Warning: This part in Gate explores Ivy's personal life in a very graphic manner. If you are offended by sex scenes please return to the main page.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 12 a.m.

Kate stopped and stared around with awe," Jane… My god…", she whispered. Kate turned in a slow circle.

"Its going to be featured in better homes and gardens… in both sections."

She smiled nervously. "Its not to… strange is it… it just seemed to fit when I created it… " She walked up to Kate and slipped her arms around her. "You're the first to see it." Resting her head on Kate's shoulder she held her for a moment.

Kate held her, still looking around in awe, "Its beautiful Jane. Thank you."

Kate moved back a little and raised Ivy's head. She looked deep into Ivy's strange green eyes and then kissed her softly.

Ivy went back to the work "table" laying out the specimens. She beckoned Kate over as a a living tendril coiled out from the wall. It was a hybrid, a composite of plant material and plastics forming a living microscope. Through her connection with the Green Ivy could feel the sensation of the "table" the chemicals it tasted in the material,its weight and texture. "Do you think that large creature was engineered somehow… perhaps even the ape men?"

Kate peered at the equipment," How did you do that?"

"Very slow grafting techniques… similar to those used in cybernetic prosthetics." she replied. "Its easier when you can sense the proper connections needed… I… like things to be a touch more organic now… "

An hour later, Ivy and Kate sat back gazing at each other in confusion.

"we have to be doing something wrong, " Kate murmured, shaking her head, "We're going to have to get a DNA test."

The samples had shown a much heavier concentration of iron, the muscles tissue appeared more dense as well as the skin. In short, Mother Nature had never produced these creatures. Ivy sealed the samples and handed them to Kate along with a kiss.

At least not nature on this world… Ivy thought looking down at her own green skin.

Kate took them and kissed Ivy back. As she drew back she ran her hand down Ivy's back and squeezed her ass, " I be back as soon as I can."

Kate then turned and walked away.

Ivy watched her go and stood in thought for a long moment then turned and stepped back inside. "engineered…someone made and sent them… vanguard of something bigger… but why the primitive weapons from such an advanced science?"

Hours later, Ivy felt someone approaching her home.

She came from her "torpor" quick;y and moved to intercept the newcomer. "Kate…" no she would have felt familiar… who then."

Ivy gazed out through the foliage. A young man stood not 100 yards from her, setting up a camera, his back to her.

Curiosity piqued,she watched him from the tree line not moving her form nearly invisible the foliage.

The young man then set up a lawn chair and settled down to wait, occasionally looking through the camera he had set up or the one on his lap. A while later, Ivy felt Kate's familiar tread, heading in their direction.

What is he doing here? she thought,bird watcher nature photographer. Still it would not due to have him see Kate coming here. She sent a cloud oif heady scent his way,soothing smells masking a powerful chemical sedative which should ease him into a dreamless sleep.

The young man nodded, jerked awake, nodded and then finally fell asleep. His coke can sliding to the ground. Kate had stopped not far way watching him.

Ivy motioned to her from the trees and lead her deeper back to the Grove,sparing the young man and camera a second glance.Smiling she looked Kate over and kissed her gently. "I missed you… were you able to get those sample…

Kate's mouth and tongue cut off the rest of Ivy's question. Kate pulled her closer, kneading her ass checks.

Caught utterly off guard Ivy took the kiss, moaning softly her eyes half closing. She ran her hands over kate's body,up and down her back. After a long moment the kiss ended after several more Ivy remembered exactly what she had been saying… "es over to the university… I've been mulling over what we found since you left and haven't gotten any further on it…seems you have been … mulling over other things hmmm?" She grinned, Not a week ago I could have killed her… this is so… Why think about it,Ivy mentally shrugged.

Kate sat down and waited until Ivy had cuddled up next to her. Kate put her arm around Ivy and pulled her closer so she could whisper to her.

"Yes. And you were right. Those things showed up all over the city. A movie thwarter, down by the docks, in Hamilton. That one was bad, they ran into a gang and the blood bath was considerable. Even at the university. Only one and right in the middle on the Basketball game. Fortunaltly the fans thought it was part of the half time show and roared right back. The thing took off, the police are still looking for it."

As she talked, Kate cupped one of Ivy's breasts, running her thumb gently over the exposed nipple, "And I think photo boy out there is here because of you. Some amateur movie maker got most of your battle this afternoon on film and sold it to the news stations."

Ivy shuddered,her nipple stiffening under Kate's touch. She was…aggressive more so than Jon. Jesus… no wonder he went for her. "I I see… seems to be a prelude to something… " she licked her lips slowly, more a reflex than a true need. "He is… hmm… Plant Freak of Midland park… biggest thing since big foot… I can see it now…I suppose this would make a prime photo op… wouldn't it…"

Kate laughed softly, "Yes it would, love," she sighed,"I'll be busy for a few days so I don't know if I'll get out to see you. I'll try though."

Kate looked into Ivy's eyes,"Is there anything special you want to do tonight?" As she waited for an answer, Kate lowered her head and ran her tongue down the top of a breast and then circled the nipple.

Moaning Ivy pulled her close,arms about her waist. "I…I just want you… out of those clothes… " Her vines snaked up,curling under Kate's clothes,tugging and sliding them from her as Ivy eased her back onto a bed of soft moss. Soon she was naked,stroked and fondled all over. Kissing her neck and chest,Ivy cupped a breast in either hand squeezing them together.draping a leg over Kate as they lay on their sides,running it up and down her leg and side.

Kate moaned, "yessss. Oh Jane, " she managed to keep to a whisper, her hands resting lightly on Ivy's waist. Kate turned over on her back, bringing Ivy with her. Her tongue darted into Ivy's moist mouth, and her hands trailed down to squeeze Ivy's ass, pressing her closer.

Ivy moaned, ass tensing under Kate's fingers. Returning the kiss, she slipped her leg between Kate's pressing it to her sex, stroking her with it. Her fingers continued to play with her breasts. They were so warm and firm. She rolled her nipples between two fingers,pulling gently on them. Softly ensnared in her vines, Kate felt her body explored, touched and stroked ever so gently like small feather's brushing her skin. The floral musk of Ivy arousal stirred her as well as much from memory of as its chemical effect. Part of her, as always was still the scientist, and noted the hormonal effects… the way her sexual need was heightened by it. Ivy's mouth left hers and trailed downward over her neck to her full breasts to the tips. She planted a gentle kiss on her stiffened nipple.

Kate gasped, arching, her hands came up and entangled in Ivy's hair. So different then hair, more fibrous. Intrigued, Kate ran her fingers slowly through Ivy's hair. I wonder if she can animate her hair as well. But first… Kate pushed Ivy's head gently urging her further down.

Ivy drifted down, licking and kissing her way to the dark triangle at Kate's groin. Her smell was enticing,her saltily skin wonderful under her tongue. She moaned, nuzzling her sex then licked over her labia parting tentalitively at first then with more vigor from back to front teasing the hood of her clitoris circling it as she fingers trailed up and down her thighs. Curious she licked over the swollen nub,sliding its hood back and took it into her mouth. This is good… her taste…so nice. Kate moaned her encouragement,pressing her harder against her sex. She shivered as Ivy licked and suckled her, inexperienced but eager. Jon hadn't even been willing to try.

With a soft cry, Kate stiffened. Her moaning continued, grew louder as Ivy continued, bringing Kate to a second orgasm, within seconds of the first. And then she sagged like a puppet whose string had been cut. Kate smiled up at the trees as Ivy moved back up, snuggling against her.

"How do you feel, " Kate whispered, "did you like it?"

She felt like a child learning a new trick. Kate seemed pleased,sweat beading on her face and lightly heaving breasts giving her skin the look of dark chocolate. Slowly Ivy licked the last of Kate's juices from her lips. "I liked it… it tasted so wonderful…and hearing you…feeling you come…" She kissed Kate hard.

Kate enjoyed the kiss for a long moment and then laughed softly into Ivy's mouth, "you really haven't done anything like that before have you. Not even Jon?"

She shook her head. "No…no… nothing like that…just the one time we… well you know… " Embarrassed? you just had your mouth on her and your embarrassed Jane get a hold of yourself… you choose this… A little firmer she added. "It just never seemed to come up… you said… said you did for him once… did he like it?"

Kate was thoughtful,"I don't really know. I mean he blew alright, but we didn't talk about it and he was quiet. One moan when he went off that's it. Of course he doesn't make much noise anyway. Does that come from having the kids around? Or was he always like that."

Ivy thought about it a moment. "A little of both… we… never did get really… loud… it just seemed a little embarrassing… and once the kids were born it made more sense… " She paused again. "Did he ask for it or did you… volunteer?"

Kate laughed softly,"I am so used to that being part of foreplay I just did it. Jane. About the kids. They haven't been terribly comfortable around me since I started seeing Jon. Now…", she sighed, " They used to call me Auntie Kate."

Auntie Kate… Jane felt a small twinge of what… anger… jealousy who knows?. "I can imagine… " What do I say? She went silent,looking up into the trees. "Rebecca and Andrew both accept me far more than Jon does… how do I explain this to them… I really don't understand all of it myself."

"I don't know love. Did you… I'll understand… really," Kate tried to keep her voice from shaking. This is out of control. I don't want to give her up.

"No I said I didn't want you out of his life… he needs you… but I don't want my kids torn apart either… Kate… do you love Jon? She looked into her eyes.

"I… I don't know. Do you?"

"I think I do yes… And I know regardless I care for him… I married him he's the father of my children… I can't give that all up so soon. That is what makes me think he…he hasn't forgotten all that either." She holds her closer. "Its strange though… I know I love you… as a friend and something more… "

Kate pulled away and searched Jane's eyes intently, "you do?"

Meeting her gaze Ivy said firmly. "Yes." And with that she kissed her,long and deep,running her hands through her hair. "I need and love you Kate… "

Kate pulled away, hiding her sudden tears as she gathered up her stuff, "I… should go… have to get up early."

Ivy sat up, watching her. "Have I… upset you?"

Kate shook her head and then put lie to the gesture by burning her head in her hands and shaking.

Oh no… what've I done… Jane stood and went to her, pulling Kate close. "what is it… I took it to far?"

Kate laughed around her tears, shaking her head, "n…no I used to dream of you saying that to me. But I am afraid it wont last. And its all so complicated," she struggled to get her sobs under control, developing hiccups along the way," Jon…the kids…"

Ivy held her and stroked her hair. "I know I know… it just doesn't seem to end… does it… that's one of the reasons I need you… God… I would have gone crazy with you." Kissing her on the forehead Ivy cupped her chin. "Kate… we are going to make this work."

"Are we Jane? Are we really? And when do you plan on telling the kids? What will you say? And Jon. When are you planning on telling him? See not so certain."

Ivy shook her head,resolute. "If it were easy it would be done already… I didn't crawl back from grave…make my way home find you to lose it all now… I will make it work… there is mo other option." she kissed Kate's cheeks,her lips. "You are the confident one… remember don't change role on me now… " She allowed herself a small smile. "go home… your tired… it'll look better tomorrow."

Ivy watched as Kate walked off. Jane… Ivy… the name were growing synonymous to her now, nodded. Her determination was absolute. It was her family,her life and loves. She would have them. Turning she headed back for the Grove… paused. A myth must be preserved. Calling on the Green she sent the grasses blooming and coiling about the sleeping young man. He would awaken under a blanket of flower… A gift from the Guardian of the park. Smiling slightly she headed…home.