Interlude 6

Anton awoke, tangled in his sheets, damp with sweat and panting.

"Gina!" he cried,reaching out into the darkness. He was a thin child, soft brown skin and wide eyes that held a deep innocense in their hazel depths. The room was small and dark, only the vaguest sillouhettes of furniture and child's toys dimly visible in the glow of a night light that snapped on when cried out. In an instant, Mother was there, a warm soothing prescence in his mind, her mental embrace more full and loving than any physical touch.

"Hush, now, hush, the dream is gone…" Mother pushed back his fear… caressed his trembling mind until he could speak.

"No no… dream Mother… it was real… Gina was hurting… I heard her screaming…" Anton curled up, drawing his knees to his chin. "She was burning."

He was certain. Mother could feel the truth in his words or his belief in them. Of all her charges, Anton never attempted to decieve her. He was her most innocent child.

"Gina… you sister… yes… you felt her again."

Ops specalist had said the boy was suffering from strain, searching for the wayward ones for so long had taxed his Talent. He often dreamed of Gina when tired. Like they had to tell Mother of her wards. She was with them for all their tears,the laughter to the first stirrings of love and lust as they grew. She knew them.

"Burning…so hot I could "see" her… feel her trace but could not touch her… there were other lights Mother…bright and dim."

Mother read the impression on his mind as he spoke to focus them. Yes. It was an impression. He had been wandering the astral as he slept… and found her. She lived. A wayward Child of the Lines. Mothere's heart was torn. Gina alive.

"It was too breif a touch for me to tell where Mama… " Mother felt warmed. Mama.

"I know little one… we wil find her and bring her to you… these others… did they Feel familar?"

Anton frowned,looking down. "I did not feel them Mother… I was… busy trying to help Gina."

She eased his shame. "yes… yes… I understand it matters not… we know and once the other Wayward Ones are found then we will gather Gina."

Anton curiosity was piqued. There had been talk around the creche of runaways. "Are the Wayward… are they like me… is one the Screamer?" He giggled a bit,remebering how the teacher had shuddered and whimpered. It had felt very nice. Like sex. The first time had been angry and sad. He wondered who the Screamer was… why was she so loud… her light must be strong.

Mother tried to never lie to her young ones. "One is yes… he was of the Line and betrayed us… but my still be brought back."

Unlikly but she hoped it so. Jason had been so perfect so sweet. His Talent affected even her and they had shared many a sweet moment together. Jason… I failed you… never saw the bitterness that bitch of a teacher drove into you…that spy. She is done now,hiding from Karr on the Deadplane.

"The other… the Screamer…she is something new… not of the Lines but not one of the blind either… she will be most welcome in our family."

Mother smiled. It would be good to ease her pain. Her anger was against her parents. How could anyone harm a child especially there own. Even Blind children.

"Now sleep Anton… dream of the sister you will see again."

Anton lay down,listening to the soothing rythym Mother filled his minfd with and swiflty slept again. Mother sighed in pleasure then felt another of her charges stir. Henri was trespassing on the dreams of another,using them to fuel his own fantasies. He was growing so fast… still should not be venturing beyond the mental "boudaries" of the creche so untrained. She would rein him in and play with him for a time. Mother's work was never done.