Friendly Fires

May 26, 2000

Josh sat up, bringing Sara with him and pulling her close. He slid his strong hands under her shirt, caressing her body as he slowly removed her shirt. He gently soothed away the stray hairs from her face, brushing her lips with his fingertips. Josh leaned forwards to press feather-light kisses all over her face.

"Too long," he breathed against her lips as his fingers began to trail slowly, lightly down Sara's body, his mouth following lovingly in their wake.

A purr rumbled deep in her throat as Sara arched her back. Josh's pulse quickened at the sound, and he felt himself begin to stir. Sara's eyes drifted closed and her head fell back, exposing her throat.

Josh's lips returned to the exploration of Sara's neck as his fingers continued their journey downwards. Her eyes opened again, this time filled with rising passion, all traces of tears gone. She laced her fingers through Josh's thick black hair.

"Much too long, love" Sara murmured, turning her head as Josh found a sensitive spot. She leaned back and lifted her hips as Josh's fingers brushed the juncture of her thighs. A soft moan escaped from her lips, and a sultry smile covered her face. "Tease."

A similar smile crossed Josh's face as Sara pulled him closer. He took advantage of Sara's motion to slip a finger inside. Sara's moan changed to a soft whimper, her breath catching in her throat. She pressed her hips against his hand, her eyes half closed and drugged with passion. Her fingers curled in Josh's hair, and a faint look of distress crossed her face as Josh removed his hand.

"No fair," Sara said with a growl. "You're still wearing your shorts." She lifted her right leg, hooked her big toe in the waistband of Josh's shorts, and started to pull them down.

His hand came up and removed her foot, he kissed it softly, "No, no my love." His smile widened and his eyes smoldered in remembrance of how flexible Sara was. "This is for you only." He was determined to keep his shorts on, at least for now. It would be easier to concentrate on Sara's pleasure.

He nudged her to her back and began trailing kisses down her throat. His left hand cupped her hip and his right enclosed first one wrist and then the other, placing her arms above her head. He paused when he reached her breasts and looking up at her he raised an eyebrow.

"Is there something wrong with the view, sweetheart?" Sara asked sexily, grabbing hold of the rails of the headboard. "Or have you just thought of something naughty you want to do to me?" The lazy, sensual smile that Josh knew so well covered Sara's face. She arched her back invitingly, rolling her shoulders. The roll of her body continued, ending in the shifting of her hips, her thighs parting.

Josh's breath caught in his throat. She is so beautiful, he thought, feeling the heat rising in him. I thank the heavens for bringing us together.

"I promise to behave." Desire burned brightly in Sara's eyes, and her smile turned playful. "Do with me what you will. I'm yours for the taking."

In the living room the answering machine went on. In the bedroom, Josh lowered his head slowly toward Sara's breasts, taking his time, knowing how it excited her, thinking about the silk scarves and fur gloves in the bottom drawer of his night table.

"This is Matt Bollec from the City Investigators, Chief Mann said that you might want to ask me a few questions," a man's voice came from the living room, recorded on the answering machine. In the bedroom, Josh's tongue flicked out, caressing the curve of Sara's breast.

"I will only be at Sam's Diner for the next two hours and then you will be unab… *beep*"

"Oh Josh," Sara moaned. "What am I going to do? I want you so bad." Her body quivered with need. "But I need to find out about the fire…" Sara's voice broke as Josh ran his teeth over her nipple, then bit it gently. "At the Friendship Center this morning. I think it's linked… to what happened at the gallery." Sara's voice was weak, as she fought against losing herself in the sensations Josh was creating.

Josh sighed, rolled over onto his back and staring at the ceiling muttered, "Well it sounds important."

He turned his head and smiled at her," Go. I'll still be here."

"And pick up some peanut butter on your way back," he crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, "We only have half a jar left." He shouted over the shower, turning the water on as cold as he could stand it.