Warning: This part in Gate explores Ivy's personal life in a very graphic manner. If you are offended by sex scenes please return to the main page.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 12 a.m.

Kate was just closing the door as Ivy emerged from the folds of her teleportation. Kate tossed her bag on a chair, and eased her shoes off with a sigh. Flicking on a light, she turned and jumped, her hand going to her chest, her eyes going wide.

"God, Jane!"

Ivy smiled slightly. "Boo."

"How did you get in here?"

She took a deep breath and awarded Ivy with a shaky smile, "Coffee?"

"my secret…" she shook her head. "Yes… please.. " She looked over Kate slowly, in her lab coat she looked the proper the scientist demure and logical. Jane had seen her other side though… her passion. "How is everyone… Charles still going through beakers like he did before?"

Kate smiled as she noticed Ivy's look, she swayed into the kitchen and started coffee. As she did she talked about work, telling her about the new people, about some of the funny things their coworkers have done, about some of their projects.

Hearing about work was bittersweet for Ivy. It was a world she would probably never see again. Ironically some of the projects were similar to the ones she was setting up in the grove… most like with more orthodox equipment.

As she handed Ivy a cup of coffee, she gave an uncertain smile, "I guess you wont be needing a key, " it was more a question with a hint of gentle teasing.

"Where would I keep it?" she returned the smile. "No pockets." Sipping the coffee she took a seat. "I had hoped things would be… clearer…now… but they aren't. I am still so confused."

Kate sighed and nodded, "I know, I spent most of the evening thinking about last night."

She watched Ivy over the rim of her mug, "We should talk this out. I'll start. I was thinking about my motivations for what I did. I don't know for sure if this is one of them, or if it was subconscious or what. I am sorry either way."

She took a deep breath,"it occurred to me that maybe I was taking advantage of your vulnerability. I know how Jon feels, and it must be how most people react to you. I think you are beautiful. But maybe I said that and kissed you after all those years of saying nothing because I knew how much you needed to those words and that you might react in a way you wouldn't normally," she sighed and took a sip of coffee, "I don't know."

"Yes… yes I did need to hear them and as for my reaction… I can't say if its normal or not… but it was true…Now its my turn." Ivy sighed. "I can never be certain if some of it wasn't to get back at Jon or to feel what he felt with you… when I…I… penetrated you in particular… but I care for you… love you Kate… Perhaps it is something I covered all to well before. Jon has changed but I still feel for him as well… is it still love… or just stubborn affection… I don't know. This I do know…I want to keep you close Kate… as a friend and…more…. " She was shocked herself at her confession. She did. The thing they had shared was intense, to much to be ignored. A closest lesbian…no… I would take Jon again… if I could but God… I want Kate as well… even now.

"You mean that?"

Kate was looking at her with wonder, "You do, don't you," she shook her head in bemusement,"I wonder what would have happened had I approached you earlier."

She shook herself again and took a long drink of coffee, wincing at the sudden heat. She stood and put her mug on the coffee table. She walked to the window, leaned against the wall looking out.

"I have dreamed of this for so long, I'm not sure what to do with now," she laughed softly. A few seconds later she turned.

"What are we going to do about Jon?"

Ivy shook her head," I don;t know… I really don't know… He's cold to me now… I don't know if he will even talk to me and about this… perhaps if we went to him together… " she let the suggestion hang in the air.

Kate frowned, "I was thinking about this. I hate to say this. Jon is a nice guy but what happens if he's pushed to far? I mean right now he's letting you see the kids. If he wanted to he could stop that. The law would be behind him. We are going to have to plan our approach carefully."

No. that would not happen. She would take them before that happened.

Kate pushed away from the wall and headed into the bedroom, a few seconds later she returned with a pad and pencil. With her lab coat still on, Ivy felt a sense of familiarity and contentment. She knew that they were about to play the list game.

It was a game that Kate had started after a particular frustrating week of getting absolutely nowhere on a project. Kate had pulled a pad and paper out and said 'what do we know about it.' Jane had been frustrated and snapped at her, not really wanting to go through their whole project again. But Kate had persisted in that cool professional way of hers. Strangely enough it had worked.

Kate sat on the couch next to Ivy and brought her feet up, reaching out she pulled Ivy close, letting her rest back against her, nestled between Kate's legs. Kate moved her hands around so the could both see the pad.

"What do we know about Jon."

What do I know… really? "He's cool… aloof doesn't;'t really like to show his emotions…. and does not like change… very pattern oriented… conservative but like vicarious thrills… voyeuristic… I know he loves the kids… he used to love me, know I am not so sure. what can you think of?" She lay back, enjoying being close to Kate. "His father left his mom when he was about 10… he turned into the man of the house, doesn't like to talk about that… "

"Hmmm. Very organized. He's not a bad lover just seems to have one channel. Okay," she started making a list, "He comes from a broken home, middle class, he's organized, keeps his emotions in check, doesn't like change, " here she smiled and gave Ivy a squeeze, "And I would say you are a big change. Lets see where was I. Buys porn videos."

She paused again a thoughtful note coming into her voice, "how long have you known about the videos?"

"Very recently…actually Rebecca stumbled onto them. But has been buying them for some time. I suppose he watched them while I worked late… interesting selection… but I suppose you know that." She sighed. There was that twinge of jealously. He had shared that with her. "And I would dare say…anti mutant perhaps the shock of my return…"

Kate jotted both down on the list, "I don't know why he showed them to me, " she hugged Ivy and kissed the side of her head, "but porn video's bore me to tears. I didn't stay past opening credits. He never said anything about them after that."

Hmmmm… I've never seen one. Doesn't surprise me they bore her… she's likely lived allot of them… no that's not nice.…" Ivy smiled at the kiss turning her head to return it. My that's gotten much easier… "They were certainly a unique selection of material."

"Hmmmm, " Kate pulled back and shifted a bit, trying to regain her objectivity, "Lets see. Uses one position almost constantly, though we both know he's aware of others. Okay up for some questions?"

"Yes… as long as you don't ask my beauty secrets."

Kate smiled, her whole face softening,"beautiful, " she whispered her mouth dropping to Ivy's neck, she kissed her softly, moving up to her ear,"so beautiful."

Ivy squirmed a bit as Kate played her lips over her. "Oh… mm… no… we have to… keep on track… now don't we… Kate." her hand reached up to stroke Kate's her hair,undoing the conservative bun it was tied into,letting it spill free. "No…mustn't." She concentrated,trying to gather her wits.

Kate let her head fall back on arm of the sofa," Maybe sitting like this was a mistake. Okay. Um," she raised her head and looked at the list. It took her a few seconds to make sense out of the words.

"Right. How long did you and Jon go out?"

"Relevant or curiosity?" Ivy asked,quirking an eyebrow. "10 months… before we were engaged then 3 more before we married." She looked at Kate closely,wondering.

Kate nodded," No sex before marriage? Were you both virgins? And it is a little of both."

"Yes were the first for each other and no,we didn't before we got married."

Ivy looked over at Kate. "I'm curious, you make me feel… so naive…how experienced are you?" I wonder if her attraction to me is just the thrill of something… new… if anything I am unique.

"Well. Here you write for a while, I've writing all day," she waited as Ivy took the pad and pencil, then wrapped her arms around her, pulling Ivy against her tightly," I lost my virginity at 15. High school football game. I'll give you details if you want it. My first female was in university. My roommate. She was kinda weird. I've drifted from relationship to relationship since then, never finding quite what I am looking for. Whatever, that is."

She was silent for a while, "I have had crushes on straight women before, but they never lasted more then 6 months. Lust really. I thought it was going to be the same with you. Now almost 7 years later, I still dream of you, think of you as I'm getting off."

"You remember Gary? That guy I went out with for a few months? He was pretty good in bed. Real athletic. I had a few multiples, " she paused," but it was only because I was thinking of you. I'd close my eyes and think that you were making out with us."

There was a silence, "have I offended you? Grossed you out? What are you thinking?"

"no… how can I be offended…its my good fortune that you…you can till tolerate me… or I'd be utterly alone." Ivy smiled,kissed her gently. "You really thought of me for that long?"

"God yes," one of Kate's thumbs began making slow circles on the underside of a breast,"when you spilled coffee on your pants and went around with your lab coat buttoned up while you waited for them to dry. Didn't you ever wonder why I spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom?"

"Or the day I came into the bedroom just as you were changing? I must have better control of face then I thought," she brushed Ivy's ear with her mouth, whispered" after you left I came on the bed, didn't take long."

"But we are getting far a field," she cleared her throat,"what positions have you done with him. Missionary, once anal, anything else? Oral sex?Jack each off? Shower together?"

Ivy was distracted,needless to say by her confessions. She had never thought herself even capable of arousing such feelings. She must be exaggerating… of course… "No… him on top… even when he… well took me back there…we've showered together yes… just playing around… nothing else."

Kate smiled to herself at Ivy's verbal stumbling, she was indeed naive," Okay here's what I think. Jon is very middle class. Even though he is interested in other stuff, to do it with his wife is unthinkable. He is the male, must be in control. Only straight sex. Especially with the mother of his children. Following me so far?"

"I think he is having a real problem indentifing his Wife with you."

"Madonna or whore…" she murmured. "The two facets of women to most men. He had a picture of me as one and now… I don't fit it anymore and he can't deal with it." She wondered how long and if he had been tempted to stray. If he had, perhaps a prostitute… someone disposable to release his fantasies on. "Well I have changed and there is no going back… for now anyway…he is going to have to deal with it… I do." She felt angry. His ego was it. She had fought to get back,went through hell and he couldn't see past a her body,a shell to what she was because it didn't fit his precious little image. Did he know or love her at all… or just what he thought she was?

Kate could feel her tensing, hear the anger starting in her voice, "What did you want to do love? I could be all wrong, I only took a couple of psychology courses, and have only my own experience to work off here."

"If you want him, I will help you get him back. It may take awhile but between the two of us, I don't think he has a choice."

Ivy let her anger simmer down to a low boil. It was a waste of energy. I have got to control that…its dangerous…the things I almost did to Kate… "You have far more experience than I, Kate… I don't mean that the way it sounded… I just… Jon was the first man I ever really loved or even touched in an intimate way…never had time for it before or the bravery…we met strictly on accident. I was leaving for lunch, nose buried in notes as usual and ran into him…literally. We went out to eat… the rest is history. But he probably told you that… do you really think there is a chance?"

"If we move slowly, there might be. I wont promise he'll ever… that it will work. We can but try. Okay first things first. I'll stop sleeping with him, but wont break it off just yet. And we should keep us a secret. God this could get complicated fast."

"I don't know if this will work or is an exercise in pure lunacy. One part of me is saying that I am crazy. I mean after you have him back what about me, us. But I can't stand to see you unhappy."

"Kate… I…" what could she say. Kate was willing or so it seemed, to give her up. Ivy took her hand and gently squeezed it. "There will always be a place for you with me and in my heart… before you it was so easy to believe Jon that I wasn't human that I was disgusting." She kissed the other woman's hand gently. "You could probably have anyone you wanted."

Kate sighed, watching Ivy kiss her hand. The faint stirrings of desire that had been distant, started coming closer,"I want you," there it was said, Kate took a shuddering breath, now for the other,"but not if the only reason is gratitude. I don't think I could take that."

"No… I want you as well… " Ivy murmured,turning her head to kiss Kate gently on the lips. She hesitated and moved her other hand slowly across Ivy's stomach, the touch lite.

Her stomach fluttered under her touch,she felt an excited nervousness she hadn't experienced since her first time with Jon. Ivy felt herself moisten growing warm between her legs. Kate was so soft,smelled so sweet. It was hard to concentrate. I want Jon back…so hard to say no to her… who… what am I going to do….

Kate sighed and opened her mouth under Ivy's gentle kiss. maybe… The barriers she had placed around her heart to keep from getting hurt, that separated her feelings, separated Kate from getting too involved with her partners. From being hurt. Began to lower. A voice snarled in her head, fool, all Jon has to do is cock his finger and she'll be back with him and then…. Kate shut the voice out. She knew this was going to hurt that it wouldn't last. But she would give Jane all the love she had until then.

"I love you, " she whispered into Ivy's mouth.

Love me… she does… do I love her…as a friend…as more… She turned and slipped her arms around Kate. " I want you to be happy as well… I want to give you what you want most, Kate. My mind is whirling…but I wont leave you." Will you…if Jon knocked on that door right now and said he'd changed his mind… would you? how about tomorrow… or the next day…always making promises….

Kate shook her head, "No Jane, you will leave. Once Jon is yours again," brief pain flashed in her eyes and then she pulled Ivy close to her, running her hands down Ivy's back to cup her ass.

As her mouth came down over Ivy's, she whispered," but I will take what we have now and not worry about tomorrow."

Ivy moaned into the kiss but pulled away. "No…no I mean that… Kate…I do…" She looked into her eyes. "I do."

Kate smiled and traced a finger down her face,"we'll see. I don't know. We'll see."

"But if there is one thing I do know is that your mind hasn't stopped working. What have you pieced together? For instance, you mentioned that using your vines as you did was instinctual. How much sensory input do you get? Is it all the time, or only when you want?

"It seems to be under my control,consciously and subconsciously…my flesh…is very malleable…" She was somewhat embarrassed but it was easier with Kate. "The sensation was much like like… I would imagine a man feels during penetration… when normally they have the tactile sensation of normal skin." She went on a bit,explaining the general durability and structure of her new form. She avoided mentioning the Green or her more…estoric abilities. Too hard to explain and she wasn't really sure herself.

Kate shook her head and laughed, " I have been with more then one person before, but never with only one person and still been ganged," she smiled at Ivy inviting her to join in the humor, "what did you wish to learn tonight? Should I get an apartment that has its own garden?"

Ivy could only smile slightly. The fresh memory was still embarrassing… and enticing. "I…wanted… to learn how to please you… with my mouth and hands like you wanted." The last words came out in rush and she looked away from Kate's eyes. "It felt so wonderful… I wanted to share it with you… "

"Love," Kate pulled her closer, stroking her hair "there is nothing to be embarrassed about in giving and taking pleasure. It is simple really and I believe you will catch on quickly. Just do what you think will work, listen to my responses."

She ran her hands over Ivy's ass, cupping and bringing her closer,"did you want to undress me or should I undress for you?"

"Undress… I don't trust myself not to tear your clothing," Ivy answered quietly,averting her gaze a bit. Already her vines had snaked out, running over Kate's form, over her breasts and thighs. She felt like such a freak,but it felt so nice. Her smell took on that sweetly musky scent she gained when aroused.

Kate touched her face and turned her to face her. She kissed her and slid slowly off the couch, "watch, " she breathed and slowly removed her lab coat.

She turned and placed it folded neatly on the chair behind her, bending slowly and straightening just as slowly, "Tell me what to take off first," her gaze was lustful, as she stood waiting for Ivy's command.

Ivy could only stare at her. She had never dealt with a situation like this before. What to say…what to do. I must seem like a child to her. Her hesitation was plain on her face as she bit her lower lip.

Kate smiled and turned slowly, putting on a slow show. She dropped seductively to her hands and knees and slowly approached Ivy. Just before reaching her, Kate lowered herself to the floor, keeping her eyes on Ivy's. She then slowly pushed herself backwards and pushed herself to a sitting position. She let her hands move up her sides, from her hips, slowly, standing as she did so.

Watching as if hypnotized,Ivy licked her lips. She's so graceful…so beautiful… part of me just wants to be like her. Ivy did feel like a child in comparison to Kate. A terribly naive child that hadn't even recognized Kate's desire for 7 years. "Kate…come closer… " She held out her hands.

Kate smiled, "changed your mind, " she purred, "want to take them off yourself," she stood and swayed over to Ivy. She stopped in front of her. "Tell me what to do."

It was so strange. Jon had always had control. He decided when they made love, where to touch her and she responded. Kate was forcing her to be active and it was both frightening and exciting. She reached out and lifted Kate's shirt pulling it as gently as she off. Kate raised her arms, allowing her to pull it completely free, brushing her hair smooth again once it was done. She was so beautiful, Ivy thought,looking over her sleek almost feline body. Her skin was a dark brown,so much so it almost seemed black,her breasts firm and rounds plums contrasting sharply with the white lace bra she wore. Her nipples were stiff and slightly visible through the material.

"Touch me…all over… I want to feel your hands… please…" Tossing away the shirt, Ivy placed her hands to the side of Kate's face and brought her close to kiss her once again. No chaste peck but an eager one, her tongue slipping past the other woman's lips to playfully stroke and duel with hers.

Kate moaned into her mouth, responding with passion. Her hands fell to Ivy's hips, resting there. She would let Ivy take full iniative. Her head fell back as their kiss broke, giving Ivy access to her throat, pushing her breasts a little higher.

Ivy's mouth left hers and she kissed down over Kate's neck, over her chin to the hollow of her throat. Nuzzling and licking she raised her hands to cup Kate's breasts, squeezing them through the soft lace, palms over her nipples. Ivy closed her fingers on them, rolling them gently, the way she herself liked to have it done and tried to gauge Kate's response. It was a conscious effort to keep her vines from roaming more but she wanted to love Kate as a human for now or as human as she could get anyway. Kate stiffened a bit, moaning but still stood not really pressing. Why is she so…passive… a test?

Kate sensed her pause, the slight tensing. I have to remember this is new to her, "Mmmmm, that's good, a little harder please, mine aren't as sense…TIVE."

Kate shuddered, gasped as Ivy applied a bit more pressure, "ahh, yes," she trailed a hand up Ivy's back and then back down. She could feel the heat spiraling upwards, feel her nipples responding to the caress, lengthening.

Lowering her head more Ivy licked over the lace, wetting it over Kate's hardened nipple then placed her lips over it and sucked gently at first then hard, flicking her tongue back and fourth over it, again mimicking Jon but with more aggression. Kate's responses making her more sure of herself, more eager. Her own sex had grown damp and warm. Taking one of Kate's hands in hers she slipped it past the green "loincloth" over her pubes and pressed to her sticky opening. Experimentally she nipped at Kate's nipple, catching it in her teeth as she squeezed the other with her fingers,tugging on it.

Kate moaned as the sudden sensation spread through her body, "Oh, yesss."

Her other hand came up to tangle in Ivy's hair, gripping each time Ivy tugged a nipple. Her hand spread over Ivy's sex, gripping the whole length, pressing her open hand against her.

As Ivy drew a nipple out with her teeth, rolling it with her teeth, her tongue flicking over it. Kate cried out her name. The hand on Ivy's head gripping, pulling closer. She shook. Arched in surprise as a small orgasm swept her.

"God…where… where did you learn that," Kate breathed.

Ivy didn't speak but continued,playing her tongue over the nube between her teeth. Her hips shuddered as Kate gripped her womanhood, grinding against her hand. She climaxed… I think . The thought made Ivy strangely giddy. Her hands slipped under Kate's bra, stroking her bare skin, pushing the material away so she could reach her nipples fully, wetting them with quick licks, pausing to blow over them then suck them in her mouth, areola and all. She remembered the guilty pleasure she had felt nursing Andrew and Rebecca particularly when they sucked hard and did so now, mixing in nips and tugs as she seemed to like.

Kate shivered, resting her head on the top of Ivy's. God she's good at this. Kate began moving her hand back and forth across Ivy's sex. As Ivy repeated her early administration against Kate's bare breasts, Kate deftly slipped a finger into Ivy's hole, feeling her heat. She tried to match her thrusting to Ivy's movements on her breast, but couldn't keep it going for long. She settled for timing it to the nipps and hard sucks.

Kate felt another small wave of bliss run through herself, and responded by slipping her other three fingers into Ivy, letting her thumb provide a stabilizing point.

Ivy moaned over Kate's nipple, eyes squeezing shut as she felt herself penetrated. Her sex tightened down hard on Kate's probing fingers, quivering in pleasure and longing. She tried to clear her head a bit, wanting to pleasure Kate as much as possible She switched her mouth to the other nipple, lowering one hand to the snaps of Kate's slacks,opening them and slipping her hand inside,into her panties. Her fingers stroked through the soft curls over her mound then lower to play across her sex. Kate was wet and slippery, her sex swollen with excitement. Her clitoris…should touch that. She found the small nub,hard under its hood and rubbed a damp fingertip over it, pressing lightly. She shuddered, feeling herself build to a crest and moaned softly into Kate's bosom.

Kate let her head drop back, her breathing had increased to a rapid flutter. She was moaning almost constantly. She opened her stance to give Ivy more play room. She picked up her own pace a bit, feeling Ivy building. There were two ways she could bring her over. Kate hesitated.

She let go of Ivy's head and wet her fingers, then brushed them across her breasts. She knew how sensitive they were for her. One of a few women that Kate knew who seemed to have a direct line from her tits to her groin. She used that now, rolling a nipple gently between her fingers. She leaned over and ran her tongue over an ear, around it, into it and back around. Her hand pumped faster.

Ivy closed her eyes and let the sensation roll over her,shuddering against Kate. Her finger slide within Kate's sex, sliding about, feeling her heat, questing for her most sensitive spots. She kept her thumb on her clitoris, rolling it on the slippery nub. Her body was shivering, sex locking down on Kate's fingers in a hard spasm as she came. The only sound she could make were soft mewing purrs,as she licked the sweat from Kate's skin. Wet like this… her skin looks like chocolate Ivy thought with a giggle, her spasm fading slowly. Kate liked variety. She eased a third finger into her sex, forming a triangle with them and pumped it back and fourth with sudden aggression, locking her teeth back onto her nipples. She sucked at it, hard, holding it in her teeth and shaking her head a bit.

God! "Jane!" Kate exploded, her whole body arching, her hands stilling, her body taut. Tremors ran through her body. She gasped switching both her hands to holding on to Jane as Ivy continue her assault. A second wave went through Kate. Ivy could feel it, in the shaking of Kate's body, how she clamped hard onto Ivy's hand with her legs, and the muscles inside. Kate's hands dug into Ivy's skin.

Ivy kept it up,her fingers thrusting deeper and harder, trying to make her climax last. Licking and sucking at her nipple frantically, Ivy thrust at Kate's fingers hard and fast, wanting to join her pleasure. She ran her tongue up Kate's chest and neck to her lips and kissed her deeply, cupping her ass and squeezing it hard, pulling her close.

Kate felt breath leave her as Ivy's mouth closed over hers. She pulled back long enough to get some air and dived back in allowing Ivy to pull them close. She grabbed at her concentration and started her hand moving again.

She took the other hand and moved it down to Ivy's ass, the second spot that could bring her over the edge. She insert first one finger then two, with every second thrust, matching the speed to her other hand, Kate inserted another finger in Ivy's ass. It wasn't long before she had four going there as well.

Kate had lost count of her own orgasms, her entire body was vibrating with pleasure. Her concentration narrowed to bringing Ivy to the same state. She used every once of her experience and remaining energy.

Shuddering and gasping, Ivy tried her best to please her lover, exploring her sex with eager fingers, even slipping a probing digit into her asshole. She moaned when Kate pentreated her asshole, wiggling her hips in slow circles, urging Kate in on a husky low voice. She had loved it when Jon had taken her there. They were half drunk on the wine saved for their anniversary. His had just done it, pulling from her sex, aiming and slipping it back there. Probably inspired from porno… well I be there is nothing like this on those films you love so much Jon dear… It was a spiteful thought but she was too giddy to care. It had felt wonderfully… wonderfully naughty to have him there, filling up her forbidden entrance. Ivy came,again and again, sinking in heap with Kate, the two kissing and explorering on the floor until they both lay in a damp tangle, hands still working lazily between each other's legs. They kissed and giggled and kissed again, looking into each other's eyes. She did love Kate. The admission was not so hard. "think we can make it to the bed… you still have something to show me?" Ivy did not pant. She no longer had to. Her foliage turned more toward light and she felt the stirrings of hunger.

Kate turned her head and looked at Ivy,"I've created a …," she paused and pulled Ivy closer, "is it okay. I didn't think…," she sighed, "Where did you learn that thing with the teeth and tongue?"

"Improvisation,Love…I have a knack for it." Ivy was far to content to let Kate's "slip" bother her to greatly. She ran her hand over Kate's side, following the smooth rise and fall of her hip and thigh then pulled her close. "Its all right… and maybe you have…" She smiled and kissed her gently."Actually… let's catch our breath for awhile… "

Kate relaxed and snuggled closer to Ivy, within seconds her breathing evened out and she drifted off to sleep.

Fairs fair…last time you put me to bed. Ivy sat up,resting her head in her hands. I wonder what time it is… Getting to her feet she wandered into the kitchen, taking the time to actually look at Kate's place. I've always been distracted… by myself or her when ever I've been here. In the kitchen she looked in the fridge. Need meat products… Her diet had undergone some odd changes since the incident. She really didn't want to think about some the less savory things that were palatable to her now. Let my hormones get in the way again… i still don't know what to do about Jon… wonder is he still up.

The place was neat and compact, just right for a single person. No extra frills. The fridge was fairly well stocked, a few cans of German beer in the side door, a bottle of red wine on the bottom shelf, next to a head of lettuce and some pears. Mayo, no mustard unless she stored it in a cupboard. A can of fake whipping cream, milk and eggs. A whole shelf of tupperware containers with dates on them, in Kate's precise labeling hand. A small covered plate of roast beef, some covered potato salad. BQ sauce, and a empty jar of pickles, well there was one left. A vacuum foil bag, its top rolled up. A couple of loaves of bread.

She took the left over roast beef to the table. He did work late e some nights. Hope Andy's date goes well. Nibbling at the food she mulled over what little she and Kate had come up with.

She sighed. It didn't look good. They would have to work around his conservative attitude. Maybe get him to see her, instead of someone who used to be his wife. The phone rang.

Out in the living room she could hear Kate mumbling into the phone. A few seconds later she wondered into the kitchen. She took one look at Ivy eating and opened the freezer part of the fridge. She brought out a large bucket of ice cream and scooped her self a generous bowl full. Placing the ice cream back, she sprayed some whipping cream on it.

Putting the can back she paused and then sighed and put it firmly down, another time when I can enjoy it more. Grabbing a spoon she closed the silver ware drawer with a hip, picking up her ice cream.

"Why don't you bring that into the bedroom."

Nodding,Ivy stood and followed her into the bedroom. "It always amazes me how you stay so slim… who was on the phone?"

"I work out, " Kate replied throwing a wink over her shoulder, jumping onto the bed and arranging the pillows so she could comfortably eat her ice cream, "umm, oh, my neighbor. She wanted us to keep it down a bit, the shouting woke up her daughter."

If she could have blushed Ivy would have. Slipping into bed, she contiused to devour the beef, wishing it was rarer or older. She shook her head, not really wanting to think about that. "I was thinking of calling Jon… but its pretty late… Andrew goes on his first date tomorrow night." Her pride shown through in her voice.

"Oh, oh. They grow up fast don't they. Call Jon if you wish. But it is almost 2 am, " she smiled and placed her empty bowl on the table and burrowed under the covers," I am sorry Jane but I have to be up early tomorrow. I should be home around four."

She yawned," I'll bring a schedule. You are most definitely welcome to sleep with me. But I wont worry if you are not here when I wake up. Turn the light off either way."

"I understand,remember I worked there," leaning over she kissed Kate on the cheek "sleep well…,I think I should…well… root for tonight…I've burned allot of my nutrients… " She watched her reaction, trying not to expect anything.

"Hmm? Okay. Love you. Didn't mean to tire you out."

Ivy smiled, relieved. She took it all right. "All tiring things should be as enjoyable."

Kate giggled into the covers.

It was strange… I have to go plant myself for the night… Slipping out of the she flipped off the light and stepped out,closing the door. How were things at the lab,she wondered stooping to stroke one of Kate's plants. WEll tended but it needed watering. Shift to the Grove… no to tiring… walk… enjoy the air… perhaps it will rain. She left the apartment,closing the door behind her.