"You're good… so good…"

Warning: Adult Content

He was a superb dancer, every movement accomplished with precision and passion, every move designed to bring his partner to the highest level she could achieve. As they finished the tango, he spun into his embrace, her back to his front. The hand on her hip slid over and then down, a step in the dance calculated to move her legs apart. He was deviating from the form now, making new steps to coincide with his desires.

Akemi readily granted him the access he sought, parting her strong thighs just enough.

His hand slipped over her sex, placing the red silk of her slipdress firmly between them. He gripped firmly and pulled her against him. She could feel him through their layers of clothes. She could feel his strength, effortlessly holding her and dancing. She knew he could easily keep her where he wanted.

They say you don't talk if you know tango. They also say that if it's done right, the tango is like making love…

His other and grasped a breast, spinning her nipple in his fingers painfully for a brief second before moving to the other. His mouth floated over her ear, his tongue tracing the lobe.

"Rhythm. Your hair being up inspired me."

The hell with it. "I'm glad I'm starting to have some sort of effect on you."

His mouth traced up and down her throat as they danced. Akemi simply held now by his hand at her cunt and the one on the opposite breast. Only his mouth moved. It danced back up along her earlobe.


The word was a mere breath against her ear.

It was as if a volcano had erupted inside her. Her legs went rigid. She threw her head back, hard, against his shoulder, at the same time grinding her hips into his crotch with just as much force. Her fists clenched and unclenched convulsively, and moans gave way to cries as she gave herself over completely to sensations she'd missed dearly, relying on her strength and agility to keep her upright. Bursts of pent-up desire vented themselves explosively deep in her cunt, sending jets of molten lava coursing through her veins. She let them carry her as far as they would go, wanting nothing more than to savor these orgasms to the fullest.

How long it lasted, she had no idea. Fortunately, this wasn't the first time she'd had orgasms standing up, and this experience, combined with her wiry physique, enabled her to keep herself from falling to the floor as the waves of power left as sharply as they came. She tilted her head enough that she could look at his face, while still resting it on his shoulder. Her eyes were twinkling as she smiled. "Thank you," she said. "It's been… a while… since anyone did that to me. Even I didn't realize just how badly I needed that." With that, Akemi pulled herself off him, and turned so they were face to face again. She placed her hands on his hips. "And I insist on showing my gratitude," she finished.

Before Desmond could react, Akemi was sliding down his front, like oil on water. As she dropped to her knees on the hard floor, the hem of her dress rode up past her hips. Silk does tend to take on a life of its own, she thought, but didn't consider adjusting her appearance. It's too bad I couldn't bring that other pair of heels with me, though; I'm sure they'd make a much stronger impression right now than these pumps. Not that I imagine he cares one way or the other right now, though…

As these thoughts went through her head, she skillfully undid his trousers, bringing forth his cock and balls. "Beautiful," she murmured. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she cradled it in her hands, seeking those places where he would be most sensitive. Then, locking gazes with him once more, she slowly ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, before using them to envaginate the his cockhead. I'm as close to heaven as I'm likely to get, she thought, and I want you there with me.