Jason's Office

There's a skeleton in everybody's closet
I can think of one or two in my own room
The Ghosts That Haunt Me, The Crash Test Dummies

The office was dark, lit only by faint light filtering in through the heavy blinds over the bay windows, and empty. A grate across the air vent rattled softly, each screw slowly turning then falling free. The vent started to fall but a hand snaked out and caught it and drew it back into the vent. A figure squrimed out a second later, wiggling silently out, head first and dropping to the floor and rolling to a crouch. It was a woman dressed in grey and black urban cammoes, a black cowl covering her face. Web belts held a variety of weapons, two heavy looking pistols, an SMG slung at her side and a pair of kama on her belt.

Huntress swept the room, bumping her hearing into the ultrasonic to detect any motion sensors. Nothing. Standing she walked over to the large oak desk that dominated the office of Jason Williamson, psychiatrist and murder suspect. This investigation had not gone well. After a coincidental encouter while stopping a minor robbery she had spotted the suspect. He was with several other suspect figures. Artemis had IDed some of the others. Willow Anderson, artist and student; Jim Smith, freelance soldier missing for the past year. The juvenile Negro female, Gina, was not suspect.

She began sorting throgh the rolodex, scanning each card for second before moving on to the next. Favored restaurants, medical associates, receptionist home phone number, nothing of striking import.

She opened a link to Artemis. Progress on the Jason Williamson background check?

Artemis responded in a split second. Negative Progress. Background information lacking after 2 years ago. Limited to basic biographical data with a 87% chance of being falsified. Not surprising. She moved on to the patient files and found them remarkably sparse. Only 5 patients, 4 female, 1 male. Each diagnosed with nervous disorders. All except one had an additonal dietary problem, weight loss and low glucose levels.

Artemis, additional background checks on these names… also scan medical data base and correlate symptoms, diagnoses and treatments against the one listed and download immediately. I will conduct personal interviews with subjects. She closed the files and headed back to the vent, returning everything to how it was before.

Artemis "spoke" as she climbed into the air vent. Query: Why are you interested in the patients, there is only a calculated 56% chance of there being some connection?

Huntress' answer was simple. Intutition.