The Fourth Age

Belgarath, Garion, and Silk sneak out of Riva in the early hours of the morning, detected only by Errand (who was just saying goodbye). They dragoon Captain Greldik into ferrying them to the Sendarian mainland, then taking a trip to see a friendly widow in Camaar (so that Polgara doesn't get her hands on him too early). Belgarath takes them through the fens (much to Silk's disgust). (CoW 233-247)
Vordai's fenlings intercept the trio, bringing them to her cottage in the fens for a talk–and a favor. In exchange for being allowed to continue (and out of compassion for Vordai), Belgarath uses his powers to grant the fenlings the power of speech. It's only afterward that Garion tells Belgarath about Polgara's concerns about his powers… (CoW 250-268)
The trio arrive at Boktor, where they are almost immediately intercepted by royal soldiers and asked to come to the palace. Queen Porenn, by Polgara's orders, is to send them back to Riva at once; Belgarath orders her not to. Silk's mother happens to be visiting the palace; Silk visits her, then immediately gets very drunk. They set out for Gar og Nadrak in the morning. (CoW 270-280)
Garion finds out the truth about Poledra. (CoW 283-293)
Garion, Silk, and Belgarath continue their journey into the East. Early on, they take steps to hide the Orb and Garion's sword. They also discover that there's a reward out for Silk's capture in Gar og Nadrak. (EEG 13-21)
They encounter the old gold-hunter in the Nadrak mountains, who warns them that Grolims and Malloreans are roaming around. They narrowly escape recruitment into the Mallorean Army when they stop in one town for information. In another town, they narrowly escape some Nadrak trackers with the help of some wolves, after Silk is recognized in a town where they stopped for more info. Vella appears for the first time, as a Nadrak dancing girl (who is very, very good). (EEG 22-47)
Silk and Garion are "recruited" by the Malloreans. The Malloreans themselves are subsequently ambushed by Yarblek and his men, who take Silk and Garion to Yar Nadrak to meet with the Nadrak King, Drosta lek Thun. Drosta reveals that Silk isn't wanted for crimes at all–Drosta's back is against the wall, and it's either ally himself with the West, or have his country become the newest Mallorean province. What he really needs Silk for is to carry a message to Rhodar; Silk suggests that Yarblek go to Porenn instead. Belgarath interrupts and extracts both Silk and Garion. They continue toward Morindland. (EEG 51-73)
Beldin catches up with Garion, Silk, and Belgarath, bringing news that the Alorns, Arends, and Tolnedrans are about to invade Mishrak ac Thull–and that they're led by Ce'Nedra. He also notes that the twins had a "visitation", when they recited a garbled portion of the Mrin Codex–in the clear. Apparently, the Orb is going to restore Torak. (EEG 79-83)
After disguising themselves, Garion, Silk, and Belgarath head out onto the Morindland tundra. They are interrupted only once, when a magician trying to make a name for himself challenges Belgarath. Belgarath summons Agrinja, the other magician summons Horja, and the magician loses when he loses control of Horja, steps out of his pentagram, and the Devil rips him in two. They reach the coast of the Sea of the East without further incident. (EEG 87-102)

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