The Fourth Age

Ce'Nedra's morning activities are disturbed by a massive thunderclap–on a bright, sunny day. Polgara is just a little angry with her father, Garion, and Silk, and Ce'Nedra is the only one willing to deal with her… until she learns that Garion snuck away the night before. After that, she's nearly as angry as Polgara (though her destruction is less general; the Rivans won't be replacing their windows after Ce'Nedra calms down). Five days later, Queen Layla explains to Ce'Nedra exactly why Garion left–he's going to fight Torak, and taking an army would only get many, many people killed. (CoW 297-304)
Ce'Nedra discovers exactly what Beldaran's amulet can do. When she learns that the Alorn Kings are likely to have trouble with her father, she decides to assume the Rivan Throne as a sort of figurehead, reasoning that Polgara's still too angry to be rational, and she's the only one her father is likely to listen to, anyway. She manages to convince the Alorn Kings, over the objections of Anheg and Brand, that she's right. She also has her armor made. (CoW 305-320)
The Alorns land in Arendia. Lelldorin gathers a group of friends, kinsmen, and colleagues for a terror-stricken Rivan Queen to address. Her speech turns out to be a rousing success (after she's insulted by one young nobleman). (CoW 331-341)
"'And the voice of the Bride of Light shall be heard in the kingdoms of the world, and her words shall be as a fire in dry grass, that the multitudes shall rise up to go forth under the blaze of her banner.'" –Polgara, quoting the Mrin Codex
Ce'Nedra continues to speak to the Arends, gathering an increasingly massive army. She even brings the serfs into her army, by offering them the chance to eat regularly. She also suffers an assassination attempt, which is foiled by Barak. Olban kills the would-be assassin, then appoints himself Ce'Nedra's bodyguard. Ce'Nedra gathers the Mimbrate knights at Vo Mimbre, then continues on to Tolnedra, where she steals her father's legions after goading him into a(n epileptic?) fit. Beldaran's amulet shows that it can detect as well as enable telepathy. (CoW 342-373)
The various at-home governments (i.e., the queens and Sadi) are forced to deal with problems such as the Bear-cult, an opportunistic Tolnedran Empire, and a Murgo ambassador (Sadi has him poisoned). General Varana, the Duke of Anadile, is unofficially dispatched to Algaria by Ran Borune. Yarblek arrives at Boktor to speak with Porenn. (EEG 105-122)
The army moves through Ulgoland into Algaria, and approaches the Algarian Stronghold. Ce'Nedra, Adara, and Ariana discover that Adara's flowers managed to survive the winter–Ce'Nedra dubs it "Adara's Rose". General Varana arrives. The Alorn Kings outline their battle plan in Mishrak ac Thull to the general. Beldin and the twins arrive. (EEG 123-140)
The Chereks begin to portage their fleet–by hand. (Durnik, however, has other ideas, and convinces Barak and Greldik to use a carriage of his design for the portage; the idea quickly spreads throughout the fleet.) Rundorig and Doroon arrive with a supply shipment. The army moves to the Eastern Escarpment. (EEG 141-155)
Mayaserana of Arendia, as the Duchess of Asturia, releases the Asturian barons from their oaths of loyalty to her, so that they can then swear loyalty to herself and her husband as the Queen and King of Arendia. (She hopes this will end the undeclared civil war.) Ran Borune begins tracking the impending war on a scale model constructed in the Imperial compound. Sadi tries to play both sides of the war. Islena and Porenn round up the members of the Bear-cult in Val Alorn and Boktor and ship them out to join the army (this includes Grodeg, the High Priest of Belar). (EEG 156-171)
The army's command operations are moved to the forts atop the Eastern Escarpment (Rhodar actually climbs that cliff). Thulls have begun to show up and surrender. A dispatch arrives from Islena, telling Anheg and Rhodar that they're about to get reinforcements in the form of the Bear-cultists. Ce'Nedra learns exactly what will happen if they don't succeed. The main bulk of the army begins to move to the forts. (EEG 172-185)
Adara is severely wounded by a Murgo archer when she, Ariana, and Ce'Nedra take an unauthorized ride in the Thullish countryside. Adara's feelings for Hettar (and his for her, actually) come out into the open as a result. Polgara chews Ce'Nedra out (the ride was her idea). (EEG 187-198)
The army and the Cherek fleet move toward the headwaters of the River Mardu, pausing to annihilate a Murgo column that's in danger of getting too close to the ships. The fleet anchors just out of sight of the walls of Thull Mardu. (EEG 199-211)
The Battle of Thull Mardu begins. Relg and his Ulgos lead the attack, taking out the guards at the city's gates and opening the city for the rest of the army. The Thulls are not much of an obstacle for the attackers, and the city itself falls quite easily. The Murgos approaching from the south, and the Malloreans approaching from the north are another matter entirely. The Cherek fleet is released, and the army, split by the river, prepares to meet its opponents. (EEG 212-227)
North bank: The Grolims bring in a storm. Their shadows, used to draw lightning strikes to the Western army, are destroyed by Polgara; with the help of Beldin, and the twins on the south bank, she rips control of the storm away from the Grolims. The storm resumes its original course, headed back north through the Mallorean army. Lightning and a few tornadoes take their toll. Doroon dies; Olban, at Ce'Nedra's command, heads into battle. (EEG 228-233)
North bank: The Thulls, under Mallorean command, don't even take one charge from the Mimbrates (and you thought the Thulls were stupid…). The Grolims attempt to raise a fogbank, but this is broken up by Polgara and Beldin. Polgara overextends herself and falls unconscious. Torasin is killed. (EEG 233-240)
The fleet: The fleet continues down the river, taking out a Mallorean catapult emplacement on the north bank along the way. Anheg reveals that he actually only opposed Ce'Nedra leading the army as a way to undermine Brand's opposition to her. They reach the marshes along the river and send up the retreat signal for the army. (EEG 241-244)
South bank: One of Cho-Hag's clansmen spies the banner of Taur Urgas, King of the Murgos. Cho-Hag challenges Taur Urgas, and impales him in a duel. (EEG 248-252)
North bank: Olban receives a mortal wound and dies, after telling his father what he attempted to do to Garion. Col. Brendig has his arm removed. The north bank army sees the retreat signal, but is cut off from retreat by Mallorean trenches. (EEG 253-256)
South bank: The Murgo army's attack falters. Korodullin is wounded. (EEG 257-259)
North bank/Mallorea: Ce'Nedra contacts Belgarath, telling him that the army is being slaughtered. Belgarath instructs her to wake Polgara up, and tells her how. She does so, but Polgara is not alert. Polgara, Ce'Nedra, Durnik, and Errand are taken prisoner by members of 'Zakath's Imperial Elite Guard posing as wounded Sendarian soldiers. (EEG 259-262)
North bank: The Algars and Mimbrates charge the main bulk of the Mallorean army, while the infantry prepares to take the trenches. Hettar is accosted by Drosta lek Thun, and takes him to see Rhodar; meanwhile, the Nadraks are slaughtering their Mallorean "allies". The Nadraks leave with the Western armies. (EEG 263-266)
Ce'Nedra, Polgara, Durnik, and Errand are taken to Thull Zelik and, more importantly, Emperor 'Zakath's pavilion. The Emperor proves to be a civilized man, yet orders King Gethell (of Mishrak ac Thull) to be barbarically punished for failing to instill proper courage in his soldiers. He announces his intention to deliver them to Zedar at Cthol Mishrak. (EEG 266-271)
'Zakath nearly explodes when he hears exactly what Anheg's fleet is up to… only one Mallorean troop ship out of fifty made the trip from Mallorea to Thulldom, with 200 men on each ship. He decides that his guests will make the trip to Cthol Mishrak the next morning when he learns that Belgarath himself believes that Torak will awaken very shortly. (EEG 278-280)
Ce'Nedra, Durnik, Errand, and Polgara are escorted to the port by Grolims (who convince the crew of a Mallorean vessel to sail by sacrificing a random sailor to Torak… and threatening to continue the ceremony until the ship sails). They are met by a group of archpriests and then taken to the ruins of Torak's tower in Cthol Mishrak. Zedar meets them at the door. He bears a strong resemblance to Belgarath. (EEG 280-290)

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