Life Imitates Art

Warning: Adult Content

"It's a good thing you took off your shirt, darling. That sauce on those noodles probably stains like hell. I suppose you'll be wanting some help now cleaning that off." Sara sauntered the few steps to where Josh was standing. She leaned forward, not touching him, stuck her tongue out and carefully lifted the noodle off his skin. Once the end was in her mouth, she took a step back, looked Josh straight in the eyes, and slowly sucked in the noodle. She swallowed the noodle without chewing, then licked her lips.

"Why did you call her Mom? It freaked her out." Sara leaned forward again and slowly began to lick the sauce of his chest.

"Just letting her know where our relationship may be going. Besides, I don't think…" He sat down suddenly, dropping the noodle from the his chopsticks on his leg. "Shit."

"What's wrong?" Sara asked, sitting down next to him. She picked up the noodle with her fingers and slurped it up like the other. She licked her fingers clean, then stuck one in the middle of the sauce on his leg. She started to spread the sauce in a circle, getting larger and larger.

He groaned and his eyes lit mischievously. Taking some more noodles, he dropped them on his stomach.

Sara gave a look of mock dismay. "You really are a messy eater. With everything you've said about your mother I'm surprised you're like this." Sara grabbed his shoulders and pushed him gently backwards until he was lying flat on his back. "Now, maybe the stuff won't drip onto the floor. If it is, you're the one who's going to clean it up."

Sara tied her hair back into a ponytail with an elastic from one of the cartons and bent to her work. Her tongue and fingers teased his skin as she ate the noodles and licked off the sauce with infinite slowness.

"Yum," Sara said as she sat up and finished licking her fingers clean. "That was good." She gave his stomach last wipe of a finger. "There. Nice and clean again. Have you had enough to eat? There's still a lot of food on the table, and you keep dropping those noodles. Maybe you should be eating something else?" Sara laughed at his look as she felt another stab of desire. "I meant food, silly man."

"Greedy," he laughed softly. He picked out a small handful of noodles, wrapped them slowly around his cock and then placed his hands behind his head. He watched her curiously, wondering what she would do.

"Now I know why you eat Chinese in the nude. You like to play with your food. You must have to take a lot of showers after dinner. You get it all over yourself." Sara looked at Josh thoughtfully. Can I do this? It's obvious he wants me to. Can I remember what that book said? Oh yeah. Be careful with my teeth. "Now, where are those napkins?"

Sara made a show of looking for the serviettes. She found them, but with one hand she tossed them under the sofa and pretended to keep looking, rummaging around with the other. "Oh well, we must have used them up already. I guess I'm going to have to do this the hard way." Sara gave a sigh of mock disappointment.

With caressing fingers, Sara drew each noodle one by one up his rigid member, spiraling the noodle around, then tilting her head back and lowered it into her own mouth. She then made tisking noises and shook her head. "Now you've got sauce all over yourself. What am I going to do with you?" Now, what did the book say was the best way to do this? Damn! I wish I had paid closer attention to it. Okay, let's see. Oh yeah. Sara settled herself between Josh's legs and gave him a tentative lick.

"Oh God," Josh hissed, grabbing the edges of the couch, he closed his eyes and arched upwards.

"That seems to work okay. Yeah, I think that'll do." Sara looked up at him with seductively mischievous eyes, trying very hard not to grin like the cat in the cream. "This may take a while." She placed two of her fingers just below the ridge of his head and held him gently but firmly. "Can't have you flopping around now, can we." Sara then proceeded to lick off every trace of sauce, real or imagined, curling and swirling her tongue along his rigid length. When she was finished, she ran her two fingers down to the base of his cock and up again, squeezing slightly. Sara leaned forward one last time and rubbed her tongue in the cleft of his head with two long, hard strokes.

She looked up at him, wanting to see his expression and if her imagination made up for lack of knowledge.

His eyes were closed, his whole upper body ridged with the strain of lying as still as he possibly could. He drew in air in an unsteady manner. Slowly his eyes fluttered open and naked lust beamed down at her.

Sara's heart skipped a beat and she felt her body quicken. "I guess you kind of liked that, huh?" Her smile was full of promise. Let's see how he retaliates. She stroked his balls gently. Am I glad his sweats are loose like this on me. If I were wearing my shorts, they'd be soaked right through again, and my nipples are so hard they'd probably cut glass. Sara suppressed a laugh, then moved from between his legs and over to the coffee table.

"All that work has made me hungry." Sara poked through the dish of chow mein and pulled out a strip of meat. "Care for a piece of chicken breast? Or a chicken ball? There's still lots of sweet and sour sauce."

Josh rose and ran a hand under her shirt, up her back and then back down again. He leaned over her and placed a small kiss on her neck. A hand slipped into the sweats and caressed her ass. His other hand slowly joined the one on her ass and then he moved, his lips never leaving her skin as he bent down to remove the offending garment. Traveling back up a touch quicker, he moved both of his hands to her front. One traveled up under the shirt to caress a breast, the other moved to sweeter areas.

His tongue lapped at an earlobe as his fingers plunged into her. He worked them until her first groan and then moved his fingers to her inner thigh. A light touch opened her stance and she instinctively pushed back at him. His fingers found what they sought, and brought his head to her lips. Parting them, he paused slightly and then in one smooth motion buried himself fully.

Sara's head fell back in ecstasy, baring her throat. Oh God, I feel… Sara groaned and tilted her hips so she could take him even deeper. "Josh, love…" she murmured as her hands clenched into fists. "Oh God… Yes…. You feel so… Mmmmmmm…" Sara's voice trailed off to a whimper.

Dimly in the back of her mind a thought about what was in the bedroom emerged. "Josh, did you… condom…" Instinct had taken over, her body grinding backwards against his, riding the waves of pleasure as they rose in her.

Josh gripped her hips and drew himself almost all the way out and then plunged back in. Slowly he increased his speed. His mind dimly registered her words, but concentrated more on the sounds. He shifted technique and speed until he found one that had her crying out almost continually. He knew she was going to come soon, he tried to pace his body to hers.

Sara felt like a wire about to snap, the rhythm they had found driving her faster and faster towards the brink. Her heart was racing, and between the pounding in her ears and their mutual cries, Sara could hear nothing. Her mind couldn't focus on anything but the sensations and the need to thrust harder and faster. She was close. So close. All she needed was… Josh gave one last hard thrust and her entire body spasmed, almost convulsing with their strength, a wordless scream of passion bursting from her.

Her release triggered his and he plunged as deep as he could, holding himself there as his seed spilled into her. Darkness claimed him briefly, slowly awareness came back. He was aware of the fact that he was on his knees, Sara was sprawled on the coffee table. Paper containers and food lay scattered all over the floor. He shifted slightly, moving more of his weight of Sara, quite content to continue resting inside her. He kissed her neck.

"Sara? Are you all right?"

Sara had only the strength to say a single word. "Condom?"

Josh froze. "Oh shit." How could I have forgotten?

He leaned back, gently leaving her. "I'm sorry, Sara. This is the first… Umm. You are not on the pill, are you?"

Sara shook her head slowly. "I have an appointment in two days for a check up and I was getting the prescription then. I never thought… Oh shit," she swore, sliding back off the table. "Ow. What's sticking me…?" Sara shifted and picked a piece of food from the underside of her breast.

She looked at Josh with a slightly frightened look. "I know this isn't the best time to be asking this, but… I know I'm not… I've had tests done every year because of the attack and since the whole AIDS thing became public knowledge. I wish I didn't have to ask this, like this. You've been tested, haven't you? I mean, I know there have been others that you've been with before and there's always a chance… Oh God, I can't believe we let this happen." Sara put her head in her hands. "At least I'll know in three weeks if we're going to be a threesome."

Josh pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head, "I'm sorry, baby, this was my fault, totally. I've never had unprotected sex before. Umm, my last physical was 7 months ago. I was clean then. And since you've been my only partner since then…"

"You're not really mad, are you?" he asked softly, raising her head to look into her eyes. "I mean, if you are pregnant, we can deal with it. Let's see, you'd be out of work a total of 7 maybe 9 months total. I can quit one of my jobs and we could work a schedule out. I'm sure your mom would love to help out."

"Slow down there, Josh. We're not even sure I'm pregnant yet. Let's just worry about who's doing what when we find out. I will know in exactly," Sara looked at her watch. "Twenty days, 15 hours and 45 minutes, give or take a few seconds." She gave a half-hearted smile at the look on his face. "I have an extremely regular and consistent cycle, so much so that I know exactly down to the minute when it's going to start. It used to drive Twila crazy." Sara took Josh's hand in hers. "If it were to happen, do you want a family? Now?"

"I'm not saying I want to have children. And I'm not saying that I don't want to have children. I am saying that I love you. And I would be happy to be the father of any of your children. I mean…," he sighed and fell backwards on the floor.

He looked at the ceiling for a while before he spoke again. His voice was wistful and he continued to stare at the ceiling.

"Sara… After you go on the pill, do I have to wear a condom? That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I loved being able to really feel you."

Sara looked at Josh for a few moments her face unreadable. She then smiled. "I loved the feel of you too, but you'll have to wear one until I've completed the first cycle of pills. I've already talked to my doctor about it, and it's just a precaution to give them time to get into my system and regulate everything." She shifted where she sat, then grimaced.

"I think I need a damp cloth or something. Lovemaking without a condom may feel fantastic, but sitting up right afterwards is a big mistake, I've found. I suggest that you get me that cloth and fast, sweetie, or we're going to have quite a mess on the table."

Sara tried to stay as still as she could, hoping that would solve the problem until the cloth arrived.

Josh laughed and dodged the handful of food she threw at him. He threw a towel at her from the bathroom and the went to make the bed. Opening the bottom door of his nightstand, he threw a handful of condoms on top of the stand. Taking one with him, he headed back to the living room.

Plopping down beside her, he handed her the condom. "Now tell me, how do you feel?"

Sara reached out and squeezed Josh's thigh. "With my hands and quite well, thank you." She laughed, then sighed. "I'm okay now, though I think a warm damp cloth would have been preferable. Don't you use any fabric softener? This thing scratches." Sara put the towel on one of the few empty spaces on the living room floor and sat down on it, her legs tucked beneath her.

"Happy, though a bit scared. Everything will work out. There's nothing we can do about what happened. Now this," Sara said, holding up the foil package, "is this a not-so-subtle hint at something? Shame on you. I haven't even had a chance to eat dessert yet. The ice cream's in the freezer, right? I bought vanilla. You weren't exactly in a talkative mood on the way home, so I had to go boring. If you make me a sundae, I may consider opening one of these." She twirled the packet between her fingers. I wonder how he'll take that one. Sara couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"You want me to make you a sundae?"

He surged to his feet and headed for the kitchen. Sara could hear him rooting around. "Are you allergic to anything? Chocolate? How about canned strawberries? Whipping cream, the fake stuff? Cherries? Peanut butter?"

"Bring them all, sweet stuff. Though next time make sure you have the real whipping cream None of that fake fat for me. If I'm going to eat stuff that's unhealthy, it might as well be really bad for me." Sara tidied up a large spot on the floor for them to sit, and spread the towel out for the two of them to sit on.