Life Imitates Art

Warning: Adult Content

Josh grinned. "Okay. Lie on your back, close your eyes and relax. Try not to move, okay? I haven't done this before and I don't want to cut you."

Sara closed her eyes, and thanked Jenna once again for the lessons in control when he began to touch her. All of her other senses went into overdrive.

Josh sat on the end of the bed, and took one of Sara's long legs in his hands. He rested it on his tucked in leg as he sprayed some shaving cream on his hand. Gently he smoothed along her leg, as he had his own face early this morning. Gently. Keep it impersonal, don't spook her. Josh's cock throbbed as he thought about where he wanted this to go. Stop thinking of that. I doubt she'll let me. Unconsciously, he hummed softly as he worked, his head lowered in concentration.

I can't believe this is happening. I never thought that this would be so arousing. Sara's heart was going a mile a minute, and her arousal was growing even faster. What a beautiful voice he has. I wonder what he'd say if we were making love…

As Josh finished her second leg, he took a deep breath. The moment of truth. Turning so that he faced her, he continued to dry her leg. He allowed his gaze to wonder over her, his hunger in his eyes now that hers were closed. He leaned forward and placed his fingers lightly on her stomach.

"Sara," his voice was a bare whisper, "may I remove your panties?"

Her eyes flew open in surprise, the desire that filled her burning in them. The muscles in her stomach contracted under his touch. My panties. Oh God. Can I do this? She swallowed. Afraid to speak, Sara nodded.

"My father taught me never to do a half job." Raising an eyebrow, he held the razor up.

"What are you going to do?" Sara's voice was almost a squeak.

"Do you trust me, Sara?"

Sara looked him in the eyes, sure that everything she felt for him was plain to see. "Yes," she answered softly, taking his hand. "I do."

He beamed at the look in her eyes, "Lay back, close your eyes. And don't move."

Josh waited until Sara had closed her eyes, then he commanded his hands to stop shaking. Surprisingly, they did. Putting some shaving cream on his hand, he began. As he concentrated on his task, his humming resumed.

Oh god, I can't believe this. This feels so strange. Sara's breath caught. Stay still. Don't ruin it.

He finished, wiping her gently. He then leaned forward and brushed a kiss across her womanhood. He wondered idly if she would compare it to their first kiss. He trembled at how wet she was, even after he had dried her. God, Sara, how I want you. Careful Josh, give her new sensations, show her what it is like. He waited for her response.

Sara muffled a whimper of desire. He kissed me there! Is that normal? Did Twila say anything about that? Her entire body throbbed in rhythm with her heart. Oh God, I want him to do it again! She opened her eyes again. Not knowing how to express what she felt, Sara mutely held out her hand. I have to say something.

"Again," was all she was able to say before turning scarlet with embarrassment.

Josh's heart skipped a beat. He rested himself on one elbow and taking her hand gave it a brief squeeze. He kissed her again and then his tongue darted out, one long stroke. He paused, waiting for her to stop him. He waited only a second before doing it again. Another wait.

And then he began to explore, finding what excited her most and concentrating on that spot for awhile. He slipped his hand out of hers and slipped both hands under her ass. Slowly, without losing contact, he moved them down to the end of the bed. He then let one hand trail along her stomach in light circles. With his other hand he parted her. His tongue gently entered.

When he felt her tense and start to draw away, he abandoned her opening. His tongue began to move faster. Then he began to suck. Alternating between sucking and licking, he concentrated on bring her to orgasm as quickly as he could. It took all his skill to do so without entering her in any way.

Sara felt a wave of heat and tension begin to rise and swirl inside her with every touch of Josh's tongue. Her hands curled in the bedsheets, gripping them as hard as she could. Her legs began to tremor, and it spread to the rest of her body. The tension built up and up, until Sara felt she was going to explode then suddenly, she felt as if she did. Something inside her opened up, and an intense wave of pure physical pleasure hit her and swept her away. She bit her lip as she almost screamed Josh's name, and came out as a strangled noise, almost understandable.

After a few moments, Sara had the energy to open her eyes. She looked down at Josh with a look of wonder on her face. That was so… beautiful. Fantastic. I can't believe I could ever feel something like that. But why do I feel like there's something missing? Why do I still ache for him?

Josh was lounging on his side, the small satisfied smile playing along his lips. The smile grew at the look on her face. Before either of them could say anything there was a knock at the door.

"Sara, honey, are you okay? I thought I heard you cry out."

"I'm okay. I just… stubbed my toe on the camera case." Sara grimaced at such a lame excuse and lie, knowing full well that her mom wouldn't believe her. She held her breath, hoping she'd just let it go and leave.

Josh struggled to keep his laughter in. He leaned over and kissed her, opening his mouth but making no move to venture forth. I wonder what her reaction will be to the taste of herself in my mouth?

Sara's lips parted and her tongue darted into Josh's mouth. She paused at the salty taste. What is that? Is that what I taste like down there? Did it bother him? He didn't complain like he normally does when something tastes awful. She withdrew her tongue for a moment. If he can stand it, so can I. She resumed her play, coaxing him to spar with her.

With a sigh of happiness, Sara pulled Josh close and lay back on the bed. His upper body rested on top of hers, and with delight she slide her hands under his shirt and began to explore his back and chest. I can't believe this. I'm so horny again! Is that normal? Twila said something about more than once, didn't she? Sara shifted her hips, then paused when she felt the hardness of Josh's arousal.

She gently broke the kiss and pulled back slightly to look at Josh, feeling guilty. "Does it… Does it hurt when you… get aroused and you can't… I can't… do anything about it? Sara was filled half with dread, half with excitement. "You've done something so… wonderful for me. Is there something I can do… to help?" She held her breath, unsure of herself, and what Josh would think of her.

Josh shifted his weight and sighed, "I usually take care of myself. I am content to wait until you are ready."

He smiled softly and let his hand trail down her body. He stopped with his hand on her stomach and his thumb made slow circles, "So you liked that?"

Sara nodded, smiling shyly. "I just wish I wasn't so afraid." She lifted her hand and ran her fingers along his lips, wiping away the last of the moisture from his face. "Thank you. For everything. For being so patient, and gentle."

"You're welcome. You should take a shower, love. I'm going to go help your mom with the barbecue. Remember this Father O'Mallory of yours will be here today."

Sara's heart lurched. Love? No, it's just a pet name. He couldn't mean it. She nodded, then blushed. "I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep a straight face in front of both Mom and the Father. And he's not my Father O'Mallory," Sara said with a teasing swat. "He's not the one I want at all." Sara blushed again, suddenly mortified by her words. "I better go take that shower." She fled into the bathroom.

With that he unlocked the door and stepped outside. God. I should have let her play follow the leader, she's so good at it. No, one step at a time. Tonight? With a goofy grin on his face he headed towards the other bathroom and almost tripped over Sara's mom. Stupid. You should have looked before leaving. He could feel his face burning and his mind scrambled desperately for some reason why he would be coming out of her daughter's bedroom. Especially after… His mind came up blank.

Carla watched in amusement as he obviously tried to come up with a reason. "You can help me set up the barbecue now that you are here."

"Umm, right after I go to the washroom."

Carla chuckled softly, "I bet."

Joshua's blush increased and he felt his jaw drop as she added, "You were protected, I hope?"

He stammered that they didn't get that far and fled to the bathroom. Carla continued to wait for her daughter.

Sara stayed under the shower for as long as she dared. She dressed with care, and after looking in the mirror to make sure there were no visible traces of what had gone on, she took a deep breath, ran her fingers through her towel-dried hair, and stepped out of her room. She nearly backpedalled in shock when she saw her mother waiting for her, with a knowing look on her face.

"Um, hi, Mom. Did you want to talk to me about something?" Sara tried to stay calm. Oh boy, here it comes. Am I in trouble now!

"I just wanted you to know that I will always support you in whatever you decide to do," Carla smiled softly, "and that I have always been and always will be proud of you. Did you have a nice time?"

Sara turned beet red. "Yes. He walked in on me when I was about to shave my legs, and, well…" Her face turned even redder. "He helped." Get a grip, Sara. She doesn't need to know everything. "So, do you need any help with the salads," Sara asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Josh had been very approving of her shorts and her mother had beamed approvingly at the two of them. Father O'Mallory spoke Spanish to Josh, surprising him, and the two seemed to get along well. Finally, the day ended and Father O'Mallory asked Sara to walk him to the door.

"It is good to see you so happy, Sara. Will I be officiating a wedding in the future?"

Sara stared at him. "Father, we haven't talked about a serious relationship, let alone marriage. How should I know if he will ever even want to get married?" Would he? Would I?

Sara returned to the house noticing that most of the stuff had been cleared away. Josh swept her into his arms for a long kiss.

"Did you want to take in a late movie?"

Sara snuggled closer into his arms. God, I love the smell of him. "Sure. Let me just ask Mom if she needs any help finishing up."

As they drove away Josh leaned over and whispered, "My place. I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? What type of surprise? Animal, vegetable or mineral?" Sara asked, falling into the game they played when surprises were involved in their dates.

"Definitely animal," he laughed.

Josh unlocked the door to his small one bedroom, "Stay here, I'll be right back."

With that he went into his bedroom. Josh quickly removed all of the covers except for a thin sheet. He went into his closet and pulled out two ties and quickly tied them to the headboard and placed a slip knot on the other end of each one. Quickly stripping he laid down and pulled the cover up under his arms. Slipping his hands through the slip knots he pulled them tight. He then took a deep breath. This is crazy. It will work, he argued with himself, It's still crazy. Well you don't have a choice anymore. He laughed silently at himself. This would be hard to explain. Remember the goal, to get her used to yourself naked without feeling threatened.

"Sara? Would you come here, please?"

What the heck is he doing? Sara walked around the corner and into the room. She stopped in midstride and stared. Oh my God, he's naked. He's beautiful. He's tied up. The rising passion suddenly went cold. "You're tied up." Sara's voice was expressionless.

"Yes," he smiled softly, "I thought it was time for you get used to me naked. I don't want to startle you. I want you to feel like you have complete control over the situation. You can go at your own pace, do what you want. The only thing I ask is that you untie me when I have to use the bathroom."

He tilted his head and frowned, "What's wrong love, did I misstep?"

"I… I don't want you tied up. That scares me more than the thought of seeing a man naked does. I trust you. Besides, both of us know I can stop you should something happen." Sara hugged herself. "I never want either of us to feel helpless."

Josh closed his eyes. Should have thought of that. Remembering a conversation he had with Twila about her needs, he opened his eyes and stared into hers.

"Sara. Helplessness can come from lack of choice. Do you remember our first picnic? After you kissed me do you remember what you said? When I tried to hug you? I have been thinking about that. You tried to pass it off as a joke, but your eyes were very serious. I think you need this, whether you know it or not. I do not feel helpless Sara. I gave myself to you that day. Totally without reservation."

Another revelation struck him with blinding clarity and he spoke without examining the thought. "I love you Sara. I trust you. This is for me as much as you. I don't want you to have to stop me. That you are still thinking that you may have to… Sara, we have to get past this. If we don't, we may make love, but it will still be there, waiting to rear up when we lest expect it. That will hurt us both, Sara. Maybe more than we can cope with."

He loves me. Is he just saying that like the others did? No, Josh would never do that. Oh lord, I think I love him too. How do I tell him?

"The decision is yours. You are in control."

"I'm sorry. It's just that before I met you," Sara ran her fingers through her hair nervously. "It's only ever been pain and hurt. And feeling unwanted, like the garbage that everyone complains about but no one does anything about it. But now… I just don't know what to do. I want you, to have you and be with you, more than anything else in the world. Will you help me? Please?"

Sara took a step into the room and spoke in a rush before she lost her courage. "I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel this afternoon. I want to stop doubting myself, that I can do this. I need, no want, to show you how much I love you," Sara finished with a whisper.

"I know, Sara. I see it every time you look at me. Let's see. Well, this afternoon was a dream of mine… Start with one of your dreams of me." He smiled, confident that she did dream about him.

Sara blushed brightly as she remembered. I certainly can't tell him about the one last week. I don't know if he'd understand about Diamond. I wonder how he'd feel if he knew?

Sara took another step into the room, then slowly walked over to the side of the bed. She put her purse on the floor, then sat beside him. I wonder if what he did to me will work on him? Sara placed a fingernail on the inside of Josh's right wrist and trailed it down the inside of his arm lightly. She looked shyly into his face, her face a dusty pink.

Josh shivered.

"One of my dreams was that I kissed every part of you that made me feel loved." Taking a calming breath, Sara leaned forward and gently kissed the palm of his hand. Make it a game, Sara. This is supposed to be fun. A pleasure, not some exercise in class. "For touching me gently and holding my hand."

Twila said sometimes a gentle bite is arousing. Should I? Sara took each of his fingers into her mouth and flicked them with her tongue. "For running through my hair," she continued, then bit gently down on the pad of his thumb. "And caressing my breasts," Sara whispered.

Josh gasped, closed his eyes briefly. A small moan escaped.

Sara trailed a row of slow, deliberate kisses down the inside of his arm and up to his shoulder. "Holding me close and making me feel safe." The kisses continued up the side of Josh's neck to his ear. Gently, don't hurt him. "For listening to my sometimes foolish fears," she breathed into his ear as she licked his earlobe. He did this to me. Why don't I try it?

Sara flicked his earlobe on last time, then trailed the tip of he tongue along the edge of his jaw to the middle of his chin. I never knew that giving would be more arousing than receiving attention like this, Sara thought as she felt the familiar throbbing start. She covered his mouth with hers and coaxed it open with her tongue, giving Josh a long, deep kiss. "For all the kisses you've given me."

Sara placed her hand on the top of the sheet and began to push it down. Josh drew in a deep breath. She paused for a second when she saw Josh's arousal tenting the sheet. Sara swallowed quickly. He loves you, you idiot. It's just his body reacting to his love for you and the pleasure you're giving him. He won't hurt you. She continued to push the sheet down, stopping just before the start of his pubic hair. Sara then awkwardly swung her leg over him and settled herself astride his waist, making sure she wasn't putting all of her weight on him.

"I love doing this," Sara said with a happy smile as she ran her fingers through the crisp hair on Josh's chest. Her fingertips brushed his nipples and with a decidedly catlike smile, Sara leaned forward and flicked each one with her tongue. Her smile became sensual as she heard and saw his body's reaction. She leaned forward again and took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it carefully. She gave his other nipple the same loving attention, then proceeded up his neck and out to his hand, repeating the kisses and gentle nips she had given his other arm.

"Sara." It came out as a breathless murmur.

"Oh, I had almost forgot," Sara said with a slight purr to her voice when she had finished with his fingers. She leaned forward, brushing her swollen breasts against his chest and plundered his mouth again. "That was for this morning." Sara's voice was thick with passion. Sara's eyes closed and her hips shifted at Josh's waist. Oh, I ache for you. I need to feel you against my skin.

Sara crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. The wisps of satin and lace gently cupped her breasts, her swollen nipples jutting against the fabric. She tossed the garment to the floor heedlessly and leaned forward again until her torso lay against his. She slid her hips down along Josh's frame until she could feel his rock hard penis pressing into her crotch through her shorts. The need to feel his touch there started to mount. Can I do this? I have to do this. Oh God, I love him.

Josh fought with the strain of lying perfectly still, fighting against instinct and desire. His breathing increased, short, sharp. He closed his eyes. He could feel the blood rushing to his groin, the tightness growing in his balls.

"Sara. Bathroom."