Judge Not

Featuring Diamond, Ivy, and Chapel

Guest Stars: Sentry, Dr. Edward Jackson, Lt. Rico Taglianetti, Tusk, Veiled Threat


May 25, 2000, 9:00 pm, a run-down building in Port Albion

The room contained only a small black and white TV, a telephone and two men. The first would stand out where ever he went. Standing exactly six feet, the man's legs were the thickness of a fire hydrant, his chest was deep and wide. All of this was needed to support the head. The man had the head of an elephant. The skin was dusty gray in colour, with white tusks on either side of a functional trunk, that even now snaked out and grabbed the soda can. Bringing the can upwards the man poured it into his mouth, easily crushed it and threw into the small pile of other cans. His ears, elephant in shape and size, twitched every now and then.

The other man was ordinary in comparison. Standing just over six feet, his build was hard to even guess at as he wore billowing dark blue cloth that appeared to be of one cut. Around his head looped a headgear that would not be out of place in Saudi Arabia, also of a dark blue. Placing the phone on its cradle, he turned to the elephant man.

"The money transferred to my account it is." The man's accent was thick and almost incomprehensible. "No not, not care what arrangements made have you. Veiled Threat is ready."

"Then let's do it, dude." The voice of the elephant was young and high. "Time for some VA!"

Veiled Threat nodded and walked over to the elephant man. "Two hops Tusk and may then you indulge self."

With a gathering of mist the pair disappeared from the room.