The Fourth Age

Polgara and Geran (now about 16) leave Pol's manor house and head to Sendar (to get some of Polgara's rent money), then Muros. In Muros, Pol assumes the pseudonym of Baroness Pelera. She swindles a Drasnian out of his house, then gets the man to introduce her to Hattan, an Algar cattle-buyer who just happens to have a daughter, Eldara, who's about (wait for it!) 16. The reaction Geran and Eldara to each other is about the same as Beldaran and Riva's reaction–love at first sight, and then some. Hattan also recognizes Polgara for who she is, and becomes Pol's first co-conspirator in hiding and protecting the Rivan line. Geran and Eldara are married about a month after they meet. (PtS 397-405)
Davon (Geran and Eldara's son) is born. Polgara and Geran tell Eldara who he really is, and why they have to hide. Geran is introduced to Hattan's business, and proves to be quite good at it. (PtS 406-408)
Davon marries Alnana. (PtS 411-412)
Davon and Alnana's son Alten is born. Hattan is gored by a bull and dies. (PtS 412)
Geran's sense of civic responsibility gets the better of him when the Earl of Muros asks him to stand for election to the city council. A Murgo also discovers the extended family's location. Both Pol and Geran are in firm agreement that it's time to leave. They retreat to Pol's manor house, and stay there long enough for Geran and Eldara to die. (PtS 413-419)
Prince Geran of Riva dies. (PtS 419)
Eldara dies. (PtS 419)
Polgara, Davon, Alnana, and Alten go to Darine. Davon has a much better grasp of what they're trying to do than his father did, and so he sets out to start a completely different business than the one he had in Muros. Davon becomes a fur buyer. Alten becomes a furrier. Which brings him into contact with a young woman named Ellette. (PtS 421-424)
Alten and Ellette's son Geran is born. (PtS 424)
Alnana dies. (PtS 425)
Pestilence breaks out in Darine, claiming the lives of Davon, Alten, and Ellette. Polgara flees back to her manor house with Geran, who ultimately becomes a mediocre physician, setting a pattern for centuries of Iron-grip's descendants–obscurity. (PtS 425)
The Melcene bureaucracy is now the Mallorean one, and is responsible for the administration of the entire Mallorean "empire." (SD 6)
Darion (the current Heir) marries Selana, a Sendar. (PtS 427)
Ctuchik's Murgos get dangerously close to Polgara, Darion, and Selana. Fortunately, Belgarath happens to be in the area, overhears the right conversation, and moves the three from Sulturn to Kotu. (BtS 413-417, PtS 427-430)
Selana gives birth to a son. In a break from tradition, Darion chooses a Drasnian name for him, Khelan, rather than a Rivan or Sendarian one. (PtS 430)
Belgarath visits Prolgu, and has a discussion with the new (current?) Gorim. The unification of Mallorea is nearly complete, and Ctuchik has left Rak Cthol. He then heads through Arendia, paying a call on the Wildantor family, and then the Fair. He encounters a Drasnian intelligence agent named Khaldan (an ancestor…), who tells him that the Mandor family is currently involved in a local little war, and that a Murgo named Achak is at the fair. Achak turns out to be Ctuchik. Ctuchik has taken a rather ambitious servant named Chamdar, who has been assigned to track down Polgara and her charge. (BtS 418-425, PtS 430-431)
Belgarath spends several centuries laying false trails for Chamdar. Chamdar proves to be, if not a disciple, then something very close to it. (BtS 426-427, PtS 430-431)
Polgara moves the Rivan heirs to Boktor. (PtS 437)
Polgara moves the Rivan heirs to a village west of Val Alorn in Cherek. It's rather safe, as Chereks will kill any Angarak on sight. (PtS 437)
Polgara takes Gariel, the current Heir, to Algaria. Since Prince Geran had married Hattan's daughter, and Hattan had been the younger son of a clan chief, Gariel was a member of that clan. Pol points that fact out to Hurtal, the current chief of that clan, and the two of them are accepted as clan members. (PtS 438)
Gariel and Silar's son Daran is born. (PtS 439)
Daran and Selara's son Geran is born. (PtS 439)
Geran's son Darel is born. Polgara, being sick of living in Algar wagons, begins a campaign to corrupt the newest heir, stressing the disadvantages of a nomadic life. (PtS 439-440)
Darel and Polgara move to Aldurford, where Darel sets up shop as a blacksmith (the one already there was a drunkard). (PtS 440)
Darel marries Adana. (PtS 440)
Darel and Adana's son Garel is born. (PtS 442)
Inconsistency note: PtS 448 says that Garel is 21 in 4860 when he gets married, but this year of birth only makes him 19.
In the spring, a total eclipse of the sun seems to trigger a massive climactic change; the sun becomes a rare sight. (BtS 427, PtS 442-443)
Torak emerges from Ashaba, deposes the Mallorean Emperor, and takes the throne as Kal (Old Angarak for "King and God") Torak. He returns dominion over his empire to the Grolims, who use sacrifices to keep their subjects in line. Belgarath warns the Alorn Kings–Cho-Ram XIV of Algaria, Rhodar I of Drasnia, and Eldrig of Cherek, who sends word to Ormik of Sendaria and Brand. (BtS 428-432; DLK 6; SD 6; PtS 442-443, 449-450)
Belgarath tells Brand that he's going to meet Torak in the next EVENT. Brand boggles. (BtS 436-437, PtS 448)
Inconsistency note: BtS says 4850, PtS says 4852.
Darel dies of a heart attack. (PtS 443)
An Angarak council-of-war is held at Mal Zeth. (SD 6)
Belgarath pays Polgara a visit to pass on some instructions from Beltira and Belkira. She's instructed to take Garel and Adana to the Algarian Stronghold, which will be besieged but will not fall. Polgara reluctantly complies. Once that's accomplished, Belgarath, Polgara, and Cho-Ram depart for Riva to meet with Brand. (PtS 445-447)
Garel (the Rivan King) marries an Algar girl (Aravina). (BtS 437, PtS 448)
Inconsistency note: BtS says Aravino, PtS says Aravina.
Gelane (Garel and Aravina's son) is born. (BtS 437, PtS 448)
The Murgos and Nadraks close the caravan routes to the East. In response, Brand closes the port at Riva, and the closure of the port is enforced by Eldrig's war boats. Ran Borune IV is Not Amused. (BtS 437, PtS 451)
Belgarath goes south to alert Ran Borune. He's forced to pose as a member of Drasnian Intelligence to get the message through to him. He tells Ran Borune to get his legions ready. (BtS 438-440, PtS 451-452)
4865, Spring
Kal Torak leads an army of northern Murgos, Nadraks, Thulls, and Malloreans (Karands and Angaraks, primarily) into Drasnia. He isn't interested in conquest, he simply wishes to kill all the Drasnians in retaliation for what the Drasnians did to the Nadraks. The other Alorns concentrate on evacuating the survivors of the massacre. (BtS 440-441, PoP 21, Bv1 195, PtS 452)
Kal Torak finishes off Drasnia. (BtS 441, PoP 21, PtS 452)
After an emergency session of the Alorn Council, Belgarath and Polgara head south to rally the Arends, Tolnedrans, Nyissans, and Mara. Polgara has to show Duke Elladan of Asturia an embellished version of what happened to Drasnia before he'll help. Elladan has a daughter, Mayaserana, who's about 8 years old. When they go to Vo Mimbre to speak with "King" Aldorigen XII, and Polgara gives a repeat performance, they find that Aldorigen has an 8-year-old son named Korodullin. How interesting…. Ran Borune proves to be much more receptive, and Salmissra comes around when she realizes just how unpleasant things would be if the Grolims got their hands on her. Mara doesn't care, but he's not going to let anyone enter Maragor, either. (BtS 444-448, PtS 456-466)
Belgarath and Polgara go to Ulgo to have a talk with the Gorim (who is the same Gorim as in Garion's day). The idea is to give the Ulgos, who are basically nonviolent, time to seal up their caves before the Angaraks come tromping through, but Gorim offers to speak with UL to see if he will allow his people to help. As Polgara is about to drift off to sleep that night, Poledra welcomes her to Ulgo–it seems she's in residence there. UL comes to speak with the two women; Polgara and Poledra are going to be obliged at some point in the future to share the same form, so that Polgara can be prepared for a choice she'll need to make in the future, without the danger of losing her sanity. (PtS 466-473)
Kal Torak makes his move: he invades Algaria. He also has the other half of his army board ships at Dal Zerba, with the obvious intent of crushing the West between the two immense armies. (BtS 448-449, PtS 474-475)
Garel falls from a horse while scouting for the advancing Angaraks, and dies instantly. Polgara is forced to tell Gelane who he really is (even though he's not quite six years old) to impress on him that he needs to be careful. (PtS 477)
Polgara and Poledra combine themselves into a single owl. This gives them the advantage of concealment (they don't actually exist as a combined entity, so nobody can find them). They go and listen to Torak's raving. It's at this point that Torak reveals to Zedar (and to the listening owl) that he intends to take Polgara as his handmaiden. She's not amused. (In fact, it scares the sh*t out of her.) (PtS 479-483)
Kal Torak besieges the Algarian Stronghold. (BtS 456, PoP 21, PtS 483)
The leaders of the western armies gather at the Imperial War College at Tol Honeth. Meanwhile, the Murgos and the Murgo Grolims block the progress of Torak's second column–Ctuchik will, under no circumstances, allow Urvon to succeed in bringing his army to Arendia, but he can't oppose Urvon (and Torak) openly… (BtS 458-460, PtS 485-487)
Beltira and Belkira nail down the destination of Torak's army: Vo Mimbre. (PtS 487-488)
A woman, glowing blue, takes the Orb from the Sword of the Rivan King, and places it on a shield. (BtS 465-467, PtS 489-490)
Urvon assembles his army, and begins to march north from the District of Hagga in Cthol Murgos. (BtS 467, PtS 490)
4875, Late Spring
Kal Torak abandons the siege of the Algarian Stronghold. He turns west. The Algars and Drasnians attack the rear of his column; when he gets to Ulgoland, the Ulgos start committing constructive atrocities. (BtS 469-470, Bv1 195-196, PtS 490)
A massive blizzard sweeps through the Great Desert of Araga in Cthol Murgos. The second Angarak column is bogged down. (BtS 470, PtS 490)
Aldorigen and Elladan meet for a council of war. They agree to a more private and personal war after the impending battle. Korodullin and Mayaserana meet for the first time. (They're not exactly friends.) (PtS 492-495)
Torak arrives at the edge of the plain surrounding Vo Mimbre. He stops to regroup. Of the Western forces, only the Tolnedrans have not yet arrived, but they're vital. Belgarath, along with the barons of Wildantor and Vo Mandor, manages to delay Torak's forces until the Tolnedrans can get within range. The two barons form a very close, if highly unusual, friendship. (BtS 480-485, PoP 21, PtS 496-499)
Torak has found out what Ctuchik and Urvon have been up to, and boy, is he pissed! While listening in, Polgara and Poledra learn that while the Mrin Codex has a special emphasis on the third day of the battle, the Ashabine Oracles emphasize the second or fourth day–in other words, if Torak and the Child of Light meet on the second or fourth days of the battle, Torak wins, but if they meet on the third day, Brand will win. Torak also jumps to the conclusion that the Child of Light is the Rivan King (i.e., Gelane), when it's actually Brand at the moment. (PtS 499-501)

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