The Fourth Age

Darral is killed in a rockslide in the quarry where he works. Geran spends his time trying to figure out why a stable rock formation collapsed on his father; Polgara deals with her grief. Alara goes mad. (BtS 616-618, PtS 607-611)
Chamdar evades his Drasnian watchers. (BtS 618, PtS 611)
The Archer (Lelldorin) is born. (BtS 618)
Fulrach is crowned King of Sendaria. (BtS 621)
Belgarath spends a good deal of time in Tolnedra, searching for Chamdar. He doesn't find the Grolim. Polgara passes a message to him through the twins; it's ultimately Mandorallen who delivers it, however. The knight informs Belgarath that Ildera is pregnant. (BtS 619-620, PtS 612-614)
5354, night before Erastide
Ildera goes into false labor. Chamdar seizes his opportunity, and sends Alara out looking for her husband. She walks off a cliff, but the whole point was to get Polgara out of the way. Once Polgara leaves to search for Alara, Ildera's false labor becomes the real thing. (BtS 621-622, PtS 616-617)
5355, Erastide
Garion is born shortly after midnight. Chamdar sets fire to Geran and Ildera's stone (!) house. Geran manages to cut a hole in the house's wall, and pushes Garion out. Chamdar grabs Garion, and starts to run. Just in time, as it turns out, because Belgarath, alerted by the Necessity, has just arrived. As he bears down on Chamdar with murderous intent, Chamdar does the only thing he can think of to save his life: he throws Garion at Belgarath, and makes good his escape. (BtS 622-624, PtS 618)
Belgarath and Polgara head straight for Pol's manor house–until she has time to make other arrangements, that's the safest place for her and Garion. She decides to change her tactics. This time, she's going to a small farmstead, rather than a town, and rather than tell Garion who he is so that he'll understand why he needs to be ordinary, she won't tell him, so that he won't be acting–he'll be an ordinary farm boy. Once the roads dry out in the spring, she goes searching for an appropriate farmstead; an innkeeper in Upper Gralt tells her that Faldor's farm may be the best place to try, since Faldor's cook is getting old and isn't paying full attention to her job anymore. (PtS 619-623)
Pol and Garion arrive at Faldor's farm. Durnik directs Pol to Faldor, who hires her on almost immediately as a cook. (PtS 623-633)
Belgarath enlists Kheldar's aid in finding Chamdar. Along the way, he sends Mandorallen (already a fearfully proficient knight) to break up a Murgo plot to lead Prince Korodullin astray. (Incidentally, Mandorallen's mentor, the Baron of Vo Ebor, recently got married to a young noblewoman named Nerina…) Anyway, Belgarath and Silk manage to track Chamdar to Tol Rane, and thence to Tol Borune, only to discover that they've been tracking the wrong man–Asharak has been disguising other Murgos to look like himself. He then sends Silk to Cherek–specifically, to Trellheim, to befriend Barak. In Tol Honeth, Beldin is waiting for Belgarath at the Drasnian embassy, and informs Belgarath that Polgara has left her house and has settled at a farm owned by a man named Faldor. (BtS 624-644)
Asharak visits Faldor's farm to look in on Garion (anonymously, of course). (PoP 18, 44)
Belgarath visits Faldor's; to Garion, he is simply the storyteller. It's obvious to Garion that Aunt Pol (Polgara) knows him; she habitually refers to him as the Old Wolf. Garion dubs him 'Mister Wolf'. On this particular visit, Belgarath recites The Book of Alorn, which Cralto, one of the farmhands, says is only performed in the presence of kings :). He also takes Garion into the nearby town of Upper Gralt; Garion has his first encounter with a Murgo–possibly a Grolim. Garion manages to deceive the Murgo by lying incredibly well; he passes himself off as Rundorig. Belgarath leaves in an attempt to lead the Murgo/Grolim away from Faldor's. (PoP 25-42)
In the infamous rafting incident, we find out why Garion should never swim in deep water. (PoP 43-45)
5369, Erastide
A Murgo arrives looking to do some business. He also asks about Belgarath and "Rundorig". (PoP 49-52)
The Dagashi assassin Kordoch arrives at Faldor's Farm, posing as Brill. (PoP 55)
In midautumn, Belgarath arrives. The Orb has been stolen. Belgarath has a discussion with Polgara about it, which Garion arranges to overhear. When Polgara tells Faldor that she has to leave (because of "family matters"), Brill listens in, but is observed by Garion. Belgarath and Durnik prevent Brill from leaving to report to his employer (Asharak, presumably). Durnik leaves the farm with Garion, Polgara ("Aunt Pol" or "Mistress Pol"), and Belgarath ("Mister Wolf"). (PoP 56-69)
Belgarath, Polgara, Durnik, and Garion meet up with Barak and Silk. (PoP 71-73)
Garion and friends first travel north to Darine, posing as wagoneers. Asharak is there; he and Garion recognize each other (though, of course, Garion doesn't know Asharak's name). (PoP 78-92)
After Belgarath determines that the Orb hasn't passed through Darine, they head south to Muros (the Orb hasn't been there, either), and thence to Camaar. They have several run-ins with both Brill and (possibly) Asharak along the way. Garion learns the Drasnian secret language. After an attack in Muros that was orchestrated by Brill, Belgarath decides to discard their wagoneer disguise in favor of speed, so they commandeer some good horses from the Algar encampment on the outskirts of Muros. (PoP 92-121)
The Companions arrive in Camaar. Polgara chooses their disguise this time: she is the Duchess of Erat, and the others are her retainers and servants. Belgarath finds the trail of the Orb; Barak gives Garion his first training in the use of a sword. Shortly thereafter, Captain Brendig locates them, and takes them to see King Fulrach at Sendar. (PoP 121-135)
Belgarath is fairly angry when he finally gets to see Fulrach. Fulrach gives Garion one of the major shocks of his life by calling Belgarath and Polgara by name. Fulrach tells them that the Alorns are preparing for war, and takes the Companions with him to Val Alorn for the council. (PoP 145-155)
Captain Greldik takes Fulrach and the Companions to Val Alorn. He turns out to be an old friend of Barak's. Garion gets his first trip through the Cherek Bore (at the prow of Greldik's ship). (PoP 159-164)
Martje (a Cherek seeress) identifies Garion as the "greatest of Lords." She also is able to see Barak's Doom. (Bv1 125)
Garion's first meeting with the Alorn Kings (and Brand, of course). Garion is sent off to the armory, since he's not invited to the council, and on his way there spots a man in a green cloak whose very bearing screams "SPY!" (Bv1 127-133)
While returning from visiting Barak's new ship, Garion spots Asharak the Murgo in Val Alorn. And it's a death sentence on the head of any Angaraks found in Cherek… (Bv1 141)
Garion overhears the plotting by the Earl of Jarvik and his spy (the man in the green cloak) while on a boar hunt; however, Garion hits his head during the hunt, and doesn't remember the encounter until later. Barak turns into a bear during this hunting trip, since Garion was in danger. (Bv1 143-151,153)
Garion spots the man in the green cloak again; following him, Garion discovers that the spy has found a place where he can hear the council going on amongst the Alorn Kings, Brand, Fulrach, Belgarath and Polgara. He tells Barak. (Bv1 153-160)
After Garion manages to convince Barak that there's a serious problem here, Barak takes it (and Garion and Merel) to the council hall. Anheg decides to have a little… talk with the spy; Barak takes a few men to "turn [Anheg's] palace upside down and shake it and see what falls out." After Polgara removes the compulsion that Asharak placed on Garion, she sends Garion back to his room… where Asharak is waiting. Garion runs. (Wouldn't you?) (Bv1 160-165)
The warriors Barak took manage to subdue the Earl of Jarvik's would-be invasion force; meanwhile, Garion is still running, and gets himself lost. He winds up behind the rear wall of Anheg's throne room, with no idea about how to get down (and without any way of knowing that he won't run directly into Asharak again). The Earl of Jarvik 'fesses up. Garion rejoins the party, and Hettar joins it. (Bv1 165-179)
Anheg recognizes Garion as the Rivan King (but doesn't say it out loud). (Bv1 181)
Martje wishes Garion well on his journey. Polgara bestows a double-edged miracle on her, restoring her sight but eliminating her second sight (Bv1 182-183)
Garion finally gets more information about his family–including the fact that both Belgarath and Polgara are directly related to him. (Bv1 186-191)
5370, late winter
The Companions arrive at the ruins of Vo Wacune. Garion was given two gifts for Erastide: a silver medallion with an odd design on it (from Belgarath and Polgara), and a sword from Barak. (No, not that sword. That's his sixteenth birthday present.) (Bv1 203-205)
Garion is feeling particularly combative after overhearing a conversation between a pair of Arendish serfs, and attacks a young Arendish nobleman who presented himself at precisely the wrong time. Their swordfight becomes a reasonably friendly fencing match, and the two become good friends. Which is fortunate, because the nobleman is Lelldorin, the Archer. Hettar arrives around noon the next day. Once the Companions are assembled, Belgarath and Polgara reveal part of what's really happening–that Zedar has stolen the Orb. The Companions leave the next day. Silk uses his Radek of Boktor disguise as they ride south. (Bv1 207-218)
The Companions take refuge at the manor (garrison, really) of Lelldorin's uncle, one Count Reldegen. Reldegen happens to be an old friend of Belgarath's. Garion learns that Lelldorin and his cousin Torasin are involved in a plot to kill King Korodullin, and that a Murgo named Nachak is also involved, apparently providing financial backing. Garion (or the Purpose through Garion) tries to dissuade the two men. (Bv1 222-226)
A group of Arendish serfs (looking for fun and profit) attack the group the night after they leave Reldegen's house. They prove no match for the trained warriors among the Companions, and are easily driven back; Garion is kidnapped, but Barak recovers him from his captors. Later that night, Garion first witnesses his 'aunt' and 'grandfather' changing forms. (Bv1 230-235)
After the Companions encounter a unit of Mimbrate knights on the Great West Road, and are rescued from a lengthy interrogation by a unit of 50 Tolnedran legionnaires (who patrol the road since it's an Imperial Tolnedran highway), they continue south. They are ambushed by a large pack of Algroths near Elgon's tor, but with the help of Mandorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor, drive the creatures off. Lelldorin receives a poisoned wound during the battle (Algroth claws are poisonous). After the Companions stop a minor civil war in Arendia, one fomented by a Grolim, Lelldorin is left at the estate of one of the now-grateful former combatants, Baron Oltorain, under the care of the Baron's sister Ariana. Lelldorin releases Garion from his pledge to keep silent about the plot to kill Korodullin, and tells Garion that Nachak the Murgo is in fact the emissary of Taur Urgas, King of the Murgos. (Bv1 236-258)
The Companions arrive at the Great Arendish Fair. Silk (as Radek) and Garion go fishing for information. Brill and Asharak both arrive shortly after they do. With the assistance of some chicanery and an old friend/rival of Silk's (Delvor), Asharak and company are delayed while the Companions head off to the south, following the Orb. (Bv1 262-269)
Asharak attempts to get Garion to run away by using sorcery; Belgarath and Polgara remove the compulsion. The Companions pass Vo Ebor; Mandorallen stops to talk to Nerina. (Bv1 269-276)
"Behold Vo Mimbre, queen of cities! Upon that rock the tide of Angarak crashed and recoiled and crashed again. Upon this field met they their ruin. The soul and pride of Arendia doth reside within that fortress, and the power of the Dark One may not prevail against it."
     Mandorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor (Bv1 278)
Do I really need to tell you where they are now, after that quote? :) They gain admittance to the palace after Belgarath causes an apple tree to grow from a twig… the formerly reluctant-to-admit-unproven-strangers knight Sir Andorig has a change of heart, and lets them in. Shortly after they are admitted into the presence of King Korodullin and Queen Mayaserana, the Murgo ambassador Nachak arrives. Garion, sensing that Nachak can't be allowed to leave the room, denounces him; Mandorallen champions Garion, offering to prove Garion's accusation through trial by combat. Nachak orders his bodyguard of six knights to attack Mandorallen; when freed of his obligation not to wield weapons in the King's presence, Mandorallen, joined by Barak and Hettar, take on the bodyguards… with predictable results. (Bv1 278-287)
Polgara extracts Garion from his encounter with the Countess Vasrana. He then has the unenviable task of standing watch over Nerina and Mandorallen, by the request of the Baron of Vo Ebor (Nerina is his wife), since the way Mandorallen and Nerina feel about each other is common knowledge (even the Baron knows, in fact, though he's apparently not jealous. Just don't make any bad jokes about it in his presence.) (Bv1 289-294)
"It's good to be back in Tolnedra again. I love the smell of deceit, corruption, and intrigue." –Silk (Bv1 300)

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