Featuring Ivy

Warning: This part in Gate explores Ivy's personal life in a very graphic manner. If you are offended by sex scenes please return to the main page.

Sunday, May 28, 2000, 11 pm

Ivy shrugged and the plant matter fell away from her teleportation. She glanced around. The rain had slowed to a slow drizzle. She could feel the 'Green' yearning, reaching towards the moisture, sucking it in, absorbing, storing.

Her eyes searched out Kate's apartment. There was a light on. The alien presence in her mind stopped her. She looked down at her body, her hands. What was she doing here? what was there to do? Months ago this confrontation would have been unthinkable… but now it seemed inevitable. Part of her looked forward to it. Looking back up to the light she started toward the apartment. This was something she needed to do. She stopped at the door. Layed her hand on the wood…stroking down it. The scene played out in her mind. "Hi Kate…remember me your friend? yes? So… you think my husband's a good lay?" She knocked once hard.

A few moments later the door opened. Kate looked a little pink in places and she looked at Ivy with no surprise. She sighed and moved aside, gesturing Ivy in, "Come in, Jane. I've been expecting you. Can I get you anything?"

Ivy arched an eyebrow. "Expecting…why?" she stepped inside,looking around the room slowly. The apartment was small and well kept. Modern furniture, standing lamps. A few well kept plants, a computer in the corner.

"Well since all we talked about was you. I figured I would be hearing from you soon, " she turned and sat down in an armchair, her face serious," will you hear my side of this? We used to be friends, surly that must count for something?"

"It's why I came." We? Her and Jon? "Yes, we used to be friends. So talk." Ivy wondered why Kate always seemed so calm… collected. She had been so before, but Kate was icy. Actually it seemed odd just how unsurprised she was… when she had come home in the first place.

"And it's Jane… we both know that."

Kate sighed. "Yes. I know that. Jon knows it too but I think he doesn't want to admit it. Umm. Look Jane, after you died, Jon was being so strong for everyone. The kids your families, the people at work. He finally lost it, he needed someone to comfort him. I had thought that was my job as your friend and his. And, well, one thing led to another," she stopped and chewed on her lower lip.

Ivy sighed, feeling her anger weakening. Yes… it sounded like him. "All right… now understand how I feel… He is my husband… I love him… it's one of those things that kept me together through this." Did you stay together? a soft insistent little voice whispered in her mind. "And where was this explanation before Kate… when you were protesting my staying with my own children or gloating over his back?" She kept her voice soft and even. Let her talk. "You weren't very happy to see me… friend?"

"What do you want me to say, Jane?" Kate exploded to her feet. "My God, there you were, back from the dead."

"I want you to say I'm sorry I want you to say thank you for giving up your humanity to save me…" Her anger started to boil over. "You didn't blink when I showed up… did not bat an eye… " the last was more of a mutter an afterthought to her outburst earlier.

Kate walked over to the window and looked out,"our friendship is over I think. And that pains me. But I don't think you are capable of overlooking what has happened. Before this tragedy happened, we might have come to some sort of agreement. Christ, before this would never have happened."

"Agreement… over look… you are trying to steal my husband not buy out my business… "

Kate took a shuddering breath,"so what do you want to do. Do you have a solution? I am willing to listen."

'If I was the monster you and Jon think I am then the solution would be simple…" she said quietly. "Part of me doesn't even want him anymore…after seeing this side of him…"

Kate was silent for a while and then her shoulders began to shake. She put a hand to her face, took a sobbing breath and brought herself back under control. Kate turned and walked over to Ivy. She scrubbed the last of the tears off her face and stopped a few inches away. She reached out touched Ivy's face gently.

"I am sorry Jane. More then you could imagine. I didn't react because I was in shock. You see I knew it was you," her eyes focused on her hand. It moved down to Ivy's shoulder touching a vine there, "and well I was trying to comprehend that you were alive, the scientist in came out. My God Jane. You are incredible. Monster? No."

Ivy didn't know whether to recoil or what to do. She looked into Kate's trying to read what she saw there… regret… guilt… trickery or what.

Kate took a step closer, her voice dropping to a whisper," Beautiful. As the day we first met. Do you remember? You were bent over that damned dinosaur trying to get it working. My God you were so beautiful, I wanted so badly to touch you ," her hand trembled," You see, Jane, Jon was never who I was after."

Jane was thunderstruck. What… me… Kate… A trick she is playing mind games… Kate leaned forward and brushed her lips lightly against Ivy's.

Ivy stood,watching her. A spark of resentment flared again. "So… when I…died you decided to go for the second best option?" Her voice had lost its rancor… was breathy and shocked. My god… its not true.

Kate sighed, "No. I had no intention of sleeping with him. Just as I am sure that he had no intention of sleeping with me. It just happened. And then…he's a good man. I never told you how I felt because you were married."

She trailed her hand over Ivy's breast, "can you feel my touch," there was curiosity in her voice. She looked into Ivy's eyes, Ivy could see desire there. Kate leaned forward and kissed her again. She pulled back slightly, searching Ivy's eyes.


"Y…yes… I can…" this another woman… her friend… her rival. When did the world turn so upside down. Desire in her eyes. It had been so long since she seen that. So many others looked at her with revulsion and pity… Rebecca looked at her with pure love. Unbidden the concealing vines slide away from her breasts… her nipples had stiffened. What is happening here? A floral musk filled the room,Ivy's arousal…

Wonder lit Kate's eyes. She leaned forward and tentivly slide her tongue over one of Ivy's dark green nipples. Kate moved closer, raised her mouth and kissed Ivy again, harder. One hand raised to caress a breast.

Ivy moaned…the sound more of a breathy purr. "K Kate… " Anymore was muffled by the kiss. Kate's body felt so warm against hers. Another woman… disgust mingled with desire. Jon had sucked and licked her nipples constantly…to their mutual delight. She reached for Kate, pulled her closer. She was responding to this. Her vines slide sinuously upward,under Kate's robe to caress her bare skin,her thighs, belly,slipping over her sex. It was moist,salty… Ivy could sense the taste of it. Familiar…like her was… or had been. The Green drank at the rain outside,soothed and nourished,its sluggish mind flickering with a spark of interest…

Kate pulled back, "That was…how much control do you have over those things?"

"Total and none… " Ivy panted… partly incoherent.

Kate's eyes smiled,"If I had known you would respond like this… Oh Jane, " Kate gasped as Ivy's vines continued their caress. She reached up and slid her robe off,her mouth going back to Ivy's breast. She drew the nipple into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, she began to kneel, drawing Ivy with her. Kate's tongue flickered, her mouth pulled, sucked, her teeth grazed the nipple pulling it out gently.

Ivy hissed sharply,her back arching. Her nipples oozed a thin sweet liquid at Kate's suckling attentions.

"Hmmmm, " Kate's hands began to explore, tracing vines. When one moved under her hand, she jerked back. She blinked and then laughed, a low throaty laugh. Her eyes traveled over Ivy, hunger evident, her own breasts pointing, begging for attention.

Ivy looked over Kate's nude form, a twinge of guilt hitting her where she saw the pink spots… the rash she had given her. Her mind raced… what was she doing… My god. but she needed…her hands felt so good. "You've been with another woman… before…"

Her hands went to Kate's breasts,squeezing them gently,exploring their warm softness,the rubbery tips of her nipples. Her vines slid over Kate's body,coiling warmly about her limbs. A slender tendril probed her labia, parting it and running up and down her vulva like a finger. With a mental sigh, Ivy kissed her again. Its seems inevitable…

Kate groaned and spread her legs giving Ivy better access. As they kissed, Kate pushed her onto her back. She pulled back, "Ahhh, oh Jane that feels so good," her eyes drifted shut and then opened, "but wouldn't you rather be using your mouth."

"My…mouth… " she hadn't considered. She'd never done that before or had it done to her. Her head was swimming,this was going so fast. Her tendril ceased, sweeping and slithered, wiggling and darting into Kate's warmth. Ivy could feel her, her heat,the squirming tightness. Her eyes widened at the pleasure of it. Was this what men felt?

"Oh!," Kate shouted, her whole body stiffening,, she began to tremble,"Jane… oh god… don't stop love… yesssss."

Ivy thrust more,lengthening and thickening the tendrils within her rhythmically sensing Kate's needs. It felt strangely good,the warmth and heat surrounding her, Kate's spasms.

Ivy ran her hands over the other's body,so similar yet different,smooth black skin,breasts like her,nipples hard as hers. She cupped Kate's breasts fondling them as she looked into her eyes watching her squirm from her attentions. She enveloped Kate, embracing her fully caressing her with dozens of vines lowering her head to her breasts.

Tentatively at first then with more vigor she licked,tasting Kate's sweat and animal musk. She teased Kate's nipples with her teeth,tugging at them lightly,thrusting her probing tendril more. The tingling sensation grew in it,travelling up her body to her sex,heating it even more. "God… yes… I can feel… feel it… oh… oh…" She shuddered. Her guilt and shock were washed away with pleasure and abandon.

Kate's body shook, tensed and then went limp.She tried to catch her breath, her heart hammering. She reached out and twiked Ivy's hardened nipple.

Ivy moaned lowly still caressing her with hands and vines. Her breath slow and steady as always but there was a languid content smile on her face.

Kate laughed and propped herself on an elbow, tracing slow circles over Ivy's breasts, realizing early on that this was one of her spots," If you are not carefully, you are going spoil me for any other lover. Lets see if I can make you feel as good."

This last was spoke into Ivy's breasts as Kate licked, sucked and nibbled her way down Ivy's torso. Ivy watched Kate, her glowing emerald eyes locked on the other woman's. Kate's hands pushed Ivy's legs apart. You could resist… why? she answered herself. It felt good. Had she used her mouth on Jon? It was only fair she have it do to her then. Ivy's sex was a moist blossom,a darker green among the light emerald moss of her pubic triangle.It glistens damply,open and eager like a rain soaked lotus blossom. It was the source of the floral musky scent in the room. Below her anus was a dark pucker,wet from the overflow of her sex. She lay back. She had always heard this such a wonderful experience.

Kate paused and glanced up at Ivy from her position. Slowly trying to keep eye contact, she reached forward and swirled her tongue around Ivy's vagina. Ivy's back arched as Kate's tongue ran over her lower lips. Her legs tightened a bit on her head. "Oh God… shit… oh."

It had been so long…too long and she was primed from the sensations inside Kate. Ivy withered under the other woman's attention,eyes flaring a brilliant emerald. Laying her hands on Kate's head she pressed her harder to her sex,urging her on. Not only her own hunger drove her on,but the Green was fully and raptly attendant now,reveling in her sensation and emotion. She ran vines over Kate,stroking and fondling,two slipping low to probe the other woman's sex and anus another pushing into Ivy's own rear opening,as Jon had that one time on their anniversary. She'd so wanted him to do it again Her hips arched from the sofa as she entered herself,grinding her sex to Kate's face,looking into her eyes The two woman shared a bond their growing passion linking them into rhythm growing faster and faster as Ivy's echoing cries fill the room.

Kate picked up her speed, alternating between licking, sucking and biting. A hand traveled back up and begin pinching Ivy's breast. Kate, herself was on the verge of another orgasm. She wanted Ivy with her. She noticed the vine in Ivy's ass and gently pulled it out, inserting her own finger. She knew that it probably didn't feel as good, but the last thing she wanted was Ivy pleasuring herself. Kate attacked Ivy's clitoris with wild abandon, sucking, nibbling. She felt her own release and tried to keep her attention on Ivy.

Ivy heaved and shuddered,tossing her head back and fourth as Kate lavished attention on her sex. She was close…very close… Jon had never never paid this much attention to her. A low mewing purr escaped her throat as Kate's finger slide into her anus and she tightened around it, her fingers tangling in Kate's hair. "OH GOD!",a quiver starting in her hips and thighs and swiftly passed through her entire body as she peaked.

Inside Kate,the vines swelled and squirmed about vibrating as Ivy arched taut,rear lifted completely from the cushion and screamed her pleasure. After a time, an instant or an eternity,Ivy relaxed. Occasionally her hips would shudder and twitch as she lay eyes half closed,smoothing back Kate's sweaty hair. She felt lazy and sluggish in the after glow,smiling. Doubt and confusion would come later now there was only a deep physical contentment as if Kate had somehow bled the stress of the day from her. Dimly she was aware of the Green hovering on the edge of her consciousness but was too happy to resent the psychic voyeur. What did it think of this… being so beyond morality and animal passion.

Kate sighed, her breathe drifting across Ivy's opening, as she came down from her third orgasm of the evening. Kate smiled and gave Ivy a few more licks and then traveled slowly back up. She looked into Ivy's face and her smile grew. She kissed her gently. Sighed as she felt the vines stir inside her.

"You can leave me now love. Lets just cuddle awhile, catch our breath," she rolled onto her side and pulled Ivy close. After a few moments she spoke softly," You've never had oral sex before have you?"

Ivy shook her head by way of response,not trusting her voice. Her coils slipped slowly,regretfully from Kate's warmth.

"You enjoy this," Kate's finger slid low, finding Ivy's ass and sinking inside," I don't want you touching yourself, pleasuring, that's my job now. Did you need something bigger then my finger?" As she spoke her finger moved, a easy slow rhythm.

"ahh…" she hissed,stiffening as Kate's finger slide within her. Her hands stroked down Kate's sides as she squirmed a bit. "Um… ooh… sometimes… yes… mmmm… something bigger…Jon's taken me that way… once before… " Biting her lower lip as Kate probed a little deeper,she let her curiosity take over,"has he done that to you?"

"Do you really want to know the details, love," Kate breathed against her, sliding a second finger inside, "Can you reach under my bed from here? There is a small chest. Could you bring it out."

Gasping as she felt herself probed more,Ivy nodded. It had been special to her… one intensely passionate and spontaneous act between herself and Jon. She reached out, feeling about under Kate's bed, grasping the chest and pulled it to them with her vines. "Yes… I need to know… Kate… I really do…" she whispered.

Kate sighed, "It was at the staff party. He finally stormed off. I couldn't let him go like that so I found him and held him awhile. He just rocked back and forth. I am not sure if he ever did cry. The next thing I knew he was pushing me down, pushing up my skirt. I knew that if I didn't say anything he would hate himself, " Kate sighed, and then shrugged, "So I told him to fuck me. That is how it started. And he's pretty much a one style man, for all the porns he watches. Once from behind, and I gave him one blow job. Now you know everything."

Why do I feel relieved? He still took her… I imagine he was so lonely, afraid. In the after glow of her own passion with Kate she could understand in a way… feel for him she had been dead. It didn't make the pain of his rejection any easier to bear though.

"Why don't you open the box and pick out one you like," Kate was impressed. The box was heavy and she usually pushed it around. Jane had brought it out with little apparent effort. She's grown a bit in height, how much in strength. Her emotions are much more to the fore then before. And god is she a good lay. I wonder if …

Kate laughed at the expression on Ivy's face as she looked into the box of sex toys. Moving into a kneeling position behind Ivy, she finally removed her finger, and placed both arms around Ivy, holding her tightly, she whispered, "you are a much better lover then Jon. I am sorry if I hurt you. I get really bitchy and defensive when I feel guilty. You are so beautiful."

Guilt… when would the guilt for this sink in… what form would it take. It was like something was quizzing her and the answer were elusive. Her thoughts turned back to the outside world. God… was Kate always like this… her eyes ran over the array of sex toys and gadget. A few she recognized other were completely new to her. Kate had always seemed so… so quiet.

Kate reached out and picked up one of the dildo harnessers, "this one is about the same size as Jon. Or did you want something a little smaller this time?"

Ivy looked from Kate's face to the harness in her hand and back to her face. Her addled mind took a few moments to make the connection. "Oh…my… you're… you mean you want to… " Her expression took on an almost comedic startlement and she mentally chastised herself. She seen… felt you in a way more intimate than your husband ever has…but… this… it different.

"Am I going to fast for you love? I only want to give you the same pleasure you gave me. If you don't feel comfortable using any of this, we don't have to…," her expression changed, became uncertain, and she took an unsteady breath, "or was this just a way to get back at Jon?"

Kate's hand flew to her mouth, and her eyes grew large, "Oh god, " she whispered, and then she laughed, as soft mocking tone, " I should have realized. Its okay really. I'll live, move on. I always do."

"No… no it wasn't that." She had seduced Ivy… not the other way… right? "I… don't really understand what happened here… is happening… but its not to get back at Jon… not really… but I never thought another woman could…" Her voice trailed off. Pulling Kate gently to her she kissed her on the lips, tasted her own sweet musk on them. "Before now… I never dreamed that a human could find me… desirable… not now… after what Jon said… you've given something back to me and… and I think you are being truthful about what happened between you and Jon." She held Kate,freely caressing her with both her hands and vines, amazed the sensation did not repulse the other woman. "given me something back and shown me a part of myself… I want to learn more."

Kate reached out slowly and trailed a hand along a vine,"was it instinct that made you go inside me? I don't understand. I don't know Jane. I have had so many one nights, so many short flings. I want… God I shouldn't have started this, " this last was whispered, her hand trembled. Then she seemed to grab a hold of herself.

Ivy reached out and took her hand. "I don't know either… I wanted to please you… was curious and it felt good…It seems we are both on unfamiliar ground tonight" She took Kate's hand to her lips and kissed it gently. "You're my friend… "

"Tell me what you want to learn and I will teach you. This night is all I have a right to expect. I wish…" Kate shook her head and reached into the box for the oil, explaining to Ivy what she was doing and why. Kate's voice was clinical, as when she would give a report at the lab but her hands shook as she did up the harness.

"Are you frightened that should be for me?" Ivy asked quietly, allowing a small smile to cross her lips before turning and slipping onto all fours,presenting her full rear to Kate's view. " I want this… and I want you to get what you want as well… "

Kate poured some oil on Ivy's rear, watching as some of it soaked in. She reached out and worked it in. She raised herself and slowly pushed the dildo in,pausing, allowing Ivy to get used to the feel.She leaned over and kissed Ivy's shoulder, "I'm about half in love, how are you?"

Ivy's moan was soft, almost a whimper as she felt herself penetrated. She squirmed a bit,instinct making her push back. There was none of the slight pain like the first time, only a pleasant pressure, a sensation of fullness. She and Jon had been a little drunk when they had tried this,fumbling and inexperienced. Kate seemed to know much more what she was doing. She pushed back a bit, looking over her shoulder at Kate,to indicate she was ready. "Its good, I can take more I think. Ivy closed her eyes, lowering her head to the floor. "Please… "

Kate smiled and ran her hands to Ivy's breasts. She squeezed them gently as she pushed to three quarters. She paused, "Do you want it all love, "she nibbled Ivy's ear,"should I go slowly or all at once?"

Ivy grunted softly, clenching her teeth. "Yes…all… slowly." She managed to gasp out. Inside she clutched and tighted about the invading plastic, pushing against it instinctively. She pushed against Kate,easing more inside. Her hands on her breasts felt so nice. They were soft and skilled…like Jon's. Oh God… it was perverse… but good. "All of it… " she repeated,voice little more than a whisper. "Slow then harder faster…"

Kate complied. Moving slowly till the leather harness rubbed against Ivy's ass and her legs against Ivy's. She paused, slowly, gently twisting Ivy's hard nipples until Ivy pushed against her. Then Kate gripped Ivy's breasts and pulled out,pushing back in slowly, her movement smooth and short. Slowly with every stroke she began to increase the speed, keeping her thrusts short so that she could keep squeezing Ivy's breasts. Kate could feel her own excitement mounting ands he moaned into Ivy's back.

Ivy moaned into the carpet as Kate thrust,pushing back to meet her. Gasping at a particularly sharp motion,tightening down hard.

"Oh… yessss…" her voice was a soft hiss. Reaching back she ran her hands up and down Kate's sweat slickened sides. Starting to groan,she matched Kate's short hard motions, slapping softly against her. Vines ran over Kate… cupping her breasts,gliding over the lush contours of her body.

Kate moaned louder and sat up. Gripping Ivy's hips, she pulled out to the tip and then back in. The slap of leather against Ivy's soft skin lay just over the moans of the two women. Kate picked up her speed, shifting a bit to get better balance. She really loves this, Kate smiled as she watched Ivy respond to her hard, rapid thrusts, Jon, Jon… you don't know what you missed.

Gasping and moaning Ivy took her thrusts working back against her. Yes… this was good. Inside she spasmed and twitched. Guilt was secondary,shame meant nothing. Her only concern was her growing pleasure… the feel of Kate…well something of Kate's inside her. She grinned at that, arching her back and shouting to the ceiling. Her vines ran over Kate,stroking her face,over her lips, slipping between them,another tickled Kate's stiffened nipples. She felt herself growing nearer… the sweet tension building in her rear and sex.

Kate's eyes went wide as a vine slid into her mouth. After a second she let her tongue spar with it, wondering if Ivy was getting some sort of pleasure out of it.

Ivy's eye went wide. "OH GOD!",she went stiff, the sudden sensation pushing her fully over the brink. Throwing her head back,she practically howled pushing against Kate,her hips trembling and rolling in pleasure. Her vine played with Kate's tongue gently as Ivy shivered and moaned,the combined sensations from it and her ass mingling and driving her on. Lowering her upper body to the floor she panted heavily,still up on her knees and pushing back,the leather strap smooth against her "skin"

Kate continued to pump her ass, slowing down to a less harsh stroke. On impulse she began sucking on the vine in her mouth, remembering Ivy's fevered moaning of being able to feel her.

Moaning,squirming and whimpering, Ivy lay under Kate, occasionally mustering the will to push back to her. She felt delirious,the sucking was intense and sweet. How? "I… I… its like… feels so good!" She shuddered and squealed again squeezing her eyes shut, another orgasm shaking her. She fell forward, slumping to the floor with a damp thump. Her body was leaden,drained. How much… Kate… her thoughts were a jumble,her mind and body exhausted.

Kate smiled as the vine slid out and she stopped, pulling out gently. She checked on Ivy, her smile widening as she realized that her strange lover was asleep. She turned Ivy over and softly, slowly began to suckle at Ivy's breast.

Ivy smiled and moaned in her sleep. "Kate…mmmm… nice… "

Kate wondered if she could move Ivy into the bedroom. Deciding she was to tired to even try, she stripped the bed. Noting that even exhausted Ivy wasn't having a peaceful sleep, Kate moved her plants closer and opened a window. Ivy settled down almost immediately. Kate smiled and crawled into the makeshift bed, cuddling up to Ivy. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.