically put one foot in front of the other, concentrating on following Brother Raymond. The thought of how the man knew her name barely registered before it was replaced by a numbing sensation in her mind, shutting everything out but the rhythm of left, right, left, right, and the desperate need to get away from the alley.

"Sara, we are here…"

Nausea rifled through her body and then Sara was bringing up everything she had ever eaten. She could hear distant voices, hands touched her, she lashed out. Someone was screaming. Then came that song, low, soft, inviting her into darkness…

Mercy General Hospital, Hamilton

Sara awoke slowly, she was in bed. A faint odor teased her memory. There were people, she could hear their soft murmur. Her throat ached. Her jaw throbbed, no the whole side of her head. Slowly other pains made themselves known. Her right arm stung, both breasts ached, the inside of her left thigh, between her legs…

Softly a voice brushed against her ear, "You are mine…"

Sara started to scream like the devil himself were after her. She lashed out with a fist then flung herself from the bed, anything to get away from that voice.

"Brother Raymond!" Sara shrieked. "You promised he was gone! You promised! Oh God! Help! Get him away from me!" Sara's bloodcurdling screams echoed through the corridors. She lunged for the empty chair next to her bed and flung it with all her strength towards where the voice had come from, then made to escape from the room.

The chair crashed against a wall and Sara could hear voices, yelling. She thought she heard her mother's voice and then Brother Raymond was there.

"Sara. Sara! He's gone." His voice was calm but firm. Sara could see him standing a few feet away, his back to her. Then his voice spoke to someone in front of him, "She's okay. No."

His body shifted, taking a step backwards, "Mrs. Mclintock, tell them to stop. He's too… he'll set her off."

"Please, listen to him. She called his name."

"Ma'am, he's only 16, he's not a doctor or a priest," a new voice said, sounding tired.

"God dammit, I am her mother and you will leave this room now."

A deep voice spoke up quietly, "You heard the lady."

"Constable this is hospital prop…"

The door shut on whatever the doctor was going to say and Brother Raymond sagged to the side and looked at her. Her mother wheeled into view.

"Momma!" Sara cried, and flung herself at her mother, burying her head in her lap. "Oh Momma, I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "I couldn't stop them until it was too late. I tried to get away but he hit me, and I screamed and I screamed but no one came. Only Brother Raymond came but it was too late. Don't let them make him leave. If he leaves, they'll come back for us."

"Hush baby, he's going nowhere if I have to chain him here. It's okay. Hush," Carla Winters looked over at the young boy; pain, anger and helplessness warred for dominance. She knew what to do if her little girl cut herself or was sick, but this… God help me, she thought, I want to go to the rooms those animals are in and… Carla kissed the top of her daughter's head, unable to finish the thought for fear she would do it.

"I heard him. He'll come back and he'll hurt me. Oh Momma," Sara whimpered. "It hurts, it hurts. I'm so sorry, Momma. I tried, but they wouldn't stop…" Sara's entire body shuddered with her sobs.

Carla's eyes begged the boy, Brother Raymond, what do I do? How do I fix this?

Brother Raymond took a deep breath and sent the woman all the strength he could. She would need it, the both would. He pushed aside his own guilt at not being faster and once again placed his entire trust in God.

He spoke softly, his voice even and calm, his words for Sara but his eyes locked on her mother. "Sara. Sara, I want you to listen to me. Are you listening, Sara?"

"This was not your fault. There is nothing to be sorry for. Sara, it was not your fault."

"Yes it is. He said it was. He said I wanted it, but I didn't. Momma, I swear I didn't." Sara looked up at her mother desperately, tears of anguish streaming down her face. "But he grabbed me. And he hurt me. He said I belonged to him. Said that I teased him at school, and it was my fault. That'd he'd…" Her voice broke. "That he'd do it until I couldn't think of anyone else, ever. That'd I'd never forget, and I'd beg for it."

"Why did he do it, Momma? Why?"

Dear God, Carla cried looking at the bruised face of her only child, her hand trembled and she wanted to scream. She wanted to demand the same answer from the young man across from her. How could he be so calm? How could God allow this? Enough, Carla Elyane, your daughter needs you more then she ever has.

"I don't know, baby. But Brother Raymond is right, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault. You belong to yourself."

Carla rocked her daughter, stroking her hair and mummering over and over that it wasn't her fault, until Brother Raymond touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

"Keep saying it until she believes it." He then took a deep breath. "They want to examine her, take evidence and ask her a few questions."

Carla nodded, "Sara. The doctors want to look at you, okay, baby? And the police want to ask you a few questions. Can you handle that?"

Suddenly Sara's face went as white as a sheet and her eyes widened.

"Linda! I have to go to Linda! Where is she! Brother Raymond! Where is she? Who's protecting her?!" She began to panic. Sara struggled to her feet and limped painfully towards the door. Her left leg gave out and she fell to one knee. Crying out, she fought to stand up again.

"Sara. Stop. Do you think I would leave her unprotected?" Brother Raymond asked softly, his voice still calm. "I have a friend with her, a very capable young lady who is quite capable of taking out 4 armed police officers. She won't let anyone near Linda. Not even me. Is that okay? If not, I can take you to her. Your decision, Sara."

Sara hesitates for a moment, then gives a shaky nod. Sara seemed to shrink into herself, looking as if she were only ten years old.

Carla gripped her daughter's hand as the door opened. Three women entered the room, two in the garb of doctors and one in a police uniform. The older doctor hesitated at the sight of Brother Raymond.

"I am Doctor Sheila Wilks. Sara, we are going to need to take some photographs, okay? And I am going to be giving you an examination. This is Constable Goldstein. She's going to ask you a few questions about what happened tonight."

She glanced sideways at the young man and cleared her throat. "Sara, I'm going to ask you to remove your clothes, perhaps you would be more comfortable if the young man waited outside."

Panic flared in Sara's eyes. "Out!" Sara cried, as she could feel everyone's eyes burning on her, seeing her through the hospital gown. Looking at her. She looked quickly over at Brother Raymond. "You'll stay close. Stand outside the door. Won't you? Please? Promise?" Sara's voice was pleading.

Brother Raymond nodded, "I'll be right outside if you should need me. I promise."

As the door closed behind him the younger doctor bent to help Sara up. By the time they had reached the bed, Sara was shaking. The doctor removed a camera and began adjusting the setting.

"Okay Sara, did you want me to help with the gown?" Doctor Wilks asked.

"The door," Sara squeaked as Doctor Wilks finished drawing the privacy curtain.

The police officer disappeared for a moment then came back and took out a pad and pencil. Dr. Wilks laid the hospital gown beside Sara on the bed and began. Her cool fingers tilted Sara's head gently. Carla reached out and squeezed her daughter's hand. Sara squeezed back and concentrated on a spot on the curtain.

"We have bruising along the left cheek, slight swelling around the eye. There does not appear to be any damage to the bone or the eye." Doctor Wilks' voice was cool and clinical.

There was a flash from the camera. Sara felt Aron's hand connect, her head rung.

"Bruising along the jaw line, looks like some finger marks here. The jaw is tender, no broken bones."

Flash. He reached out and grabbed her jaw, Sara whimpered as the pain shot straight to her head.

"No marks on the neck. We have bruises on the left breast, finger marks. Teeth marks on the right breast. Skin broken, we might be able to get a dental match." Something wet and cold brushed against Sara's breast.

Flash. His left hand gripped one of her breasts painfully as his mouth latched on to the other. His right hand fumbled at his pants.

"No marks on the stomach. Sara, could you lie down please? No marks on the upper thighs. Sara, I'm going to move your legs apart, okay?"

"No," Sara said in a small voice. She shook her head quickly and tightened her legs together. "I don't want to. Don't make me. They'll see where he hurt me. I don't want them to see."

Sara wrapped her free arm around her waist and hugged herself. Her hand tightened painfully around her mother's fingers.

Doctor Wilks took a deep breath and glanced at Sara's mother. "Sara, we need to find out how badly you were hurt. How can we help make this easier? Who are they?"

"Them," Sara said, pointing an accusing finger at the police. "They want to see and they'll tell everyone what he did to me. They don't care. If they did, they would have been there. They would have stopped him. Would have stopped all of them."

Doctor Wilks waved the police officer away. The officer nodded and stepped outside the curtain. "Okay, Sara. The police are gone."

"Momma?" Sara turned to her mother, eyes filling with tears, looking for reassurance.

Carla nodded and smiles, hoping that she at least looked reassuring. "Go ahead baby, I am right here."

Sara slowly opened her legs, hanging her head in shame.

Doctor Wilks began again, keeping her voice smoothly clinical, but inside she twitched. "We have a massive bruise on the inside of the left thigh, appears to be some sort of twisting, possibly suction or maybe a pinch."

Carla's hand tightened on Sara's and she tried to keep her smile.

Flash. Hands moving over her body… bare legs… A sharp intense pain shot from her inner thigh where Aron grabbed flesh in his fingers and twisted… instinctively, she jerked her leg away from the pain and Aron knelt between her legs.

"We have some bruising around the labia majora. There are indications that penetration may have occurred. Sara, I am going to touch you now."

Flash. His bulk rested fully on her, breathing hard. Pain. Her head jerked back. I want to see your eyes.

Sara's body started to shudder and a whimper came from between her lips. "Nooo…" Sara moaned in anguish. The shudders became stronger, eventually wracking her entire frame.

"Mama's here baby, its okay. You are in the hospital. Sara, it's okay, baby." Carla gripped Sara's hand, fighting to keep the panic and pain out her own voice. Trying to stay calm. She wanted to scream, to yell at the doctor for making her daughter go through this. She wanted to hide, and beat the walls. But she kept her voice steady. "It's okay baby, mama's here."

Doctor Wilks sat back, wondering if the mother would be able to calm the girl enough to finish the examination. At this point there was little doubt in her mind that penetration had occurred. Had it lasted long enough to collect semen, as she had from the other girl? God, I hate this place. Sheila Wilks closed her eyes briefly, struggling against fatigue, trying not to think of her own two young girls safe at home. God, let them be safe.

Sara had curled up into a protective ball.

"Momma," Sara whispered. "I don't want to do this anymore. I want to go home. It hurts. Make the pain go away." She began to sob.

"Oh honey, I can't, dear God in heaven," Carla lost what little composure she had left. "Can't you do something?" she pleaded with the doctor.

"I wish I were dead. I wish they were all dead. Just make it go away. Momma, make it all go away."

"No, baby, don't say that. Oh, baby, I wish I could," Carla Winters cursed the wheelchair that was preventing her from gathering her daughter in her arms.

After a few minutes, Sara's sobs eased. She looked up doctor plaintively. "Do you have to…" She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

"Yes, Sara. All right, Karen. There do appear to be signs of penetration. No sem… Shit! Karen, get an IV in here and I want her monitored."

Sara's body had tensed, and she had tried to remain calm. Her body had given one last violent shudder, and her face went blank and unresponsive. Sara's eyes were unfocused and she blinked only by reflex.

Doctor Wilks stood up and withdrew her small pen light. As the two doctors worked over Sara, Carla looked from one to the other. "What happened? What's going on?"

Doctor Wilks finally turned. "Ms. Winters, your daughter has dropped into shock again. She…"

"What?! Get away from her, god damn you. And you," she spun to face the constable, "you will not talk to my daughter. Do you hear ME!" By the time Carla had finished speaking, she was shouting.

Doctor Wilks motioned to the other doctor and a syringe was quickly prepared. Brother Raymond stepped into the room. "Please, there is no need for that."

Doctor Wilks sighed and made a chopping motion. "Raymond, why is it that every time I turn around, there you are?"

Brother Raymond smiled. "I go where God sends me, Doctor."

"Why?" Carla whispered into her hands as the door shut.

Raymond O'Mallory, 16 years old, brother at the Holy Lady Church gathered 38 year old Carla Winters in his arms as she cried. Great racking sobs. He rocked her and soothed her hair, knowing that there was no anwser that would comfort her.

Constable Renna Geans shifted and look once more into the room she had been assigned to guard. Three young boys lay asleep or uncounsious. Two were Serpents, a Spanish gang that numbered in the 30's, the last had been identified as one Aron Mathis. A broken arm and a fractured back. And the last in a coma.

What happened down there? the young constanble wondered for the hundreth time, And who did I piss of to get the duty of guarding rapists?

Around her, Mercy Hospital continued on.