The Second Age

The other races converge on the mountains of Korim, and Torak's main temple on the highest peak. They have slaughtered the Angaraks nearly to the point of extinction, their objective being to push Torak to the point where He will attempt to use the Orb in a way that it will not tolerate. And faced with the extinction of His people, Torak does exactly that: He raises the Orb and cracks the world, splitting the protocontinent in two and creating the Sea of the East. In retaliation, the Orb burns off His left hand, boils His left eye and melts the left side of His face. The Alorns are pledged to make war against the Angaraks until Torak returns the Orb. Finally, Belar and Aldur take steps to prevent the sea from swallowing all the remaining dry land. (BtS 72-75)
Aldur explains what's really happening to His disciples. (BtS 80-82)
Beldin and Belzedar go to Mallorea to check on the Angaraks; Belgarath is sent to Arendia and Tolnedra. Belgarath discovers that the monsters (specifically, the Hrulgin, Algroths, and the dragon) have thrown off UL's restrictions regarding humans. On arriving amongst the Arends, Belgarath arranges certain marriages. He also arranges for the beginnings of the Honethite line in Tolnedra. (BtS 83-88)
Torak takes the most rabid of His followers from amongst the Angaraks to northwestern Mallorea, where they build the City of Endless Night (Cthol Mishrak). (BtS 94)
Belgarath and Beldin return to the Vale. Beldin has discovered that Angarak society has begun to fracture. Currently, one faction follows the generals, with a settlement at Mal Zeth; a second faction follows Urvon's Grolims and has a setlement at Mal Yaska; and a third is with Torak at Cthol Mishrak. Torak has also decided that having disciples would be to His advantage. He has three: Ctuchik, Urvon, and a mysterious third. (BtS 91-95)
The Melcene Empire expands from Melcena to the mainland kingdoms of Rengel, Celanta, Peldane, and Darshiva. They have some trouble with Gandahar (elephant cavalry, you know). (BtS 102)
Belsambar wills himself out of existence. All of Aldur's disciples (including Belmakor and Belzedar, who were in Mallorea at the time) return to the Vale. Belmakor talks about the expansion of the Melcenes, as well as why they're not expanding into Dalasia. Afterward, Beldin and Belzedar return to Mallorea, Belmakor goes to Maragor (presumably, he's entertaining the Marag women…), and Belgarath spends several centuries arranging marriages and occasional murders. (BtS 100-104)
Belgarath turns 3000. (BtS 104)
Belgarath changes form in front of the wolf; from that, the wolf figures out how to change her own form–into an owl, at first. (BtS 106)
Tol Nedrane burns to the ground. A Honethite organizes work gangs to rebuild the city with stone, rather than wood–ten men to one gang, ten gangs to move larger blocks, and one hundred gangs to move the foundation blocks. When bandits attempt to raid Tol Nedrane, the Honethite foreman changes his workmen into soldiers–and a gang becomes a squad, ten squads become a company, and ten companies become a legion. After he expands control of the surrounding territory to about a 20-league radius, the Honethite renames his city Tol Honeth, and dubs himself Ran Honeth I, Emperor of all Tolnedra. (BtS 108-9)
The Arendish civil wars break out. We first meet the Baron of Vo Mandor (Mandorin, in this case). (BtS 109)
Beldin returns from Mallorea, and Belmakor from Maragor. Belzedar is nowhere to be found. Beldin's been keeping an eye on the Angaraks again. The Grolims and generals have worked out a joint ruling agreement (it was either that or move to Cthol Mishrak, by Torak's edict). Ctuchik is in charge at Cthol Mishrak, and Urvon at Mal Yaska. Beldin suspects that the mysterious third disciple is undercover at Mal Zeth. The Angaraks have also invaded and subjugated Karanda, and begun the conversion of the Karands to the worship of Torak. They attempted to invade the Melcene Empire, but were stopped at the border by elephant cavalry. So they turned their attention to Dalasia instead, where they encountered what appeared to be a simple people living in mud huts, who converted by the thousands. Beldin has also had the first contact with the Chandim (the Hounds of Torak), and has made some threats to Urvon involving white-hot hooks and entrails. The she-wolf leaves Belgarath. (BtS 110-115)
Belgarath is sent to look in on the Morindim–and especially to check up on their demon-summoning practices. He learns the "proper" spells and sigils for summoning demons (which are mostly unnecessary) from two different "masters". The first of his teachers is killed by a Demon Lord (possibly Mordja) before he can even teach anything. (BtS 115-117)
Belgarath, having summoned imps, fiends, and afreets, finally summons a full-fledged (if somewhat small) demon. He decides he's learned enough and heads home. On the way back, he encounters a small cottage on the northern edge of the Vale, owned by an oddly familiar woman named Poledra. (BtS 118-120)
Belgarath and Poledra are married in the spring. (BtS 120)
Belgarath, Beltira, and Belkira head north to Aloria to deal with the Alorn clan wars. They are joined by the she-wolf. Turns out that the clan wars have been caused by religion–the Bear-cult, to be specific. The war ends when the founder of the Bear-cult is split from head to navel by King Uvar Bent-beak. (BtS 121-125)
Belmakor wills himself out of existence. When the others gather at the Vale, Beldin tells them that the Marags have begun practicing ritual cannibalism. (BtS 125-127)
Belgarath gets an urgent summons from Beldin–the Marags have invaded Nyissa in retaliation for slave raids. Beldin gets Salmissra to let the Marags retreat by threatening to burn the Nyissan jungles to the ground. (BtS 127-130)
Cherek is born. (BtS 130)
Cherek Bear-shoulders ascends the throne of Aloria. (BtS 131)
Dras is born. (BtS 131)
Algar is born. (BtS 131)
Riva is born. (BtS 131)
On Riva's naming-day (eighteenth birthday), he becomes Riva Iron-Grip. Poledra announces to Belgarath that she's pregnant. (BtS 131)
Polgara and Beldaran "wake up" at their mother's urging. Poledra and Aldur take action to educate the twins, and to change them, according to the dictates of Necessity. (PtS 17-18)
Cherek and his sons make a trip to the Vale late in the year to tell Belgarath about the land bridge to Mallorea that they've discovered. Belgarath protests vigorously when they ask him to go along (Poledra is very pregnant, after all), but is told in no uncertain terms by the Purpose that he will be going with them. Belgarath, in turn, tells Beldin that he will return to the Vale to stay with Poledra. They leave the next morning. (BtS 134-140)
The Morindim begin to converge on Belgarath and company. All the Morindim–which means that somebody has been tampering with them. Eventually, he's forced to confront them. The Morind magicians raise their demons. Belgarath raises the sun. It's illusory, but they don't know that, and the concentration of most of the magicians is broken–with the usual side-effects. Belgarath then raises a Demon Lord to deal with the demons whose magicians didn't lose control. In the aftermath, he discovers that Belzedar has been following him… and that Zedar is also Torak's third disciple. Belgarath manages to neutralize Zedar by a very simple expedient: he beats the man senseless. Belgarath continues with Cherek and his sons toward Mallorea. (BtS 144-161)
Belgarath and company raid Torak's iron tower. Torak's asleep. Riva takes up the Orb. (BtS 177)
Polgara and Beldaran are born. Poledra "dies." Aldur summons Beldin to take care of the twins. (BtS 359, PtS 19)
Torak wakes up at dawn. And he's really pissed off. When he attempts to pursue Belgarath and company, however, the Orb blinds or annihilates numerous Chandim and Murgos, and even chases off Torak himself. Their final encounter is with Ctuchik's shadow. He's one of the Chandim, as it happens. The successful recovery of the Orb ends the Second Age. (BtS 181-187, 292; SK xiii)

The Third Age
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