Life Imitates Art

Warning: Adult Content

"No," Sara almost cried out. "I mean… Please… I want… I need you so much. I want to try… Please let me…"

At her words, his eyes flew open, he gave into instinct and thrust against her. Once. "No. Not yet. Take it slow."

He swallowed. "Honey, it will hurt. Only for a little while I promise. But I have never tried intercourse from this position. I don't know if it would help or hinder. I want you too baby. But I want it to be like this morning."

"If you want… You can try exploring my lower half. I want you comfortable with all of me before we try this. And I would prefer that," I can't believe I am having this conversation, "you be more lubricated, that will help."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Sara replied softly. If the dampness I feel is any indication of how aroused I am. Slowly and carefully, Sara lifted herself up off Josh and moved further down his legs so she was straddling his knees. She reached forward and slowly revealed his groin.

Sara sat for a moment and stared, her heart in her throat. It's so huge. How would that fit inside me? There was a flash of memory, the dark alley and the pain. She shook her head resolutely. It will be different this time. He loves me, and doesn't intend to hurt me. Her hand reached out, then hesitated. She glanced up at Josh's face. Seeing the loving face filled with passion, she touched his member.

It's so soft, Sara thought, running her finger lightly along it's length. Yet it's so stiff. Oh, he's been so good to me, I have to try and do something for him. What did I see in those books of Twila's that I peeked at? Careful not to scratch him with her nails, she cupped his balls in her hand and rubbed them with her thumb, massaging them slightly.

Josh cried out, his whole body arching.

Did I hurt him? No. He's okay. He liked it. Sara's own desire was pounding in her head, and her own groin was aching badly. Can I do this? Will he like it? She leaned forward and pressed a quick light kiss to the side of his shaft. "For showing me beyond a doubt that I am desirable and you want to make love to me."

Sara sat there for a few moments, watching his muscles contract as she touched him. She had a hard time herself staying still, and the need was building and building inside her. Suddenly, she slid off the bed and stood at Josh's feet.

"Promise me you won't go running to the bathroom," Sara said, her voice husky.

He nodded, incapable of speech. Sara slowly took off her shorts and left them were they fell on the floor. It's just like Jenna's training sessions. Only this time, you want him to look at you.

Sara reached over and untied first his right leg, then his left. She scooted around the side of the bed and undid the knots around his wrists. She slid onto the bed next to him and put her hand on his chest, her pulse racing a mile a minute. "I want you to hold me. I want… I want you to make love to me. With me." Sara took his hand in hers and placed it on her bare abdomen, just below her bra. "Please."

Josh trembled. He moved a thumb lightly over a breast then moved his hand gently downwards, he paused waiting for her to open for him.

"Sara…" Her name was a soft breath against her cheek.

Sara's body was as tense as a coiled spring. God, I want you so much… She parted her legs, knowing he could feel how wet she was and praying she could control her fears. I can do this. I want to do this. I have to do this. For me, and for Josh.

He slid his hand over her, moaning at her wetness. Slowly, gently, he eased a finger into her, moving aside the soaked fabric of her panties. Sara fought the urge to pull away. He loves you. This is all part of it. He's not… Her thoughts went unfinished as pure sensation shot from her groin and filled the rest of her, heightening the urgency she felt. Her eyes rolled up slightly and her lids closed. Her hands flew to his shoulders where she grabbed him tight. "Josh," she moaned with a shuddering breath. Her hips moved instinctively against his hand, wanting to feel more of him, closer.

He kissed her, invading her mouth, wanting to be gentle, but only half succeeding. He moved his thumb, circling her, forcing himself to gentleness. He moved his finger, matching her rhythm, and then inserted a second finger.

Sara gasped and a whimpering purr escaped from her, matching Josh's tongue thrust for thrust. He broke from their kiss, knowing he couldn't hold on any longer. With a cry he came, his whole body tensed, his hand grew still. And then he relaxed, as if a string had been cut. He took in large gulps of air and slowly focused on Sara.


"For what?" Sara asked, confused at the apology, teetering on the brink herself.

Shaking his head, he moved his fingers inside her, stretching her gently. His tongue flicked from breast to breast. Slowly he sat up, bringing her with him. His fingers moved faster and his other hand cupped the back of her head, bringing her mouth back to his.

"You're so beautiful," he breathed against her neck. "Do you like that? This?"

Sara's hips bucked against his hand as the familiar trembling began again. Her breathing started to become irregular, and another moan escaped from her lips. "Oh God, Josh. I…"

His free hand quickly undid her bra, his mouth latched on to a nipple and he began to suckle. Sara felt it like a lance down to her groin. She arched her back then wrapped her fingers in his hair. Did he see the scar? The thought quickly disappeared behind the kaleidoscope of sensation. The shaking of her body grew stronger. Sara bit her lip to keep from crying out but Josh circled his thumb again and again. Sara's body gave one last shudder and she cried out his name in release, a wave of warm and happiness passing over her.

Someone pounded on the wall.

Sara kept her fingers curled in Josh's hair as the aftermath of her orgasm shuddered through her. Feeling completely spent, she pulled Josh's head to hers and kissed him in gratitude. "I love you so much." She snuggled up against him, then realized she was still wearing her panties. "Will you take these off for me, love?" Sara asked with a tinge of shyness. "They're rather wet and uncomfortable. I'm just too happy to want to move." She lay back on the bed and flung her arms out on either side of her head. She spied the ties on the bedposts, and toyed with them idly.

Josh dropped a kiss on her stomach, swirling his tongue into her belly button.

"Stop that," Sara said with a laugh and a playful swat. "That tickles. What was it like, not being able to touch me when I was touching you?"

He glanced up startled. Shifting so that he was laying cross wise on the bed, he propped himself up on an elbow. His eyes grew thoughtful and he slowly traced a 'S' over and over again on her inner thigh.

"It was different. Intense. Everything was narrowed to my body. All I had to concentrate on was what you were doing to me." He smiled softly. "I enjoyed it. But I like touching you too. I like that my touch can bring you such pleasure."

He glanced down at the bed, suddenly aware of the mess they had made. He started to laugh. It started as a small chuckle and then grew into a full-bellied laugh. He fell over onto his back, letting his head hang over the side of the bed.

"What's so funny?" Sara stared at him as if he had lost his mind. She looked at the sheet, then at Josh. She reluctantly stood up from the bed. "Well, I'm going to have take these off by myself, I guess." She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down, grimacing at the cold wetness of the fabric.

"Hmmm, like the view." He tried to stifle his laughter.

"I should hope so," Sara teased, a bit self-conscious at his words. "I've been working very hard on it."

"I guess we should have been a bit more careful," Sara said with a lopsided smile. The smile changed to a mischievous grin and she reached out as quick as lightning and began to tickle him.

"Stop. Stop. Uncle!" He was laughing so hard that the words were hard to make out and he slipped off the bed with a thud.

"Woman, you are going to be the death of me, I swear. There you were as ready as you are ever going to be, and I wasn't." He collapsed in silent laughter.

"We could always try again," Sara replied, continuing to tickle his ribs. "Twila says that you probably have excellent stamina. And staying power," she said, reaching down and grabbing his ass. "What with these tight buns and all."

Sara gave a shriek as she found herself lying on top of Josh on the floor. When he wrapped his legs around hers and grabbed her hands, she writhed against him, trying to squirm free. Sara felt the stirrings of arousal within her, and the press of him against her revealed his.

"Twice in one night? Are you sure you're up to it?" Sara asked, half in jest, half in concern. She wracked her brain, trying to remember what Twila had said about it. Three times, I think she said. I wonder…

Sara stopped her squirming and shifted her hips to a more comfortable position. She lay her head against his shoulder and rested for a few moments, thinking. Sara then pursed her lips and blew a gentle stream of air at his earlobe, then craned her neck and flicked it with her tongue.

"If you let go of my hands, I promise I'll stop tickling your ribs."

He let go of her hands, moving his hands down her body, he caressed her ass. He unwrapped his legs and ran both hands along the inside of her thighs. With a quick heave, he sat up, his stomach muscles tightening. He shifted her so she was sitting on his lap.

"Ready for round two?" he asked, his hand moving between them.

Sara's body thrilled to his touch, though a somber mood descended over her. "Josh," she whispered, "there's something I have to tell you."

"It's about what happened in New York and why I act so weird sometimes when you touch me. You're not the first man to… Well you are, but… Oh, hell." Sara ran her right hand through her hair nervously. "I'm not a virgin. Well, technically I am." Sara wanted to run and hide. You have to tell him. He deserves to know the truth. Unable to meet his gaze, she buried her head in his shoulder. "I… I was raped, brutally, by a classmate when I was 15."

Hmph, Sara snorted mentally. Great timing, Sara. Tell the man you love you were sexually assaulted just before you have sex. Brilliant. Great way to kill a mood.

"You're the first–and only–man I ever even thought about making love with since then. For a long time, even the slightest touch from a man other than Father O'Mallory would set me cowering in fear or lashing out in violence. After a while, I could handle accidental touches, but the things he said during it all… They can still scare me. And it's not even something special or unusual for a man to say, as Twila has told me time and time again."

"Unfortunately, that night in New York, you said something similar to what he did that night. God knows I regret everything I said to you that night, and I'm trying so hard all the time to overcome it. It's just that at times like this, when I want things for us so badly, I'm afraid it will rear its ugly head again and ruin everything."

Okay, here comes the point that he tells me that it's okay and blah blah blah, only to tell me we ought to wait. I don't want to wait. I want to get on with my life with you.

Josh closed his eyes and leaned his head on her shoulder, holding her gently. "Tell me what not say, what not to do."

"Try not to say things that imply you want to own me, like 'you're mine'. That was one of the last things he said. It was the worst. I probably would have handled it better, but I was so overwhelmed by everything I was feeling, and it was happening so fast. The night didn't help either. The weather, cool and with a mist or a bit of fog. It was eerily similar to that night."

There was pain in his voice, "I wish I could go back and stop it, take your place, kill him before it happened. But I can't. We can only deal with it now. I love you Sara. I thought…" Should I tell her I know? What will it do if she finds out later? "I thought it was something more than being a virgin. That I am even able to touch you… thank you."

Sara hushed his thanks with a finger across his lips. "There's no need to thank me. I love you, and the very thought of you touching me makes me wild."

He kissed her gently then smoothed back her hair. Time for confessions. "There is something I should tell you. I have," he paused, "I don't know how to say it in English." He spoke a few words of Spanish. "I get angry, and it's like a red haze goes over everything. Most times I don't remember what I do. But it is always violent. When I was twelve I almost killed my older brother. I rammed his head against a concrete pillar 4 times. It took 5 adult men to pry me away, hold me down. It runs in my family. Sometimes I can get mad without going into this rage. Sometimes it strikes like lightning out of a clear sky."

"I really don't remember much of that night after leaving your apartment." He shifted a little. "I remember stopping at a bar, and then the next thing I knew, I was working in the middle of my brother's field near Madrid. It was the longest time I had ever been… well… out of it, a whole month. I didn't find out what had happened till I got back to the States and talked to Ted."

He looked into her eyes. "Can you live with that, Sara? Two ex-girlfriends broke up with me because they couldn't. Can you? I should have told you before, but I was afraid."

Sara smiled softly at Josh and kissed him gently on the lips. "You aren't the only one who has violent tendencies. I have them too, which is why Father O'Mallory got me involved in martial arts, to teach me control. The night of the attack I became extremely violent. The guy who raped me ended up in a coma with severe head injuries including a broken and dislocated jaw, and two of the gang members who attacked and raped my friend Linda were injured as well. I hit one of them across the back with their baseball bat, and broke the bat over the arm of another. The one I hit across the back is now in a wheelchair–he'll never walk again. The broken arm healed, though it was a very nasty break, and I don't think he'll ever recover the strength it previously had. Aron never woke up, and died in prison three years later, unwanted and abandoned by his family and almost everyone who knew him."

A grin broke out on his face.

"It's not funny, Josh. For a long time I felt as if I were as bad as they were, because of what I'd done. I was taught that violence never solved anything, and I felt it was my fault he had died. I don't feel that way anymore, but I've sworn to make sure that I never do anything like that again."

He nodded, tracing her lips with a finger, his eyes serious.

"Father O'Mallory and you are the only ones alive who know I was the one who did it. No one wanted to believe that a fifteen year old could do all that damage. I didn't even realize it was me until the day after Aron died. Most of that night was just one big blank spot shot with fear and rage, until I remembered in one doozy of a nightmare. I'm not afraid of violence any more, but I sure don't seek it out." Sara, in her turn, smoothed Josh's hair lovingly.

"I'd like to think I'm not a coward, and knowing you have a temper, even as violent as yours, is not enough to send me packing. What we have is more important and more precious than that. As a great philosopher said, no risk, no reward. I'm sure that if it happens, we can deal with it." Sara put her head back on Josh's shoulder, then kissed the side of his neck. And Diamond can keep him from hurting himself or anyone else if she can appear in time.

"There's no reason to be afraid, Josh. You're not going to get rid of me that easy." Sara smiled and sat up, looking him straight in the face. Her eyes were playful as if she held a secret. She deliberately shifted her hips against his.

"There's something else I have to tell you." She raised herself up out of his lap for a moment and reached for her purse. She went searching in one of the interior pockets and pulled something out, hiding it in the palm of her hand. "I've been carrying something around with me since before we went to the movie in New York. Not the original ones, of course, Twila warned me about best before dates, and everything. They were sort of a reminder to myself that there is such a thing as choice, and that the choice I had made was for you."

She held out her closed hand to Josh, inviting him to open her hand. Gently he pulled back her fingers to reveal two silver foil packets. Sara blushed slightly at his look. "My mom always taught me to be prepared."

He laughed and kissed the palm of her hand. "So did my brother, I have a whole box in the bottom drawer of my nightstand."

He picked them up and arched an eyebrow. "Did you pick them out, or did Twila? Only one of these is going to fit properly. Did you want to put it on?"

Sara blushed again. "She picked out the first ones, but I bought these. I was so much in a rush that I didn't pay much attention to if there were even such a thing as size, let alone choose between ribbed or plain. I even went to a store on the other side of town to get them so it would be unlikely I'd ever see any of those people again." Sara bit her lip and thought for a moment, looking at the condoms. "I don't see how I can put it on. I'm not exactly built for wearing one of these. Thank god." She looked at Josh with laughter in her eyes. "Oh, you mean put it on you. Silly me. You're going to have to be patient while I learn about these things. I'm not exactly a treasure trove of experience, you know."

Sara reached down between them, stroking Josh. "Let's see. What did Twila tell me about this? Josh has to be ready for it, she said. If he's not, it just won't work properly. Are you ready, Josh?" Sara's eyes reflected her own desire as her fingertips wandered up and down his shaft, then down to his balls. What's come over me? It's like a barrier is suddenly gone. Either that or some alien has taken over my body and I don't realize it yet. Is this what trust and love can do?

Josh sucked in a breath and stared at her stunned. She barely touched me before.

"Then Twila said that after making sure that everything is as it should be, I should ask what type of condom you wanted to use. Politeness is very important. I guess in this case, I should ask you which size." What the hell am I doing? Maybe this is the way to deal with it. Play the part until it comes naturally. Make it into a game. Twila said it ought to be fun, not just wham bam thank you ma'am.

Sara took the condom Josh wordlessly indicated and tossed the useless one over her shoulder negligently. "Now, you're supposed to open it because my hands are supposed to be very busy right now," she said, her other hand joining the first in its play, the game making her bold.

Still watching her, he reached out and dazedly opened the package for her.

"Thank you," Sara said as Josh handed her the opened packet. "Now, if I remember correctly, these are lubricated, so the wet side goes on the outside. I hear," she said, leaning forward conspiratorially and brushing Josh's ear with a kiss. "That they're rather icky if put on the wrong way."

Sara shimmied back to give herself a good view, exaggerating her movements. "Now, how does this go? I put it here," she commented, placing the condom of the tip of his penis. "And it's just supposed to roll down easily, while holding it like this." Sara's left hand gripped the base of his shaft and the fingers of her right went to the rolled edge of the latex and moved to roll it down. Her fingers slipped, traveling down his length caressingly. "Sorry about that." Sara smiled, obviously not contrite. After a few more "false" starts and problems, Sara sat back and smiled a brilliant smile.

"There. I think it's on right. Now what do I do?" Oh God, he's turned me into a wanton hussy. I think Twila would be proud.

Josh just continued staring at her, his mouth hanging open. Finally he managed to croak out, "Are you sure you've never done this before? That was… the only other time I've been that turned on, she used her m…" His mouth snapped shut. Smooth, Josh, talk to her about what you've done with other women. Now, of all times.

Sara felt a pang of jealousy and unease, which she quickly hid. Of course there would be other women before you, stupid. You can't have expected a man like Josh to have been celibate or a virgin. Besides, he did say he had two ex-girlfriends. She shoved the feelings aside.

"I've always had a vivid imagination. That, and the fact that Twila kept 'accidentally' leaving The Joy of Sex and other similar books lying around the apartment, not to mention the reams of erotica she'd slip into my handbag or camera cases when I'd be going on long trips. I've found that reading about it helps make thinking about it easier to deal with." Sara fought hard to recapture her mood. "And as you know, I'm a fast learner." She placed her hand in the middle of his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

He placed a hand over hers and brought it up for a kiss, his dark eyes met hers and smoky desire blazed out at her. "My turn. Stand up."

Sara felt the fire in her rekindle and her knees went weak. Carefully she stood up and watched Josh closely, trying to anticipate his moves.

He started at her feet, small kisses followed by quick darts of his tongue. He moved upwards slowly, teasing her with his mouth. Around the back of her knees, hunting the spots that made her give that husky purr. Up the inside of her thigh, he blew softly on her sex and then moved down the other leg. Stopping at her knee, he moved his hands into the act. Starting at her knees he let his fingers trail slowly up the back of her thighs, up over her ass cheeks. He squeezed briefly. He moved his head forward and started making slow circles with his tongue on the inside of one thigh, just before the junction of her legs.

What's stopping him? Why isn't he touching me there? I want him to touch me. Sara made an impatient sound as she closed her eyes and reached down to threaded her fingers through his hair. I can hardly wait until this is longer. It's so much nicer, and easier to hold onto. Dammit, Josh. Hurry up.

Josh chuckled at the sound. Taking his time, he swung his head to the other side. He slowly moved his mouth closer to his goal and then back. Forward and then back, ever so slowly. His hands were moving in counterpoint, one finger brushing across her lips, then retreating. He could feel the trembling in her legs, her tight grip on his head. He winced slightly.

He knows. That bum knows exactly how much I want him, and is deliberately ignoring it. Well, two can play at that game. Sara deliberately let go of Josh's hair and put her hands at her side, then behind her. She tried to hum nonchalantly, and even tapped her toes a couple of times. Her hands were clenched in tight fists, her nails almost cutting into her skin.

"Having fun, sweetheart?" Sara had to clear her throat before she could speak. She stifled a moan as his fingers brushed her again. I must be dripping by now.

He leaned backwards, stretching his long legs out underneath her, he grinned up at her. "Bored? Well, I suppose I could go get something to eat…" He made as if to get up.

"If you…" Sara sputtered, then a sultry smile covered her face as a thought hit her. "Why leave when one of your favorite dishes is right here. It's all hot and ready, just waiting for you." Where the hell did I read that? "Then again, if you'd rather have a cold, boring, run of the mill balogna, then by all means, go." And if you make even the slightest move towards that door, you'll be tied up and me on top of you so fast you won't know what hit you.

Am I going to be able to survive her awakening? Josh thought to himself with a touch of humor. He held out a hand. "Come here. I might be at this a while and I might need a hard surface under my head."

Sara placed her hand in his and allowed him to position her. His large, strong hands caressed her buttocks then the inside of her thighs. His fingers flirted with the edge of her folds, eliciting a shudder from Sara.

"Let's just see how we're doing here," Josh said softly. He dipped a finger between her lips and it slid smooth and slick. Sara moaned, and a smile of pure pleasure crossed her face.

"Like that," Josh breathed, his tongue darted forward. As she moaned and pressed herself against him, Josh gave up any pretense at slowness. He brought all his experience to her. When he could slid three fingers inside her, he drew her down his body, till she was lying full length. He kissed her, reaching in her mouth as far as he could.

"Reach between us, honey. Grab my cock, yesss. Okay, bring it," he reached in-between them and touching her hand, helping her to position him with light touches. He parted her lips and stopped looking at her. Asking silently for permission.

Sara nodded, and braced herself for the pain. He placed the head of his cock at her entrance and waited for a few moments for her to become used to the feeling. Then slowly, gently, he slid himself partway inside.

Sara felt her body tense at the intrusion. She felt her control begin to slip, and she closed her eyes and concentrated frantically. No! You are not going to change. You are going to stay Sara. You are… Oh Josh! Sara gave a moaning sigh, murmuring his name. The feel of him filling her eased one ache, but awakened dozens more. "Josh," she whimpered, rolling her hips and pressing down, taking him all the way inside with a single movement.

She breathed in noisily and unsteadily and her hips rocked again. Sara opened her eyes and looked at Josh with eyes blazing with desire. She covered his mouth with hers and kissed him as deeply as she could, her hips undulating in time with his. The heat in her was building faster and faster, and the tension grew. Instinctively she moved, voicing small moans and whimpers of pleasure.

Sara felt a sudden tightening of her entire body and her breath caught. She broke their kiss and stared at Josh, her eyes unfocused. The tremors started, small at first and when the strongest one hit, Sara buried her face in the crook of Josh's neck to muffle her scream.

Josh held her through the aftermath of her orgasm. God, she's so… "Sara, love, don't do that, okay? I need to hear you."

"But the neighbors…" The rest of the thought was swept away by sensations.

He shifted his hips and kissed her deeply. Gripping her hips, he raised her up and then down again, matching it with short thrusts. As she found the rhythm, he let his hands wander over her legs. He watched as his cock disappeared with each thrust they made. I can't believe she took it all on the second stroke. His own moans were filling the air, becoming deeper.

He was mumbling now, in Spanish, her name the only word she could understand. He began to finger her and he increased his tempo.

Oh God, again. I can't believe it… It feels so good. So. Good. So. Good. Sara matched Josh's pace, and tried to speed it up, the need for harder and faster grew. She put her hands on Josh's shoulders to steady herself and angled her torso upwards so she could take him deeper, both of them unaware of her nails digging in and drawing blood as they spiraled up and up. Their moans became one and their movements more and more frantic.

Sara's second orgasm hit in one big wave and she screamed Josh's name, her sweat-slickened body shaking and bucking against his. She collapsed like a puppet whose strings were cut onto Josh's chest, her sides heaving from exhaustion. She lay there, quietly, trying to regain her breath, listening to the slowing of her lover's heart rate.

"Are you okay, love? I'm not too heavy for you?" Sara asked, still weak. The pounding on the wall caused her to start, but she just shrugged, too tired to do anything, even blush. "I never thought I'd be a screamer. Wouldn't Twila think that a hoot."

"Hmmm. Remind me to thank Twila," Josh sighed and stretched. His stomach rumbled and he grinned at her. "Hungry? How are you feeling?"

A second later, Sara's stomach growled even louder than his. "Does that answer your question? How does Chinese sound? We can go for a stroll, get some fresh air, then get some take out and come back here for the feast." Sara waggled her eyebrows in a ridiculous leer.

He nibbled her neck and murmured, "I like feasting."

Sara purred softly. "Somehow I knew you'd say that."

He looked down at their bodies. "I think you should shower first, you look like you need it."

"And what are you, mister squeaky clean? You ain't no rose yourself…" Sara paused in mid-sentence and a contrite look covered her face. "Oh Josh, look at your shoulders. I'm so sorry." Sara looked around for some kleenex. She grabbed a handful and started to dab at the bloody marks on his skin.

He caught her hands and kissed each finger. "Love marks, they don't hurt."

"You're sure?" At his assurances, Sara stood up, promptly tripped slightly on the tangle of clothes and bedding on the floor, and left to take her shower.

He let her go and watched as she made her way into the bathroom. She paused and looked back at him, he grinned. Then he sighed and stretched, regretting that his shower was to small for one person, let alone two. He tossed the condom into the waste basket and sat on the toilet watching Sara shower. Definitely have to have a bigger shower in our place. He froze. Are you seriously thinking of living with this woman? No. I've already decided. He sighed as Sara finished washing her hair and opened her eyes.

Sara was a bit startled to see Josh sitting there, not quite sure if he'd take her up on her silent invitation. He has such a pensive look on his face. What is he thinking about? He's not regretting anything, is he? She stuck her head out from behind the shower curtain.

"Why so glum, chum? I'd offer you a penny for your thoughts, but I don't have any money on me. Will a kiss do?" Sara held the curtain closed to keep the water from splashing out with her left hand, and finished wiping the suds from her hip with her right. I must be crazy. Even sitting naked on the toilet, I want him. Calm down, Sara. Dinner, orgy later.

"I was thinking about us. Don't use all the hot water, okay."

Sara made a face at Josh, ducked under the water one last time then turned the shower off. She quickly wrapped herself in a towel against the chill and stepped out onto the tile floor.

He brushed past her and plunged under the water. He quickly washed. Accepting the towel she offered, he suddenly began laughing again. "It's a good thing we are the same height."

"Why's that? And what did you mean you were thinking about us? You looked a bit sad, even resigned about something."

"Because you don't have a thing to wear," he grinned at her sudden blush and wrapped his arms around her. "You are going to have to wear some of my clothes. God, you'll look so sexy."

He moved into his bedroom and pulled her out some sweats and a t-shirt. He slowly helped her dress, ignoring her protests that she could dress herself. He stepped back and admired his handiwork. He groaned as he felt himself stir. He hugged her close.

"I love the way you wear my clothes. The way you smell." He breathed deeply and rubbed himself against her, a low growl beginning in his throat. He suddenly let go and threw himself into some clothes. "Let's go before I undress you again."