Interlude 3

Then I saw that there was a way to Hell even from the gates of Heaven.
John Bunyan

Karr stood naked under harsh florescent lights. Her pale skin had a deathly pallor, her breathing deep and even, eyes closed. She was hairless everywhere but her head. A small wolf's head and a greek Psi were tattooed on her left arm. The room was bare, clinically white with only a tray of stainless steel surgical instruments and a table bearing a naked male corpse. It was fat, the skin hairy and pimpled. The piggy little eyes were open and staring, the mouth hanging slack. His face was slack in death but still bore a look of terror.

She exhaled once more and opened her eyes locking her gaze on the corpse with a predatory intensity. She could feel him, his essence laying in that cold pile of doughy flesh. Padding over to the body she ran her hands over the soft belly, smiling a bit. Yes, there… there, Robinson… Robbie… you can feel me, can't you? She murmured into the blackness of the Deadplane, felt him shudder. The dead thought themselves safe… until she touched them. She leaned in, sniffing along the body, smelling sweat, blood… secrets… secrets hidden in the depths of his flesh.

Selecting a small scapel, she slit his belly open, slicing from the sternum to his groin. Blood and pink flesh welled up from the cut. Karr could smell the gasses of his body. They whispered to her, guiding her hands into the slit. Still warm. She tugged and tore at the flaps, ripping them with a moist tearing. Her smile widened into a manic grin as she strained to wide the gap, digging into looping pink intestines. In the darkness of the Deadplane, Robinson's soul screamed as it felt every violation of his body. No no… you had your chance… but now we do this my way…

Behind a screen of one-way glass, Hanes stood with the older woman watching the spectacle. He shook his head. "Ain't this some shit… man… like nothing I ever saw…"

The older woman looked pale, averting her gazefrom the viewing window, silently thanking God that the chamber was soundproof. They'd been pursuing the runaway through half the city, dealing with all manner of scum. Only the little girl, Shanisa, had been a bright spot… so bright and pure like a beacon in this dreary field of deceitful minds she existed in. Her talent to see lies and deceit was sometimes a curse. Every small "white lie" or exaggeration was like a stain or a stink only she could smell.

"C'mon, lighten up, Violet, it's not like the scumbag didn't bring it on himself… you know he was laying under the interrgation and being a 'path and all, couldn't mindfuck it out of him so…" He gestured to Karr who was now peeling the skin from the man's genitals with her teeth, coated in blood from her arms to belly.

Violet shuddered. "I don't understand how that man ended up put in charge of the R and D sectors anyway. He is… was a miserably corrupt man, it's no shock at all he conspired with Jason to take the Templates." With another shudder she sank into one the padded lounge chairs. "His Line, I guess… too much here is based on that."

Shrugging, Hanes continued to watch, entranced. "Yeah… how come you didn't read that Robinson was playing out? Thought that was your gig, lies and shit like that?"

Violet looked up at him, barely able to mask her contempt. "Robinson was a Null… like a wall to most mental probes and he avoided me… his Line made him above reproach, as did Jason's. I knew he was lying during interrogation, there was no need for Karr's vigour."

"He was toast anyway, and its nothing like she's doing now." Karr had gouged out the eyes and was licking the jelly from her fingers, face thoughtful. She selected a hammer and small chisel and began to hammer open the skull. "I'm surprised you managed to talk her into letting that hooker and her brat keep breathin'."

Violet sighed, remebering the little girl, screaming for her mother, the woman herself terrified, sitting in a puddle of her own urine while Hanes repeadtly spun a revolver chamber, the barrel pressed to the side of her head. "Better answer fast… next time maybe boom…" Jesus… "It served no purpose… she told us all she knew… though I still wonder why Jason killed that pimp."

"Guy problaly just jumped bad with him, bad move… but how the fuck did he throw 'em through that window…? He must be joiced… I am not getting close to that fucker when we find him." He mimiced a holding rifle. "Building top… bang bang… hey, she's finished." Violet looked up as Karr walked to a corner of the room, picking at a bit of vein hanging from her erect nipple. In the corner of the room she pressed a button and a hard stream of water sluiced the slime and blood from her body. Retreiving a towel from a hidden cabinet she step into the obsrvation room. Hanes grinned, looking over her naked form as she toweled off. She was flushed with excitement, breathing hard.

"Jason had the Templates with him… didn't share much with Robinson on where he hid them or the records… but there was a name… a girl Jason was rather obsessed with, a sleeper…Jason was in charge of her and her parents, they were in on this as well."

"So you think he is going after the girl… figures… Jason was always sniffin' after pussy, Line or not."

Violet ground her teeth, remebering catching him with her daughter. She had been 15.

Karr nodded, drying her hair. "Get you men together and we'll pay them a little visit…"