Warning: Adult Content

8:40 p.m. Jacomo Jones

Jacomo Jones stretched and continued cleaning his gun. The TV made a small quiet distraction on the edge of his consciousness.

His active mind was going over what had happened to him in the last few days. He frowned and looked at the finished pistol. There was a time when he polished his plays, not a weapon for taking another life.

Pain lanced through him, his arm twitched and his insides knotted up. Damn them. He staggered to his feet, sweat dripping. His hand closed on the drawer where his medicine–no, call it what it was–drugs. The stuff that he needed. His hand spasmed, he tore the handle off and had to pry the drawer open.

He was shaking badly now. Gently. Ever so gently he popped open the container. He spilled the bottle. Grabbing a couple, he dry swallowed, curling in on himself as he waited for the drug to take affect. Damn them!

Jacomo Jones, ex-cyberball player, turned criminal howled his anger into the night.

9:00 p.m.

The spasms of pain were slow to fade, but their growing familiarity made them easier to bear now. Jacomo pushed himself to his feet and moved to the kitchen, taking a glass from the counter and filling it with tap water.

He stared at his reflection in the window, watching it fade as lighting struck and replaced his image with the view of the city outside. He quickly downed the fluid, forcing the lump in his throat away.

For the thousandth time he silently cursed those who did this to him. The empty glass in his hand became the outlet of frustration. A tensing of muscles–pop!–the glass imploded in his hand, now only shards and glass dust.

Jacomo dusted his hands off, the lack of cuts in his palm no longer a marvel, in fact not even a point of satisfaction now. He clenched his fist, then taking a deep breath he moved across the room, grabbing his jacket off the rack on the way out the door.

Perhaps the foul weather will wash out this foul mood, he thought. Taking an aimless direction, Jacomo headed out into the night, daring the gods to smite him with their displays of light and sound.

9:30 p.m. April Hanewick

Around 9:30 the front door slammed shut and April heard footsteps. They paused at the door and a knock followed.

"April? Are you still awake?" her mother's voice asked, sounding very tired.

She had been staring the bottom of the other bunk for about an hour. "Uh yeah, Mom… you ok?"

"I was about to ask you the same." Her mother entered the room and sat down beside April. "It must be hard on you when Mary and I fight. I know how much you love your sister. You know that I love you too, right?"

April sat up, the blanket slipping away from her body. She hugged her mother. "Yeah, I know… Mary and you just don't see the same way sometimes…" She smiled up at her mom a little. "Like that march in Colorado." April sighed. "Mom… when did you… get your first boyfriend?" Or was it a girlfriend…?

Her mother smiled and then frowned. "Why? Honey, they are all after only one thing. Especially at your age."

"Oh, I was just curious…" Scratch digging much further, she mentally added. "So when was it?"

You're the one who's always encouraging her to think for herself, to ask questions and push for answers no matter who it discomforts. "Well," Harmony answered with a sigh, "that depends on your definition of boyfriend. If you mean someone who groped at me given any excuse then around your age. I don't remember exactly. Maybe a bit older. If you mean someone who listened to me, took my needs into account and whom I more or less was comfortable with? 24."

"Honey, don't let the drive of your body confuse you."

"24?!" April couldn't help but be aghast at that. "Geez… that's almost twice my age!"

Her mom looked at her shrewdly. "What's his name? Goddess, April, we have only been here 4 days."

April put on her best innocent face. "Whose name?" Her voice had started to slip into that fast forward mode. At least you can't see my eyes… she thought. "I was just asking… cause cause I heard that um… in Canada… you you… well…" Her imagination faltered under her mother's relentless gaze. "Andrew."

"Ah. Honey… Look, lets talk about this in the morning okay? I really don't feel up to it tonight."

"Okay, Mom… sure…" She slid back under covers after kissing her mother good night. She tried to sleep… couldn't… she felt all pent up and tired all at once. She wondered what Andrew was doing right that minute…

Finally, unable to sleep, she slipped out. Time to do some patrolling.

Gala Opening, a gazebo in the gardens

Would that Josh shower me with kisses. How beautiful it all is. Sara reached out and touched one of the flowers, the water sliding off the petals onto her fingers. Thoughtfully, she stuck her finger into her mouth and tasted the sweetness of the water.

A presence behind her. Strong hands rested lightly on her hips. She felt a hard body press against her, warm breath on her neck. Then lips pressed lightly, the tip of a tongue. The hands moved, trailing slowly down her legs, to the slit, moving it aside. The tongue tracing the contours of her ear, teeth grazing the earlobe. The brush of the slacks against her legs.

Sara purred softly and leaned her head back to gently bite Josh's jaw. "I remember that dream you told me about, where we're at that party and you were making love to me and noone but the two of us knew. Well, I don't think I'm ready for a live audience, but I'm ready for you. Right now." She rubbed her ass against him, feeling his hardness through the fabric of his slacks against the bare cheeks of her ass.

"Did I make a good decision as to my outfit tonight, love?" Sara's voice was husky with restrained passion.

His only answer was a low growl, his hands kneading her cheeks. And then he was kneeling, planting soft kisses over her ass. After a few seconds his tongue came out. Quick, short laps. He stood suddenly.

"I think I am going to help with my zipper." His mind went back to another night, New York, in the park.

Sara turned, leaned forward and captured his mouth, her tongue driving deep and demanding. She slid her hand down his front and cupped him, then squeezed gently. She broke the kiss and turned her mouth's attentions to his jaw, and worked her way towards his ear, slipping her hand inside his trousers.

"Too bad you're not a Scotsman, love," Sara whispered as her hand found him. "Then we wouldn't have to worry about your zippers." After a moment, she slid her hand from his pants and she took a step back. "Now, promise me you'll be quiet," she said as she went to her knees.

Her hands gave him only lightest of touches as she inched Josh's zipper down. She could see him straining against the fabric of his underwear. Sara hooked her little finger under the garment and lifted it. Josh's swollen member sprang free, jutting proudly at her, and she could almost see the blood pounding in his veins. With a sensual smile, she put her lips on him and flicked with her tongue, caressing his cleft and the rim of his head.

Sara then slid her lips slowly down his length, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, then pulled back just as slowly, giving him one last hard suck before standing.

"I don't want to waste any of that, not when I want you inside me. Hard and filling me, so there's no room left to do anything but feel." Sara rubbed her hips against Josh again, her hand moving down to push the narrow band of fabric she was wearing aside.

He guided himself to her and stopped with just his head inside. He kissed her, holding her hips so she wouldn't thrust against him. He moved a little and stopped again, wanting to feel the sensation of her pulling him in. He groaned. His hands went to her ass as he thrust deep; gripping, he lifted her up and took a couple of steps backward till he felt the bench. He sat down–fell, really.

His hands gripped her ass as she moved, feeling the silk of her dress moving against his hands. God. He leaned his head back on the rail, watching her through half closed eyes. He was breathing hard, low moans emerging. He inserted a finger into her ass, thrilling to her response.

Sara's body stiffened with delight as she felt his finger enter her and she rocked hard against him. She lifted herself up until only his head was inside her, then plunged down hard, taking him in completely. Sara could feel her own cries wanting to surface, so she leaned forward and attached her mouth to his, muffling their voices with a passionate kiss.

She moved in the rhythm they both loved, and she could already feel the stirrings of her orgasm. She wrapped her fingers in Josh's hair and slowly began to increase the pace, her tongue matching the movement of her hips. Sara could feel the delicious tension building and pushed their pace faster, her kisses becoming more frantic and demanding, Josh's tight grip on her ass urging her on.

Oh God, almost. Almost there… Almost… YESSSSSSS… Sara thrust herself hard against him once, then a second time, then she felt herself hurtling over the edge, her body convulsing, her scream muffled in Josh's mouth.

Josh took a deep breath as Sara put her head on his chest, her body trembling. He was content to let her come down, knowing she wouldn't leave him unfulfilled. He continued to play with her ass. I know what I want. But is it time? Finally? Over a year and half of just using my tongue and fingers… Though it's easy to believe. We've made love more in the last few days then we have in the last six months. He sighed, not wanting to go down that track, it would only upset him.

Sara's heart slowed down to normal, her whole body felt like it was glowing. She moved slightly and could feel Josh still hard inside her. That was selfish of me. Sara lifted her head, her eyes and voice laced with the remnants of her passion. She smiled and caressed his face. "Looks like I went off fast and early, my love. What can I do for you?" Her breath caught as his fingers played with her ass and one teased the rim of her anus. Her eyes closed at the pleasure of it.

Josh's breathing grew more ragged as an image sprung to mind. Someone coming upon them as he moved inside her ass. He groaned, wanting. No. Tonight. In the hotel, more private. If some disaster doesn't call her away. Out loud he whispered, "I want…" He paused. …to fuck you up the ass, he thought to himself. "A blow job would be nice."

"Josh," Sara whispered back, biting his lip gently. "You never say something would be nice. Tell me what you want. Really." She contracted the muscles in her vagina slowly. "Let me do this for you. Please."

Josh looked deep into her eyes, searching for something and then he leaned forward and whispered, "I want to come in your ass, Sara." His breath caught and he nibbled at her neck. "That's what I want. I want to fill your ass…"

"Josh," Sara breathed. Her heart lurched, then began to race. "Will my own wetness be enough?" She arched against him and could feel the cycle of arousal starting again.

"I think so." He looked into her eyes. "It's going to hurt, Sara, and you will be sore after. Are you sure you want to do it here?" As he spoke, his finger plunged into her back passage, and a moan escaped him.

"We don't know that for sure," she answered in a shaky voice, arching against him again. "Besides, no pain, no gain. I'll just try not to walk funny." The sensations he was arousing were distracting her, she couldn't concentrate. "Please, Josh. Here. Now."

Akemi sighed as she made her way across the dance floor. Tonight just wasn't her night. She watched as first the woman came out the door and then a few moments later the man. They looked at each other and Akemi could feel the heat between them from where she stood. Then they turned and walked in separate directions, mingling. She watched them with amusement for a while. Watched as their eyes followed each other when the other wasn't watching, or anyone else. As she walked by them she noticed that woman wore a wedding ring. The man did not.

Now that's interesting, she said to herself. But clearly, they only have eyes for one another. "Well did you ever? What a swell party this is!"

She looked around but noone else caught her eye. She glanced over at the other veranda, Armond still stood impassively, the door closed. She sighed, feeling the need for fresh air, she stepped out into the garden.

The rain had died down to a fine mist. The garden was beautifully done and Akemi began to wander. A few moments later she heard low voices; curious, she followed the sound. She could see two people sitting in a gazebo.

Velocity speed through the city, taking quick glances here and there. She wore a blue bodysuit with a jagged white racing stripe down the left side. The suit was composed of a blue material, so shiny it looked slightly wet. When she really thought about it, the suit was enough to embarrass her but as a superhero it was sort of mandatory. It clung to her lean form as if painted on, highlighting a lithe, athletic figure, long limbed and supple, blossoming quickly into a stunning young woman. Her face was concealed by a full face mask, featureless but for two black-covered eyeslits. Her hair, silver blonde, streamed a short distance behind her. Her boots were white as were the gloves and metal bracers she wore. A small white utility belt and thigh pouch completed her outfit.

As she rounded a corner in downtown E-Town, she spotted a few police cars and a guy being helped into back of one. A guy in a white tux was talking to the police.

Not wanting to be spotted she zipped down a side street and through the alley. A familiar floral smell got her attention and she slipped into the fenced off area. A sculptured garden lay just inside and Velocity walked through it, assaulted by the smells, wondering where that one that had caught her attention was.

This looks like the spot, she thought. All these rich people in one place, something cool has got to he happening. She wondered what was with the police… didn't look like they needed her help, though. Guy was prolly some thief or maybe a terrorist… he may have accomplices lurking even as we speak… um… think… She grinned. Now this she could understand, patrolling the street, pushing her powers to the limit… Andrew was so cool… what was she thinking… tomorrow was gonna be a disaster… never mind that… why was that smell familiar…

She heard voices and eased towards them. She noticed a gazebo and movement within. Sneaking up just like a ninja, she looked through some brushes into the gazebo.

Ah hah… the others I bet… or perhaps some clandestine meeting… for good or ill who knows?

Julian needed to get away from the party. The press of people, the looks of pity, of sympathy. He moved into the garden, letting the rain, which had turned into a fine mist, soothe him.

He paused. What was that? Slowly, quietly he moved toward the sounds. It came again, a low moan. Julian eased through the bushes, using what cover he could and stopped. In front of him was a small covered gazebo.

The Garden

Josh kissed Sara and removed his finger. With a strain of muscle he stood up and slowly pushed her away. He stepped behind her, kissing her neck. "Hands and knees," he whispered, pushing his manhood against her.

Sara moved to the most sheltered and screened area of the gazebo and carefully went down on all fours. We've waited so long for this. Who would have thought… What if someone… Who cares… I want you so badly…

When did they get out here? Akemi wondered. I'd have sworn I'd have seen them come this way. Then, with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, Well, whatever the case, they're here now. Let's see how far they go, Akemi chuckled to herself. I wonder if, even with no one else around, they're daring enough to fuck out here. With that thought, she leaned against a convenient nearby tree, and slipped her fingers inside the slits of her cheongsam.

Josh moved Sara's dress out of the way, exposing her ass. He sighed, feeling his member throb. First… He leaned over bathed her ass, her crack. Parting her gently he thrust his tongue inside, twisting, thrusting. He moaned, moving his finger inside. He stroked her twice before inserting the second.

Mmmm, Akemi purred. You take your butt-worship seriously, don't you? She smiled as her fingers began tracing the outlines of her moist cuntlips. Good. I like a man who takes pride in what he does.

Then Josh stood and walked around to face Sara. He stopped in front of Sara, and Velocity suddenly realized that she was looking at his penis.

April gulped, hard… she'd seen that on film… once at some parties her mother had… but never up like that… erect and stuff… Oh, brother… what have you stepped into now? Walk away, April… just turn around and walk away. But for some reason her arms and legs wouldn't obey. Great… well… hmm…

Josh's hand touched the back of Sara's head, guiding her to him. She lifted her head took him into her mouth, her tongue curling around him, caressing him. She could taste herself on him and it drove her desire higher. She sucked, then took her mouth from around him. She ran the tip of her tongue along his length from tip to base, slowly, and back to tip again, paying loving attention to the cleft.

She licked the tip of his head, then blew gently on it, and whipped the tip of her tongue around his rim. Sara took his head back into her mouth and teased it with her tongue, and slowly took the rest of him in. She moved her head back and forth in rhythm, alternating groups of fast and slow.

OHMYGOD. Velocity's jaw dropped as much as it could in her mask. She… she… whoa… I heard of this but… wow… shouldn't that choke… wonder what it tas… ewww. She mentally slapped herself. Andrew has one of those… Her stomach did a small flip flop at that thought. The man had a look of rapt pleasure on his face. Man, he really likes that… I think… I should go… but… what if he ejaculates…

Josh gasped, trying to keep his moans inside. He pulled away from her. Smiling as she stretched her neck out, trying to take him back in. He ran the tips of his fingers along her back, over her ass. He knelt, paused, just looking at her. Not touching.

The man's movement blocked Julian's view. Without thinking, Julian plotted a course through the bushes that would take him to a side view. He moved quietly, but he could have walked normally. He doubted that they would have noticed.

A few seconds later Josh leaned forward and breathed into Sara, "You are so beautiful. Are you wet? Lets see how wet." His tongue flicked out.

Akemi bit her lip and her eyes rolled back in her head. She imagined that his tongue was traversing both her body and Sara's at the same time. If she isn't wet, I guarantee you I am. Wet enough for both of us.

Akemi began stroking the entire surface of her cunt: lips, then down to her feuille de rose, just shy of her asshole, then back up to her clit. Her middle finger snaked out and began stroking the length of her pussy up and down, in time to the movements of Josh's tongue.

Let's see if we can come together, she mused, aware of nothing and everything at the same time.

Akemi noticed a slight movement out of the corner of her eye. A slight splash of white.

A man stood in a small space, watching the action in the Gazebo. He had a clear line of view to see everything, better then her own spot. He stood at just six feet, shoulders, chest and arms broad and muscled. His white tux should have stood out among the foliage, but it didn't. Not enough light. But something was standing out.

Julian stopped, the perfect vantage point. Screened by the bushes, a small space to move without making unnecessary noise.

Sara bit down on her lip to keep from moaning out loud. She could feel her juices building and thought they'd start dripping down at any moment. Sara fought the urge to push backwards, to get Josh's touch closer and deeper.

His tongue caressed her again, dipping shallowly into her, eliciting a breathless, almost silent whimper. "Josh," she murmured, the ache for his touch overwhelming her. Her hands curled into tight fists, nails pressing into her palms. She felt nothing but need.

He eased a finger into her, spoke softly, his breathe falling over her, "Give me more, baby, I know how hot you are. Spread your legs… wait."

Josh sat up and removed his coat, bunching it up he made a makeshift pillow. Leaning over, letting his jutting manhood brush the area between her legs, he placed the jacket under her elbows. "Can you rest on that? Comfortable? I am going to need you to spread your ass, love. I have some work to do back here and I just might need both hands."

Sara's only reply was a soft moaning whimper. She rubbed herself along his length, leaving him slick. Aching with soul-deep need, she tilted her hips and tried to slid him into her cunt, then growled softly in frustration when she wasn't able to. She knew what he wanted, but she needed something inside her, to ease the ache, and hoped he would finger her while in her ass.

Josh chuckled, and whispered, "Need this, love?" He gripped her hips and rubbed his cock along her lips. With a little effort he pushed the tip in, holding her immobile. He then let it slip out.

He leaned forward again, so his lips brushed her ear. "You're going to have to work for it. Do I have to repeat myself?"

Julian felt a slight breeze and then a soft voice spoke next to his ear in a whisper that couldn't be heard half a step away. Her voice had a husky quality to it.

"Hi, I thought I'd seen everyone here who was worth a look, but you're in a class by yourself."

Julian turned his head. The woman was a statuesque green-eyed brunette of medium height, standing about 175 in her 6cm open-toed golden sandals. Her hair hung straight back to her shoulders, managing to look somehow untamed nonetheless. She wore a jade-green silk cheongsam with a golden phoenix embroidered across the bust, knee-high slits on both sides, and piping in gold and black around the hem, collar, and sleeve openings. The stretches of leg that peeked out were sheathed in skintone silk stockings. Her only jewelry was a pair of pearl teardrop earrings set in gold fixtures. The most visible part of her makeup was her eyeshadow. The rest was done so well that it almost seemed as if she wasn't wearing any.

The dress was of a type designed to give curves to women who had none of their own; thus it almost exaggerated her naturally generous, yet muscular, physique. She was well-formed without being grotesque. Her features might be best summed up as "Eurasian." In another age, she might have been called a "dragon lady."

Her eyes were on the couple in the Gazebo. Julian was suddenly conscious that his body had reacted to the scene in front of him. His eyes turned back to them.

She nodded in the direction of the gazebo. "Inspirational, aren't they? I'm inspired by you, too." With that, she shifted so that she was facing him, and looked at his face with eyes that spoke desire.

Julian smiled coyly, nodded slightly and looked deeply into her eyes.

He brushed her hair aside with his hand and gently kissed her ear, then her neck, slipping his hand down the silk of her dress, and then kissed her deeply on the lips his strong arm holding her in the arc of her back.

"You're a man of very few words, aren't you?" she asked.

"When it is necessary," he whispered and smiled at her again.

Seeing that she had the stranger's attention, Akemi dropped to her knees, pulling up the front hem of her cheongsam as she did so. This was both to keep the dress from getting any dirtier than necessary, and also to give him a glimpse of her knees themselves. Then she worked quickly, freeing his cock and balls from their confinement. The sight of his erection made her gasp with delight, as many other similar sights had. With a glance up at the man's face, she held the shaft in one hand, ballsac in the other, and brought her lips and tongue down over the head.

As she started sucking off the stranger, another part of her mind was considering what they had just witnessed. So that's what their relationship is really about: he dominates her casually, naturally, and her submission is equally instinctive. That would mean that Josh was trying to see if I was of a similar nature when we were dancing, and lost interest when I wouldn't roll over and play dead for him. And perhaps if I had pushed Sara's submissive buttons earlier, come on to her more like I had a right to, then Sara would have been only too happy to do whatever I wanted.

She looked up into his eyes and smiled as she let his cockhead slip away from her lips for the briefest of instants, then swallowed him whole again, while that other part of her continued, If it works for them, great. And it's very erotic to watch. But no more than that: these two are such a perfectly matched master-slave couple that they take it for granted. It's second-nature for them. They're completely emotionally dependent on one another. There's no room in their world for anyone else. Fortunately, I've seen their head trip in time to recognize it, and stay away.

She sucked his cock lovingly, going straight to the base, running her tongue over his balls, then letting all but the very tip slide out from between her lips. All the while, she looked up, made fuck-me eyes at him. But it soon became apparent that, while they were both having a good time, a blowjob alone wasn't going to cut it. Her pussy was burning, and she didn't need to be told where her swain wanted to put his cock, either. So she gave him one last long stroke and a kiss right on the cleft.

Then Akemi edged away slightly, and, still kneeling, turned around so she was facing away from him. For a finishing touch, she put her hands on the ground in front of herself, and looking over her shoulder, reached back with one hand and pulled the back hem of her cheongsam up to her waist. This had the effect of revealing that she wore nothing under her dress above her stocking-tops. Words had long since become superfluous: her half-lidded eyes and puckered lips were as clear as an engraved invitation. He could take her any way he wanted.

As Akemi lifted her skirt, Julian helped push the dress up, gently letting his fingers just brush the arc of her back. Slowly he pushed his cock into her, first just the head, going deeper with every stroke pausing for just a moment so that each time seemed to take an eternity. Julian could feel her orgasm building with each passing moment.

"What do you want?" Sara had to ask, forcing the words out, her ability to think almost completely destroyed by Josh's teasing entry of her. She tilted her hips again and moved back against him, trying again to slide him inside her. She felt him at her entrance, but moved too quickly and he slid past. Sara could faintly feel dampness on her legs, but she didn't care. She wanted Josh hard inside her, and wanted him now.

Josh sighed and then grinned at the evidence of how completely she wanted him. "I want you to part your ass, with your hands. Can you do that? I want you to open yourself for me."

Sara spread her legs wider so she could balance, then lifted her torso slightly. She reached back tentatively, then gently spread her ass cheeks, revealing herself to him. Her lips were engorged and glistened brightly in the faint light. A cool waft of air touched her and she moaned softly, the breeze doing nothing to cool her heated flesh. Sara tensed, wondering, waiting for his touch, her body shivering from unfulfilled need.

Josh groaned at the sight, his body shaking, for a moment he was paralyzed, unable to do anything but drink in the sight of her. He struggled against his desire to ram his shaft deep inside her anus. Control. Deep breath. God. He leaned forward, starting to plant a kiss on her ass, but changed his mind. Instead he slipped a finger from both hands inside her pussy, gathering her wetness, moving it up her crack, into her hole. He alternated until she glistened, her hands trembling, moaning nonstop now.

He held her hips gently and eased into his normal home. Once, twice he pumped, slowly, coating himself. Then he left her, and placed his head at the opening of her ass. He pushed in slowly, stopping with just his head inside. Oh God! "God!" he hissed, knowing if Sara moved he was coming.

April's eyes went wide. He's not… Oh God… in her butt… ohmanohmanohmanohman!

Sara's entire body quivered from the strain of staying still. The play of his fingers had been exquisite torture and he moved in her twice, she was once again teetering on the brink. When she felt him enter her hole, she stiffened at the intrusion, but then a wave of pleasure rolled through her. It's so tight… I don't know… Oh God… She felt no pain, just discomfort, and that was quickly swept away by other more overwhelming sensations.

"More," Sara hissed, not realizing she had spoken, and she moved back quickly, taking him in deeper, grimacing at the combination of pleasure and pain. Her breath caught as he filled her almost completely, and she emitted a strangled, high pitched cry. Sara arched back against Josh, her entire body throbbing.

Josh shouted, short, brief, his body trembled as he came. Darkness swarmed his vision for a few seconds. Slowly he became aware; of the rain, Sara's breathing, his own quick breath, pounding heart and the feel of her. So tight. He felt light headed and swayed slightly, grabbing her for balance.

He closed his eyes and pulled back a little, pushed forward. His head snapped back as the second orgasm hit him.

Sara growled softly. She was teetering on the brink of her own orgasm but couldn't over the edge. She needed… Sara reached back, took one of Josh's hands and rubbed his hand against her lips, making soft pleading noises deep in her throat. Not enough. She blindly took two of his fingers, covered them with her own and slid them into her.

Sara came almost immediately, her body stiffening, she ground herself backwards against Josh. She pumped their hands once, causing a second wave of muscular contractions that shook her body. Tilting her torso down, she muffled her own scream, burying her face in Josh's jacket and pushed herself as hard as she could into him.

Josh arched his back, his mouth open in a soundless cry. As Sara pushed backwards, Josh tipped, his eyes closing and in slow motion fell backwards onto the floor of the gazebo. His penis slipped out of the woman's rear, stringy stuff leaving the tip and hitting the woman on the butt and legs. There was a faint thump, as his head hit the wooden floor. His penis jerked once more and then flopped to the side.

April swallowed again and again, eyes locked on the sight before her. My… holy… looks so… I can't imagine… She felt strangely warm… tingly all over but particularly in her stomach and… lower. One hand had crept over her stomach unbidden. It was so easy to put herself in her place… What does that feel like…? She'd never even touched herself there… not much. She was wet, the slick material of her suit seemed both an irritant and pleasure against her nipples. He put himself there… back there… oh man… Mom never talked much about that…

"Josh," Sara said softly, turning around on her knees. Her body was still shaking but when she saw Josh lying there, she stopped cold. She scooted over to him and gathered him up in her arms, making sure her skirt was out of the way. She wiped her wet hand on her bare leg, then caressed his face and checked the back of his head.

"Josh, are you all right?" Sara asked, concern in her voice. This has never happened before. God, I hope he's alright. She checked the rest of him over, cradling him her arms. She shivered slightly, this time from the chill. Sara saw his member lying limply against the inside of his pants. She reached down and tucked him gently back into his underpants and laid the fly shut.

She searched his face for any signs of awareness, kissing his face and lips gently, murmuring endearments, telling him to come back to her. She was aware now of the rain, still falling gently, Josh's low, uneven breathing. She felt helpless, unable to do anything for him. Helpless. She felt fear clawing up her spine, she was alone, in the dark, damp, chilly night. Alone and helpless. She was aware now of another sensation, new — yet familiar.

Pain. Burning. She trembled remembering the last time she had felt something like this. Her mind brought a different smell then the garden, that of a hospital. The man in front of her stirred. A 15-year-old Sara flinched back.

Where am I? What's happened? Oh God, who is he? What did he do to me? She moved back, letting the man fall roughly to the floor, fear making her movements jerky. Oh God, it's dark out. I should have been home ages ago. What am I going to do? If I want to leave, I have to go past that man. He'll get me. Oh, it's cold. Young Sara picked up the pile of fabric and saw it was a man's jacket. His jacket. She tossed it back on the ground as if it were contaminated.

Velocity was shaken out of her near trance by the woman's change in disposition. What should I do…? Oh man… go out and be busted… but… She mulled it over and decided. She circled around to enter the gazebo.

Sara looked around the gazebo, trying to find someplace to hide. I can't yell for help. If I do, he'll wake up. I've got to hide where he can't see me. Sara saw a small corner partially hidden by one of the benches and she crawled over and crouched there, thinking she was hidden but unaware of her true size.

Josh became aware of his surroundings, slowly. He felt drained, an odd sense of peace. He smiled and eased himself up. He frowned when he didn't see Sara.

"Sara?" Josh looked around, worry starting to set in. It's not like Sara to leave my side after sex. Then he saw her huddled in a corner of the Gazebo. Trying to make herself smaller. Alarms went off in his head. He froze, unable to breathe. It felt as if someone had reached in and torn his rib cage open–a huge hand pressing on his chest. Dear God, what have I done?

Josh could feel panic fluttering in his stomach, which clenched, threatening to come up. What do I do? What? How? Dear God. Sara. He closed his eyes, trying to get a grip on his emotions. Sara needed him calm, not screaming. Calmness seemed to be an elusive thing.

It took Velocity a long time to really build up the courage. "Sir… um… is she gonna be ok?"

Josh jerked around, his jaw dropping at the sight of the blue spandexed young woman in front of him. "Where the hell did you come from? How long where you standing there? Who the hell are you?" Josh could feel his anger starting deep inside, working past the shock. He grabbed it, his hands curling into fists, veins and muscles standing out with the effort of containing it. I. Will. Not. Lose. Control. No. Rage.

Akemi was luxuriating in the sensation of the stranger filling her, taking his pleasure inside her… Oh, let's see if we can come at the same time.

Akemi heard the voices, the noises, the anger. But at this point, she wasn't sure that getting herself involved wouldn't make things worse. On top of which, she was so horny she could concentrate on little else besides her need to get fucked, to come…

Then it happened:

"Who…" Sara's voice was young and scared. "Who are you? How do you know my name?" She could feel panic begin to rise. He's getting angry. "Where am I? Where's Brother Raymond? I want Brother Raymond." The fear she was feeling had crept into her voice.

Velocity buckled a bit under the man's angry gaze then her resolve grew. Guilt and anger are a potent mix. "Hey! I just heard you two doin' it out here, not my fault… get a room next time, cheapo!" She caught herself before she could go on, looking back at the crouching woman. She stepped forward a bit, hesitantly. "Did he hurt you, miss? You ok?"

Sara stared at the girl, then at then man in front of her. What is she talking about? What were we doing? Her mind felt sluggish. She knew there were two men she wanted, that she turned to when she was scared, but the only name she could remember was Brother Raymond. Sara shrank back. "Don't touch me."

Josh gasped at the pain those three words invoked in him. Have to get out now. Can't handle this. He staggered back and paused. He grabbed Velocity's arm, leaning in so that his eyes were only inches away. "Watch her, make sure she doesn't leave. Can you do that? I'm going to get some help." Not waiting for an answer, he dashed towards the hall.

By that point, it didn't matter that the emotions surrounding them had suddenly turned so negative. The sudden revival of passions were sufficient to sweep the couple over the edge together. Eyes screwed shut, Akemi bit her lip and clawed the ground to keep from crying out as Julian's explosion inside her triggered the orgasm she'd been waiting for. Waves of relief crashed over her, washing the tension from her body. For a moment, she even saw spots before her eyes.

Then, when she'd regained her senses, Akemi literally didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The hottest sex she'd been privileged to watch in a long time had degenerated into a bad screwball comedy. Or at least, that was what she would have termed any movie that dared to use a plot like what was unfolding before her eyes. For better or for worse, though, this was real enough.

She shook her head. A moment of amazingly clear, detached thought, seemingly suspended in time, came to her: The best thing I can do right now is just stay out of the way. This is their trip, and the only thing my getting involved could do would be to make things worse. Can't say I'm all that surprised, though: I saw something like this coming. And I also saw that no one could do anything to forestall it. This fascination, this sense of inevitability… this must be what it feels like to observe a major accident. I wonder who that girl in the body stocking is, though. Superpowered types seem to be showing up all over this town lately. Well, whatever the case, I give her credit for spunk, that's for sure.

With that, Akemi got to her feet, smoothing out the skirt of her cheongsam, and turned to her lover of the moment. Putting her arms around his neck, she whispered, "The mood here is shot to hell. But I enjoyed fucking you. I sensed that you were a cocksman, and, happily, I was right. Thank you." Then she kissed him, and looked back over her shoulder at the gazebo and its current occupants.

Velocity watched him go for a split second, then knelt by the cringing woman. For the first time she wished she had paid more attention to her mother's talks on rape crisis intervention. "It's all right…" she said quietly but clearly, more assured than she felt. "I wont let anyone hurt you, ok?" She did move an closer or make any gestures to the woman. She needs a space to feel safe in. If she feels more secure… she'll show it… I hope. Velocity wouldn't leave her, she was a hero. Wish I could have done this for Jenny… She pushed the painful memory back–this was no time to dwell on it.

Josh settled down to a walk. His heart was still hammering, his insides twisting up. He stopped a server and grabbed a glass of wine. He downed half of it and placed on a piece of art. His eyes were scanning for Father O'Mallory.

A faint memory flashed through Sara's mind, a broken bat in her hands. Then an image of a woman of clear crystal, protecting her. She was familiar. But who was she? Her protector. "I'm okay. I already have someone to protect me. She's just not here right now." Sara drew her knees up tighter under her chin. Where's Brother Raymond? He'll know what's going on. He'll help me until that crystal lady comes.

Her voice it sounds sorta like a kid's. Velocity was confused. "A protector… well, I'll wait with you until she comes, ok?" Best to oblige her until someone who really knew what they were doing came. "Um… My name's Velocity… who are you?"

"Sara." Sara looked more closely at Velocity. "You're dressed up funny. Are we at a costume party or something?" She bit her lip. "I don't know where I am."

"I'm well… a superhero…" There was really no other way to put it. "You're at some kinda party, yeah… lotta rich people…" She's really bad off… no memory at all. Velocity sat down, cross-legged. Where is that jerk?

"Rich people," Sara repeated. "My mom knows lots of rich people. Important people too. She used to work for Foreign Affairs as an attache, until she got hurt." A look of sadness crossed Sara's face, then it brightened again. "You're a superhero? She's one too. She's really pretty, like a diamond." Diamond. That's her name. Why do I know her? Why do I feel like there's something important that I can't think of? That I can't remember? Where's Brother Raymond?

"Diamond? Cool… she's my idol." She knows Diamond… I wonder… "Dunno Brother Raymond. But I'm sure we can find him, ok?"

Velocity heard footsteps coming closer. Within seconds, three people appeared. 'Josh', who was bringing up the rear, his hands tucked under his armpits and hunched a little. A beautiful, red haired woman, who was dwarfed between the two men. She was spreading worried looks between the two. The other was over six feet, broad shoulders and a narrow waist, black wavy hair and grey eyes. He was also wearing a priest's collar. He stopped on foot on the gazebo's top stair.

"Sara?" His voice was warm, and calm. Velocity could feel herself relaxing. Everything would be all right, he would take care of everything.

Velocity sighed a bit, glad to have some of the burden lifted. She really hadn't known what she was doing. She needs help from somebody smart enough to actually do something.

"Who are you?" Sara asked cautiously. She backed farther into the corner. "Where's Brother Raymond?"

"I am here, Sara."

"No you're not. You're too old. He's only a year older than I am."

"How old are you, Sara?"


A low moan of anguish came from the front of the gazebo. Josh squatted, muttering under his breath in Spanish, bouncing up and down.

Akemi's heart went out to him. She couldn't bear to stand by and watch anymore. Whatever had held her back was gone. She dashed over to him. "Josh?" she said softly, squatting in front of him. "It's me. It's Akemi." She reached out and took him tenderly in her arms. "It's OK," she said as reassuringly as she could. "Whatever's happened, Sara's going to be all right."

Josh kept muttering and rocking. It sounded like one word over and over again.

Too bad I don't dare call Dad, Akemi thought as she continued trying to reassure Josh. He'd probably know right off the bat what Josh is saying…

"All right, Sara, I'll go get him."

Father O'Mallory stepped out of sight. He took off his collar and handed it to the woman. He then started to speak, softly. He became younger, looking not much older then 16. He walked into the gazebo.

Akemi's eyes went wide. "Well I'll be damned," she swore under her breath. First this 'Velocity,' and now the priest. Superhumans really do seem to be coming out of the woodwork in this town. And what's this 'Diamond' they were talking about?

"Brother Raymond," Sara asked hesitantly. "Where am I? I don't know where I am or how I got here. I…" Her voice dropped down to a whisper. "I hurt, and I don't know why. Or how it happened."

"It's okay, Sara. I want you to come with me, okay?"

Sara nodded and stood up. She looked over at Josh and the red-haired woman. She couldn't shake the feeling she knew them, especially the man called Josh and that he was important, but she didn't know why. She walked over to Brother Raymond and waited.

"Sara, this is Elizabeth. She… she's a friend of mine. I want you to go with her, okay? She'll make sure nothing happens."

"Come along Sara," Elizabeth put a comforting arm around her, gave Akemi and Josh a strange look and led Sara out to the side gate.

Akemi returned the redhead's look with a stare of her own over Josh's shoulder. Then she closed her eyes, nodded once, slowly, and then opened them again. The gesture seemed to say, We're both doing the only things we can right now.

Sara let herself be propelled from the garden. "Mom's going to kill me for being out so late," she murmured. She looked at Elizabeth and smiled shyly. "You're very pretty. Are you Brother Raymond's girlfriend? He's such a nice guy. He deserves one."

Elizabeth smiled. "Yes, he does."

O'Mallory pulled Velocity aside. "Do you know what happened here?"

Velocity nodded slowly. OH man… here goes… Her mother was not too big on the church, but still, the man was a priest. "Well sir… um, Father… They were, well… having… sex… and, and… things well… got sorta rough… they did something different… it didn't look like she minded at first but then he passed out and she sorta… well went a little mental. I don't think he raped her or anything like that…" Her face was burning hot under her mask, but she had to tell the truth.

Akemi was impressed at the girl's (not more than about fourteen, she surmised) recitation of what had happened. But, How long has she been here? I bet she got a real edu– was all she had time to think before Josh flung her off him. An instinctive reverse roll was all that kept her from being thrown flat on her back.

"No," Raymond sighed, "they've been together for over fo…"

Josh surged to his feet and stalked towards the gazebo. He pushed roughly between the Father and Velocity. He strode into the gazebo turning completely around before he grabbed the nearest bench.

"Hey… what are you doing?" Velocity ran up to the man, staff raised. Great, now he's gone mental. "Stop it!"

She felt hands grabbing her and pulling her back. The Father pulled her out of the gazebo. "Wait. Let him work it out."

"What's with him, he's tearing the place apart…" She had to hold herself back from doing something. O'Mallory could feel her literally vibrating under his hands.

The bench didn't budge. Josh wasn't deterred. He stood and pounded his foot into the middle until it splintered. He then tore it apart. Slowly he began to destroy the gazebo. In complete silence. The only sounds were the occasional grunt of effort. He used feet, hands and even his head once.