Date's End

The aftermath of Rampage, for Velocity.

April moved through the crowd of onlookers and TV people, a few minutes later she spotted Andrew and her mom, finishing a statement.

"Mom!" she cried out, making her way through the crowd. Make this look good… "Hey, Mom! Oh my God… I didn't see you in the rush… everybody was running and and and…" She covered her face and sobbed a bit, leaning against her mother and peeking through her fingers to see who bought it.

Harmony crushed April to her, and gave her a quick pat down, looking for injury. The crowd was paying no particular attention to them. Harmony straightened and Andrew reached out and took April's hand, giving it a brief squeeze.

"Well, I guess the movies were a bomb," Harmony sighed. "Being a school night, the late show is out. So what do you two want to do now? We could rent a movie."

April grinned at Andrew. "Sure… Um… if you want to, Andrew." PLEASEPLEASE. Her date couldn't end this way. Yeah a cool movie, maybe something romantic… would Mom try to stay with us… oh man… She smiled, then blushed as her stomach growled. "UM… can we get something to eat too?"

Andrew couldn't believe this. First meeting her mom, then holding hands in the theater, those things showing up, meeting a really cool looking super and now… A movie. Alone with April? Cool. Maybe some action, NO, better yet a horror. "Sounds great to me."

With that, the trip back to April's consisted of a stop at the video store, where they ended up renting Highlander, and the McDonald's drive through.

April managed to restrain herself to 3 big macs, large fries and a coke. She grinned sheepishly at Andrew after she ordered. "The excitement really made me hungry…" Yeah right…he believed that…

Harmony opened the door, holding it for the two kids. She couldn't help but smile as they walked in hand in hand. She sighed as she closed and locked the door. She leaned back against the door listening to April and her boyfriend in the living room. She took several deep breaths as the Event finally hit her–how close she came to losing her little girl. Harmony let the emotion run its course.

April left Andrew in the living room to finish setting up the VCR and went into the kitchen for glasses for the two liter they had picked up. Her mother was sitting on the floor with her back to the door, head on her lap, rocking back and forth.

Stopping dead in her tracks April stared for a moment then kneeled by her mother. "Mom… come on… Its OK… shh…" April slipped her arms around her, and lay her head on hers.

"Goddess," Harmony sobbed holding April tightly, "you could have…" With an effort Harmony brought herself under control.

"It's OK… I was so scared… I thought those things might have got you… but Hanewicks are way too stubborn for that…" She wiped the slight tears from her eyes. "Its over and we're all safe…"

Taking a deep shuddering breath, Harmony forced a smile and kissed April's forehead, "I'm spoiling your date, go on–I'll be okay. I'll be in the bedroom if you need me."

April smiled. "Later we can talk, OK…? About the writing and stuff… OK?" She stood and smiled at her mom. After she agreed April headed back into the living room and sat beside Andrew. "Umm… all ready to go?"

"Yep," Andrew jumped over to the VCR and turned it on, then came back to the chesterfield. "Isn't your mom coming to watch?" God, I hope not. "Where did you go in the theater, anyway?"

April shook her head. "Nah, she was a little tired…" She could hardly keep from bouncing. He was here, alone with her… in her house… so cool. Smiling, she nodded then the question actually hit. "Oh um… there… I was just caught up the crowd…lost track of you guys…" She scooted closer until their legs touched and felt a little thrill. He was wearing that great cologne too… oh manoh ohman…

"Wow, you were lucky. We met some superhero. Don't know her name but she was sorta like Diamond except green." Andrew winced. That sounds real dorky. Just stay cool… He glanced around and noticing a lamp, jumped up. He turned the lamp on and turned the living room light off.

"Um, her name was Jadestorm, I think." OH yeah, let that slip… smoooth.

"We can pretend we're back in the theater." He grinned and sat down. A half hour they stopped the movie to make some popcorn and get some ice. Andrew sat down and rested the bowl between his legs so they wouldn't have to reach to the coffee table. He leaned back and rested his arm across the sofa as the movie resumed. "This is such a great movie."

Is he gonna put his arm around me? April waited, tense with anticipation. "Um, yeah… way better than the sequel… there really shoulda been 'only one.'" A nervous chuckle escaped her as she waited for her joke to fly or bomb utterly. Jesus, that was lame… She reached for some popcorn, wanting to put something in her mouth to crowd out her foot, and fumbled in the darkness. Her hand brushed Andrew's groin for a moment. She froze.

Andrew gasped as his dick, already half hard from thinking about being alone with her, sprung to full attention. He jerked up right and the bowl of popcorn tipped. He made a wild grab for it.

Reflexively, April lunged for it as well, snatching it and the spilled kernels out of the air and putting them on the table… in about .5 seconds. "OHMY… Sorry… Andrew, I'm such a klutz… sorry… geez…" April flushed pink.

Andrew gaped at her. His eyes went to the bowl, then back to her. Just play it cool, you knew she was a mutant. "Um. Sokay. Um is it," his voice cracked and he cleared his throat, "um… kinda hot in here?" Did she do that on purpose?

"Um… Andrew… I'm sorry… you must think… oh…" He knew… but Andrew was cool, he wouldn't freak. "I… didn't mean to to scare you…" He looks so freaked…

He was suddenly glad for the poor lighting. He felt hot and constrained. Keep looking at her face, keep looking at her face, he chanted to himself. His hand twitched towards his groin and with an effort he held still. Sweat popped out on his brow.

April felt Andrew's eyes on her. He was staring… Probably scared. Damn, damn… "Um… yeah… I'll go, go… turn up the air conditioner…" With that, she hopped up and headed out of the den. In the living room she leaned against the wall… now what was she gonna do…?

Andrew sat in a pool of confusion. Did she touch me on purpose? What does she want now? Oh damn… He closed his eyes but that did no good. Her breasts kept popping into his mind. He bounced off the chesterfield and went looking for April.

She was leaning against the living room wall, trying to gather herself as he walked in. Looking up, she ventured a sickly smile.

"Umm…" He shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels. The uncomfortable silence grew.

"Um… yeah, well, you want some ice cream or something?" Where the hell did that come from? "I mean you were hot… NO… I mean… you felt hot…" She grinned a little wider, putting her hands behind her head. You're screwing up…

Andrew felt himself blush. "Um. Naw," stay cool, no problem, "um, that, um…" He felt his face heat, and stared down at his feet. "Um… Accident, right. Imean,youdidn'tdothatonpurpose,right?Justwondering."

Andrew finally took a breath. God, I can't believe I just said that. But I gotta know. She is so beautiful.

April stood stunned for a moment. She had caught the question but was having some trouble digesting it. "Um… do what?"

Andrew gaped at her. Do what? Oh man, it must have been an accident. He was mortified. "Um. No… nothing."

"No, what did I do to freak you–"

Harmony stepped out of the bedroom and stopped, surprised to see them standing in the hall. April was leaning against the wall and they both looked as uncomfortable as hell. Harmony cleared her throat.

April almost discovered a new mutant ability, the power to jump out of her skin. She whirled and looked at her mother, looking guilty as hell for nothing at all.

"Quarter after ten, Andrew," was all Harmony said.

"Huh? Oh. I guess I should be going then." He turned gratefully towards April's mom.

"I'll get the car."

Crestfallen, April nodded. He can't wait to leave… Looking back up at him, she said quietly, "It was really cool… even when those ape things came…"

"Yeah," he grinned.

She brightened instantly. "Really?"

Harmony drove past Andrew's house and stopped, giving the two some privacy to say goodbye. Andrew stopped just inside his yard and turned to April.

"Well, um… I had an interesting time."

"Yeah, that's one word for it…" She grinned, looking bashfully down. "Um… I had a real nice time… the best ever… maybe we can do it again sometime… maybe." She looked aback up. "And what did I do? That made you so upset?"

He looked around and then leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Um… you touched me. I…," he swallowed and whispered, "I liked it."

Touched him? Oh, God. She thought back… the bowl, her hand fumbling. It was only a second but she had brushed him… there… and freaked when the bowl spilt and hadn't even noticed. Her mind spun a bit. There… whoa… she remembered the glimpse she had caught of him in the shower, standing, dark and stiff… the memories mingled with those from the garden. April felt herself flush. He was so close to her now. His breath tickled her neck.

"Oh… you… you did…?" She leaned close, snaked her hand out and cupped him there, squeezing it ever so gently. It felt stiff and pointy under his pants and jumped under touch. The sudden motion made April flinch and giggle slightly, a small nervous laugh.

Andrew hissed, his eyes fluttered, his knees went weak. "Oh God, yes." It came out as a throaty gasp. He began to shake, his hand came up, paused. He looked in her eyes. "April? Can I?"

She looked into his eyes for a moment, hand still cupping him, merely pressed against his erection. It had been so… nice to look at in the shower, standing hard and dark. April felt strange, warm and tingly in the pit of her stomach. He smelled nice. Slowly, as slowly as she did anything she nodded, doing so even really before she could think about it.

He swallowed, and licked his lips; his whole body taut. He reached out and cupped her left breast. She took a deep breath, his touch sending a little jolt through her. He began to breath a little heavy and felt light-headed. He could feel familiar sensations flood his lower body, roaring through his groin. He started to slip his hand under her shirt.

"No… wait…" she stammered, dropping her hand. "Too fast…"

Andrew groaned, "April." Her name was a tortured whisper. His hand trembled against the bare skin of her stomach. The effort to pull it back left him drained. God, he wanted to touch her.

April looked stunned. This was spinning out of control way too fast. "Andrew… God… are you OK…? I mean… it's just…" she stammered.

He leaned back against a tree and shook his head trying to calm his racing heart. "So…rry," he gasped.

He was so strong… trying to be so cool. Her heart went out to him and she rushed over, hugging him impulsively.

He held on to her tightly, taking in her smell. "Can I kiss you?" he whispered, pressing her closer to him, the feel of her breasts against his chest almost putting him over. I am going to… She feels so good. Much better then my dreams… I wonder…

"Yes," she breathed and kissed him on the lips, her heart racing even faster than typical. The kiss was fumbling, clumsy and utterly wonderful in the way only the first one can be. Holding Andrew close, she felt his hardness press against her. Afterward she looked into his eyes, breathing quickly, stunned and excited by her first real taste of a boy.

He gasped as he felt wetness spread from his groin. Then he pulled her close, instinctively pushing against her. He leaned in to kiss her again, remembering his mother's advice about tilting his head.

April returned the kiss gladly. For a moment, her lips parted but she stepped back from that threshold… not quite ready. She felt him jump a little in his pants. Hmmm… what… oh… geez, did he just… from kissing? Wow…

Her mother honked the horn once, sharply. "Ph… shi–shoot. She'll get all weird if I don't go. Andrew, I… want to do it again…" Whether she meant the date, the kiss or the touch hung in the air as she rushed back to the car, waving over her shoulder.

Her mother glanced sideways at her. "Hmmm. That was a long good bye." She looks flushed, first kiss?

April sat in the car, dreamy eyed, and nodded ever so slightly. She was somewhere far away…

Andrew leaned where she had left him until his father came out and told him to get inside.

Later that night Harmony tucked her daughter into bed, amused that she was still staring off into space. She really likes him. He's not too bad a guy. She kissed April's forehead and turned off the light.

April looked up at her mom. "Um… Mom, can I ask you something? When… well, when I hugged Andrew… I think he… well, orgasmed… is that normal?"

Harmony stopped short. What the hell?! "Did he try anything? Was it just the hug? As to if it's normal, that depends on how excited he was." This could be trouble. No. You will trust your daughter.

She shook her head. "No, no… he was perfect, it was just the hug…" She paused. "Just perfect… so it's OK… I just wanted to know." The thought of it made her feel… funny. Images from the gazebo popped into her head. That man and how it looked… the white stuff shooting out of it over that woman's bottom. Did Andrew make that much…? The guys in some of the videos she had seen made a lot too. And where he had put it… "Mom… is it… well… what about when the guy… well, puts it in the other hole… your butt…"

Harmony went completely still. Oh boy. "Okay," she came back in and sat on the edge of the bed, "may I ask why you are asking this question? Has he suggested or mentioned it, or is this your own curiosity?"

"Just curious… Andrew has never said anything about any thing like that."

Harmony sat quietly for a few moments gathering her thoughts. "It's not for everyone. And can be extremely painful if you don't know what you're doing. For some people it's the height of sexual pleasure. I find it enjoyable."

Whoa! Mental picture! April blinked, brain doing some quick flip-flops.

She paused and glanced at her daughter. "I can dig you out some material on it. Some of my erotica has some good instruction in it. Some guys find it enjoyable as well. For many people the ass is a very sensitive part. But it should really be agreed on by both partners. It carries the stigma of sodomy around it so can be a very sensitive subject. Have I answered your question? Are there any other positions or acts that you have been curious about?"

"Um no… that's all right… well…" Mom was good at answering stuff, but the phrase "too much information" didn't mean much to her. Then again, she had asked. Her mouth could outrun her brain anytime. "No… nothing. Well, what about, like, sucking on it… Guys are supposed to really get into that…" Yep, anytime, like just now for instance.

Harmony was surprised to feel amusement. Am I in shock, or is this how my brain has decided to deal with it? "April, I am not the best person to ask about that. It's one of things I don't enjoy much. Of course that's not to say that you won't enjoy it. But most guys love it. You would have to ask one of them why; I can only speculate. The heat, the moisture and the motion would be my guesses."

Harmony paused. "Are you thinking of trying it? I would suggest two things first. One, that you taste his semen first to find out if you like it. And there is no shame in either liking it or not. The second thing, since you have already seen him, touching him would be next. Listen to his reactions to find out what he likes and don't try to take him all at once. And whatever you do, April, try to control your urge to use your speed. I know that it gets difficult when you are excited, but believe me, it can be painful. I think you might hurt him if you speed-jacked him."

April's shiny black eyes were wide now. She blushed. Well, you asked, dorko.

"And you know that he can do the same for you, right? Oral sex is a good alternative to intercourse."

April nodded slowly.

Harmony sighed. I've gone too far again, haven't I? She bit her lip and smoothed back April's hair. It felt nice to have April able to talk to her about these things, to be able to have a conversation about sex with one of her daughters. Don't blow it.

"Have I said too much, April? I mean, I want to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible. I don't want…" Harmony sighed. "I love you, April. Just let me know if I am jumping ahead of your questions. Okay? Any more?"

"Oh… well, it's OK… I asked… I guess…" April nodded. "No… nothing else…" There was, but she'd had enough for tonight.

Harmony nodded and paused by the door. "Oh, don't make any plans for Sunday night. This will be my only rule regarding boyfriends. You and Andrew will be going to a seminar with me."

April's heart skipped a beat. Oh no… seminar… what seminar? This can't be good. She sat up. "What seminar… on what?"

"On AIDS, love. If you are going to start dating, I want to make sure both you and you partner are well educated on that score." Fear clenched Harmony's guts. "Remember when you had chicken pox? It went through your system so quickly, and was much more intense than normal. If you were to ever pick up AIDS…"

"Oh." She could tell from the look there was no arguing on that score. "Okay." Gee… how am I gonna tell him this? Mom wants to grab some pizza… and listen to a lecture on a deadly STD… oh man…

"And one last thing, April. That tingling in your stomach and your groin–that funny feeling, the way your nipples harden, and you grow wet? That is our version of a hardon." Harmony kept her laughter in at the look on her daughter's face.

Stammer sputter stare stare.