The Fourth Age

First day of the Battle of Vo Mimbre. Zedar has been ordered to take the city at all costs–even if he has to depopulate all of Angarak to do it. He fails. Most of Torak's siege engines are destroyed, and a frontal assault on the main gates fails. (BtS 490-491, PoP 21, PtS 504-506)
Second day of the Battle of Vo Mimbre. Before the battle starts, Belgarath gets the various elements of the western forces in position for the third day. Zedar uses sorcery to construct some mangonels, which resume the pounding of Vo Mimbre's walls. Belgarath creates his own, uses some small rocks to find the range, and then destroys the mangonels with a firebomb. Zedar attempts to use a windstorm to deflect the Asturian arrows, but Beltira and Belkira create a barrier of pure will to deflect the wind. Zedar's Grolims then try to create a duststorm by drawing the moisture out of the ground and letting the wind do the rest, but Belgarath gives him a very bad itch, and Polgara and the twins use the distraction to bring in a waterspout to settle the dust. A lot of Murgos die. (BtS 494-499, PoP 21, PtS 506-507)
Third day of the Battle of Vo Mimbre. The Angaraks are deployed with the Murgos on the left flank, Malloreans in the center, and Thulls and Nadraks on the right. The West has the Rivans, Sendars, and Asturians on the north, the Algars, Drasnians, and Ulgos on the east, the Mimbrates in the city, and the Tolnedrans and Chereks approaching from the west. The third day opens with a charge by the Mimbrate knights against the center of the Angarak lines. Zedar makes several attempts to escape, but first Polgara and then Belgarath chase him back to Torak's pavilion. The Algars then join in, followed closely by a combined force of Drasnian pikemen and Ulgos. The Ulgos, wearing black robes, infiltrate the Murgo ranks, wreaking havoc among both Murgos and (especially) Grolims. The Murgo king, Ad Rak Cthoros, is killed. Then the legions arrive, cutting their way through to the encircled Mimbrate knights. The Cherek berserkers are right behind them. Zedar commits his reserves to the battle, which is what Belgarath has been waiting for. He signals for the Rivans, Sendars, and Asturians to join the fight. Finally, Torak emerges from his pavilion, which was the whole point. (BtS 501-509, PoP 21, Bv1 196, PtS 508-512)
Brand challenges Torak to single combat. Torak accepts (he really shouldn't have…). Before they get started, Torak makes some threats–a death threat for Belgarath, and a marriage proposal for Polgara. But it doesn't help him any; when Torak draws first blood, Brand uncovers his shield to reveal the Orb. Brand then stabs Torak in his left… um, eye, I suppose. Torak is bound in sleep until the return of the Rivan King. (BtS 510-513, PoP 21-22, Bv1 196-197, PtS 512-518)
The aftermath of the Battle of Vo Mimbre. Brand wants to have a look at Torak's body, but Zedar has already taken it. While the Western forces are cleaning up the battlefield, Aldorigen and Elladan go off for that little discussion they'd been meaning to have; neither of them survive. As a result, the barons of Vo Mandor and Wildantor attempt to offer the crown of Arendia to Brand. He refuses, but proposes joint rulership between Korodullin and Mayaserana. They flatly refuse–at first. Polgara has them confined together at the top of a tower in Vo Mimbre. Alone. You can imagine what happened; all I'll say is that Mayaserana was apparently ticklish. The monarchs gathered at Vo Mimbre have some serious discussions, ultimately ending with the Accords of Vo Mimbre. Its terms include the establishment of the Rivan King as Overlord of the West, and that he'll have an Imperial Princess of Tolnedra as his wife. (BtS 515-524, Bv1 197-198, PtS 518-523)
Polgara and Gelane move to Sendaria–Seline, to be specific–and the ostensible King of Riva is apprenticed to a cooper. (PtS 524-527)
Beldin and Belgarath raid the House of Torak at Ashaba, searching for an uncorrupted version of the Ashabine Oracles. They don't find anything. (BtS 533-536)
Gelane meets Enalla. Man, these Rivans fall fast… (PtS 527)
Belgarath visits Vo Mandor. (BtS 537)
Beldin discovers where Zedar's hidden Torak's body. The old Mallorean Emperor begins to train his grandson Korzeth to take the throne. (BtS 537-538; SD 7)
Inconsistency note: In BtS Beldin claims that Korzeth is the old emperor's grandson; the prologue to SD (supposedly a history written by the University of Melcena) says Korzeth is the youngest son of the old emperor–"the son of his old age."
General Cerran (the commanding general of the Tolnedran legions) comes north through Arendia at a run, looking for Belgarath. He has a very sensitive message–a member of the Honethite family so bad that the Honeths have disowned him is asking questions about Polgara. His employer goes by the name of Asharak the Murgo–and we all know who he is, don't we? (BtS 539-540)
Chamdar begins getting numerous Polgara sightings, after Belgarath suggests a new hairstyle for dark-haired women. (BtS 546-547)
Gelane and Enalla are married. Osrig (the master cooper for whom Gelane works) decides that he wants to retire, and sells the shop to Polgara–on the condition that Gelane gets to open from now on. (PtS 527-530)
Belgarath gets an urgent message from Polgara, who is in Seline. Gelane (the current heir) has joined the Bear-cult; the leader of the local cult chapter, however, turns out to be Chamdar (in disguise, of course–after all, he is an Angarak). Gelane turns out to be a victim of the same type of mental domination as Garion will be. Polgara breaks the hold that Chamdar has over Gelane by making Chamdar's actual thoughts audible; Gelane's innate, if minor, talent for sorcery does the rest. Gelane then, being an Alorn, reacts rather Alornishly. Chamdar is forced to flee. Gelane, Enalla, and Pol relocate to Emgaard, in Cherek. (BtS 548-555, PtS 529-539)
Aravina dies. (PtS 541)
Belgarath goes to Gar og Nadrak to gather some information. He poses as a gold-hunter, and goes into partnership with one Rablek. He learns, among other things, that the Nadraks have developed a rather intense hatred for Murgos, Malloreans, and especially the Grolims and their God. His identity is revealed when he uses the illusion of a demon to drive off some Morindim. He and Rablek remain partners, though. (BtS 562-568)
Korzeth is in the middle of re-unifying the Mallorean Empire. The Darine Codex is found to mention some 'helpers': two Nadraks. (BtS 559-560)
Belgarath returns to the Vale. (BtS 568)
Gelane dies. (BtS 569, PtS 546)
Belgarath goes out to look around. Ctuchik is being himself (disgusting, that is). Zedar is wandering around the world. The various families Belgarath has been monitoring have been doing fine (except for Taiba's–Belgarath doesn't know what happened to them). Ran Borune XXI is the current Emperor of Tolnedra. He also pays a call on Polgara, letting her know that the twins have gotten hints out of the Mrin that they're within a century or so of the Godslayer. (BtS 572-577, PtS 547-548)
Poledra sends Polgara off to Nyissa, where the current Salmissra is being corrupted by Chamdar, at his master's behest. It seems that the Disciples of Torak have very little imagination–Ctuchik is using the same basic plot that Zedar did almost 1250 years previously. Salmissra's eunuchs even spot that. (Of course, given the numerous chemical compounds that any given Salmissra is on, you don't have to be all that original.) Polgara decides (at Poledra's suggestion) to deal with Chamdar as Asrana would have. Salmissra expels Chamdar from Nyissa with a price on his head, so it would seem to have worked. (PtS 549-556)
Polgara begins slowly weaning Salmissra off most of the assorted drugs she takes, and cuts the ones she can't take the queen off (like the ones that prevent her from visibly aging) to a minimum. With the assistance of Rissus, Salmissra's apothecary (and therefore functionally the head of the government), she turns Salmissra into an actual ruling queen, instead of a figurehead like most of them have been. (PtS 556-559)
Beltira and Belkira manage to dredge a rather significant fact out of the Mrin Codex: the Godslayer will arrive sometime in the 54th century! (BtS 579, PtS 560)
Darral (the current heir) and Alara's son Geran is born. (BtS 581, PtS 561)
The Man with Two Lives (Durnik) and Drosta lek Thun are born. (BtS 588)
Ildera is born. (BtS 589, PtS 574)
Darral, Alara, Geran, and Polgara move from Medalia to Annath, near the Algar border, following the death of Darral's father Darion. (BtS 582, PtS 562)
The Guide (Prince Kheldar, and a host of others), the Blind Man (Relg), and Anheg of Cherek are born. (BtS 582, 593)
The Dreadful Bear (Barak) is born. (BtS 582)
The Horse-Lord (Hettar) and the Knight Protector (Mandorallen) are born. (BtS 582)
Polgara has to go to Nyissa to meet two people: Zedar, and the current Salmissra. It seems that Zedar is taking another run at subverting the Snake Queen. Belgarath and Geran spend the time fishing. (BtS 582-587, PtS 570-573)
Ran Borune XXIII is crowned Emperor of Tolnedra; shortly thereafter, he marries a red-haired Dryad named Ce'Vanne. (BtS 587)
Zakath is born. (BtS 612-614, PtS 607)
Taur Urgas is crowned High King of Cthol Murgos. He's already loopy. (BtS 587)
Cho-Hag becomes Chief of the Clan-Chiefs of Algaria. (BtS 589)
Kheldar's father visits Rak Goska, and becomes… familiar with one of Taur Urgas' wives, Tamazin. (KM 289)
Inconsistency note: Silk says he was about eight when his father visited Rak Goska–and he wasn't eight until 5343.
Drosta is crowned King of the Nadraks at age 12. (BtS 588, PtS 584)
Urgit, the next King of the Murgos, is born. (KM 289)
Inconsistency note: as above.
Hettar's parents are attacked and killed by Murgo raiders; he's found and ultimately adopted by Cho-Hag. (BtS 591-592)
Belgarath takes Polgara to meet some of the Companions–specifically, Barak, Silk, and Hettar. (BtS 592-593, PtS 574-575)
Polgara learns how to manipulate thoughts and memories, in preparation for her trip to Gar og Nadrak. Some of the cultural things (dress and dancing) take some getting used to–though as Polgara points out to her mother, it's all about the woman's attitude. She shops for an owner, then implants appropriate memories into his mind and settles into her own role. She meets both Yarblek and Drosta, the two "helpers" mentioned in the Mrin. Drosta is already considering an alliance with Drasnia to help fend off one of the more powerful Angarak nations. Polgara suggests using Yarblek as a go-between. (BtS 594, PtS 575-593)
Pestilence breaks out in Drasnia. (BtS 595)
Geran and Ildera begin spending a lot of time with each other. (BtS 595)
Javelin (Margrave Khendon) brings a message from Polgara, which says that she's ready to come home. Javelin advises Belgarath to bring at least 12 of his gold bars (from the mining expedition with Rablek), or risk insulting both Polgara and her owner. The two Nadrak 'helpers' turn out to be Drosta lek Thun and Yarblek (a descendant of Rablek, no less). The two of them meet the old man (from EEG) on their way back through the mountains. (BtS 596-602, PtS 594-599)
The pestilence in Drasnia subsides; Silk's mother is disfigured, and Rhodar's father is killed, elevating Rhodar himself to the throne of Drasnia. (BtS 603, PtS 599)
Belgarath and Polgara encounter the witch Vordai in the Fens. (BtS 602-605, PtS 600-602)
Geran and Ildera are married. Dual ceremonies are performed by a priest of Belar, and a Sendarian priest. The Sendarian priest actually invokes Torak's blessing. Belgarath has to struggle to keep a straight face. (BtS 607-610, PtS 602-605)
Zakath is crowned Emperor of Mallorea at age 18. He is, at the time, desperately in love with a Melcene girl. Taur Urgas, seeing a chance to dispose of an enemy, has his agents in Mallorea put pressure on the girl's family (they were heavily in debt). The idea was to have the girl marry Zakath, then kill him at the earliest opportunity. Word of the plot leaked back to Zakath, who ordered the execution of the entire family. When Zakath later found out about the plot, he nearly went mad with grief and remorse, and locked himself in his quarters for about six months. When he comes out, he's obsessed with avenging his love on not only Taur Urgas, but all of Murgodom as well. He begins sending highly insulting notes to Taur Urgas, accompanied by the mad king's relatives' pieces. (BtS 612-614, SD 8, PtS 607)
A Murgo matching Chamdar's description asks around Muros for directions to Annath. (PtS 614)

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