The First Age

Gorim, a leader of one of the four groups of Dals, goes in search of UL. It takes Gorim 20 years to find Him, several more to convince UL to consent to be his God and the God of his people, and yet more to convince UL to be the God of the creatures rejected by his sons. On his return, most of Gorim's people neither recognize nor believe him. A few, however, do believe him, and accompany him back to Prolgu. The remaining Ulgos, as they are now called, are cut off by their God; their women become infertile. (Bv1 433-437)
A boy named Garath is born in the village of Gara. He subsequently builds a (justified) reputation as the village thief. (Owing to the location of Gara, it is possible that he's could be Tolnedran, Nyissan, Arendish, or Marag. Or any combination thereof.
Garath decides that it's time to leave after he's soundly thrashed by an irate village elder, who caught Garath in a barn with his youngest daughter. Garath travels westward into Tolnedran lands, where he meets an old man with a weird sense of humor, with whom he travels intermittently. He first hears "Stop, thief!" in Tol Malin. (BtS 14-15)
Garath encounters what's left of the Godless Ones–the Ulgos who didn't follow Gorim. They are quite old by this point, and dying at a fairly rapid clip. He stays with them for the winter, steals some supplies, and then heads south. (BtS 18-19)
Garath enters the Vale of Aldur and encounters the Tree. After standing bemused for an indeterminate period of time, he is trapped in the Vale by a sudden snowstorm. (Which was caused by Aldur, of course, who knew perfectly well what He was doing.) Garath enters Aldur's tower for the first time (through an unconscious use of sorcery), and shortly after enters the God's service. (BtS 21-25)
Garath's first conscious use of sorcery involves moving the same rock that will later sink Garion up to his armpits in the soil of the Vale. Aldur renames the young man "Belgarath." Belgarath begins to study the flower he gives Aldur. (BtS 27-28)
Belgarath finishes his study of the flower. He accompanies Aldur to Prolgu, so that Aldur can tell his father that the Orb has, unfortunately, arrived. Belgarath spends his time there talking with Gorim (still the original one), and learning of the various groups of Dals. (BtS 30-32)
Belgarath finally notices that he isn't aging. Aldur points out that aging, while customary, is not mandatory. (BtS 33)
Zedar arrives in the Vale. Belgarath stops him from making an animal sacrifice to Aldur (which would definitely offend Him). Zedar is accepted as a pupil, and is given over to Belgarath for training. Zedar discovers the Will and the Word within six months (it took Belgarath six years, you'll recall), and is renamed Belzedar. (BtS 34-36)
Twin Alorn shepherds, Tira and Kira, wander into the Vale, and stay, becoming Beltira and Belkira. (BtS 37)
(Bel)makor, a Melcene, arrives (and is the first of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers to openly state that they were summoned; Aldur looks faintly embarrassed). (BtS 37)
(Bel)sambar, an Angarak, arrives. He's about fifteen at the time. He is trained by Beltira and Belkira. (BtS 37-8)
Construction begins on the towers, lasting for several decades. While Belgarath is in the process of finishing his, (Bel)din shows up. Belgarath is to train him, but (to his amazement) finds that Beldin already knows the secret of sorcery. This rounds out the membership of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers at seven. (BtS 39-41)
"Oh, stop that! Sometimes you're so gushy you make me want to spew." –Beldin, to Belmakor (BtS 45)
Beltira and Belkira are the first to use telepathy to contact the others (not including themselves, but then, they'd been doing that since they were born). Beldin is the first member of the Brotherhood to take an alternate form, that of a hawk with a bright blue band across its tail. Shortly after these discoveries, Aldur's disciples are sent out to check on the other peoples.
A few years later, they gather back at Aldur's tower. Belgarath was sent to observe the Tolnedrans, who had already become merchants, and the Marags, who had developed a matriarchal society, but not yet the practice of ritual cannibalism that would later provide the Tolnedrans with an excuse. Belzedar was sent to observe the Angaraks, who have adopted the practice of human sacrifice in their religious ceremonies. Belsambar was sent to check on the Morindim and the Karands (demon-worshippers). Belmakor looked in on the still-rather-primitive Nyissans. Beltira and Belkira checked in on their fellow Alorns, who were enthusiastically engaged in clan wars, though not in as stupid a fashion as the Arendish internal conflicts. (The twins do recommend that someone keep an eye on the Alorns, though.) Aldur first shows the Orb, and explains what it is, to his disciples. Belzedar shows the first signs of his obsession with the Orb. (BtS 47-50)
Torak enters the Vale, ostensibly to speak with His brother. Instead, He strikes Aldur and steals the Orb. Aldur's disciples take word to the other Gods. Since Beltira and Belkira are remaining in the Vale, Belgarath goes north to speak with Belar. Along the way, he encounters a young she-wolf… (BtS 51-62)
The Gods meet in the Vale to discuss what to do about Torak; ultimately, they declare war. (BtS 63)
Belmakor and Beldin create the first siege engines for use in the war against the Angaraks. Belsambar, knowing that Torak relishes the pain of individual (sacrificial) victims, suggests that they burn out the Angarak cities. (BtS 67)
Belgarath journeys north to get the Alorns moving. (BtS 69)
The Dals discover what their task is–to prepare the way for the Choice. This discovery ends the First Age. (SK xii)

The Second Age
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