PBEM Games

I play a number of roleplaying games, from Champions and GURPS to several versions of Dungeons & Dragons (I still have a purple-box copy of the basic set, though the box itself is long gone), and even newer stuff like CthulhuTech. At the time I started this page, my wife and I had a new infant (as I'm writing this, he will be starting driver ed once the snow thaws), so it was difficult to play in face-to-face RPG sessions. So we resorted to online gaming, which at the time meant play-by-email games.

There were a number of PBEMs where I agreed to convert the posts to HTML or mirror the "official" website. This page was originally the mirror for Cheryl Sheppard's New London game, expanded to include the other PBEMs she was running at the time, and then got cut down to the New London and Millennium games because of space constraints. I later added the 2050 game following a falling-out between the GM and my then-girlfriend (now wife).

It should be noted that all of these games have been finished for years. No new posts are forthcoming for any of them.